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July 23, 2021


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Teens love Episode 14 & 15

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[ Preston High 🌹]

🌹 Episode 13 🌹



🍡 Sophia 🍡

” Do you know why Bianca is not in school today?? ” Levi asked as we both walked into the cafeteria

” She called me,,, I guess she just wanna rest ” I said

” Oh ”

” Did you miss her?? ” I asked with a wink

” Of course,, she’s our friend. ” he replied

” Just friend? ” I smirked

” I know what you are thinking, naughty head ” he pushed my hair backward

” Hey I will be back,,, I suddenly remember I have to do something. I will join you in few minutes ” Levi said

” I will be waiting ” I said before he ran off

” Now,, it’s Levi you’re flirting with?? Are you not even ashamed of yourself?? First, it was TK, I guess you did not make him like you that’s why you’re flirting with Levi ” That was Harley,, the whole students in the cafeteria burst into laughter

” Maybe you’re only jealous because non of them gave you their attention ” I smirked and sat down

” Don’t you dare talk to me like that ” She yelled and moved closer to me

” Harley,, I don’t want any trouble okay?? Just leave ” I said

She poured her drinks on me and my uniform got some different colors of blue, yellow and green

🚻 That’s so embarrassing🚺

🚺 I wonder what she will do 🚻

” Harley,, are you crazy?? How can you do this!!! ” I yelled angrily standing up and check my damaged uniform

” Next time,,,, don’t ever cross my part ” She said,, I stare at her angrily

” Who are you to tell her that??? ” A voice spoke up,,, I turned and the person happened to be Jin. The three of them walked into the cafeteria

” Jin,,,, ”

” Don’t you dare call my name,, how dare you do that to her ” He walked closer to us

” Am sorry,,, she’s just,,, ”

” Just what?? Never knew you’ve become more worst in bullying other students ” Davis cut her off

I only stood there watching them,,, never knew they could stand for me. TK sat down like he wasn’t concerned,,, does he have any human feelings at all???

” Next time you lay your hands on her,, I will make sure I do something you’re going to regret ” Jin said sounding angry

🚻 Wow,, I can’t believe they stood up for her 🚺

🚺 Maybe she’s close to them 🚻

” Let’s go get you another uniform ” Davis took my hand

I nodded with a smile and followed him,,,,

💛 Tony K 💛

Jin sat down and continue starring at me,,

” What ” I said

” You should try to be nicer to that girl,, you were watching while everything was happening,,, ”

” I don’t care ” I snapped

Davis came back without her and sat down,,,

” She got a uniform already, but I think she’s got cold. The drinks was a chill one ” Davis said

” How is she right now?? ” Jin asked

” She will be fine I guess ” He replied

I scoff and continue eating,,,

” Guys ” Someone called and sat down,,

” Lisa??? ” I called

” You’re surprised ” She winked,, she was sitting next to me

” Hi ” Davis said with a smile

” I heard what happened,, how is she?? ” She asked

” She’s good ” He replied

Jin continue eating without saying anything,, what’s wrong??

” Hey let me have that ” She said and choke her fork into the chicken I was about eating

” Go get yours!!! ” I yelled and hold her hand

” You’re my brother,, so let me have this please ” She pouted

” Never ” I said and grab the chicken from her

” Stingy head ” We heard someone said behind us,,,

” Oh it’s Sophia,, you got a new uniform ” Lisa said dragging her to sit beside her

” Yeah ” She replied

” Have this ” Jin handed her his jacket

” Thank you ” She said and took it from him

” You’re welcome ” He replied with a smile

” You will get cold,, you were sneezing this morning ” Davis said touching Jin head

” Am trying to be a gentleman ” Jin smirked

” Idiot ” Davis slapped his head

” Sophia,, you remember the party tonight right?? ” Jin asked

” Yes of course,, do you mind if I come with Levi?? ” She asked causing me to scoff

That guy will be there with her???

” Sure you can ” He replied

” You won’t remind me?? ” I asked

” You??? ”

” I think I’ve forgotten about it ” I said

” Then don’t come,, I don’t want to see your face there anyway ” Sophia said

” I know you’re only trying to get my attention,, but it won’t work ” I snapped

” Your attention?? For what?? I will be there with my boyfriend, so I don’t need you ” She said

” And I will be there with my girlfriend,, any problem with that?? ”

” Let’s see your ugly girlfriend ” She smirked

” My girlfriend is far prettier than you,, and she’s got a nice shape,,, not like you,,, ”

” Guys stop!!! ” Jin yelled

” She started it ” I defended

” You really have a girlfriend now??? ” Davis asked

” Yeah,, you will see her tonight ” I winked and sip from my drinks

” Well,, who are you coming with??? ” Jin asked Davis

” It’s a surprise,, what about you?? ”

” Well,,, since I was the one who hosted the party, I don’t need anyone ” Jin replied

” You do ” Sophia and I said at once,,

” TK can you just shut up?? You don’t even have anybody to bring to that party ” He said

” Can’t you just shut up?? ” I rolled my eyes

Sophia started laughing

” What’s funny?? ” I asked

” So,, you lied ” She said

” Who said I lied?? You will all be surprised tonight ” I said

” Who cares,,,, Lisa,, will you come with your boyfriend?? ” She asked

” Boyfriend?? Oh,,, that,,,,,,, I will just,,,,,,,,, ”

” Oops,, I don’t think she have a boyfriend ” I winked at Jin, he rolled his eyes and look away

” Then you can be Jin’s date ,,,, you two will look good together ” Sophia said with a wink

Jin choke on his drinks

” Are you okay?? ” Sophia asked

” Yeah,, am fine ” He replied

” So what do you think about what I said?? ”

” What do you mean by that?? She’s like my sister,, am sure she will probably find someone to be her date ” Jin said

When did he start to refer Lisa as sister?? Something is wrong,, I faced Lisa. She wasn’t saying anything, only concentrate on the lunch.

” Oh,,,,, you’re right ” Sophia said

” You see? Am right ” Jin smiled

” But,,,,, that doesn’t mean anything,, and besides nobody will find out,,, you two will make a great couple. But since you don’t like it,,, I think my guess are wrong ” She said like she’s sad

” Really wrong ” Jin replied

” But,, what’s with you two?? ” Davis asked pointing at Lisa and Jin

” What do you mean?? ” Jin asked

” You guys look kinda different with each other ” He said

” Oh,, I think I have to go. See you in the next class ” Jin said and stood up

” Where are you going?? ” I asked

” Secret ” he said and walked away

” Lisa,, are you two okay?? ” I asked

” We are fine,,, I have to go. ” She said and went a different way

” They don’t look cool ” Sophia said

” Nobody asked you to talk,,, nosy pushy ” I said

” Don’t call me that ”

” What will you do?? Nosy Pushy??? ”

” Idiot ”

” Nosy pushy ” I click my tongue at her

” Are you guys serious right now?? ” Davis interrupted

” I am,, but I don’t think he is ” She said

” Davis,, let’s leave this brat and go ” I stood up

” See you at the party ” Sophia waved at Davis

” I don’t need your greetings ” I said

” I don’t have any intention of waving ” She snapped

” That’s better Nosy pushy ” I winked

” You’re annoying ” She groaned

I walked out of the cafeteria with Davis coming behind me busy with phone,,, dummy.

” Don’t call me dummy ” He said and catch up with me

” I already called you Dummy inwardly ” I said

” I was expecting that ” We laughed


💜 Episode 14 💜


🍀 Sophia 🍀

” Do you think this is a good idea?? ” Levi asked as we got down from the car

” Yeah it is,, ” I said still starring at the house,,

The noise coming from the inner part is nothing to write about,, I guess his parents are not home.

Levi took my hand and we walked in,, different teenagers are there already dancing and drinking. Some were even making out,, ewww. I suddenly wish Bianca is here.

” You guys are finally here!! ” Jin shouted so we could hear him since the noise was too much

” Hi ” Levi said

They both shook hands,,,

” You’re Sophia’s boyfriend right?? ” he asked with a smile

” Nope,, am her best friend,, this is a secret ” Levi whispered

” Oh,,, ” Jin said with a slight smile

” You can join the others,, and I must confess. You look so beautiful Sophia ” He said

” Thank you ” I replied

” Let’s go ” Levi started dragging me,, that’s what he always do

We got to where Davis is ,, Davis was with a girl,, they were both deep into chatting. But what about Tk

” Hey Sophia,, I thought you won’t come again so I could punish you ” he said

” I don’t disappoint ” I winked

” Meet Tania,, she’s my secret girlfriend ” He said making me laugh

” Hi Sophia,, I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re really pretty ” She said

” Thanks,, you’re also pretty ” I replied

” Thank you ” She winked

” Hey,, you’re Levi right?? ” Davis turned to Levi, we both took our seat

” Yeah,, I thought I’ve become invisible all of a sudden ” Levi said

” I have to talk to Sophia first, for some reasons ” He said

” Maybe I understand ” Levi smiled

I keep on looking back maybe I will find Tk somewhere,,

” Don’t worry, he will be here soon ” Davis smirked

” Who?? ” I asked

” I know you’re looking for someone ” He said

I only smiled,,,

” Don’t make it obvious when he’s here ” Levi whispered into my ear

” Oh,,, here he comes,,,, with his date ” Davis said and we all turned back

He’s with someone,,, a girl who look really pretty with long hairs, she dressed so beautifully. He really have a girlfriend? For real? I thought he was joking.

” Hey ” He said to Davis

” You’re finally here,, I’ve been waiting for years ” Davis said

” You really missed me ” Tk smiled and sat down. He even ignored me,,,

” Hey baby,, let’s dance ” The girl with him said with a flirting smile

” But, we just got here ” Tk said

” Please ” She pouted

” You are Sophia right?? ” She said turning to me

I scoff and look away,,,

” Am Kate,,, nice meeting you ” She said with a smile

” Let’s go,, ” Tk grab her hand and they left

” Planned ruined ” Levi whispered

” He’s a jerk,, I should have known ” I said

A call came on Levi’s phone,,

” I will be back shortly ” he left

I took a cup of wine and gulped down everything,,, damn Tk,, you spoil my mood already.

” Am afraid I have to leave,, mom want me for some emergency ” Levi said sadly

” What?? Let’s go together then ” I said

” No you can’t,,, ” he stopped me

” I will be lonely without You ” I pouted

” Of course not ” He kissed my cheek and ran out

” He’s leaving already?? ” Davis asked

” Emergency ” I replied

Soon Davis left,,

” You really like Tk right?? ” Tonia said just after Davis walked away

” Huh?? ”

” You don’t have to pretend,, I saw you starring at him for too long ” She said

” Not anymore,, he’s got a girlfriend ” I said

” Oh,, never knew Tk have a girlfriend until now ” she said

” hey babe, care for a dance??? ” Davis asked her

” Of course!!! ” She screamed and stood up

” We will be back ”

I nodded,,, damn. I suddenly regret ever coming to this party.

I took another glass and gulped down the wine,,,

🌸 Jin 🌸

I rushed upstairs to take something,,,, I was about running back downstairs when a hand hold me back. I turned only to find Lisa.

” Hi ” I said

” Hey ” She replied starring at me

” Why are you here?? ” I asked

” I saw you running up,, so I followed you ” She replied

” Okay,, let’s leave ” I said and turned to leave,, she hold me again

” Do you have something to tell me?? ” I asked

She left my hand and sigh,,,,

” You’re avoiding me ” She blurted out

” Am not avoiding you,, am only giving you the respect you deserve, any problem with that?? ”

” Can you just stop?? You’re hurting me ” She said looking straight into my eyes

I remain silent not knowing what to say

” Am sorry ” She said

” For what ”

” Am sorry if I hurt your feelings,,, am really sorry,,,, ”

” You only told me the right thing,, you don’t have to be sorry ” I replied looking away

” Jin just stop,, enough okay??? ”

” Lisa,, what do you Want ”

” Stop avoiding me,,, please ” she said

” So what do you expect me to do??? Huh?. What should I do when someone I love only sees me as her younger brother?? Tell me!!! ”

” Am,,,,,,, ”

” You know what,,, just forget about everything I told you. I realized my mistakes,, and I am sorry if I ever disrespected you. Pardon my ignorance ” I said and turned to leave

” Jin wait ” she ran to my front

” Can you just move??? ”

” I told you am sorry,,, ”

” Yes,, you told me you’re sorry. But you can’t love me in return right??? ”

” I,,,, ”

” I don’t even need that again,, so let me join my friends ”

” Jin,,,, I love you,, I really love you ” She burst into tears

” How do you expect me to believe that?? ”

” Believe me or not,,, I love you. I tried fighting back the feelings,,,, but I could not. Jin,, am sorry for everything I said to you. Forgive me,,,, I love you so much ” She said in tears

I wipe off the slow tears rolling down my eyes,,,,

” You really love me?? ” I asked

She nodded

I pulled her closely to myself and hugged her tightly,,,,

” I love you too,,,, I thought I was going crazy when you rejected me,, I am so much in love with you. I promise not to hurt you,,, trust me ” I said before unlocking from the hug

” I trust you,,,,,, so are you good now??? ”

” Of course,, am so happy right now ” I smiled

” So,,,,, ” she said and pouted

I smiled and kissed her,, this time she kissed me back. I pulled away,,,,,

” I was really hurt when you gave me the silent treatment,, don’t you ever do that again ” She said

” Do you think it was easy for me also?? I was only acting tough,,, I always wanna grab you and kiss you until your lips become sore ” I winked

” Naughty ” she slap my arm

I pulled her into another hug again,,,,,,

” I Love you so much ” She said

I smiled and kissed her hair

💛 Tony K 💛

” Hey,, I think Sophia is drunk ” Kate tapped me

I turned to where Sophia is,, she was sitting alone.

Where is her boyfriend anyway,, I rolled my eyes and walked to her before she start any rubbish.

” Hey Nosy pushy ” I said tapping her

She was saying some words,, how can she drink so much if she doesn’t,,,,,,

” How can he do that to me,,, ” I heard her

Maybe she’s talking about her boyfriend leaving her or something else,, I don’t care though.

I carried her in a bridal style and took the stairs,,, damn I can’t believe am doing this for someone’s girlfriend.

I opened one of the guest room and lock the door,,,, I laid her on the bed. I took a glance at her closely,,, her hair was all over her face.

I arranged it and my eyes went to her lips,,,, it look so pink and well pouted. I immediately look away to prevent doing something stupid.

I stood up and was about leaving when I heard her saying some stuffs,,,,

I sat down on the bed,, I put on the voice recorder

” How can he have a girlfriend?? ,,,,, he’s so mean,,,,,,,,,, I really have to tell him,,,, Levi is just my friend,,,, but he won’t even listen,,,,,,,,,,,,, I love him,,,,, but he,,,,, now have a girlfriend,,,,,, what do I do??? Hey TK,,,, you’re a jerk for doing that,,,,,,, ” And she slept off

I only smiled and saved what I recorded,,,,,, why will you still love me even when I keep on trying to make you hate me???? Why???

I covered her with the duvet and walked out of the room,,,,



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