Taming Mr j£rkface episode 40




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An Overbearing billionaire


Chapter 40



Writer’s POV

Andre’s office….!

“Any other appointments for today?”

“No, Mr Knight!” Phoebe replies.

She arranges all the files Andre just finished signing in the shelf alphabetically.

Andre lays back on his chair and mas-sage his forehead softly.

“Mr Knight, Chloe’s secretary called.. she said the location for your meeting with Chloe tomorrow was changed last minute” she reports.

Andre simply hums as he’s alre-ady too tired to speak.

“You’re meeting at GLAMOROUS LIFE h0tel.. the time is 4pm”

Andre st©ps mas-saging his forehead and quic-kly sits up.. frown lines on his forehead and he pas-s Phoebe a questioning look.


She nods…his frown de-epens and he wonders why Chloe changed their meeting place at the last minute… and to a h0tel.

“Call her and cancel the meeting.. I don’t meet my clients in a h0tel, tell her to make reservations in a restaurant now!”

“I’m afraid she won’t agree”

“And why is that?!”

Phoebe turns away from the shelf and faces Andre… though she’s done arranging the files.

“I alre-ady told her secretary to make reservations in a restaurant but she refused… she said it’s not convenient for Chloe to make an appearance publicly recently”

“Why is it not convenient?” He asked.

But Phoebe didn’t reply as she doesn’t know the reason.

“I’m not going! Call her secretary and cancel the meeting!”

He doesn’t un-derstand why they have to meet in a h0tel when it’s just business they’re gonna talk about.

“I’m afraid we can’t cancel the meeting, Mr Knight”

“Why can’t we?”

Phoebe sighed.

“Chloe got a very ti-ght schedule which makes it ha-rd to have an appointment with her… now that she’s finally attending to us, we can’t waste this opportunity”

Andre thinks about it for a while… It’s true that Chloe have a very busy schedule.

They’ve been trying to contact her for such a long time… now that they finally succeed in getting her, they shouldn’t waste the opportunity.

After all she’s very important to their coming project… Andre sighs.

“Fine! I’ll go.. leave!”

Phoebe nods with a small smile and head towards the door… Just as she steps out, Andre’s phone beep.

He reaches for it and saw a message from Anna.. he quic-kly opens the message.

*plea-se come to ELSA.. Debby’s drun!k!* The text re-ads.

*My Angel is drun!k? I thought she was meeting someone about her mother’s information* he thought.

But he sprints out of his chair… reach for his car keys and head out.

He met Phoebe by the way and st©ps.

“Mr Knight, are you going somewhere?”

“Yes.. I’m gonna pick my girl”

“Are you coming back?”

He look at the time from his phone… 5:45pm.

“No! I’m done for today.. you can call the cleaners to clean my office now!”

“Yes, sir!”

She excuses Andre and he walks out.


Thompson’s residence….!

Martha walks into the living room and throws her small hand bag on the table.

She rests her head back and breaths softly.

Suddenly, she hears someone cl@pping from behind her.. she turns and sees Olivia.

“Olivia… You’re here” she smiles warmly at Olivia.

Olivia scoffs and sits on the sofa opposite her… She crosses her right leg over the left.

“Where are you coming from?”

“I went met up with a friend”

Olivia scoffed loudly again and shakes her head.

“You met with a friend? Or your daughter?”

Martha’s eyes grew wi-de as she heard these words… She finds it difficult to breathe.

She’s surprised that what she’s successfully hide very well for years… Olivia knows it now.

Never in her wi-dest dream has she dreamt of this day.

“H-how.. how did you find out?”

“How I found out doesn’t matter.. what matters is what grandma will do if she finds out!” She said with a sm-irk.

Martha shakes her head as many possibilities of what Mrs che-sterfield would do c@m£ into her head.

“No, Olivia, don’t tell your grandma.. plea-se*

“I shouldn’t tell grandma?” Martha nods. “So that you can sneak to visit your daughter next time?”

“No! I have nothing to do with her.. she’s not my daughter”


“She st©pped being my daughter years ago.. you are the only daughter I have now!”

Olivia reach for a tangerine on the table and begin to peel it.

“If you have nothing to do with her.. why then did you sneak out to see her?”

“I did it for you.. I went to convince her to leave Andre… ”

Olivia paused and stares at her.

“You want me to believe that?”

“Yes! I’m telling you the truth.. I told her to leave Andre, that’s all we talked about.. plea-se don’t tell your grandma about this”

Olivia stays silent for a brief moment.

“Did you succeed in convincing her?”

Martha shakes her in disappointedly.

“No, but I will continue approaching until she changes her mind.. just don’t tell your grandma, I’m begging you!”

Olivia got up and walk to and fro in front of Martha.

“If your grandma gets to know about my past, she’ll surely throw me out of the house.. I have nowhere to go to if she throws me out!”

Olivia still doesn’t say anything.

“plea-se, think about your brother.. I can’t leave him alone, he’s still too young.. plea-se Olivia”

“Fine! I can keep this from grandma… but first you’ll promise me something”

“What? Just say it, I’ll do anything.. anything to make you keep my secret!” She said desperately.

Olivia sm-irks.

“You’ll offer your help when I nee-d it later!”

“Yes! Yes!” Martha agrees without hesitation.

“I alre-ady have a big plan for tomorrow.. so just wait for later orders!”

Olivia’s sm-irks grow wi-der.. then she walks off.

Martha slumps back onto the sofa and closed her eyes exhaling heavily.

*I didn’t see this day coming!* She thought.



At the bar…!

“Ok, that’s enough!”

Anna snatches the bottle of beer from Debby… Debby fights her to get it back.

“Give it back!”

“No, this is your sixth bottle…are you trying to commit suicide?” Anna scolds her.

Debby giggles mockingly and shakes her head. She reached for another bottle and shakes but found out it’s empty.

“Debs, I haven’t seen you drink this much..why did you rebel today?”

She faces Anna with her red eyes…tears brimmed her eyes but she fights to hold them back.

“Is it a crime?” She asked.

Anna who doesn’t have any clue what she’s saying stares at her in confusion.

“Is what a crime?” Anna asked back.

“Is being poor a crime? Is it a disgrace?”

Anna stays silent and tries to st©p Debby from getting the beer.

“Why did she leave me? Why is she defending her?! Why does she hate me so much?! What did I ever do to her?!”

She couldn’t st©p the tears that rushes down her cheeks…her alre-ady red face bec@m£ even redder from crying.

“Debs, what are you saying? Who defend who?”

Debby re-leased a dry laugh.

“I was just 6years old! I was only a child…why the hell did she abandoned me?!” She cries more.

That’s when Anna realizes she is talking about her mother…she pu-lls Debby in her arms and hvgs her… gently patting her head.

“I wasn’t a bad child… I was good, why did she leave?”

“Why are you suddenly talking about your Mom? Did you two meet?”

Debby nods.

“What happened between you?”

“She hates me! She hates me! She really hates me….”

Anna sighs…she shakes her head. *She’s not in her right s-en-se, I can’t talk to her about anything now!*

She looks at her wrist watch.

“Why isn’t Andre here yet..I nee-d to go back to the hospital to accompany Lucas” she said aloud.

Debby pu-lls away from her at the mention of Andre’s name…she look around as if she’s looking for someone.

“Don’t call Andre.. don’t call him. He’s a psychopath… he’ll look down on me… he’ll leave me too… don’t tell him.. don’t call him here…” She hiccu-ps.

She gets up and walk…more like staggering… towards the exit, Anna got up and rushes after her.

She st©ps when she sees Debby bu-mped into someone…she tries to pu-ll Debby away but was surprised as arms wra-pped around Debby’s w@!st.

She raised her head re-ady to scold whoever it is…but shuts her mouth when she noticed it’s actually Andre.

“Thank God.. you’re finally here!”

Andre looks at Debby’s face and frown.

“What happened? What got her this drun!k?” He asked.

Anna points towards the counter they were sitting…. Andre’s frown de-epens at the numbers of empty bottles he saw.

“$h!t! What happened?”

“I don’t know..but I think it’s related to her mother” Anna replies.

“Her mother?!”

“Yeah…I guess they met, she didn’t tell you?”

“She did”

Debby struggle to get away from him but his grip on her is so ti-ght…she couldn’t get away.

“Let go of me…you ra-pist!” She growled.

“ra-pist?” He questioned himself rhetorically.

“Let go of me or I’ll call my b©yfri£ndto beat you up!” She threatened.

Anna rolls her eyes.

“Debs, he’s your b©yfri£nd… he’s Andre!”

“No! He’s not…this is an imposter!” She yells.

Andre laughs at that statement but turns to Anna.

“Why did you let her drink so much and get herself drun!k?”

“She was alre-ady drun!kwhen I c@m£” she replies.

Debby gr-abs his cheeks and pinches ha-rd on them…she giggles and pu-lls them.

“Angel? Let go!” He growls.

She ignores him.

“Hey! You listen up!” She paused. “Just a little warning…my b©yfri£ndis a psycho…path…better let go of me now…or he’ll beat you to pulp…” She burped. “Let go of me before he gets here…or I won’t beg him for you… I’ll watch him beat you..”

“Angel.. it’s me Andre, I’m your b©yfri£nd” Andre tells her.

She paused and stared at his face closely.

“You’re my b©yfri£nd?”

Andre nods.

She re-leased his cheeks and held his face in her hands….she studies his face closely and smile brightly.

“You’re my b©yfri£nd… you’re Andre!” She giggles overly loud.

“Yes.. I’m Andre! Let’s go home!”

“No!” She pouts herl-ips and tilts her head… “k!ssme first! k!ssme! k!ssme!”

She closes her eyes waiting for Andre’sl-ips… Andre sees how serious Debby is, so he went for a brief k!ssbut Debby pu-lls him in for more.

He tries to gently break the k!ssbut Debby wasn’t getting any of that.

He calls Anna for help but she simply shrug and laughs…then she heads towards the cashier to settle the bills.

Debby suddenly st©ps..but Andre wasn’t quic-k enough to pu-ll away… Debby vomited all over him and he grimace.

“Bloody hell.. Angel, I’m not gonna let you get drun!kever again!”

She laughs weakly and slumps on his arms…her head rest on his shoulder.

“Angel, don’t tell me you’re fv¢king asleep!”

No response.

“You’re fv¢king asleep!” He states.

Anna comes back and couldn’t hold back her laughter when she sees the scene.

“Wow! She’s so cute!” She mocks Andre.

Andre frowns at Anna and gestures towards Debby.

“Nah… she’s your property now, I gotta go!” She didn’t wait for Andre’s reply… She quic-kly rushed out.

Andre carries Debby bridal style and look down at her.

“You’re so gonna pay for this when you wake up!”

To be continued.