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I tried to look as comfortable as possible but I was panicking so much inside.
Mr. Atusaye pla-yed a couple of love songs and that made me even more nervous.
We arrived at the beautiful protea h0tel and he looked at me with a smile as he pu-ll-ed over.
“Relax dear, you’re too tense. Its just dinner” he said.
He held my hand as we walked in and it felt just like we were a couple. Except we weren’t.
“Don’t be nervous.. I don’t bite” he said as he held on to my hand.
This felt like a dream, me? entering a h0tel? Theirs got to be a God in heaven.
“Dear have you been on an elevator?” He asked me.
“Elevator? No.. I’ve never been” I responded
“You say it so well almost like you know what it is” he tea-sed.
“Of course I do. Its a lift” I responded.
He giggled as he led me into the elevator.
The moment we stepped out of the elevator, my phone started ringing. I was so nervous that I had to st©p walking.
“Just be calm and don’t let her think you are panicking. If she asks about me tell her he went to see Claudine.. No tell her we didn’t speak”. He said in panic.
” hai Mwansa dear how is everything? ” Mrs. Martins asked
“Everything is fine madam” I responded calmly.
“Would you know if Atu is home?” She asked
“Yes he c@m£ though he’s left and he didn’t mention where he was going” I said
“OK dear take care, was just checking on you” she said.
When Mrs. Martins hang up I looked at Mr. Atusaye as he extended his hand to me.
“You don’t have to make me lie like that” i said
” I promise” Mr Atusaye said as we walked.
“I thought it will be nice if we sit by the pool area” he said.
I cared less about that, to me everything was just amazing.
I was shocked when i got to our table that it was specifically reserved for us.
“You made the reservation?” I asked.
“Yes I had to, i think this is the perfect sp©t for us” he said.
“I never thought I would ever step into a h0tel.. Thank you sir” I said.
“Actually on that note I have a few rules I would like to bring to the table” he said.
I looked at him attentively wondering what he was going to say.
“Well firstly I am not Mr. Atusaye .. I am Atusaye or simply Atu” he said.
“Sir why are you being nice to me? I asked.
” good question.. Let’s answer it after dinner” he said.
The food was great and we talked about a lot of things.
After the main meal the desert was brou-ght and it was a rich carrot cake with a candle on t©p.
It was funny hearing Mr. Atusaye sing me a birthday song as I cut throu-gh the cake..
“plea-se let me have the honour of feeding you the cake” he said.
“Feeding me?”
“Yes that’s what happens at birthdays or have you never seen it before? The birthday girl or boy gets fed” he said.
“OK then” I said as I opened my mouth.
I watched Mr. Atusaye cut a piece of the cake and he slowly placed it in my mouth, it was simply heavenly if you ask me.
“Why are you so shy?” He asked as I chewed my cake.
“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not used to this kind if thing. I’m a maid..” I responded.
“I don’t see you that way” he said.
“Thank you but I’m not complaining. I am blessed to meet your sister. She is amazing” i said.
“She is… To everyb©dy” he added.
“So tell me about yourself. Who are you really? Mr. Atusaye asked as he looked straight into my eyes.
“Theirs nothing interesting about me” I responded shyly.
“I still want to hear it all” he insisted.
I narrated my entire story up to the time I met him and he couldn’t believe it.
“You mean your own blood relatives did that to you?” He asked in shock.
“Yes .. My own relatives” I said as tears filled my eyes.
“Hey look at me, no one has power over your destiny. I believe better is coming your way” he as-sured me.
The beautiful evening finally ended and we left the h0tel.
Mr Atusaye told me there was one more place he wanted to show me before we went home.
When we got to the car park he opened the door for me and I entered. When I was I settled he closed the door and he equally got in.
“Is that what they do in town? Opening the door for the lady?” I asked
He looked at me and smiled.
“No dear that one is just a special treat” he said.
Mr. Atusaye started the engine and he drove to a beautiful looking house.
” what are we doing here?” I asked him.
“This is my home. I’m not moving in just yet though but I just wanted you to see it” he said.
“Why?” I asked in shock.
“You ask too many questions. Come on let’s go in I want to have your input on a few things concerning the decor” he said.
“What will I honestly know about that?” I asked him.
“Did you not hear anything I told you about my life? I asked again
“Of course I did but you’re a woman such things come natural” he said.
“I think miss Claudine will do a better job, besides she will be living here with you” I said.
Mr Atusaye giggled as he started the engine.
“What? Did I say anything wrong?” I asked him.
“No you didn’t. Actually you’re right. She’s my wife to be after all isn’t she?” He said while maintaining the smile.
As he drove home he held on to my right hand with his left. I was quite uncomfortable but he seemed happy about it.
“Are you driving OK with one?” I asked him.
“Is that a polite way of asking me to let go of you?” He responded.
I felt embarras-sed that he figured me out and I smiled.
“Don’t worry I’m driving just fine” he said.
When we got home a lot of things went throu-gh my mind especially the way he fed me the cake.
I felt very strange, something strange I had never felt before. I wanted Mr. Atusaye to be that nice to me all the time, I wanted him to do those special things always.
He finally pu-ll-ed over and he turned to look at me.
“We are here.. I don’t eat after all” he said.
I smiled and nodded my head.
“I got you this” he said as he handed me a medium sized paper bag which had a box inside.
“What is this?” I asked as I opened it.
“Wow.. This perfume…. my aunty uses it” I said as I looked at the fantasy by Britney Spears perfume.
“Thank you Mr. Atusaye..” I said.
“No dear let’s practice my name again. Its Atusaye not Mr. Bla bla.” He said.
“It sounds very disrespectful” I opposed.
Mr Atusaye ran his hand throu-gh my hair as he got closer to me and I was afraid he would reach for myl-ips.
“Sir I should be going now” I said before quic-kly walking out of the car.
“Lord what was that????” I thought as shivers went throu-gh my spine.
The following morning Atusaye was dressed formal re-ady to go for work. I was in the kitchen ma-king breakfast for Mrs. Martins when he greeted me.
“Good morning beautiful” he said.
“Morning Atu” I responded.
“Wow someone lost her respect” he tea-sed.
“don’t worry I’m joking” he added.
After I took the food to Mrs Martins be-droom, I c@m£ back and Atusaye gave me a K100 note saying I should get airtime.
“You still didn’t tell me why you are being nice to me” I said.
“Because I would be a fool not to be” he responded.
I didn’t know what that meant but I did myself a big favour by cutting the conversation short before Mrs. Martins could find us.
Stella had alre-ady reported for work and she was cleaning the dinning room when Atu and i had our mini chat.
“plea-se make breakfast for me too ” he said.
I quic-kly prepared him tea and he sat to eat in the kitchen as I cleared around.
Before he could go, he asked for my phone and he used it to give himself a missed call.
“I will call you” he said.
Atusaye had just left when Stella pu-ll-ed me aside.
“Mwansa what on earth was that?” Stella questioned me.
“What?He was just being nice.” I responded.
“Yes typical of him.. Now be careful because you will be the next victim” she said.
“Victim? Victim of what?” I asked.
“Mr Atusaye is a collector of good things. You are beautiful my dear so obviously he just wants to use you” she said.
“Stella… Is that how he really is?” I asked in shock.
“Of course or did you think he was just being nice to you? I hope nothing serious has happened between you two.”
“No.. No why would I allow such a thing? I asked her.
” great then from now onwards avoid him. I’ve warned you” Stella said.
I went back to work but still couldn’t get the lovely night off my mind, the more I thought about it the more I felt bu-tterflies in my stomach.
I was upset with myself for allowing such thoughts to cross my mind. Anyway Stella was right, I had to wake up from my slumber and face r eality.
Reality was that God had blessed me with a good job and i would do my best to keep it.
To be continued… 
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