Tell me lies episode 30 & 31




Chapter 30


Thirty minutes later, I walk into Rissa’s room with a bowl of h0t chicken soup. She is lying down on her be-d covered by a blanket up to her che-st, she looks so pale and is shaking violently- she is cold, she stayed in that cold water longer than she should have, I am worried she will end up getting sick.

‘’I brou-ght you some h0t soup, I am sure you will feel better after you take it. Growing up, mum would always give me some h0t soup whenever I was down and I always felt better.’’

She manages a smile and sits up in be-d, ‘’Thank you so much Iris, you have been so kind to me even when I have been nothing but a bother.’’

I lean in and k!ssher forehead, ‘’you are my baby sister and I love you,’’ I respond pas-sing the bowl to her. ‘’It’s still h0t so be careful.’’

‘’Is this how it feels to have an elder sister? I think I should have met you earlier.’’

I laugh, ‘’I think we met right on time. So tell me about Cedrick. How come he is married? I thought you said things were moving well between you guys. What happened?’’

She raises the bowl to herl-ips and takes a sip of the soup.

‘’Cedrick is married, I went to his house and found another woman who claimed to be his wife, I didn’t believe her but when he c@m£ he didn’t even deny the fact that he married this woman over the weekend and he has been seeing her for the past one year–,’’ she st©ps talking abruptly and tears begin to run down her face.

I gently ru-b her back until she is quiet.

‘’But why would he do that to you? What was he trying to prove?’’

‘’He wanted to get back at Gabriel for causing his daughter’s death. Apparently Gabriel is Eloise’s father, this whole stuff is messed up sis.’’

‘’So he used you? You were a pawn in his game all this time? Why did he pick on you? Why not me? Why not Gina?’’

‘’I don’t know, I don’t know Iris,’’ she says, breaking down some more. ‘’I am just so tired, I thought because he was mature and older, he would treat me better. He lead me on, I had S-x with that fool- he didn’t even use protect–,’’ her voice trails off and she shoots me a serious look, ‘’What if I am pregnant? What will I do? I messed up, I moved too fast,’’ she cries some more and honestly I wish I could do something to make her feel better.


‘’Shh! Shh!’’ I soothe her and hold her to me.

She cries for a couple of minutes before she pu-lls away from me and says, ‘’I think I am done, love is not for me, I will definitely focus on my businesses and try something else.’’

‘’You can’t give up, not just yet, better days are coming, it won’t always rain.’’

‘’How are things moving with you and Godfrey? One of us should at least end up with a great man, one of us should at least get their happily ever after.’’

‘’Things are moving fine between Godfrey and I.’’

‘’I am happy for you, I hope he is genuine.’’

I shrug, ‘’I pray he is. How are things between your parents?’’

‘’Dad c@m£ over today, I think they talked, I didn’t find them when I got back.’’

‘’Oh great, I hope she forgives him, mum told me she would come over and apologize to you, I told her I will only forgive her if your mum forgives her.

‘’You shouldn’t be so ha-rd on her, I am sure she feels bad for what happened and that is punishment enough.’’

‘’I want to meet up with Mr. Hadebe so we can talk, I think I am re-ady.

‘’He is your father, you don’t have to refer to him as Mr. Hadebe.’’

‘’Are you okay with me meeting up with him?’’

‘’I am fine with that.’’

‘’I miss you Rissa, I was wondering if we can start all over again, this time as sisters. I want you in my life, plea-se don’t push me away.’’

‘’Sisters,’’ She holds out her hand to me and I shake it firmly, ‘’sisters.’’

I spend the rest of the day with Rissa before heading back home to get re-ady for dinner with Mr. Hadebe. Rissa is doing better, I have promised to come and spend a night at her place, I will get us some popcorn and we can watch a movie.


Linda and I are lying in be-d after a wild love ma-king session that left her p@n-ting smiling and still p@n-ting. Gina and I managed to find someone new for me- she is a media personality and also has her own beauty line. Her br@nd includes makeup and skin care products. She is 35 and has been searching for a suitable p@rtner. She is just the right person for me because she is desperate for marriage.

‘’Babe I nee-d some money, I nee-d a place to live just until I find a job.’’

‘’Money is not a problem, I will give you but about finding a place to live, I think you should just move in with me, my house is big and I am just alone here, I don’t mind having company.’’

‘’You are sure about this?’’

‘’I am more than sure, you can move in with me.’’

‘’Thank you so much babe, I will move in tomorrow. And the money?’’

‘’How much are we talking about?’’

‘’I nee-d to help my sisters with rentals and—.’’

‘’How much are we talking about?’’ she cuts me off before I can finish talking.

‘’a K5, 000, I will pay everything back when I get a job.’’

‘’You don’t have to worry about that babe, I will do the nee-dful.’’

‘’You are the best, that’s why I love you.’’

‘’I love you too and I am willing to do anything for you. I just hope you never cheat on me because I don’t take such things lightly,’’ she warns.

‘’I would never cheat on you.’’

‘’If you say so.’’



Chapter 31






I walk up to the be-droom door and peer inside, hope sinking, Alice is clad in jeans and a t-shi-t, true to her word she is tossing clothes into her suitcase. Apparently Alice overheard my conversation with Rissa and now she wants to leave me.


She looks up at me and I notice that her face is soa-ked with tears.

‘’You know you don’t have to do this.’’

‘’I have to, I can’t be with a man as messed up as you are. You ruined her life and even if you wanted revenge you shouldn’t have taken it this far. You sle-pt with her, she invested her emotions in you. I am a woman like her and I feel her pain, I am sorry but I am feel ashamed to call you my husband this minute.’’

‘’This isn’t your fight Alice, this has nothing to do with you.’’

‘’You were slee-ping with her while we were d@t!ng, how can you honestly look at me and tell me this has nothing to do with me? I thought you were more mature than this, turns out you are the worst of them all,’’ she cli-cks her ton-gue.

‘’What is that even supposed to mean? I am your husband and you should respect me.’’

‘’You are the most childish man I know, I hope you rot in hell for this.’’

Anger rushes throu-gh my veins, ‘’after everything I have done for you, you will stand here and insult me to my face? How ungrateful.’’

‘’I really don’t want to argue with you Cedrick, allow me to finish packing so I can leave.’’

‘’Fine! You leave but when you leave don’t ever come back here again.’’

‘’I will not come back to you, this is definitely the end of the road for us.’’

‘’We have just been married for a week Alice, we can find a way to sort out our issues without resorting to divorce.’’

She chooses not to respond, instead she continues packing and when she is done she Zi-ps up the suitcase and turns to face me, ‘’I guess this is goodbye.’’

‘’Are you seriously doing this?’’

‘’Yes, I am and plea-se don’t st©p me.’’

‘’You know I love you Alice.’’

‘’And yet that didn’t st©p you from cheating on me.’’

‘’That wasn’t cheating, it was for a mission, I didn’t even like Rissa like that.’’

‘’You are messed up, you nee-d to find that girl and apologize for what you did.’’

‘’I am not having this conversation anymore, you can leave. You know where to find me when you decide to give us another chance.’’

‘’Bye,’’ she gr-abs her suitcase and walks out.

This isn’t how I pictured our first week in marriage to turn out like. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but I seriously have no regrets, I did what I did for Gracie and Eloise. I still intend to go after Gabriel, my plan didn’t go the way I intended for it to go. I don’t think he even paid for the damages he caused. I nee-d to do more, that man nee-ds to be destroyed.


Anyway that aside, I nee-d to find a way to apologize to Alice, I nee-d her back home, maybe I should get her a new car- yes this is exactly what I will Do, Alice loves cars, I am more than certain she would be able to forgive me if I got her a car.


Clad in a black fit and flare dress with an open back, I step out of my car and walk towards the entrance of the restaurant where I am meeting Mr. Hadebe. The minute I walk in, I sp©t him at the far end of the room, when he sees me he stands up.

‘’Hello!’’ I say when I get to his table.

‘’Hey!’’ He smiles, ‘’plea-se take a seat.’’

‘’Thank you, hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long.’’

‘’No you didn’t, I got here a couple of minutes ago.’’


He signals for the waiter to get to our table and we order our food. And then there is a brief silence, we are obviously both trying to find the right words to say.

‘’Tell me about yourself,’’ he says, breaking the silence.

‘’There is really nothing to tell, I am sure you my name & what I do.’’

‘’What do you like to do during your free time?’’

‘’I am a loner,’’ I laugh. ‘’So I mostly spend my free time indoors either re-ading, watching movies, listening to music or just browsing the net.

‘’That sounds interesting.’’

‘’I also love to cook.’’

‘’Just like your mother.’’

‘’Yes, can I ask you something?’’


‘’If my mother had told you she was pregnant with me, would you have married her?’’

He shakes his head, ‘’I wouldn’t have married her because I alre-ady had a wife but I would have made sure you were taken care of, I would have been a p@rt of your life. When your mother and I met, my wife and I were going throu-gh the most and I nee-ded an escape, I was stupid I agree, I shouldn’t have cheated on her…’’

‘’But you did.’’

‘’And that’s the worst thing I have ever done to her.’’

‘’I don’t think I want to talk about the past anymore, what next?’’

‘’I want to be a p@rt of your life Iris, you are my child and I want to get to know you, I want you and Rissa to build a relationsh!p. I want you to accept my wife as your second mother.’’

‘’You think your wife will accept me into your lives?’’

‘’I think she will, Tamara is a very good woman. We talked today and she is back home, your mother also c@m£ to apologize. I know she is still hurting but this is a great start for all of us.’’

‘’I see.’’

‘’I want you to forgive your mother.’’


‘’Okay means what?’’

‘’I will think about everything you have said but for now, let’s eat because I am starving,’’ I laugh. The waiter brou-ght our food a few minutes ago.

‘’Okay child.’’

I look at him, wondering if I am re-ady to address him as dad. I am re-ady to give him a chance though, I have always wanted a father and now that he is here, I will do the best that I can to create memories with him and make the best of the times we will spend together.