© Pauline Mumbi
God had been amazing the last one month, aside
reconciling with my true love I managed to sign a
number of contracts for my book and I re-leased the
first movie.
The Martin’s invited us to visit and Atusaye
promised that we would travel as soon as he
managed to sign off some property. Atusaye was in
real estate and he was really good at selling
houses, even property you would least expect to go.
I was so glad that Atusaye involved me in his
pas-sion and I gladly took p@rt. I would dress
smartly to attend the board meetings and would
advise him on how to upgrade property in case
there was nee-d to. I guess a man nee-ds a woman
like that by his side, we didn’t agree on everything
but in the end it all worked out. I trusted Atusaye so
much because he showed me love like no other and
in fact I guess that’s why our enemies failed to
target him, instead I was the target.

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Atusaye’s birthday was coming up and I was
planning on surprising my right hand man. It was
my first opportunity to do something great for him
but I had no idea how to do so as Atusaye was
really smart. It was ha-rd to plan a surprise for him.
I managed to get a planner, his name is Terry and
he c@m£ in highly recommended as the best in the
business. I was as-sured of nothing but the best.
Terry and I met after work or during lunch and we
would run throu-gh the birthday plans. We had no
fixed schedule as I was very busy so he worked
with my time.
Terry was very jovial and even though I had a ha-rd
time un-derstanding him, we got along really well.
One evening after work Terry called me for the final
t©uçhes and I met up with him at Intercontinental
h0tel where I planned on having the p@rty. It was
the day before the p@rty and he was running me
throu-gh the final t©uçhes.
“So madam as I was saying…. the decor will look
like that but we are going to add another t©uçh of
blue… Like you wanted. Do you like it?” He asked
me as we moved around the hall.
Terry c@m£ with two other men who helped set up
the place just so I could have a clear view.
“Yes of course I love it… In fact I want him to be
b!own away…” I said.
As I was taken in the moment, the devil let hell
loose and suddenly everything c@m£ crushing when
Atusaye walked in yelling on t©p of his voice.
I couldn’t un-derstand what he was saying as I was
shocked. I did not expect him to be there.
“Honey what is going on?”.. I asked.
“are you sure you want to know what is going
on??????? Answer me!!!!!” He yelled.
I bur-st into laughter because I really thought it was
a joke.
“Mwansa you dare laugh at such a situation????..
After all we’ve been throu-gh to together?” He said as
his eyes teared up.
“You dare plan a wedding behind my back????” He
said angrily
“A wedding?.. No no honey.. plea-se calm down I’m
not sure you now what you saying” I interrupted
Terry was quiet and I thank God because I wasn’t
prepared for what would have happened if he spoke
a word.
Atusaye pu-ll-ed out an envelop from his pocket and
re-moved ph0tos from it. He threw the ph0tos at me
and they went scattering in all directions.
Every meeting I had with Terry was captured and I
knew at this point it would be ha-rd to convince
Atusaye that it was all for him.
Atusaye left us there as we picked the ph0tos in
I felt a pain I had never felt before. It felt like h0t
flames where burning in my che-st and I could
almost smell the smoke escape throu-gh my mouth.
Terry tried to comfort me and as-sured me he would
talk to Atusaye but I cried bitterly, there I was
standing and feeling very hopeless. A surprise for
my man got me into trouble.
I followed Atusaye but discovered that he wasn’t
home, I waited for hours but he still did not show
up. Perhaps he knew I would be there so he chose
not to go home.
I didn’t know who to blame for this, was it Stella or
another enemy? Maybe Shane… I was so lost.
I thought I had seen it all but no I hadn’t. The
following morning I woke up
to buzzes on my
phone and I thought it was my fans. I had gained
fame and prestige overnight but it wasn’t long
before it c@m£ crushing.
When I logged on to my Facebook account people
had tagged me in a post where I was trending. The
post re-ad
“Famous actress and book writer disappoints
second man”
It was a devastating article that had me questioning
God why?
The article went on describing how it was my
second time abandoning a man on my way to the
t©p and to t©p it all, the pictures were equally
shared on social media.
Surely life had to give me a break. What was it that
I owed the world to the extent that I deserved this
humiliation. Funny p@rt is by the end of the day my
post had a thousand likes, shares and comments.
People surely do know how to hate.
I drove to Clara’s house the following day just so I
could explain myself. I also carried with me
receipts of the payment I gave Terry for the surprise
Clara let me in but it was as good as not visiting
because she too did not believe me.
Theirs a famous saying that says “responding to
rumours simply gives them life”. Well I wish i knew
that before because I made another mistake by
trying to exculpate myself and I only wors£ned the
It had been a week and I had decided to leave it all
to God. Yes I was very sure that it was the best
way to handle it, so I stepped aside of the problem
and left it to God despite the fact that my face was
recognised everywhere.
The rumours still hadn’t gone down but I received
good news, my manager informed me that our
movie was nominated and I had to travel to Lagos
Nigeria in two days.
I missed my flight by 20 minutes and my manager
was so angry as he had to leave me behind.
Luckily, I could catch another flight in 4hours so I
chose not to leave the airport.
The wait was unbearable as I fli-pped throu-gh
magazines. I never liked to be alone as it reminded
me of what I was going throu-gh. Atusaye had asked
for space so I was basically alone. I had cried
myself to sleep nearly every other night and It was
now tradition. My manager was my only source of
comfort. When I thought he would end the contract
with me like most people did, he told me I was just
being prepared for better to come.
It was almost time for checking in at the airport and
I got up to clear my luggage. As I stood in the
queue I heard a couple giggling in the back and
they sounded like love birds. They made me miss
Atusaye a lot. I was filled with envy as i turned
around slowly to look at them..
Nothing could have prepared me for what I was
about to see………
At the the end of the line was Stella standing hand
in hand with Shane giggling like the perfect couple.
This world is full of surprises…. but this was the
biggest of them all.
To be continued…. 
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