TEARS OF A HELPLESS WOMAN (episode 34 – The End)

© Pauline Mumbi

We stood outside greeting guests as theycongratulated us on our nuptials. Indeed peoplewere impressed with our beautiful love and ro-mantic wedding .
As we cheerfully spoke to everyone, my mind kept dre-ading the thought of going to our room. If only I could del@ythings. We couldn’t greet everyone but managed to greet a
few and finally got into our car. A beautiful room was  waiting for us at protea h0tel.
As the car headed to the h0tel, i suddenly went quiet  and Atusaye noticed I was nervous.
“Honey… Are you OK?” He whispered. “Yes my love I’m fine… I can’t believe we’re
married” I said. “You’re nervous aren’t you?”. Atusaye said as he put
his hand on my shoulder. I just smiled at him without a word.
The vehicle finally pu-ll-ed over at protea h0tel and it was  time to go to our room.
Goodness me, my tummy was boiling and my heart was  racing. Was I going to be clumsy? Would I irritate him?.
Many thoughts rushed my mind. We got into the elevator re-ady to go up and I could
notice Atusaye was alre-ady getting too comfortable
and it made me more nervous. ” baby I’m your husband.. ” he said as he pu-ll-ed me
closer to him. I smiled nervously and waited patiently for the elevator  to open. “You are so nervous” he said again. I quietly l@ymy head on his che-st until the elevator opened .
We walked hand in hand to the h0tel room and I was b!own away by what I saw. The petals on the floor , chocolate, cake and some champagne.
The room was beautifully set and Atusaye had actually  got me a a few clothes.
“We’re here” Atusaye said as if trying to remind me of what had to happen.
“Honey I want to shower” I quic-kly said. Atusaye giggled, he knew I was just trying to buy
“OK so do I” he responded.
“Huh… Honey I said it first” I opposed him.
“Well we shall shower together… As a couple” he emphasised.
“Oh dear Lord should I be regretting my decision to stay a vir-gin, maybe things would not have been so awkward” I thought.
“Honey I’m waiting for you to change so we go and shower ” Atusaye said.
My heart raced but after some convincing and some sweet words I gave in.
It was the morning after the wedding and I had just opened my eyes, still feeling very tired and finally getting used to the idea of being married.
“Good morning” my husband said as he turned to look at me.
“Morning” I shyly responded.
“Your innocence amuses me” he tea-sed.
“Honey don’t start…”
“What??? I’m just saying.. You look beautiful this morning Bana mpundu (mother of twins)” he tea-sed.
“What?? No way” I opposed as I covered myself.
“Well will see about” he giggled.
“Do you alre-ady feel like throwing up?, loss of appetite??” He tea-sed..
“So soon?” I asked as I uncovered myself.
“Well then I should discredit myself.. I’m not a man” he said. We other other bur-st into laughter and continued chatting and cudd-ling all throu-gh the day.
We had to go home and prepare for our honeymoon which was in two day’s time. We still had to pack up a lot of things in the house too.
Luckily, Joy and Clara c@m£ in handy and they helped with packing up all our items. Merging
everything we separately owned wasn’t easy but we had to meet half way on many things.
I was so tired on the morning of our flight, the past two days had been hectic and I ha-rd ly rested. We travelled first clas-s to Dubai and we both actually
spent most of our flight slee-ping. What better way to put this ………
Our honeymoon was great, Atusaye and I made the best of very moment and made sure we captured every moment.
We visited many places and did quite some shopping. It was just amazing.
Going back home to finally kick start our marriage was something I looked forward to, I really wanted to be domestic for my husband. Each day I spent with the love of my life was filled with so much joy and laughter, we stood by each other and always prayed together I believe this kept us stronger.
One Saturday morning Atusaye was in the living room  watching television while I was stuffing be-ddings in the microwave. I had a cu-p of h0t chocolate on the side and I kept drinking it. All of a sudden I felt dizzy and a strong urge to throw up and I rushed to the bathroom, Atusaye heard me and he rushed to the bathroom.
“Bans mpundu (mother of twins) are you OK?” He asked me. Atusaye always referred to me as a mother of twins since our wedding day.
“I don’t know honey guess I’ve had had too much of the h0t chocolate” I said
“I’ve noticed you’ve been drinking that stuff a lot, since yesterday” he said.
“Have I? Ohhh.. It’s always been my favourite br@nd” I said as I gathered myself up again.
” too much of anything is bad honey..” Atusaye warned.
I quic-kly prepared lunch but I felt really awful and no appetite for the food. However, I wanted to li-ck peanut bu-tter.
After I finished setting the table, Atusaye asked me to join him but he noticed I had a peanut bu-tter bottle in my hands with a spoon.
“Are you l!çk!ng that stuff?”
“Yes homey I’m not hungry” I said reluctantly as I folded  my legs on the couch.
s it honey.. That confirms it” he said as he stood  up.
“Confirms what? What are you talking about?” I asked  in shock.
“You’re pregnant he said excitedly as he c@m£ to lift me. “honey wait.
Are you sure… Its just fatigue” I opposed.
Hubby and I quic-kly rushed to the hospital to confirm the suspicions and just like he guessed, the pregnancy test was accurately positive.
The excitement on Atusaye’s face and the dance he did in that ward was ecstatic, the nurses were amused at how excited he was and one of them mentioned that she had never seen such excitement before.
All along Atusaye had been sure we would have twins but the scan results were shocking, we were expecting  triplets. I was so overwhelmed hearing the news and it made me really excited to meet the babies.
All throu-gh the wait, Atusaye had proven to be the best husband a woman could ask for. He helped with all the house chores and made sure I was well rested. He attended to all my nee-ds even when I happened to be very impossible. The morning of February 14th on Valentine’s day, my husband and I welcomed our three children. 2 handsome boys and one beautiful girl.
What long debate it was to finally get the names for the children but we finally agreed on one thing. Our first boy to be born was named King, the second boy was Duke and our baby girl was named Princess. The boys resembled so much and were a clear copy of their father while Princess had a little of  our features combined, she was beautiful. My uncle was finally re-leased from jail and he was so  apologetic. Though it wasn’t easy, I took it to the  Lord in prayer one step at time
Well I finally had my happily ever after, my home had 3 boys and two girls (mummy and Princess). Every step of the way has been a blessing, watching Atusaye teach our boys how to ride bicycles and pl@ysoccer was so beautiful. Princess and I pla-yed with dolls and cooked together. All in all, we are one big happy family. I surely had my fairytale and so can you. God is never late, he is always on time and it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in life… Its never too late to surrender to him because he alone is capable or turning your life around. He turned my life around. OH AMAZING GRACE.

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