I sat on the bench for an hour shedding tears and
wishing I did not find myself in this predic@m£nt.
The nurse c@m£ and sat next to me as I wept.
“Dear I’ve seen you crying for hours. Don’t you get
tired?.. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I have
never seen a woman so emotional. Instead of
praying for your p@rtner and keeping the faith, why
are you crying?” She asked me.
“I have been throu-gh too much” you would never
un-derstand..” I said.
“I nee-d you to tell me every single thing but first the
patients bill has to be settled. Who is responsible
for thar?” She asked.
“I will settle it how much is the bill?” I asked.
“You have to go to the accounts office. I can take
you there” she said.
With the help of the nurse I went to the Accounts
The nurse explained that if all went well Atusaye
may not nee-d an operation, however, if their
suspicions were right then he might have a
dislocated knee.
After I settled the bill I sat outside and got a pen to
draft all that I had been throu-gh, starting from life
alone up until I met Atusaye. It was a painful story
to write.
The nurse who spoke to me had just signed out of
her shift and she asked me to take a walk with her
around the hospital while we discussed.
As I narrated my story to her, I noticed she was
fighting back tears but she as-sured me that all
would be well.
Although she insisted that I go and pas-s a night at
her house, I still wanted to be with Atusaye so I
pas-sed on the offer.
The nurse directed me to a chapel within the
hospital and I went there to pray. The whole night I
offered Atusaye’s life into Gods hands and I asked
for the grace of God to rest upon our lives.
I constantly reminded myself of Jeremiah 33v3 and
I called God holding him by his word and sincerely
trusting that he would not fail me.
After praying for so long and losing every strength I
had left, I l@yon the floor facing the altar as I went
on singing praises.
I heard someone walk into the chapel but I
maintained my position.
“I knew I would find you here” I heard the voice say.
It was the kind nurse.
“How are you madam and why are you back?” I
asked her as I stretched myself.
“Dear its morning, I have a morning shift” she said.
“Is it?” I asked in shock.
“Yes I knew you lost track of time, you look
fatigued. Did you sleep?” She asked me.
“No…” I calmly responded.
“Dear I have good news for you but first sit here
with me you look tired” she said as she sat on a
When I was settled she looked at me and smiled.
“Your husband.. I mean your p@rtner…”
“Nurse you can call him my husband its fine” I
corrected her.
“Yes…. Your husband will not un-der go an
operation. You must have really prayed because
even I was in a state of shock when the doctor said
that.” she said.
“Huh?? Are you telling the truth??” I said with
excitement as my eyes bec@m£ teary.
“There you go again dear… Why? Why are you
crying?” She asked me as she put her hand on my
“I’m so sorry I don’t mean to… I’m just happy..
plea-se can I see him?” I asked in tears.
“I will make a plan so your mother in-law does not
see you. Now wipe your tears.. I will be right back”
she said.
The nurse hurriedly left and I waited patiently.
She c@m£ in after a while and asked me to follow
Atusaye was seated upright and I couldn’t believe it.
He was still a little weak but was so happy to see
I hvgged him really ti-ght and he cried on my
shoulder, I couldn’t help but cry too.
“Why did you leave my side? Even when I was
weak, I could feel your pres£nce and I was
comforted by your pres£nce” He said
“Honey I may have left your side but i carried you
with me. I have been in the hospital chapel praying
for you.” I said..
Atusaye and I were still in a hvgging position.
“Baby I’m weak but I will be OK, I promise you. I
won’t le
ave your side” I heard him say.
I helped him l@yback in be-d and I covered him half
way. We held hands and talked. He was very happy
although he was still weak.
The nurse c@m£ in and said his mother wanted to
come back in but Atusaye insisted that if she
wanted to come in, she had to be OK with me
being around.
The nurse went and communicated this with her but
she refused to come in unless I left.
“Honey I think let me go outside. I will be back
later let mum see you first” I said to Atusaye.
“No honey don’t leave my side” he insisted as he
held onto my hand.
After close to an hour his mother and sister decided
to join in and they sat. None of them said a word
to me but Atusaye talked to me when he could.
Often occasions his mother interrupted and asked
me to shut up so Atusaye could rest but eventually
Atusaye started another conversation and we got
talking again.
It was almost time for lunch and Atusaye asked me
to go and get him food. He wanted okra and
chicken just like the meal we had on our first
official d@t£.
Luckily, the nurse offered her kitchen and she asked
her brother to pick me up.
I showered And changed at her house and quic-kly
prepared the food.
“Honey you’re back. I was waiting for you” Atusaye
said with a smile.
He looked much stronger and happy.
The stares I was getting from his family made me
nervous but I stayed strong Atusaye.
After dishing the food Atusaye insisted that we eat
together and I joined him on the be-d as we ate.
“Mum.. This is my wife” Atusaye said to his mother
as ate.
I could see she was very angry but she avoided
starting an argument with me.
“Honey can I give you some water?” I asked him.
Atusaye’s sister rolled her eyes as I give him water
to drink and she got up leaving the ward angrily.
I wish she un-derstood that I was innocent in all this
Atusaye insisted that I go and rest at home that
night and I went to sleep back at his h0tel room.
Things were looking good and I talked to him
before i fell asleep. He insisted I go early in the
morning so we have breakfast together.
The following morning just like I promised, I was
there on time and I got some breakfast from the
canteen which Atu and I ate together.
The doctor then suggested that Atu starts
physiothera-py for at least 2weeks before he could
be discharged.
To be continued… 
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