© Pauline Mumbi 
It was the morning of the wedding and I couldn’t be much happier, all I wanted was to get it over and done with. I was sure that Shane wouldn’t go down without a fight so I prepared myself for anything. Perhaps our marriage would last 3months or maybe a few weeks before he realises it was all fake. I had to fake the marriage too other wise he would pu-ll the rag right un-der my feet.
I still wanted to know what he was up to.
My hair was done and the makeup too was great. All I nee-ded now was to walk down the aisle and meet the man who should have been my husband.
The matron who happened to be Shane’s sister in-law whispered some words of encouragement in my ear and aunty Bertha held my hand. It was unlike tradition for the grooms mother to esc-rt the bride but I had no family. So I let her take the slot. It wasn’t real anyway so the less people j had the better.
“He is a good man. Just un-derstand him” she whispered in my ear.
I had spent a night at the same h0tel where the marriage ceremony would take place, So I just had to walk to the front with my mother in law. That was it.
As the elevator went down, my stomach rambled. I was going to have a fake wedding but it all seemed real. I was now a famous author and it would eventually go down history that I faked a marriage.
“Did I want that kind of name for myself?” I thought.
Aunty Bertha held me ti-ght and she smiled, as the elevator opened.
“This is it dear” she said.
“Are you re-ady?” She asked.
“Yes .. As I re-ady as I could ever be” I said.
What a gorgeous dress I wore, it was so expensive and rhe veil swept the floor.
“All this for a fake wedding” I muttered.
Aunty Bertha was all smiles and she held me ti-ght as we walked down the hallway that led to the gardens.
As soon as the doors opened, the song started to pla-y.
“Here comes the bride all dressed in white”.
I could careless about the music or the invited guests. I wore a wi-de smile on my face and someone could easily have mistaken my smile for happiness.
I was smiling at Shane, he really thought I was foolish.
Shane on the other hand was clad in a white suit with gold bu-ttons. My bridesmaids were in beautiful peach dresses while the groomsmen wore grey suits. The venue was beautiful, the floral arrangements everywhere looked heavenly. Everything was pure except the hearts of the two people who mattered most at this event. Shane and myself.
As Shane got my hand from his mother I remembered Atusaye, I wished he was there holding me close
The pastor looked at me and smiled, he smiled so wi-de that I almost sl@pped his face. How could he be so careless smiling like that? I hadn’t even excuted my plan and he was alre-ady looking excited.
” Dearly beloved we are gathered here to witness the wedding of Shane and Mwansa. Today the two will be declaring there love……”
“Oh no they won’t!!!” A female voice interrupted from the back.
Its like everything went into slow motion as we all turned around to see what was happening.
There she was…. Linda Pitt dressed in a gorgeous white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of roses. She was standing at the end of the red carpet re-ady to make her grand entrance to the front.
“Ehey!!!” I said in a Nigerian accent as I cl@pped my hands. 
To be continued…. 
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