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Shane and I had bought some food before he dropped me home so I prepared some of it for supper.
I showered and sat in the living room to eat as I watched television. The Martin’s family were on my mind but sometimes you’ve got to make choices and I knew running away was the best decision I made. It was right for me and if it wasn’t, God would not have allowed aunty Bertha into my life.
I still wanted to know who had died in the Martin’s home but de-ep inside I felt OK. I knew they were better off without me. How was I going to face Mrs. Martins and tell her that I was in love with Atusaye? What would be her reaction if she realised how ungrateful I had been to start d@t!ngher brother knowing fully well that he was engaged.
I didn’t expect anyone to un-derstand but I knew fully well that this was right for me.
The following morning I bathed early and got re-ady to meet aunty Bertha by the school. As I walked on I met a couple of teachers who were plea-sed to see me.
One of them was Salifyanji, a beautiful lady who was a grade one teacher. She took me round the school before clas-ses could commence.
Aunty Bertha c@m£ in around 9 and she gave me a contract to sign. I couldn’t believe it. She was offering me a K3,500 pay. Indeed everything was changing for good.
I had one clas-s where children c@m£ in at different periods for re-ading. It had a hvge plasma TV on the was were children watched cartoons to aid the learning process, Shane was my instructor that day and I was told he would be coming until I was up to d@t£ with the teaching system.
I met with the teachers at mid day in the staff room and they all seemed very fine.
Salifyanji introduced me to the other members of staff and she also showed me the nearby market.
I was tired on the first day but by the end of the week I was now familiar with how the system operated.
Salifyanji had come to visit me Saturday afternoon and we had a long conversation.
“So its been a week how has it been so far?” Salifyanji asked me.
“Well its been great and I’m happy” I responded with a smile.
“Actually aunty Bertha mentioned that I could enroll into school if I wanted, I really do want to write my grade 7 examinations” I said.
“Oh.. The system here is Cambridge and we have a lot of material if you are able to study ha-rd you could even write in 6months time.. besides its not difficult” she said.
“Ha.. Really? I asked with excitement.
” yes and we have other teachers doing the same. I’m in 12th grade myself and I’ve specialised in mathematics and sciences ” she said
“I want to register as soon as possible” I said.
“We can do that on monday and am sure you will catch up” she said .
“Are you married?” She asked me
I bur-st into laughter immediately.
“Would I honestly leave my husband behind?” I responded as I giggled.
“With this kind of economy dear.. Everything is possible” I said.
“But you do have a b©yfri£ndright?” She asked.
“No dear I love someone I cannot be with” I said.
“I want to hear all the details” she said.
I narrated my whole story to her and she looked at me in shock.
“You went throu-gh all that?” She asked
“Yes dear but I count it all joy” I said.
“You are strong I don’t know if I would survive” she said.
“I have forgiven my relatives… It’s all good” I said
“No I’m not talking about your relatives.. You are strong in the s-en-se that you are far away from your true love and you don’t even want to look back” she said.
“plea-se don’t remind me about my past. I have moved on” I responded.
I must say it was ha-rd to sleep that night especially because I had talked about my one true love.
All I did was study whenever I was home and sometimes even at school when I was free.
The tuitions were great and I was catching up really fast.
Time flew by really fast and I was now a week away from my final examinations. The past months had been ha-rd but I had become stronger
That day The driver was going into town so asked for a lift as I was going to buy some house supplies and what I nee-ded for the exam.
I had just been paid that months allowance so I made time to pas-s throu-gh a boutique to get a few clothes. I must say i was doing well for myself and could afford nice clothes, perfumes and food.
I was trying on a beautiful dress in the changing room when I suddenly heard a familiar female voice. It sounded like Mrs. Martin’s voice.
I quic-kly changed and rushed out. On my way out I saw the two ladies Joy and Clara. I also overheard Clara ask for bridesmaids dresses.
Outside I saw a car parked and Mr. Martins was inside while holding a beautiful baby girl. I was so b!own away and t©uçhed by the child’s beauty, she was a ph0tocopy of Mrs. Martin’s.. I rushed away quic-kly hoping not to see anyb©dy else familiar.
A p@rt of me wished I had at least seen a glimpse of my love but I didn’t.
When I got home my heart wasn’t at peace, I just couldn’t imagine who was getting married. It had to be him. It had to be Atusaye. I thanked God in my heart although it hurt so bad.
If it was meant to be it sure would have worked one way or another. My life was falling into place and I guess Atusaye’s had to as well.
The exam was great and I straight away enrolled for my next exam which I gave myself only 4months to prepare for. I sacrificed a lot of sleep but I had to. My life was never certain and life had taught me to never take anything for granted.
To be continued… 
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