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August 1, 2021


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Tears of a blind girl Episode 11 & 12

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💞💞(Twist of fate)💞💞

By. Humble Smith & Clara William

Episode 11



Victor’s POV

I sat glumly on a chair watching as new set of doctor started working on my presh through the CCTV camera, I couldn’t remove my eyes from it, I can’t trusts anybody..

How can everyone turn into Presh’s enemy…
Even doctors that are meant to save life wanted to kill her,

Hot tears rolled down my cheek as I recalled the scene in that video clip, that part when they drew out the stitch forcefully making her belly tear, her shrill of pain, her tears, her jerk.. The way she pleaded to them to stop..

Ahhhahh..I can’t hold back my tears anymore, I cried out, the pain in me is so great that my heart was very heavy..

I felt like going back to that doctors and torture them myself but i can’t leave when presh is being treated, who know whether this doctor may repeat the same thing, I just needs to watch meticulously…

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“I’m so sorry..” Dr ken spoke out and I glanced at him with a huge smile..

I can wait to reward him, he just saved presh from something so intensed..

“Thank you for saving her” I muttered..

“That what our occupation is all about, saving lives..” He smiled

“Who ate those doctors?” I asked

“They are workers here, I don’t know what came over them, it must be that person that they called on phone, yes, that was the person that asked them to do it..” He said and I nodded

“So is the cops on it now??” I question

“I’m sure they would be trailing that person now” he said and u turned back to the screen..

The doctors were done and was pulling off their medical kits..

I rushed out of the system room straight to the ward where presh was..

“How is she???” I asked as I sat down on the chair beside her bed.

“Can a doctor be this cruel??” One of the doctor sighed and I arched my brow..

“What actually happened?” I questioned

“He injected her with a chemical that would leave her temporary paralysed, not only that, he also injected a chemical that stimulates the cells in her body to fight against themselves thereby causing severe pains to her..she survived it just because she was treated earlier…”. He paused and shook he head..

” she would have been paralysed for ever if she hadn’t been treated sooner..I don’t know why those doctor did this.. ” He added and stared at presh’s face..

My eyes was really teary as I thought of his it would feel like for your body to fight against each other, the pain would be inner and you can’t do anything about it.

I held her hand as my tears fell on the bed..
I could see the pillow she was laying her head, it was almost drenched with tears..a streak of tears was still visible in her cheek..

“I’m very sorry..” I mumbled placing her hand on my chest..

It pains me that I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t stop her pain, she was with me and yet her pains continues, who must be behind all this??..I need to know, as for those doctors, I would make sure they are stoned to death by the villagers..

Looking at presh’s face, all you can see is pain, that Is all she had been subjected to almost all the day of her life, I want to put a stop to it..

I really need to do that, she has to feel the joy of being a human being, the joy of having loved ones around you, the joy of having a peaceful life..

Yes!!..she needs that..I really wonder how everyone would hate a single person, that’s so bad!

“When would she wake up?” I asked the doctor..

“Tomorrow..I find out she is blind..” The doctor added..

“Yes..” I breathed

“Who is she to you?” He asked and I bend my head low, I found out my heart was only telling me she is my girlfriend…

“Well, she is my girlfriend.” I said out and he nodded

“What would you do about her blindness, what actually caused it?” He asked and I found out I don’t even know what caused it…

“Doctor should I tell you my little secret?” I said and he shrugged

“My name is Victor, I am the prince of this land..” i stated making him cringed with his eyes widened..

“You are the prince Victor that was out of the state for so long?” He questioned and i nodded..

“Now I need your help..” I sighed

“I’ll help but..if you are Victor then, you girlfriend is Anna, she is the one betrothed the Prince..” He said and I sighed glancing at presh whose face was calm and innocent..

“I no longer have feelings for Anna, all my heart and soul is in her” I sighed not even knowing when I said that..

“I pray Anna understands you because she had been bragging to the whole community of being your wife..she wouldn’t let it slide..” He said

“I would take it gradually because I don’t know if it is love I have for her or just pity, I don’t have to draw a conclusion now..” I said and he nodded

“So what help do you want from me?” He queried

“Help me to make her see, I want her to regain her sight!” I stated and he breathed

“No doctor in here can ever make her see, she would have to do series of operation, I guess taking her to India would be the best..” He said and something clocked my mind..

The caller who talked with those evil doctors told them to take her to India or south Korea, I would need to take her there and see if it is truly Anna, I would watch her reaction..

She wouldn’t know the doctors are being held…

Well, I don’t know if it is her though but with time, I would know…

“I’ll take her to India right now!” I said and the doctor shook his head,

“She is in a critical condition now, crowd would cause her more harm..”

“She is going on a private jet..” I stated and he raised his brow

“Just forgot that you are the Prince..” He bowed..

“Arrange everything and make sure she lands at the best hospital in India, I’ll clear all the bills..” I said and stood up..

“Okay it will be done right away Prince.. My name is Dr Ahmed” he said and bowed

“I am hiding my true identity of being the Prince so help me keep the secret” I said and shook his hand with a smile

“Thank you very much!..” I breathed before dashing out

Time to known the person behind all this…

“Have you found the person that called them?” I asked..

“No..the location is blocked and the doctors isn’t ready to spit out the truth..” The cops said..

“Then they don’t value their lives, take them to court and press charge against them with my name, they should be stoned to death” I said

“Okay!” The call hung and I drove home..


I got home feeling so depressed about everything presh was going on, her mother is still missing and she is in pain…

I just want it all to end, her pain is turning out to be my pain, just anytime the sound of her scream echoes in my memory, I feels my whole body shudder in agony..

I just pray after the surgery, she would regain her sight and see my face once more..

It would be the greatest day in her life..she would smile.. Yes..her smile.. I really loves it, but she rarely smiles..

I know when her sight is regained, smile will never leave her face,

Oh!..I slumped on my bed forgetting about Anna for that moment, I can’t even remember I have a girlfriend who I haven’t seen for a while..

Presh is taking over my mind and I don’t care about Anna so much..

The door of my room opened and she walked in..
My gaze was still straight like no one came in, i suddenly doesn’t even feel happy she came back..

What is really happening?
I’m I hating her for nothing??

“Victor where had you been??” She purred and sat on the bed with her arm across my body..

“Do you care to know?” I asked and she sneered at me..

“Why won’t I?” She quried..

“I went to take presh to the hospital, I met her in the pool of her blood with a knife in her hand, it is a mystery how she got a knife…” I sighed

“So you stressed out your self for that blind thing?” She seethed

“Its myself right?..so it isn’t your business what I do with myself??” I growled..

“You are being too harsh!” She whined..

“I need to think, presh is missing for the main time, she sneaked out of the hospital..” I said slowly trying to look sober..

I was staring at her face intently..

I don’t know how true it is, but I saw her eyes glisten a little bit, she really tried hard to hide it but I must say I saw it..

“Are you happy??” I asked and sighed..

“Can I blind girl sneak away?.. Someone must have helped her..” She said out of point..

“You don’t seem to like this girl a bit and I am suspecting you for all this she is passing through” I howled making her cringe..

“Victor are you mad!!!” She screamed

“Mad??…oh yes!!..I am mad at you, your heart is so evil when it comes to her and I hate girls like that so much!!!” I thundered making her flare up..

“You hate me because of that wasted soul??..that curse…that blind and useless thing!!!..”

I don’t know what actually came over me…

I slapped Anna so hard that she fell down on the floor with a loud thud..

“That’s what you gets when you abuse and call her names, she is far more better than you!!!” I seethed and dashed out of the room leaving her shicked to the core…

Episode 12


Victor’s POV

I walked away without looking at her, I don’t know what came over me, I don’t really know how possible it was for me to slap Anna because she called presh awful names.

It was really queer to me..
I had no choice than to leave the house, I need to stay somewhere cool and have a deep thought, I can’t even wait to see her face, I can’t stay any longer, what would be my reason for slapping her..

This would be the very first time I’d lay my hand on Anna and the fact that it was because of presh was what makes me wonder what is wrong..

There is no doubt she would be shocked to the core…
I don’t just know why I couldn’t bear watching her spit those words to presh..i slapped her because I was pained, I was so worried about the whole issue concerning the blind girl so the insults really made me mad…

I just don’t know what to say, but.. i was serious when I said I suspects Anna for the pains presh is passing through..the way she detest and hates presh is very much suspicious, some way, some how, she may be part of the group causing all this..I am just befuddled..

How did the caller knew I took presh to that hospital, only Anna could know that easily..she knows how to track me when ever I leaves..or..is that person tracking presh??

I just wish she isn’t the one doing all this because I’ll never forgive her if I should find out that presh is passing through these severe pains because of her..

I sat down on a stool at the bar stand and ordered for drinks highly rated in alcohol, I needs it to cool off my brain before I go mad..

One question kept ringing in my head…why would I really slap Anna my girlfriend because of presh??

The question is what I finds so impossible to get the reply, I already know that Anna doesn’t like poor and misfortune human like presh, she may had just hated presh like every other…

Maybe she was just being too jealous to lose me, maybe she doesn’t even have any thing to do with Presh..

Well, I am confused, what about that glisten jn her eyes when I told her presh was missing.

Anna is so secretive that you can never read her mind..

I picked up my phone to call the doctor and know the state of presh but just then, Anna’s call came in..

I sighed as my finger moved around the green button, some way, somehow, I felt like not taking the call, i was even vexed that she called when I wanted to ask about Presh..

Ohhh, what is wrong with me???..she is my girlfriend!!!

I answered the call and the sound of her cry filled my ear..

“I can’t believe I am losing you..what is my crime? What did i do wrong..why are you punishing me this way, you know I love you..why..why, I am pained..you slapped me and never cared to even call and….”

“I’m sorry..” I cut her laments..

“Are you just saying it on phone?..you can’t come back, cuddle me and whisper it again and again in my ear??”she exclaimed bitterly making me sigh..

” I’m afraid to coming back to you now because I may hit you again if you insult presh, please promise me you won’t say anything hurtful on her when I comes.. ” I breathed and she cried more..

“Those words hurts me, it shows nothing but care and passion..you are have a deep concern and care for her which is making me feel you would leave me..” She sobbed and I exhaled heavily…

“I’m sorry, its just a pity, I just have pity on her, it’s not a nice thing to be blind, every seconds of your life is in the dark..its so painful.. I just feels for her..” I said and she sighed..

“Okay, I am waiting for you, come and see what your slap did to me..” She sniffed and I felt the urge to laugh..

I hung the call and gulped the remaining content in the tumbler..

“You are having a deep concern and care for her which Is making me feel you would leave me” Anna’s word resounded in my memory slowly and strongly this time..

Deep concern and care…what does it actually means??..love???..feelings??..no..none of the above, just pity nothing else…

I took a deep breath before dialing the doctor..

“I hope there is no problem?” I asked immediately

“No there is none, she would be on her flight in no distant time..” I heard his voice making me smile widely..

You can’t tell how I wished to see her sight regained.. I want to see her look at me, touch me, hug me, kiss me..all with her eyes seeing me..


My smile widened but it faded away as my mind crossed to the fact that her mother was still missing..

Oh no!!..she begged me to find her mother, what I’m i doing here, I need to start up a search group with the cops…

Anna’s POV

“I think the doctors has been caught!!..” I said into my phone..

“How??..” She asked and I could sense fear in her tone..

” the cameras were not stopped, the video must have been recorded, I don’t know if really they had been caught but I think we should just kill those doctors anywhere they are, they may implicate us” I said

“But they succeeded in taking presh away right?” She asked

“Yes, sure…”

“How sure are you?” She asked

“Not only that Victor told me she was missing, I also tracked her just now and found out she is being taken to India..I instructed the doctor to hide a chip In her hair, I just used it to know her present location..” I explained

“That was awesome, the doctors are useless now, they shouldn’t be left alive or one day they would implicate us” she said and I nodded..

“I’ll send some of my men to execute them this night” I said with a smile…

“I’ll also kill presh’s mother tonight, I guess we are really progressing, it would not be a long time and our desire would be accomplished..” She laughed and I joined her..

Its getting interesting….

Victor’s POV

I got into my father’s palace and he was really surprised seeing me, I wasn’t used to coming here because I don’t really wants to be seen as a Prince..

“Woah!!..what brought my great son here?” He asked and I sat down with my face grim..

“You don’t look happy, what is it?” He asked

“Dad, there is someone missing, I want her found before dawn, I need your guards to do this for me in the accompany of the cops..” I stated

“Who is missing?..because you are just new to this place, how did you got to know people so much that you even know when they are missing and even wants the royal guards to look for her..” He spoke in awe

“She is the mother to my good friend..” I said

“Make things clear for me..” He said and I sighed

“Do you know a beautiful maiden whose name is Presh??” I asked and his eyes widened

“What name did you just called?” He questioned..

“Presh..” I said again..

“Who just called that name here in the palace..” I heard my mom’s voice sounded through the room as she walked in…

“What!!!..my son!!!..you came??..wow!!” She squealed and hugged me..

“How are you doing son?” She said fondling my cheeks..

“I’m doing good mom..” I smiled and turned back to dad


“So what???” He half yelled

“Were you the one that called that name right now??” My mother asked..

“I don’t understand you both..why this fuss?..” I arched my brow..

“Presh the blind girl..oh..she is a curse and…”.

” shut up!!!” I yelled and jolted up..

“That’s one of the word I don’t want to hear, not again, I slapped Anna because of this, I may slap you too..if you hate her, fine..but don’t call her that!!” I seethed feeling hurt..

Why would everyone hate her..

“My son, its not about hating her, she is a cu…” I couldn’t allow my mother to finish up before I turned to the door.

“Dad I came here because her mother is missing, I wants you to help me out but I think its useless… Just know that I may never forgive you if I can’t find her mother..” I drawled and made to leave..

“Son!!!” He called and I paused my pace..

“You are the Prince, the guards are yours, go look for her mother with them, I just gets this feeling that..well..do as you wish son..” He said and a wide smile appeared in my lips…

“Thank you dad..” I muttered before leaving..

I’ll assemble them all immediately, they needs to find her before tomorrow..


Anna’s POV

“What!!!!!” I screamed as I saw it..

The doctors had already been taken by the cops..

No ooo..I need to do something fast before they spit the secret..I need to kill them right away,

What should I do right now..

I paced around feeling hot..

I picked my other phone and dialed the DPO immediately..

“Hello, sir can we meet tonight??” I asked

“Who I’m i speaking with?” He asked

“Anna..” I replied and he exclaimed

“Woah!!!..the prince fiance right?” He asked and I muttered a yes with a wide smile

“Okay then, time?..” He asked

“10:00pm..I’ll send the address of where we would meet” I said and hung up

Time to bribe him into killing those stupid doctors…


Victor’s POV

It has been hours now but still yet there had been no positive result, I don’t really know what to think of, I needs to find her but the guard isn’t telling me what I wants to hear, they had been searching different homes and surrounding…

It was almost 10:00 and I don’t just know what to do…

A guard came to where I stood..

“I don’t think she is in this….”

“She is here!!!..she can’t run leaving her daughter!!” I thundered getting really exasperated…

“So you all couldn’t find her ugh??” I questioned and they bowed

“Sir are you sure she isn’t dead..” One of the guard spoke out and my heart glitch…

My eyes went teary as i thought of the possibility…

“Prince there is still a place remaining to search..” One of the guard stated

“Where is that?” I asked without glancing at him…

“The kings sister has a personal home where she lives with her husband before he died, she lives there alone now, we haven’t searched it..should we?” He asked and I sighed..

“We should search there too, I need to be sure she isn’t anywhere in this village before I concluded of her death…” I said

“She may not allow us come in, please follow us..” Another guard said


“okay, no problem” I said and we both head to the so-called place.




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