Teens love Episode 6 & 7

[ Preston High 🌺]
Episode 6 🌺🌺
🍭 TK 🍭
I got out of the car and went straight into my room,, I don’t know why am feeling like I should explain to Sophia that what she saw was not true.
But, why am I bothered?? She probably hate me now, so I don’t have to explain anything. I pu-ll off my clothes and walked into the bathroom,,, I took my bath and put on another clothes.
A knock c@m£ on the door,,,
” Come in ” I said and Lisa c@m£ in
” Why are you here??? ” I asked
” Uhm,, the thing is,,,,, ” I turn to her,, she’s nervous
” What’s wrong?? ” I asked
” No,, never mind ” she said and went out,, something is bothering her, but since she’s not re-ady to talk. I can’t f0rç£ her,,, I walked out of the room and went downstairs.
I checked to see maybe Lisa is around but she’s not,,, I sigh and walked out.
” Sir,, we are coming with you ” The guards said
” What?? I can go alone ” I said
” We were ordered by the president sir ”
I hit my fist on the car,, must they always come with me everywhere??!!!
I entered the car with anger,,, two b©dyguards entered and then a driver. Am sure gonna deal with them one day,,,
We drove into one of the best restaurant,,, it’s an h0tel actually but I only come here to have fun with my friends.
” Hey,, you are finally here ” Jin waved at me, I scoff and walked toward them
🚺 Omg;!! It’s the president son!! 🚻
🚻 He look so handsome!! 🚺
🚺 Am taking pictures!! 🚻
I sat down,,,
” Why are they here??? ” Denis asked pointing at the guards behind me
” That man ordered them to follow me around ” I replied
” This is annoying ” Jin said
” I know ”
” But,, they can stay outside right??? ”
” Can you guys just go out??? I will be fine ” I told them
” Call us when you nee-d anything young master ” I nodded
They walked out and I breath out,,
” President son,, can you get us something??? ” Jin asked
” St©p that ” I said and they bur-st into laughter, they know I hate it when someone call me that. It’s annoying,,,
” Get what you want,, its on me ” I said
” I knew it,, this dude live in money ” Jin said,, I sh0t him a deadly glare
” Keep shut or I leave ”
” Cool down guy ” Davis said still laughing
These boys are mistake to me,,,
🍀 Sophia 🍀
” Hey Sophia,,, dad is back ” Someone tapped me and I opened my eyes slowly. I can’t believe I sle-pt off,,,,
” Rose??? ” I called
” Yeah, it’s me. I think daddy will like to see you ” She said
” Thanks ” I said standing up, we both walked out of the room.
I went to meet father in his study room,,,
” Hey Dad ” I said and sat down
” You said you want to talk to me,, what is it??? ” He asked facing me
” Dad,,, it’s about my friend. I really want you to help her on her education,,,,, her mom can’t afford her school fees ” I said hoping for a positive answer
” I hope she’s a serious type,, I only deal with serious student and you know that ” He said
” Dad, trust me she’s brilliant ” I said
” Okay,, I will admit her into your school. Next week ”
” Really??!!!!! ” I jumped up and hvgged him
” Thank you dad,,, I can’t wait to tell her ” I ran out of the room
I nee-d to tell Erika about this,,, I really nee-d to. Do I nee-d to change my clothes?? No,,, I went downstairs immediately.
” Where are you going??? ” Rose asked
” To see a friend ” I replied
” Am coming with you plea-se ”
” No you can’t,, mom will be mad at me ” I said and ran out
” Mam,, do you nee-d me?? ” The driver asked
I think for a minute,,,
” No, I don’t think so ” I replied and ran out of the house.
I was really happy that I can’t wait to see Erika,, I used a band to tie up my hair and continue walking. I bu-mped into someone and his phone fell,, oh no am in trouble.
” Oh my God,, am so sorry ” I said and took the phone, luckily the phone look fine
” It’s nothing,, thanks ” The voice said and I look up to see the person,, omg,,, he look so handsome,,,, just like Tk,, but I think TK is cuter. Who care about TK anyway??? He’s a j£rk,,
” Am Levi ” He said bringing out his hand for a shake
” Sophia ” I said and take the hand
” Do you stay around here? I’ve never seen you ” He said
” That’s my house ” I pointed
” Oh,,, Mr&Mrs Mae Curtis are your parents?? ” He asked and I nodded
” Wow,, never knew she have a cute daughter ” He said and I smiled
” Thanks,, do you know them??? ” I asked
” Yeah,, my mom works in the same court with Mrs Mae ” He replied
” Wow,, that’s cool ” I said with a smile
” I guess we are close to each other,, that’s my house ” He pointed to the third mansion after ours
” Wow,,, never knew that. ”
” You are going out??? ” He asked
” Yes,,, ” I said
” Okay,, see you some other time ”
I waved at him before running off,, I hope Erika is still there
[ Coffee Shop ]
I walked in breathing like someone being chased,,, I asked one of the girls.
” plea-se, is Erika here??? ” I asked
” Oh,, she left some minutes ago ” They said
Damn,,, I am late.
” Thanks ” I said and went out
Am so tired right now,, I keep on running thinking I will meet her. I should have taken the car
What do I do right now?? I am really tired,,,, I bend down catching my breath. I don’t even have any money on me,, I did not bring my phone along!!! I would have called the driver, I was too happy that I forgot everything.
I stood up and started walking home slowly,,,,,, It’s getting dark right now.
🍭 TK 🍭
” Guys,, let’s leave ” I said checking my wrist watch
” I guess the president will be worried ” Jin said
I shook my head and ignored them,, I got into the car after biding them good bye. The driver took off,,,
I was just looking round the street we are,, suddenly I saw Sophia walking. What is she doing here alone???
” Wait,, st©p the car ” I said
” But Young master, the president is alre-ady mad at us ”
” I don’t care,, just st©p the car ” I yelled
He st©pped and I got out,, I was about walking to her when a car parked in front of her. A guy c@m£ out of the car,, she seem happy to see him,, I sigh and got back into the car.
” Let’s go ” I said
He starts the car and drove off,,, I shouldn’t have cared in the first place.
🍀 Sophia 🍀
I keep on walking and then my mind went to TK, I wish he can come right now. Even if he’s a j£rk,,,, suddenly a car parked just next to me.
I suddenly smiled thinking it’s TK,, and then Levi c@m£ out. I immediately smiled off,, I was expecting someone else.
” Hey,, I will take you home ” He said
” Thanks ” I nodded and went into the car
” You look tired ” He said
” Yeah,, I was not able to meet the person I went for ” I replied
” I guess it’s my fault ” he said and I smiled
” Thank goodness you know ” I said
” Am sorry about that ”
” It’s fine,, I will go tomorrow ”
” Just pray you don’t bu-mp into me ” he said and I couldn’t help but to laugh
” I will pray ha-rder ” I said
” I am nervous right now ” He said
” Why??? ”
” I will be starting a new school tomorrow ” He replied
” Wow ” I was about asking the name of the school when I noticed that we are home
” Thanks for the ride ” I said and went out
He waved at me before driving off,,,, he seem nice anyway.
I knocked the gate,,, someone opened and I went in,, I went straight to my room. I really nee-d to take my bath, so tired.
Episode 7 🌺🌺
🍀 Sophia 🍀
” Thanks ” I said to the driver and walked into the school,, some were starring at me like I was some food. I hate it when people stare at me this way.
I got into the clas-s,,, why is Bianca not in school?? I sat down waiting for her to come in,,
” Hey girlfriend am here ” She shouted running into the clas-s
” Morning ” I greeted with a smile
She pe-cked my cheek before sitting down,,,
Some students were whispering among themselves,,
🚻 have you seen the new student?? 🚺
🚺 he look so h0t!!! 🚻
🚻 Hisl-ips are just too tempting 🚺
Who are they talking about?
” Do you have any idea who the new student is?? ” I asked
” I saw him while I was walking in ” she replied
” How does he look like?? ” I asked
” he look,, h0t ” She replied with a wi-nk
Why am I having the feeling that they are talking about Levi???
After some minutes the teacher c@m£ in and we all settled down,, damn I hate maths so much.
Just then a teacher c@m£ in with a guy,,, I looked up and scoff. I knew it,, they are all talking about Levi. He look so damn cute,,,
🚺 Wow,, he’s in our clas-s. 🚻
🚻 I think am in love alre-ady!! 🚺
” I guess we have a new student ” The teacher said
” Introduce yourself ”
” Hi,, am Levi wick ” He said with a smile
🚻 omg,, his voice!! 🚺
🚺 Just so perfect 🚻
” I guess you notice that the girls are in love with you alre-ady ” The teacher said and I couldn’t help but to laugh,, I immediately covered my mouth with my palm
” Oh,, I did not notice that ” He said without smiling
” Okay,, so,, what can you do?? ” the teacher asked
” Uhm,, like,, you mean talent??? ” He asked
” Yeah,, you’re br@iny ”
” Dancing ” Levi replied
🚺 Wow 🚻
” So can you show us some steps?? ” the teacher asked
” Of course ” he replied and dropped his bag,, this guy is something else.
He took his phone and a music bulp in,, he started dancing and everyone was cheering him
Wow,, he’s really a good dancer!!
🚻 Levi! Levi!! 🚺
🚺 Go Levi!! 🚻
After the dance everyone was astonished,,
” Wow,,, from now on. You’re my favorite student ” The teacher said patting his back
” Thanks boss ” He said and win-ked at the student
🚺 Omg, he win-ked at me!! 🚻
🚻 No,, it’s me 🚺
I can’t believe those girls were fighting because he win-ked
” He’s so cool ” Bianca whispered, I only replied with a nod
” You can go have your seat ”
” I don’t have any idea where to sit ” he said
🚻 Here!!! 🚺
🚺 Beside me plea-se 🚻
” I think there’s an empty locker over there ”
He nodded and left the teacher’s side
” We meet again ” He said and t©uçhed my hair
I smiled and nodded before he went to sit down,,
🚻 Do you think they know each other??? 🚺
🚺 I think he know who she is 🚻
Can’t they keep quiet!!!
[ Lunch ]
” Hey,, am joining you for lunch ” Levi appeared behind me
” You are joining us ” Bianca said blu-shing,, I scoff. She’s unbelievable right now,,
” Oh,, ” Levi said
” Never knew you were talking about my school yesterday ” I said as we walked to the cafeteria
” Well,,, I never knew it’s your school either. But am glad you are here,, I’ve been thinking of how to behave as a new student you know? ”
” Everything is kinda opposite,, you are gaining more attention ” I said
” Oh,, I don’t care about that ” He sm-irked
🚺 Hi!! 🚻
Two students screamed waving at Levi,, he waved back at them and they almost went nut.
To be frank,, he’s cute but I don’t know why they are ma-king it look like he’s an angel
🚻 Omg,, he look like a fallen Angel 🚺
I scoff when I heard that,, talking about angels ,,
We took our order and went to find a seat,,,
” This school is cool ” Levi said
” Because you,,,,, ”
” St©p,, I know what you are about to say. That’s not the reason okay?? ” He said and continue eating
” Well,, if you say so ” I replied
He hit me with his spoon,,
” Ouch ” I t©uçh my head
” Oh sorry, I thought it was a plate ” He said pouting like he did nothing
Bianca bur-st into laughter,,,
” Are you saying my head look like a plate? ”
” I never said that, but if that’s what you think, then that’s it ” he said
I hit my spoon on his head,,
” What was that for? ” He asked ru-bbing his head
” oops,, never knew it was your head ” I said and continue eating
” I am the master here,, just watch out for my next move ” He said
” I don’t know who to support right now ” Bianca said smiling
” Me of course,, am your friend ” I chuckle
” What if you are wrong?? Am sure she’s going to support me, right Bianca?? ” Levi win-ked at her
” Are you planning to make her blus-h right now?? ” I yelled
” That wasn’t my intention, but you spoiled the whole thing, plate head ” He said
” Don’t call me that,,, ” I laughed
Just then the student started screaming, what is the matter this time??
🚺 Omg!! They are eating here!!! 🚻
🚻 I can’t miss this!! 🚺
🚺 TK look so h0t 🚻
🚻 I love you so much!! 🚺
Tk and his two friends c@m£ in,, TK look so cute. I immediately focus back on my food,,,
🍭 TK 🍭
” Why will you guys bring the idea of eating here?? I can’t take this noise anymore ” I said
I saw Sophia with a guy,, wait,, it was the same guy who took her last night. They were talking and laughing,,,
She turn to look at me, our face met and she look away. I scoff as we finally find somewhere to sit,,
” Is that her b©yfri£nd?? ” Davis asked
” Maybe,, they look good together though ” I said and called the woman taking care of the meal
” You really think they look good together??? ” Jin asked
” Yep,, perfect match ” I said
” Well, I don’t think they are d@t!ng. Maybe they are friends ”
Friends my foot,, who care maybe they are friends or not?? I don’t have time for all that right now, I nee-d to find a way to convince dad to st©p the trip,. Everything is becoming annoying,,,
To be continued