© Pauline Mumbi 
The following morning, I was a woman on a
mission. I had to secure all my property although I
was blank on what to do. The first thought that
crossed my mind was to approach lawyers. Thanks
to my love for re-ading, I had learnt a lot throu-gh
books .
A google search helped me find a number of
lawyers within Lusaka and I picked on the most
recommended. My account had some money which
I used p@rtly to pay the lawyers.
After much discussion the lawyers helped me
secure my title deeds with the bank and now I had
to inspect the property.
I missed Atusaye so much but my life nee-ded a lot
of organisation. I just couldn’t run after him with so
much at stake and I still had no idea when my
uncle would be a free man. The sooner I sorted my
life out the better.
When I arrived at the mansion, the first person I
saw was the security officer Mr. Mwale who had
been so good to me when I lived there.
“Mr mwale!!.. You’re around?” I screamed as a taxi
dropped me at the gate.
“Mwansa!!!! ” Mr mwale shouted as he ran to me.
“Am so happy to see you Mr. Mwale” I said as we
shook hands.
A lot of thoughts went throu-gh my head and I
remembered all that I went thorou-gh, the memories
were so clear.
“So happy to see you too dear” he said.
“my dear a lot has happened” he started.
“plea-se Mr. Mwale don’t. I heard it all. I’m just
relieved that it is all over” I said.
“Yes my dear its all over. That man is really
good… He has saved you. He actually paid me to
stay when everyone left..” He said.
I knew he was referring to dads friend.
” You look like you’ve not been doing bad at all, how
is everything with you? He asked.
” I will tell you everything first let’s have a tour of
the house.” I said.
Mr Mwale and I talked as we went round the
mansion, thank God it was still un-der perfect
condition and re-ady to be occu-pied.
The next move I had to make was to check on the
3 flats, they too were well maintained so I did not
have work to do. The flats were all occu-pied so I
had to get a pas-s to view them. That same week i
scheduled a meeting with the tenants and they
signed fresh agreements.
The cheque I received from aunty Bertha
successfully cleared and i used the money to
purchase a good second hand car just to help me
run around and I occu-pied a small flat.
The lawyers had initially advised me to get a good
agent for all my property and the agents would help
me find good tenants. Since the mansion was still
empty I nee-ded someone there but I new they may
let Mr. Mwale go. He had worked for us for a long
time and I just couldn’t stand the thought of him
being on the streets.
Mr. Mwale still nee-ded his job so p@rt of the
tenancy agreement on the mansion was that
security would be provided, the tenants just had to
pay. This went great and I decided to do the same
for the flats. Since Mr. Mwale was very trust worthy,
I re-moved him from the position of security guard
and promoted him to be in charge of the security
company. He now had 8 security guards un-der him
and we eventually added maintenance workers
un-der the security company.
With the help of Mr. Mwale I managed to find the
maids who worked for the mansion and I paid them
settlement to start there lives afresh.
It had been 2 months and I still hadn’t managed to
visit the Martin’s. However everything to do with my
property was in place and I was re-ady to visit the
Martin’s house.
The morning of my visit was really scary, I didn’t
know if I would be welcomed or chased. I just had
no idea.
As I parked at the gate of the martins residents my
heart skipped.
“God I have to do this” I said to myself.
I knew I had spent too much time but I nee-ded to
heal and reflect as I put my life in order. I didn’t
want to jump from one mess into another.
I still didn’t hoot but instead I started talking to
“OK Mwansa you’ll be OK. Just apologise and
everything else will fall into place. Oh no! Wh
at if
he’s taken! .. Jesus I just can’t stand all these
I hit the steering to clear my thoughts but ended up
hooting accidentally and the gate opened.
“Oh my God here we are” I said to myself as the
gate slid open.
I couldn’t escape now, it was time to see the
Martin’s and possibly receive forgiveness. If I turn
out lucky, I may even get the love of my life back.
To be continued… 
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