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Teens heart episode 44

Teens Hearts – Semi Epilogue

Alexandra’s POV


So many things happened….
So many stories to tell..
It’s so long and so saddening, So I just have to put them together.

Steph and Chris [email protected]£ lovers…
And their love was just too strong.
And I can say it was more stronger than I and J’s..
I was happy for them and they were happy for us…
We [email protected]

Molly didnt come to school the next day and the days after that..

Jeremy helped Eve join the Girls Dance group few days later..

We were the best lovers in Ellas..
Two best friends [email protected]!ngtwo best friends..


A week later, after Steph and Chris [email protected]£ lovers..
Steph fell kinda sick.
But she wouldn’t go to a hospital.

I went to school the next day and didn’t Find Steph in school.
She didn’t come to school..
I called her lines but no one was picking.
She wasn’t picking up!

Chris was so worried.
I was more worried.

We couldn’t stay till school’s over and we drove down to her house.
Lili directed us cos none of us knew her house.

We got to her house and pressed the doorbell and a lady in a nanny dress opened the door.

She told us Steph is up in her room slee-ping..
She told her not to wake her up.

I didn’t wanna believe that. Neither Chris.
Nor Jeremy, nor Eve!

We all walked in and ran upstairs to her room.
And opening the door..

Steph layed tummy flat on her be-d.
I rushed to her and there…. there…
Blood! Blood and fumes from her mouth, and nose!

I screamed!!

Chris couldn’t bear it…. He fainted.
I followed.


When I thought I woke up., I found that Im in a hospital…
With Lili, Jeremy and Eve all staring at me.

“Andra.. Thank you.” Jeremy said, and k!$$£d myl-ips immediately with tears in his eyes.
“Alex… Thank you for waking up. God! This shouldn’t have happened.” Lili said,.holding my hand.
Eve just hvgged me.

“Stephh..” That was all I could say.
Lili began weeping, includding Eve.
Jeremy could only blink few tears as he held my hand so ti-ght like im gonna vanish if he don’t.

The truth was,
Steph died!

She died cos she couldn’t bear to carry her father’s child..
She couldn’t bear to be disgraced.
To hurt Chris!

She wrote them out before she died.

Chris woke up but he began acting crazy!
Throwing everything he grips away, shattering everything in the hospital room that he was.
The doctor had to give him injections and he sle-pt back..

I couldn’t st©p my tears.
My best friend.
I never knew she was doing such…
slee-ping with her dad!

She poisoned herself! How could she.
How could she!

Her father was nowhere to be found!

When Jeremy’s parents [email protected]£.
Jeremy’s mom re-ad it all out.

Itwas a letter to me and to Chris as well.

Im so sorry, That I had to do this..
I dont wanna hurt you Chris… And I dont wanna loose our friendsh!pAlex.

Im pregnant with my dad’s child.
He made me believe he loves me but they were all lies.
He was only using me to satisfy his urge.

I can’t bear to face the disgrace and the humiliation of carrying my dad’s child.
I cant bear to hurt Chris!
I cant bear to hurt you Steph.

I love you so much..
Chris, I ll miss you. I ll miss how much you love me.
How much you show that you care.

plea-se always remember me.
Bye forever.


#Her_father ran away!

But he was later found a month later and s£ntenced to Life imprisonment.

Then…. Something else happened.
I saw my dad.

The bit-ch! The @sshole!
He [email protected]£ with the whore!
She wore a weary face and her stomache wasn’t protruding like a pregnant woman.

She lost the baby…
A miscarriage and shocking, She said Steph was her daughter.

She showed every prove.
Everything she can.

I couldn’t believe it.
But it was the truth.

The bit-ch kept begging to be forgiven, and the whore kept begging too.

She was sorry for leaving Stephanie.
She was sorry for having things with my dad.
She was sorry for every single thing.

It was [email protected] to forgive em but I finally had the heart to and I did.
Lili did too.

Chris got himself weeks later but he [email protected]£ better with Eve around.

Steph got buried even before he got himself.

Steph per-vert father got caught in New york two months later and was s£ntenced to Life imprisonment for child Abuse and ra-pping..

It was really [email protected] for me not to think of Steph each day.
Her death [email protected]£ like a shock.
Like a tineless bomb and just exploded without warning!

Chris and Eve got along even though Chris still say Steph name all the time and cry when he stare at her pictures…

Paty, left….
She couldn’t stay.
Even though I had no problem with her being my dad’s lover again..

I even was wishing, he’do get her pregnant again so they can bring back Steph to me not as my best friend again but as my Step-sister.

But Paty couldn’t just stay….
She left.

Jeremy stayed with me all this sad days, while Eve try her best to be around Chris..

She was the best friend to him…
And Chris was grateful to her…

Jeremy and I saw him one day at the school hall, pla-ying this song, with Eve beside him, singing along with him.


Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one if you want me to
Anywhere I would’ve followed you..

Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I… am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all
And I… will stumble and fall
I’m still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

And I… will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye..

Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
And anywhere I would’ve followed you


Say something, I’m giving up on you
Say something, I’m giving up on you
Say something…🎼

We both knew who this song is to..


They lyrics and everything tells all.

“She could have just stayed.. For me. You know.. I would never had st©p loving her. No matter what!” We heard him say after the song.

Eve just hvgged him and the hvg went on till Jeremy and I left.

“He will get over it.” J said.
“I hope so.” I said.



We all graduated out of High school.
With excellent grades, even though those times were the moments we were facing bad times…

Steph death and every bad $h!t!

My dad proposed to Lili…
Weird! yeah. It is but Lili accepted.

On their wedding day three months later,
Jeremy proposed to me too.

He asked me to be his fiancee and we gonna get married after getting done with school.

He was sweet on the stage.
Saying every sweet and ro-mantic thing about us…about me.

His usual way, he dragged me up to the stage…
Then he knelt down and proposed to me with a diamond ring reflecting and shinning inside it’s small opened red box.

“Let me be your hero.. Let me be your pillow.. Let me make you smile and protect you.. Babe, plea-se be my forever. Be my woman.. I gotta spend this damn life with you cos if I don’t.. Im gonna fade away. I want you to be the mother of my cute kids.. My wife. Promise me that you would be my fiancee till we are done with school and our wedding is gonna be more swweeter and amazing than this one. Promise me babe.” His words got out tears from my eyes and what the crowd was saying got me more tears.

“SAY YES! SAY YES! SAY YES!” They kept singing it like a song.
I looked at Lili who was her her lovely bridal go-wn with my dad in his white all smiling at me.

I looked for Eve…
But didn’t find her.
Then I did find her, Chris and her hands were intertwined as they rushed in, probably not to miss this drama going on.

Where did they go tho?

“plea-sE SAY YES ANDRAAA!! HE LOVES YOU!!..” Eve yelled from there.
Her voice was so loud that everyone turned to take a glance at who yelled.

I turned to Jeremy and with a smile, I stretched my f!nger to him and said,
“Yes J.. I promise.”

He instantly slide the ring into my f!nger, stood up and ourl-ips interlocked.

We k!$$£d.
Crazy teenagers.

They were loud [email protected]

“YES!!” Eve yelled.
And few people laughed.

It was a happy moment… but all the same, Steph never was there and it…
It.. hurts!

Later same day,
I ran into Eve and Chris k!ssing..

I just gave them a thumb up and walked off.

I hope Chris love her the way he loved Steph.
Eve is a sweet person.

Im glad I had her or else, I would really be without a girl friend now.

Steph.. Why did you leave us!!


Eve and Chris did [email protected]£ lovers..
And Chris loved her so much but I know it would never be compared to the way he loved Steph.

We never missed visiting Steph grave to drop flowers and remind her of how much we love and miss her.

My dad, Lili and I also visited my mom’s grave as well.

We knew she had forgiven my dad.
Lili is now my step-mom.
And I love it.
I so much do.

“I love you Alex.” My dad said when we got back into the car.
“I love you too dad.” I said.
“And I love you both so very much.” Lili said..
“I love you sweetheart.” My dad said to Lili.
“I love you too hubby.” She said and we smiled…


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