© Pauline Mumbi

The week that followed I witnessed Gods grace,
indeed we serve a mighty God.
I had prayed without ceasing calling on God
everyday. Indeed prayer without ceasing us the only
solution to move stubborn mountains.
Atusaye’s physiothera-py sessions went well and he
was due for discharge. He was fine but the doctor
suggested he does not return to doing strenuous
exercise quic-kly. The wonderful nurse I met gave
me her number and she promised to stand with me
in prayer all the time. I found a mother in her that I
never had.
On the day of our flight I packed up everything and
together with Atusaye’s family, we checked in at the
Atusaye’s mother and sister had become more
polite after they saw the sacrifices I made. I paid
off his hospital bill and I even hired the most
recommended physiothera-pist while we were in
Nigeria. I believe all this change was as a result of
the war I created in prayer.
I prayed so ha-rd even for our return to Zambia to be
the beginning of new things.
Our flight landed just in time to catch up with one
of my enemies, just like God had planned it.
That same day Stella was returning from the united
states as a convict. Yes… A convict and police
were re-ady to receive her at the airport.
As we waited for our vehicle to come I heard a
voice call my name. To my surprise it was Stella,
she was between two police officers.
She begged the officers to let her talk to me and
she c@m£ where we were seated.
Stella had been used by Shane to set me up. Well I
can’t say “used” because they had something in
common. They both wanted to see me suffer.
Well as they landed in America Shane did not keep
his word of giving Stella a better life hence she
resorted to drug trafficking until she was finally
caught on her way to c@m£roon. All this happened
within a period of one month. Karma is quic-k when
you pray.
Shane did not go unpunished either, his own
punishment was being swindled by Linda Pitt. The
clever Linda Pitt got away with everything.
As they arranged to marry America and live happily
ever after, Shane sold the house and his belongings
in Zambia including the Benz that was once mine.
The money was forwarded to Lindas account in
America before Shane could join her. Stella was the
fool who followed Shane blindly not knowing he had
planned to dump her there. Well they both had
another thing coming because Shane damped Stella
and Linda swindled Shane.
All this news was narrated to me by Stella who
begged the cops to give her a few minutes to talk
to me.
I was totally shocked. I just couldn’t believe my
I should have been angry but I truly felt pity so did
Atusaye but Stella’s fate was no longer in our hands
but the law.
Atusaye’s mother knelt before me at the airport
crying and asking for forgiveness when she learnt
what Stella had done to me. Clara was very sorry
too and she failed to forgive herself but I forgave
I hadn’t talked to Ben my manager for almost a
month so I decided to call him as soon as we
arrived at Atusaye’s house. I wanted to let him
know I was in town so he could make me available
for upcoming projects.
To my surprise Ben was not answering.
I called everyone I knew who could link me to him
and all I was told was that he had not returned from
Nigeria. That c@m£ as a shock as he left Nigeria
just after the awards.
Atusaye advised me to put in a missing report and
we did that together.
The cops in Nigeria immediately started looking for
The month that followed Atusaye and I usually went
for walks together just to help him get better. Day
by day he improved and he soon went back to his
usual sports.
I was just getting re-ady to go for my morning
prayer walk, A habit I had adopted all throu-gh
Atusaye’s illness.
As i got re-ady, I received a call.
“Halo honey are ypu home?” Atusaye asked me.
“Yes I am actually..” I responded.
“OK great.. I deynt my driver to pick you up” he
“I was just about to have my prayer walk can he
come an hour from now?” I asked.
“OK my praying woman. Make sure you pray for us”
he said.
I was a bit shocked because Atusaye had
mentioned that he would be busy so I didn’t think
he would call.
I got my bottle of water and set off on my walk.
That day I prayed for a lot of things but most
importantly for Ben. I really hoped he was OK and
would soon be back home. I felt responsible for his
After the prayer walk, I went home and got re-ady to
be picked up. At the back of my kind I was
imagining dinner because Atusaye liked to have
lunch with me whenever he was free.
I hurried to the gate just about the time Atusaye
had mentioned.
To my surprise Mr and Mrs Martin’s were in the car
outside and I was so shocked.
“Dear don’t be afraid..” Mrs martins said as she
c@m£ to hvg me.
I was so happy, I loved that woman so much. I
owed her a lot for saving me from my life.
Mr Martin’s hvgged me too and I got in the car.
They were both happy and we talked all the way. I
was still wondering what this was about though.
“Atusaye will join us at the mall. Theirs a new
movie showing we thought you might be interested
” Mrs Martin’s said.
I agreed but still wondered why we would be going
to the cinema, was the movie so important? I just
wanted to talk to them all night.
“Mwansa we are here” I heard Mrs martins say to
me as my eyes focussed on my phone
“Oh ok” I said with a smile before packing my
phone away.
It was a bit chilly outside but the whether was just
We got some corn at the entrance and then walked
to the cinema which was alre-ady dark. People were
settled inside and we found a slot on t©p where we
could sit.
I quic-kly got my phone to text Atusaye when we
settled, I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to talk
to him.
“Mwansa the movie is about to begin” I heard Mrs
Martin’s whisper to me.
“OK mum”.. I responded.
” Mwansa.. I’m your sister ” she corrected me.
At least that about her didn’t change. She was still
as nice as I could remember. However, everything
had changed. If i didn’t know better I would have
thought she was American.
What shocked me though was Israel’s song that
started pla-ying throu-gh the loud speakers of the
cinema. The song “hold on” . This song always
spoke to my heart.
“What a coincidence” I thought as I softly sang
along to the song and focussed on the screen that
was just white.
Suddenly some words c@m£ on the screen and they
“I will still choose her… Any day, any time”
“Is that the title of the movie?” I thought.
The song was still pla-ying on repl@yand I
continued silently singing along.
The large screen suddenly showed my picture while
I was eating nshima. It was a ph0to taken by
Atusaye on our first d@t£.
At this point, I couldn’t un-derstand what was
happening and I looked at Mrs Martin’s but she was< br />very focussed looking at the screen and maintaining
a smile.
The next picture was me standing holding my
award, it was taken in Nigeria. Then followed by
ph0tos I took with Atusaye in hospital and Many
more ph0tos followed that I took with Atusaye.
I was so speechless but tears ran down my cheeks.
It certainly wasn’t my birthday so what was this
surprise for?
I felt Mrs martins t©uçh my hand as it rested on my
“br@ce yourself” she whispered.
As the last ph0to c@m£ to a pose I heard a voice
throu-gh the speakers say”ladies join me in asking
the most beautiful woman on earth to marry me”..
It was still dark as Atusaye’s words echoed throu-gh
the speakers.
“Mwansa Yande my Queen… Make me the happiest
man alive by officially accepting that ring on your
f!nger. plea-se be my wife…..” Atusaye said throu-gh
the speakers.
Suddenly the lights went on and I saw Atusaye
standing in front with a bunch of roses and he
slowly knelt down.
I walked to the front very nervous, shaking and
I couldn’t utter the words but I just nodded my head
and he re-moved the ring and asked me again before
he sli-pped the ring back on my f!nger. The people
cheered so loud almost like it was a football
We hvgged really ti-ght and k!$$£d right there in
front of the crowd.
Atusaye held the microphone and said…
” thank you fresh view for ma-king this possible and
thank you everyone pres£nt here for accepting to
take p@rt in my engagement. Thank you so much
and goodnight”
When we stepped outside, I saw Clara and Joy and
they c@m£ to hvg me.
“Congratulations” they screamed.
I couldn’t believe it, seeing Joy again felt so good.
That wasn’t the end of the surprises.
Atusaye pres£nted me keys as we walked to the t©p
car park from the cinema.
Yes, keys to a br@nd new Jeep white in colour with
a red ribbon on t©p.
I was jumping up and down like crazy and
thankfully Atusaye had hired a professional c@m£ra
to capture the moment………
And to think that I was almost giving up. Oh what a
mighty God. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD.. !!!!

To be continued…

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