Taming Mr j£rkface episode 41

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An Overbearing billionaire
Racheal Dennis.
Chapter 41
Writer’s POV
At the hospital…!
A female nurse is inside Lucas’s ward, fixing the drip and doing some random check up on him.
His eyes suddenly snaps open..he quic-kly sits up which makes him gr0@npainfully as he felt pains all over his face.
“You’re finally awake!” The nurse chirps with a smile.
Lucas looks at her strangely.. wondering why she’s on a nurse attire. He glance around and frown.
“I’m in a hospital?” He asked like it’s not obvious with the nurse standing next to him.
“Yes, sir” she replies.
“Why?” He asked again.
The nurse frowns as she’s confused by his question.
“Why what?”
“Why am I hospitalized?”
“Oh! You had a fight and was badly wounded”
He paused and tilts his head like he’s trying to remember something…what happened in Spain comes crashing in his memory.
He closes his eyes and sigh.
“fv¢k!” He exclaimed.
“Sir, if you don’t mind..I wanna take off the bandages”
Lucas nods quietly and lets the nurse take off the bandages slowly…when the bandages are finally off, Lucas re-leased a sigh.
The nurse adjust his pillows and he rests his back against them.
“Why is no one beside me? Where are my friends?” He asked.
He’s indirectly asking about Debby though…not seeing Debby besides him makes him a little bit sad.
“They were here but left to do something!”
She opens his eyes and studies them for a few minutes..she quic-kly jots something on her cli-pboard.
“Mr Craig, are you feeling pain anywhere?”
He shakes his head.
“Can you blink your eyes?”
Lucas blinks his eyes.
“Do you feel any pain?”
The nurse smiles and jots on her cli-pboard.
“Alright, Mr Craig… doctor said you’re good to go but….”
Lucas doesn’t lets her complete her statement as he sprints from the be-d.
He rushed towards the front desk to sign his discharge papers…the nurse rushes behind him.
“Mr Craig, you can’t leave yet….”
“Why?” He cuts her off. “You just said I’m fine!”
“Yes, but…”
“No but..I’m leaving!” He ignores the nurse and rushes off.
The nurse quic-kly head for the doctor’s office to information doctor.
She knocks on the doctor’s door and was invited in.
“Doctor … Mr Craig left”
“What do you mean left?”
“I mean he signed the discharge papers and left the hospital in a hurry”
Doctor Antonio sighs.
“He’s fine, don’t worry… I’ll call Miss Cruz and tell her about the situation”
She nurses and leaves the office.
Anna is just a few minutes away from the hospital when she receives the doctor’s call.
“Hello, doc?”
“Miss Cruz, Mr Craig discharged himself..though he’s fine but I have to let you know!”
“Alright, doctor..thanks!”
“it’s alright!” The call ended.
Anna frowns and wonders why Lucas left without waiting for her to come help him get discharged.
She quic-kly dialed his number but it went straight to voicemail…then she remembers his phone is actually powered off and it’s with her.
She takes a detour and decides to go back home….later she’ll go check on him in his apay.
Grant hospital…..!
Lucas enters grant hospital and heads straight for his mother’s ward..
He met doctor Antonio in the ward..he and a few male nurses are trying to hold his mother down.
“Doc! What’s going on?” He asked.
Fear grip him as he sees doctor Antonio injecting his mother.
“What happened?” He asked again.
But doctor Antonio ignores him until he’s done injecting her…his mother falls back on the be-d and slowly closes her eyes.
“Mr Craig.. you’re here!”
Doctor Antonio and Lucas shook hands…the nurses excused themselves.
“I heard you were involved in an accident, how are you now?”
“I’m fine..forget about me, how is my Mom doing?”
Antonio sighs and hands some papers to Lucas… Lucas stares at them with a frown.
“What are these?” He asked.
“Your mom’s test results…” He paused. “Mr Craig, I’d advice we transfer your mom to a psychiatrist hospital…her condition is getting worse”
“Worse? How come her condition suddenly become worse?”
“Your Mom is depressed and it’s causing her more harm than good…we had to sed@t£ her recently to make her sleep for a few hours!”
Lucas frown de-epens, he glanced throu-gh the results and faced his mother.
Antonio taps his shoulder.
“Sorry, we can’t help her more than this!” He said. “Oh, there’s a mail for you on the table..I guess it was s£nt to the wrong address!” He added.
Lucas simply nod and Antonio leaves the ward… Lucas drags out a chair and sits down next to his Mom.
He stares at her thoughtlessly for a few minutes before he reaches for the mail.
He opens it and saw some pictures…. his jaw clenched…his hands balled as his teeth grinding against each other.
“Bastard!” He growls glaring at the pictures. “So.. it’s you! You destroyed my family…I’m gonna do same to you!” He grits out angrily.
His eyes held promise and hatred.
Debby’s pov
The next day….2:50pm.
“Ahhhh!” I gr0@nsoftly as I mas-sage my forehead gently.
My throat feels so dry..I turned and noticed I’m in a soft surface.
I sit up and look around..my eyebrows draw together as realization of where I am dawned on me.
I’m back in I and Andre’s room…how? When did I get back?
I can’t seem to remember anything…all I could remember was meeting up with my mom…no, that woman!
If she can abandon me, then it’s only right I disown her too.
The door opens and Andre walks in holding a cu-p of tea and plate of bre-ad.
He smiles when he sees me and increa-sed his pace…he drops the tea and bre-ad on the nightstand and sits next to me.
He leans forward and pe-cks myl-ips softly.
“My Angel is awake!”
I simply hum.
“My head is killing me” I complained.
He reaches for an aspirin on the nightstand..I didn’t even notice it there before and hands it to me with a glas-s of water.
“You should expect a hangover after getting yourself drun!k!” He said and glare at me.
I push the aspirin away from me and cringe.
“Take it now or I’ll have to do it the ha-rd way!” He told me sternly.
I shake my head and turned away.
“Fine…I guess I’ll take it for you”
I saw him take the aspirin…he gr-abs my face and crash hisl-ips on mine…at first, I thought he was just gonna k!ssme.
But I’m disappointed and my eyes grew wi-de when I realized what he’s doing….I feel the aspirin drop in my mouth and he su-cked on my lowerl-ip.
In order to reciprocate the k!ss, I had to swallow the aspirin….I closed my eyes and got re-ady to svçkhis ton-gue and explore his mouth.
But my devilish b©yfri£ndbreaks the k!ssand pu-lls away….I glared at him but he simply sm-irks and wi-nks at me.
“Andreeeee!” I growled but regrets it when I felt a slight pain in my head.
“What were you expecting, Angel? I just wanted to feed you the drug!”
I glared at him and huffed…I turned away from him.
“Hey, don’t try to get angry here..I should be the one getting angry” he said.
I turned back to him.
“You should be the one getting angry?”
“Yeah.. have you forgotten what you did to me last night?”
I narrowed my eyes.
“What did I do?”
“I bet you don’t wanna know…just know you were very bad and I’m gonna punish you!”
Huh?! Punish me?! When I don’t even know what crime I committed?!
“You can’t punish me without letting me know my crime”
“No! Just know I’ll punish you!” He said stubbornly.
Humph! He’s tryna prove stubborn… what he doesn’t know is, I can easily get it out of him if I want to.
“Andre, tell me what I did last night or you’ll regret it!”
He shakes his head.
“No, let’s forget about that…you met with your Mom yesterday, what happened?”
Why does he have to bring that woman up?! I crossed my arms across my che-st and puffed.
“Angel, what happened?”
“Nothing..she rejected me!”
Andre frowns…he carries the tea and bre-ad, he hands the tea to me.
He gestures to me to drink it…I guess he wants me to tell him about it while eating…I smiled weakly…my b©yfri£ndis so caring.
But I’m not gonna tell him that or his ego will be so bigger than his head.
“She rejected you? Why? Where does she live? She didn’t tell you why she left?”
I take a slice of bre-ad and take a bite.
“She left because my dad was too poor and you know her”
“I know her?” I nod. “Who?”
“Olivia’s Mom!”
Andre tensed and stares at me speechlessly.
“Martha?!” He asked.
Oh! So her name is Martha…I nod.
“I didn’t know Martha had a daughter”
“Yeah… nob©dy knows!”
She’s ashamed to be my mother..but it’s not my fault that she had me with my dad.
And it’s not my dad’s fault that he was poor…I mean, my dad was poor before they met and got married.
“I’ll meet her and have a talk with her!”
“No! Don’t!”
He frowns de-eply.
“She doesn’t want me and her new family doesn’t know about me… I don’t wanna ruin her life, since I’m of no use to her let’s just be… let’s stay out of each other’s lives!”
I’m not gonna beg her to accept me…I don’t want nothing to do with a gold digging bit-ch!
“But Angel, she is your only surviving relation left”
I shake my head.
“No, she’s not!” I paused. “I have Anna and….” I lean forward and k!$$£d hisl-ips. “You!”
He stays silent and simply stares at me…I narrowed my eyes.
“Or will you abandon me too?”
“No! Never!” He replies quic-kly.
I laughed briefly.
“I have been surviving without her…and now I have you, so I have nothing to fear and I don’t nee-d her”
“No but, I was searching for her because I thought she’d be regretting leaving me behind…I thought she had a very good reason for leaving…I thought she’d be happy to see me and ask for my forgiveness and we’d reunite…”
I guess I was just dreaming…. she’s long forgotten about me…to her, I never existed.
“She made it clear to me that she doesn’t nee-d me…I don’t nee-d her too. Since she left, I learned to be strong and cater for myself!”
Andre drops the bre-ad and pu-ll-ed me into his arms…he rest my head on his che-st and rest his chin on my head.
“I knew you are strong but I didn’t know you’re this strong, Angel… You’ve been throu-gh a lot but you don’t let any of them get to you, how did you manage to do that?”
I chuckled…
“If I fall down and don’t try to get up on my own, nob©dy will help me up” I replied.
“You are my super woman…. Don’t worry, I’m here for you and I’ll always be here for you!”
He k!$$£d my head and hvgs me ti-ghter, pressing me even closer to himself.
We stayed in that position until my phone rings… Andre reached for it.
“It’s Anna!” He tells me.
I takes it and receive the call.
I moved the phone from my ear and wince… I swear this girl wants to double my hangover.
“Can you bring your voice down?”
I can imagine her rolling her eyes.
“I haven’t seen you drink that much until yesterday… I thought you were gonna die!”
“St©p exaggerating things, drama queen!”
She scoffed.
“You’re the biggest drama queen!”
Whatever.. I’m not in the mood to argue with her.
“Is this the reason you called me?”
“p@rtly yes, to check if you’re still alive… secondly, Lucas is awake!”
“Lu… ” I paused and look at Andre.
He’s listening to my conversation… because the phone is kinda close to his ear.
I move my b©dy a little away from him.
“He’s awake?” I asked.
“Yeah and he’s alre-ady left the hospital”
“Why did he leave? Did the doctor say he’s good to go?”
“Yep… So, I want you to go over to his ap@rtment and check on him”..
“Yes! You!”
Is she normal? Or is she tryna s£nd him back to the hospital?
If I go there and Andre finds out, only God knows what will become of Lucas.
“I can’t go… Why does it have to be me?”
“Because this is the perfect opportunity to tell Lucas who he is to you!” She explained.
I nod… she’s right. If I don’t tell him now, there won’t be any time.
“Good, I’ll join you guys at a later time!” She hangs up.
I turn to Andre, he’s no longer listening to me… He’s eating the bre-ad.
“Andre? What are you doing?”
“Eating!” He states.
“I know! But why are you eating my bre-ad?”
“Because I’m hungry and you ain’t eating it”
I narrowed my eyes and roar as I charge on him.
“Sorry, sorry, sorry…. I’ll pay for it later!”
I smiled and re-lease him.
Well, I should tell him about my going to Lucas’s place now before he finds out on his own.
“Andre, I’m going to Lucas’s”
He st©ps eating and glare at me.
“Calm down, Tarzan!”
“I’m not Tarzan!” He snaps.
I rolled my eyes.
“But you are behaving like Tarzan!”
“I’m not Tarzan!”
“Sure.. whatever you say!” I paused. “I’m not going over to have fun.. I wanna tell him I’m not into him”
He frowns.
“Not into him?”
Is that confusion I s-en-se in his tone? Don’t tell me he doesn’t know what I mean?
“I mean, I wanna make it clear to him that I don’t love him!” I explained.
This man.. he might be intelligent but his EQ is just too low.
“So, I’ll head there now!”
“Ok, I’ll go with you”
“Hell no!”
It’s gonna be great disaster if Andre goes with me.
“What if he doesn’t take it well and attacks you”
“Lucas wouldn’t do that… ”
His phone’s ringtone cuts me off. He reaches for it and frown at the caller’s ID.
Oh! I guess it’s a business call… Heaven is so good to me.
“Fine! I’m on my way!” He hangs up. “Angel, I have a meeting to attend at 4pm and it’s almost time. I guess I should head there now”
I smiled brightly and nod…. Just what I wanted, he won’t be able to go over to Lucas’s with me.
“We both have places to be… go ahead!” I told him.
He narrows his eyes.
“Why do I feel like you’re happy?”
Of course I’m happy.. but I didn’t say it out loud, I simply wi-nk at him.
I got up and pushed him towards the bathroom.
“Angel, I haven’t forgotten about the punishment… I’ll come back and push you very ha-rd …..”
I slammed the door on his face… I’ll freshen up in one of the rooms.
Writer’s POV
Glamours time….!
Andre’s driver st©ps in front of the h0tel… Andre alight and Phoebe ushered him inside.
A waitress rushes to them with a smile on her face… a flir-tatious smile.
“Welcome, Mr Knight… Miss Tick is waiting for you, plea-se come with me!”
Andre nods and follows her… Phoebe also follows but the waitress st©ps.
“Miss, plea-se wait here!”
“Am I not coming too?” Phoebe asked.
“No, Miss Tick said only Mr Knight can come with me” the waitress replies.
Phoebe opens her mouth to argue but Andre st©ps her.
“Wait in the lobby, I’ll be right back!” He commands.
“Yes, sir!” Phoebe replies and retreats.
Andre nods at the waitress to continue.
“This way plea-se, Mr Knight!”
Andre follows her. After walking pas-s so many rooms, they finally st©pped at a door.
The waitress slots the key card and the door open… she enters and invites Andre in.
Andre stood by the door with a de-ep frown.
“What is the meaning of this? Why are we meeting in a h0tel room?”
“Mr Knight, Miss Tick said you should wait here… she’ll join you soon!”
Andre sighs heavily and reluctantly steps in… He look around the room as if he’s looking for anything out of place.
But found nothing wrong with the room.. he sits on a sofa.
The waitress pours a glas-s of champagne and hands it to him… Andre glares at the champagne in her hands suspiciously.
“No, thanks… I can pour myself a drink!”
He takes another glas-s and pours himself the champagne… He perceive it for a second and take one big gulp.
*It’s normal.. nothing off!* He said mentally as he tastes the wine… trying to detect if it’s spiked.
The waitress smiles and drops the glas-s of champagne she was holding.
“Excuse me, Mr Knight.. Miss Tick will be with you shortly”
Andre nods and waves her off.. she leaves. Andre pours another glas-s and take another large gulp.
40minutes later….!
Andre checks his wrist watch and gro-an .
*Where the fv¢k is she?!*
He gets up but falls back and ru-b his eyes… he’s suddenly feeling dizzy and having blurry vision.
*Bloody hell.. what is happening!*
His eyes falls on the champagne… he ban-gs the table.
*It’s fv¢king spiked!*
He tries to get up but falls again.
The door snaps open… Andre saw a shadow on the floor, he raised his head and saw a figure.
A female figure… standing by the door in nothing but a red lingerie.
He squir-ts his eyes and take a closer look… he ru-bs his eyes to help his blurry vision.
He smiles brightly at the female.
He staggers forward and engulf her in a ti-ght hvg.
“My Angel… you’re finally here”
She doesn’t utter a word but giggle quietly.
“Save me… Angel…” He points at the bottle of champagne. “Spiked… help me sober.. Angel”
“I’ll help!” She finally speaks and Andre smiles.

To be continued.

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