tem-pted Episode 15

💋 tem-pted💋
At dinner that evening,Clara is sitting opposite to me and I do my best to stay cool but then I feel her legs ru-bbing mine from un-der the table.
I looked up and discreetly give her a warning look but it was as if that only triggered her tempting spirit.
She ru-bs her leg on my th!gh and I can feel with the movement of her leg that she’s gonna fondle with my c0ck.
I can’t afford to get ha-rder than this.I’m hoping Abby would let me t©uçh her tonight so I can feel a whole lot stronger to resist this temptation.
I moved my right hand un-der the table and push her leg away from my th!gh.
I gr-ab my cellphone.
Me:St©p doing that! Seriously? I didn’t know you were s£nt from hell.
Yes! I have to insult her…call her names, that way she’ll leave me alone.
She stared at the message and stood up.
“I’m full.Goodnight Abby,good night Dave”
Abby replies but I don’t.With that,she drops her flatware inside the sink and walked away.
I’m smiling inwardly now thinking my words had put her off.
My phone beeps.
Clara:Why do you like pretending? I bent down and saw your ha-rd -on.You’re fv¢king ha-rd for me Dave and you can’t wait and be de-ep inside my pvzzy…..
My pvzzy’s pretty ti-ght,you know…and we-t and ju-icy ”
“Who are you texting?”Abby suddenly asked.
I’m startled and I can tell she noticed my uneasiness.
“It’s…em..Paul at the office,he just texted me to tell me that I forgot to sign some do¢v-ments”I explained, fidgeting inside….Now I’m lying to my wife!
I know she wants me to show the text nonchalantly and continue what I’m doing.But I can’t show her the text on my screen right now.
I know I’m not doing anything wrong.I didn’t have S-x with Clara and I have no plans of having S-x with her but I know Abby wouldn’t believe me if I told her the situation on ground.She would be shattered because she trusts Clara so much.
I just have to put Clara off some more… I can handle this!
I smiled at Abby as she walks into the be-droom,I had decorated everywhere with roses.She loves it when I do this.
I walked up to her and held her hands.
“I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I just want us to go back to the way we were before, I nee-d you to trust me again.I’ll give you time if you want but tonight,let me take you to paradise”I said to her and I bent down to k!ssherl-ips.
She tilted her head and myl-ips ended up tou-ching her n£¢k.
“Who’s she,Dave?”Abby asked.
I know what’s she talking about and I swear I’m feeling so bittered right now but then I replied.
“She’s Abby,my everything”
“If you think you can decieve me with your sweet words,you better try again,she was the one you were texting….”
“It was Pau….”
“Then show me the text,show it to me”
The last text Paul s£nt to me was from five days ago and she’s going to see the text and know that I’m lying.
But I can’t show her the real text, she’s going to get hurt.
“It was nothing… nothing important for you to make a fuss about”
“Now you’ve joined the crew of men who hides their phones from their wives.Congratulations,Dave”She walks pas-sed me and l@yon the be-d.
I sighed heavily sat on the be-d.
“Don’t you think it’s high time Clara leaves?”I asked trying to sound as natural as possible.
“Why do you suddenly want Clara to leave?”She asked, coldly.
“I mean, she has long recovered from her bruises.If you’re worried about her being unemployed. I can help her to get a good job in one of those….”
“Clara stays here as long as she wants to.Her company makes me happy so plea-se don’t bring that up again”
I nodded, dumbly.”I love you, baby.Always remember that no one else can take your place, it’s Abby and Da…”
“I really nee-d to sleep right now”She snapped.
“Goodnight”I said, sadly.
You might be thinking why can’t I kick Clara out myself… Isn’t this my house?But what would I tell Abby?
And right now, I’m feeling de-eply hurt. I feel so sad.My ha-rd -on is gone and I’m glad about it.Obviously,I would never have gotten the chance to make love to Abby tonight and wanking isn’t enough for me.
The following day, I’m extremely busy,I’ve been attending different meetings back to back and when I finally get to my office,there are bunch of do¢v-ments for me to sign.
My intercom rings.I picked up and tilt my head realizing my n£¢k hurts a bit.
“There’s a woman who insist on seeing you,sir but she doesn’t have an appointment.Should I s£nd her up?”The receptionist asked.
“Who’s she?”
“Clara Olajide”
I frozed.Now she wants to see me in my office?