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Taming Mr jerkface episode 5

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An Overbearing billionaire πŸ’°πŸ’΅

Racheal Dennis.

✳️ Episode 5 ✳️



πŸŒ€ Debby’s POV πŸŒ€

“You’re awake” he chirped happily, he set the tray of food he was carrying on the nightstand and sat next to me on the bed.

I sat upright and subconsciously moved back a bit, he narrowed his eyes.

“You must be hungry” anxiousness evident in his voice, “here eat something” he cut a small piece of pancake and brought it to my mouth.

I turned my face….away from him.

Why is he giving me food? Isn’t he supposed to punish me for destroying his stuffs? Isn’t that’s why he brought me here?.

“Angel open your mouth”

Angel? Since when did I become an angel?

Why is he calling me that? or is he mistaking me for someone?

Maybe he doesn’t recognize me…… I should grab this opportunity to escape from here.

I quickly stood up from the bed groggily, I bruced myself ready for the fall…… since my legs are too shaky to keep me standing…. but the guy acted on reflect.

Almost like he expected my fall….. he caught me before I could fall to the ground.

“Easy Angel”

I balanced myself with a little of his help…..okay a lot of his help.

“Thank you sir—–”

“Andre” he cut me off.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Call me Andre” he smiled at me.

“Andre?” I frown.

He pulled me into a tight embrace immediately his name flew from my mouth……this caught me off guard.

“My name sounds so perfect coming from your mouth” he kissed my forehead.

I pushed myself from him and wiped my forehead with the back of my palm……he furrowed his eyebrows.



is wrong with you Mr….. you can’t just go around kissing and embracing people as you like” I scold him angrily.

“I don’t go around kissing or embracing people” he replied.

He make move to take me in his arms again…..I quickly held out my hand to stop him.

I scoffed.

“You don’t? Then what about me? Am I not a stranger?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“You’re not a stranger to me…. you’re my girlfriend”

I stared at him with my mouth wide open.

This guy is really mistaking me for someone else….. maybe I look exactly like his girlfriend.

I laughed awkwardly.


“Yes Love” he answered, I rolled my eyes.

“You are making a mistake, I’m not your girlfriend….. my name is Debby Ryan and we have not meet before now” I explained to him calmly, emphasizing on each word.

“Silly you” he walked round me and hugged me from behind.

“How can I make a mistake? I know you are not my girlfriend….. yet, but you will be soonest” I moved away from him and faced him.

“I can’t be your girlfriend either” I told him.

The cocky smile on his face wiped and replace with a scorn.

“Why can’t you be my girlfriend?”

“Because……. because…….”

Oh no…..this is why I hate myself for not being smart…. how come words are failing me at this critical situation?

Why can’t I find an excuse?

Then it click in my head……Lucas.

“Because I have a boyfriend” I blunt out and smirk triumphantly.

Now he will have no choice but to chase me out.

But the smirk I have on vanished, when I saw how furious he is.

“What?!” He sneered. “You have a boyfriend!” He growled.

“Yes?” I answered….well more like ask.

I’m not sure if my answer will provoke him more.

He begins to walk towards me, with each step he takes forward, I’ll take one step back, untill my back hit the wall.

He put his hands on the wall, caging me.

Is this guy mentally ill?

“What’s his name?” He asked me calmly…..there’s something about his voice that tells me this is calm before storm.

“Lu… Lucas” I stuttered out.

He nods thoughtfully.

“Listen to me Angel, you’re mine! Your body…..soul and heart it all belongs to me. You’re mine to love, mine to care for and mine to protect. You’re mine and mine alone!” He boomed at me looking straight in my eyes, his voice filled with possessiveness.

“I don’t like sharing…..what’s mine shall remain mine forever. So Angel, I need you to go back and breakup with that fuckard, okay” I nod wordlessly, he smiled and kissed my forehead head again.


clear now….. he’s sick! He’s really mentally ill.

“Now Angel, eat your breakfast, I’ll be downstairs in my study doing some work……when you’re done, come find me” he guide me back to the bed and help me sit down.

I need to get away from this man.

“When can I go home? My roommate will be so worried about me by now” I asked him.

“Finish your breakfast first, I’ll personally drop you off” he said.

“Thanks, Andre. please estimate the cost of the medical bills, I’ll pay you back as soon as I get a job” I gratefully told him.

He stare at me with an unreadable expression.

“Angel, you don’t have to pay for anything, everything that is mine is yours too, you can do whatever you like. Besides no girlfriend of mine will work under nobody, I can take care of you so you don’t need a job” his words are clear and he left no room for arguments.

I just nod, he smiled and left the room.

Gosh! this guy is a physcopath…. how can he just claim me as his girlfriend when he clearly know nothing about me.

This guy is crazy and he needs help.


πŸŒ€ Andre’s POV πŸŒ€

I sat in my study, my phone pressed to my ear, impatiently waiting for Dave to pick up.

She have a boyfriend…. who is that motherfucker that thinks he can have my girl?.

I never in my life thought I would love a woman…..but now that I have found someone to love, I won’t let one motherfucking cunt take her away.

Over my dead body!.

“Yo Andre, wassup, man?” he finally picked up.

“I need you to look into this name for me ‘Debby Ryan’, tell me what her relationship with Lucas is” I told him.

“Okay” he answered.

“I need this information on my desk tomorrow morning” I said.

“Got it” he hang up.

I need to know if what Angel told me is true…..besides nobody dares competite with over something….my Angel is mine alone….


Debby’s POV πŸ‘ 

Finally, I’m in my street, I’ve managed to escape from that psycho.

It’s a good thing his maid bought my lie or I would’ve been doom.

Right now, I’m standing outside my apartment door…..I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for Anna to open up.

I lean on the door frame.

“Coming!” I heard Anna’s voice from inside.

Not too long, the door flung open and Anna appears in front of me with a towel wrapped tightly around her chest.

“Anna!” I quickly pull her in for a very tight hug, I mean a tight hug. I released a long sigh as I hug her. “It’s so good to see you again”

“Ca… Ca.. can’t breathe” she gasped. I quickly released her and rushed inside.

I slump onto the sofa closest to the door and points towards the fridge, Anna nods and rushed towards the fridge and came back with a cold bottle of water.

She opens it and hands it to me.

I took the water from her and take large gulps, then drop the empty bottle on the table and belge.

Anna sits next to me, worry clear in her eyes.

“Debby what happened? You just vanished into thin air last night… You left your phone, where were you? Lucas and I looked everywhere for you, we were so worried…. ”

” Anna!” I cut off her blabbing, I place my hands on her shoulder. “I’m home now safe and sound…..thanks to one psychopath” even if he’s a psychopath, I must acknowledge his good deeds…..right?

But I really do hope and pray I never come across him again.

Anna sigh and pick up her phone from the table and dialed a number…..I guess Lucas’s number.

She placed the phone on her ear, waiting for Lucas to pick up.

“Lucas, you can stop searching now” she paused, listening to what Lucas is saying. “She’s back…. No…. She’s okay… See you later” then she hangs up.

“Tell me what happened”


I begin to tell Anna everything that happened…..right from the club to Andre’s house and how Andre claimed me to be his girlfriend.

After telling her everything, I watch her expression and man…..I regretted telling her in the first place…….she burst out laughing.

I narrowed my eyes at her, impatiently waiting for her to stop laughing.

After laughing her guts out for some minutes, she stop and look at me all over.

“Debby… I know last night was kinda crazy and scary for you… But the part where that Knight in shinning armour came and save you from that pervert is my dreamed moment. Him claiming you to be his girlfriend… Is the best thing any girl can ever wish for… Well I know I’m wishing for it” she said with a dreamy eyes.

I look at her…..mouth agape……out of everything I said, that was what she could picked out of it?


can a guy you just met for the first time… Well actually for the second time, claim you to be his girlfriend, just like that……??

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah.. girl better go back and tell him you’re ready to be his property forever!”

I just scoffed and looked the other way.

She can say whatever she wants, that’s none of my problem.. my problem right now is how I can get a job….a good job.

I stood up and head towards my room, when Anna’s words stopped me dead on my tracks.

“Our landlord came by this morning”

I turn to her slowly and walk back to her in a flash.

“What did he say?”

She shrugged.

“Nothing much… Just that our rent is due in two weeks”

I groaned frustratingly.

” Oh, Anna… I’m so sorry, I thought I would get a job before the rent is due… I’m such a good for nothing”

She smiles and gives me a side hug.

” Come on, Debby. Don’t be like that… Remember I told you I can pay for our rent… You don’t have to go job hunting desperately… I have a well paid job”

” No, I must do something to support us. I don’t know where I would have been if not for you…. Anna, I seriously need to repay your kindness”

“Debby, you don’t have to” she said.

I roll my eyes and head towards my room

“I need to” with that I shut the door behind me.

I changed from my clothes and rushed into my bathroom, I prepare a bubble bath tub and dive in.

I closed my eyes and released a long sigh….this is just what I needed to calm myself down and forget about everything that has happened,….. Especially that man who claims to be my boyfriend.

I am still in the bathtub, when Anna knock on my door.

“Debby your phone is ringing”

Oh, it must be that psychopath…. I don’t want to hear another of his ranting, he’ll reprimand me for leaving without letting him know…. No I don’t want to hear any of that right now.

“Don’t answer it… It might be a that guy”

“Oh! You mean your BOYFRIEND?!” Anna tease me.

She’s so lucky that I’m in the bathroom, or else I would have smacked her head so hard.

I heard her footsteps going away, I step out of the bathtub and wrap a towel around me.

I walk to my small closet a pick out a white tank top and blue shorts to wear.

I laid them out on my bed and apply some cream on my body. After that, I wore the tank top and shorts, then I step out of my room and head towards the kitchen.

I rampage through the fridge and took out an apple to eat. I sat on the stool next to the counter and begin to eat the apple…..right in that moment Anna came back with my phone ringing in her hand.

“You’ve got to answer this, Debby” she said.

I took the phone from her and press the answer button and bring the phone to my ear.


I said, my voice sounding a bit rude, I don’t need to be polite with that psychopath.

“Hello, I’m Phoebe James from Knights milling Inc.. am I speaking with Debby Ryan?”

” Yes” I replied, now I’m more than interested.

” Good, I’m calling to inform you that we have a job for you but not as a cleaner…..when you get here tomorrow morning at 7:30am, we’ll explain the job clearly to you. We’ll be expecting you tomorrow” with that she hangs up.

I jumped from my chair and begin to do a happy dance, I can see Anna looking at me curiously.

“Anna, remember that job I applied for at knights milling Inc?” She nods impatiently. “They’ve just called me to tell me I’m in!!”

“Ahhhhhhh!” Anna screamed and jumped into my arms, we both embracing each other and dancing round and round in happiness.

“But I applied for cleaning and she informed me that cleaning isn’t available……”

“Huh?” She frown…. confused, I guess.

“She said they’ll explain it clearly to me tomorrow…..who knows it might be a better position” I said positively.

We continue jumping happily for a few minutes.

“Okay, now you’ll need new clothes…. Let’s go to the mall right away” Anna said.

” No… I’ll manage the ones I have, you know I don’t have money right now”

She looks at me in disbelief.

“Don’t worry this is on me”

I shook my head in disagreement.

“You know I won’t accept it, I…”

“Shhh” she hushed me. “You can’t say no to me, this is my gift to you, you must accept it” she didn’t leave any room for me to argue further.

She picks up her car keys and pulled me towards the door, bouncing happily as we went.


The next morning…..

I woke up extremely early, took my bath and got ready for my new job.

I was way too excited to sleep last night…. To get a job was so hard for me, so I will do everything possible to make sure I keep this job for a long time……whatever this job is.

I step out of my apartment and board a taxi, I gave the address to the driver and he took off.

After driving for a good minutes, we arrived at the big, long building or knights milling Inc.

I paid the driver and head inside the building, I met with the receptionist.

“Good morning, I’m Debby Ryan… I’m looking for Phoebe James”

She wears a warm smile on her face.

“Go through that elevator, to the 7th floor” she directed me.

“Thank you” I thanked her and head towards the elevator.

I pressed the 7th button, the elevator ride is boring, but kinda comfortable since I’m the only one in the elevator.

After some minutes, the elevator stopped, I stepped out and saw an office with “Phoebe James” clearly written on the door.

I walked to the door and knock, I heard a faint come in.

I open the door and step in, I saw a beautiful woman in her thirties.

“Good morning, ma’am. I’m Debby Ryan…”

She raised her head and Access me from head to toe, then sends me a soft smile and nods at me approvingly.

“Good, please sit” she gestures to a chair in front of her, I sat down not knowing what to do.

“So… The cleaning position you applied for is not available, but we have another job for you” she paused and watch my reaction.

Honestly, I’m scared….I pray she doesn’t change her mind. She should give me a good job.

“You’ll be working as an assistant to the PA of our CEO”

What?! Ok, I know I was looking for a good job but not this…..I’m not educated…..I know nothing about being an assistant!

“Your duties are simple….. just serve our CEO coffee and prepare the conference room and run a few errands here and there. So can you do it?”

I sighed. I thought it’s gonna be a difficult task…..if it’s this simple, then I can definitely do it!

” Yes I can”

She smiles brightly.

“Lucky for you, I’m the PA… So right now you’ll go serve our CEO coffee, he just step in” I nod and stands up.

I head towards the door but stop when I remember something.

“How does he like his coffee and where can I make it?” I asked.

“Black with no sugar and the coffee machine is right outside my office….. his office is on the 8th floor”

I nod and head out.

Truly the coffee machine is outside, I make the coffee per Phoebe’s instruction…….then I head to the elevator.

It stopped on the 8th floor and I step out.

I reached the front of an office door, a name was written on the door but I didn’t bother to look at it.

I just knock on the door and heard a come in, I opened the door and step in.

I close the door behind me……my head bow down, I rushed to the CEOs table.

But my bad luck vibe kick in, I don’t know what happened, but the coffee mug slip from my hand and poured on the table…… some splitting on the CEO…..some splitting on my hands.

“Shit!” I hissed quietly.

“MOTHERFUCKING CUNT!!” The CEO cursed harshly.

Why does his voice sounds familiar.

“Are you fucking blind?” He said, anger coated his words.

I unconsciously raise my head to look at him……. I swear I regretted it instantly.


Oh no……. It’s the psychopath, I thought I won’t ever see him again.

“Angel, are you okay?”

Oh boy! Here we go…..


To Be Continued

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