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July 24, 2021


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Tears of a blind girl Episode 25 & 26

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💞💞(Battle for Supremacy)💞💞

By. Humble Smith & Clara William

💋Season 2💋

Episode 5..



Victor’s POV

I was happy that presh was released but also sad that Amanda couldn’t tell anything reasonable about Anna, she was bent on keeping the truth and dying, all the torture didn’t made succumb, I had to lie to Anna so she would release presh..

I really wonder what this secret would actually be that she preferred death than spitting, I could have killed her right there if not for the deal I made with Anna to release her in exchange of presh..

I brought Amanda out as I waited for the arrival of presh..

It took a few minutes before the car with her came by…

One of the men hopped down and took Amanda before the door was opened for presh to walk out.

I felt great joy and happiness as I saw her walked to me without any bruise…

I quickly hugged her tightly and could feel how tensed she really is, something must be really eating her up..

“Presh did she hurt you??.you look troubled what is it??” I asked with care as I stared into her wet eyes…

“Where is my mom?” She asked

“She is receiving treatment from my personal doctor now, you can meet her later..are you really alright presh?” I asked holding her hand softly

“I’m fine my love, I’m fine but my heart is bleeding, my heart is turn apart, could a formed suddenly turn into a greatest enemy?..how could Anna my friend be the one causing all this to me??..how??” She sulked and rested her head on my chest…

“Don’t worry, everything would soon be fine I promise, let’s get in…” I breathed feeling pity for her…


Presh POV

I sat still on the couch in deep thought, my memories keep flashing to some blurry events which I can’t actually explain, the more I tries, the more confused I becomes, it was night and victor had already dozed off, but how would sleep when something kept flashing through my memory..

Anytime I looked straight to Victor’s face, it would come in a rush, some memories, some hidden event that my mind couldn’t process..

My meeting with Anna was just what brought about all this, I’m getting to understand that my memory was affected somehow…how is it possible that I knew Anna was my friend without remembering any event that went between us after that day in the bush…

That day I was unconscious, how was it possible that I can’t remember anything from then, Victor said this Is the same lady who made me blind, how come I don’t know how or when..


I rested head on the pillow as I drown in thoughts again,

Just then, a voice sounded in me, the voice was that of an old man, it sounded like the voice I heard in my unconscious state that day in the bush…


That man had said I had a royal blood and Anna was there, could she have hated me for that??

I looked at Victor and something came into my mind immediately…

It was a secret that could destroy Anna, I arched my brow wondering how it came…
If the oracle had pointed at Anna then it could only means she had had s*x with the oracle man and tampered with the ancient water…

I glanced at Victor again and something struck my mind…I am the crowned princess and he is the Prince, Anna wants the throne for something no one could tell…

She must have swam into that holy water and had s*x with the sorcerer so as leave him powerless.

I quickly jolted up abruptly, it’s time to fight her, time to stop her before she succeeds in her evil plan…

The oracle had pointed at her because I was absent and she had the water on her body, the water had looked like a Royal blood…

I took out my phone and searched for her number through Victor’s call logs..

“Hello Anna!” I called out

“Guess this is presh!” She asked

“Yeah girl…why did you went into the holy water made for Royal creature?..this equally means you had s*x with the sorcerer!” I bawled and I couldn’t hear any word, I could sense she was greatly shocked

“Presh, can you remember?..are you recalling something?” She stuttered and I shut my eyes tightly and another scene crossed my mind..


“Before an ordinary woman could make the oracle point at them, many sacrifice would be made…

she would have to give up her mother, it would be more acceptable if her mother has the Royal blood, when the mother had been given, three virgins would also be sacrificed, she would then have the power to have s*x with the sorcerer, after swimming in the pool of the holy water for the Royal body, she would now be the one seen by the oracle…

“Her face would be the one the oracles sees as the princess…”

“The only way to find out that she isn’t the one is only if the Prince could see his real princess, he would get attracted to her, that’s the only way to find out…”

These are the world of that woman I met in a small hut in the bush where I went to play with Anna one day, she had taken us to her hut when we were exhausted from running around,

All this word was what she told me in the absence of Anna, I don’t know of Anna heard it but she had walked in just after she was done saying it all..

We were just 10 years old then…

Could it be that Anna made that sacrifices??.. Yeah..nothing else could make the oracle point at her…

She doesn’t want me to meet victor so we won’t fall in love..

“Anna why did you do all that?..why??..that means you killed your mother!” I bawled

What!!!!..presh!!..what can you recall??..what…omg!!!” She kept exclaiming

“So..you decided to do all that for the throne?..why??.what actually do you want?” I asked getting sober..

“I want you dead!!..kill your self!!..you can’t be the princess!.. I alone would sit on that throne!!!” She screamed

“And how do you think I’d make that happen?..just get ready for me..I will expose you!!..” I gritted

“Don’t you dare spit it out to Victor!!..don’t!!” She steamed more of pleading than command..

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you destroy the royalty!” I breathed and hung the call..

Anna’s POV

I knew it from the beginning that presh would regain her memory when she sees Victor!!..

We are already doomed!!

Amanda was still on treatment, I swear I’ll be killed if presh says this to victor and it gets to the ear of the king..

Is this how I am going to end?..like seriously??

After all my sacrifice, hell no!!..I killed my mother for this, three virgin had their life taken for this, no one can ever stop me!!!

Presh should get ready for the real devil in me!!!!

I will strike her down at all cost I swear!!!!


💋Season 2💋

Episode 1…


Victor’s POV

I held her hand as we stared into our eyes, I looked deep into that eyes that had been closed for years, it was really sparkling and wet. I really loves the colour…

“Victor so this is how you are??” She smiled and I nodded with a grin

“You look more cute than I imagined when I was still I’m darkness” she cooed and I touched her cheeks tenderly

“I can’t stop being happy seeing that at last, after so much pain and anguish, you are finally happy, you joy is all I want” I said and she hugged me again…

“You are my angel,thank you so much!!” She muffled

“Okay then, it’s okay you lovers” her mother chipped in making is chuckle as we broke the hug and sat on the bed

“Now my daughter, I had always told you that you look stunning but you never believed me, check it out!” Her mother said giving her a mirror..

“Wow!!” She screamed as she saw her reflection..

“Is this how I had always look or did I turned this way not long ago” she laughed and I held her palm.

“That’s how you had always look, so beautiful like an angel, I just can’t stop looking at your face” I said and she blushed

“So…..who I’m I missing to see, where is my wicked father and step mother, I want to see their face!” She said with a frown

“Your dad is not here, we are in India now, we would later go back home then yo would see him” her mother smiled and I felt unease..

Her father is already dead!

I took a deep breath before taping her shoulder, I need to tell her the truth, that man she called father isn’t her father, he is a man sent to shatter her life..

I need to make her know before she finds out that he is dead…

“Presh that man isn’t your…..”

“Victor!!!!” Her mother hushed and raised her brow at me

“What??” Presh asked

“When you are fully discharged, we would tell you many things about your life that is really confusing…” Her mother said and she arched her brow

“Hmm, okay then….” She smiled and stared at me with the sweetest smile I had ever seen

“So presh you can see!!” I screamed again as I couldn’t hold my joy..

“Yes!!!…I can!!!!..” She squealed making me touch her lips…

“So when will I be discharged?” She asked

“I’ll meet the doctor now, he would tell me when is fit for you to leave here” I smiled

“There is something that happened here…a nurse..” She muttered tying to recall something

“A nurse did what?” I asked and she sighed and buried her face into her palm trying hard o remember.

“A nurse came here to inject something into me…” She paused and looked around ..


“Yes, she has a nose mask on…she came to inject a substance thinking I was still blind, I suspected her because she was alone and was acting strange…you can’t believe she ran away after I asked her what she was doing….” She explained and my heart glitched

Someone came here to harm her thinking she was still blind???

I quickly jolted up as my thought flashed to Anna..

Could it be her?

“How does the lady look??” I asked peering at her..

“My vision isn’t clear then, I can’t tell her complexion or hair, I can’t tell all that…” She replied and I fumed..

But Anna isn’t in India and I don’t think she knows this hospital…

“Are you sure of what you are saying?” I asked and she took a deep breath..

“How can I be sure when that is the first thing I was after opening my eyes..it may be an illusion!” She breathed and turned to her mother

“Mom, how can I thank you for not killing me when I was a thorn on your flesh..” She pureed making her mom smile broadly..

“I couldn’t kill you even when the urge kept coming because I was sure of a day like this, a day when you would find someone who loved you and also see..”

“Yes, you once said it….” Presh laughed and lay on her laps

“I would be going to see the doctor now” I winked at my presh feeling great..

“Yes dear, go and tell him I want to leave this place right now…I need to see how the environment look like” she said and I chuckled before heading out…


“She would have to spend one more day here before being discharged” the doctor said

“Why?..I want her to leave with me now!” I whined

“We need to clean her lens, I don’t think her eyes would be able to contain the intensity of the sun now, we even need to provide a spectacle for her, please just allow her today let’s round off our job” he pleaded with respect..

“Hmm, okay..thank you all for the job well done!” I commended giving him the cause to smile..

“But please if may ask?..why did you ordered for Dr Eric to be removed?” He asked and I felt like telling him of that call but later declined..

“I suspected him for something, when is he returning to work?” I asked

“The head doctor is waiting for your order on when he should return work..” He said and I nodded

“My suspect on him is still bleak but I think I’d know now if truly it’s right..tell him to return work now, secondly, make him know that presh would be discharged tomorrow..” I said and he nodded..

“Do nothing else..” I added and he bowed

“Thanks” I smiled and walked out

I got back to the ward and presh was chatting happily with her mother..

“Okay my angel, I’m sorry!” I said and she looked at me

“You would be staying here today..something else needs to be done” I said and she whined

“Hey stop that before I’ll kiss you” I threatened making her sneer at me..

“Kiss you a**s” she laughed

I can’t equally hold my own laughter..

“Presh are you crazy, don’t you know he is the Prince??” Her mother shunned and she laughed more hardly..

“Ohh, I almost forget that he is the prince, well..Mr Prince..” She called in a funny tone and I laughed again

“Yes my princess..” I said and I could see her eyes widened a little at my word

“Princess….” She muttered under her breath

“I’m not your princess this man!..stop all this flattering..” She smiled and held my palm sending shrill down my spine

“Thanks again…” She said in a soft tone

“Yes..so..I feel like kissing you, can I?” I smirked and she nodded shyly

I smiled and brought my head closely..

The door opened that moment with the doctors walking in stopping me from kissing her..

“Oh, is the time now?” I asked and they nodded

“We’ll be back tomorrow” I said to her and she grinned and bade me

We blew kiss at each other before I finally left with her mother…

We both got into our car and drove home..

I’d be returning in a short period of time with a commercial cab and my face covered with a face cap…

I need to see if Dr Eric would do anything to presh, that was why I said he should return work today…


Dr Eric’s POV

“Its time to end it all ma’am” i said to Anna after receiving the call from the head doctor to return..

“Has they called you back?” She asked and I nodded

“But…have you tried knowing why you were sent away in the surgery?” She asked

“Its normal for a doctor to be removed from a surgery team, it can be a little issue, maybe the number of doctors were much…” I shrugged doubting that anybody knew I wanted to cause complication in the surgery…

“Okay then, you can go, make sure you carry out the job clean..don’t fall my hand or I’d kill you!” She huffed and I bowed feeling very sure to win..

“Take precautions, make sire the Prince isn’t there, check out his car in the garage to be sure he isn’t in the hospital” she said and I bowed before leaving…


Words can’t explain how great I feel right now, I’m in presh ward without anyone seeing me…

She is unconscious now after her lens was washed…

I couldn’t wait to do this because I had been told that she would be discharged tomorrow…

I smiled to myself again as I brought the syringe and ampoule from my lab coat…

The chemical would damage her eye and make her totally in coma..

I took her hand slowly trying to locate her vein just then, I met the greatest shock of my life..

The Prince walked in that moment with a smirk on his face…

I’m dead!!!!

To be continued..
Prince VICTOR the master planner🤙🤙

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