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Tamed episode 9

Samantha arrives the Shelton’s Consultation,
Business and Events Company, she alights from
the taxi and goes through the reception area
“Good morning Pierce” she greets the door man
and smiles at the receptionist who was attending
to a client.
She takes her right, going up the stairs to her
office, which was next to Mr Shelton and his
“Beautiful morning to you Shelly” Samantha
“Oh morning Samantha, looking beautiful as
always this Monday morning”
“Aww you look beautiful yourself” Samantha
smiles heading to her office as Shelly follow
“Thank you, so I have the reports on the table,
the ac¢vmulation of completed events for the
past three months, we are starting our
publication for this month and Mr Shelton wants
you to be part of the photo shoot for that, “
Samantha face palms “I wonder why?”
“He says it would look good, he would call it the
face of Shelton enterprises. You know since
you began working here, we have been getting
good job offers, he calls you the magic touch”
“Mr Shelton is so dramatic”
“And aside that, you have some few
appointments today, one is from Mrs Stevenson,
she said she met you at the gala event,
something about hosting the s£nators over at
her country house?’’
“Oh yes, sweet old lady… and who else?’’
“Two meetings with the LORTS, one is for a
business proposal and the other is for
charitable means “
“Okay, and that is for what time?”
“By 1 pm, then Mrs Stevenson is by 3 pm, and
you have another by 9 am”
Samantha frowns “that’s now Shelly”
“I know, but the question is with who… I mean
Samantha leans back on her chair and stares at
her “I am guessing with someone who obviously
has a name?”
Shelly was trying to hide her smile which was
threatening to burst her face, she was biting her
“Guess guess!!”
“I do despise the guessing games Shelly, who is
my meeting with?”
“oh… MR JAKE B@ss. He got here about fifteen
minutes ago, he had been with Mr Shelton, he
said you come in by 9 am. They were behind a
closed door meeting and they had asked that I
fix your first meeting with Mr B@ss” she purrs,
she leans on Samantha’s table and fans herself
“He is so handsome, his rich voice, his skin,
that body within those cloths” she g@sps
Samantha shakes her head, well at least he took
her advice, only partially, he was supposed to
call and book a meeting and she was supposed
to check her schedule and get back to him… not
like this
He still needs to understand permission, not
enforced rights
“Tell Mr B@ss that we can meet by 11 am today,
that I have some other meetings to attend to”
Samantha says, Shelly’s mouth drops open, she
blinks rapidly
“I am sorry I didn’t get that”
“Should I repeat it for you?”
“No I heard it but I don’t understand it.. I mean…
do you know how many girls who are staffs
here had walked into the room he is in right
now, offering him coffee, or a snack, or to
pretend as though she had something to do in
there? that amazing looking person is out there,
waiting to have a meeting with you and you
don’t want to have a meeting with him… why?”
“And I don’t have to explain myself Shelly,
ordinarily, shouldn’t there have been a pre-
informed meeting? The ones fixed for today
didn’t they talk to me about it first before we
opened up schedules for them?’’
“Erm yes they did but… he is Jake B@ss… I think
he should be given an exception”
“The more reason why he should not be treated
“But Mr Shelton ..’’
“I will handle Mr Shelton”
“but, he is there… waiting” Shelly couldn’t
believe her ears
“Then hurry up and tell him his meeting has
been moved to 11 Shelly” Shelly pouts, drags
her feet and leaves
“I am sorry what?’’
“Your meeting with Miss Samantha has been
moved to 11 am, she has other meetings to
attend to. I am so sorry sir, do I offer you
anything, more coffee or snack or something
else, maybe juice or’’
“Stop talking , I was told she was free this
morning, and Mr Shelton also said so. I just
came out of the meeting with him, finalizing
plans and you tell me she has refused to have a
sit down with me?” he is angry. He had said he
wasn’t going to do what she asked, and this
morning… he had found himself telling Todd to
bring him down here, sat down with Shelton,
discussed and fixed a meeting with her.
This wasn’t him taking orders from a woman,
oh no.
This was him just making sure his event had
good hands and now he was here himself and
she had the audacity to re-fix what he had fixed.
He gets up… “Show me to her office, and I will
not take no for an answer, this nons£nse has to
stop” Shelly nods and ushers him to follow her
“Come in” Samantha says
“I am sorry but he didn’t take it well” Shelly
says apologetically
Jake B@ss nudges her out of the way and steps
in, “Miss Samantha I think you have insulted my
intelligence for far too long, how dare you-‘’
“Mr B@ss if you don’t mind, I need you to keep
your voice down, and then secondly, you cannot
bounce into my office that way, and thirdly… did
you realize you nudged the secretary aside just
to show your animal-istic behavior? please
apologize to the lady” she says
“Are you out of your mind?’’ he takes a step
“No sir, I am serious and when you do that, can
you please step out of my office, and wait for
the time you have been booked for… which is 11
Shelly’s mouth hits the ground a second time,
the heat radiating from B@ss’s body as his
anger flew was enough to iron her cloths
“Samantha, no need for that, it wasn’t a nudge…
really Mr B@ss I do apologize for Miss
Samantha and-’’
“Oh please do not apologize on my behalf
Shelly, and it is very inappropriate for you to
apologize when you are not wrong, well Mr
B@ss, what would it be?”
Jake B@ss takes another step towards her…
Samantha raises an eyebrow, she folds her
hands and remains seated..
“You will answer to this” he says storming out
Shelly stares at him and then at Samantha “what
have you done?”
“That would be all Shelly’
“Hello sir?” Samantha answers her phone “Very
well sir”
She drops the call, leaving her office , she
finds Shelly standing close to Mr Shelton’s
office, her eyes worried when she looks at her
“I think he is getting you fired, oh Samantha,
please apologize to him… he was so angry, you
shouldn’t have talked to him that way”
Samantha smiles, very typical of him. He runs
to her boss to get her fired, she was angry
now… apologize to Mr B@ss? Hell no, till hell
freezes over
She was proud but within her rights, if she was
in a place that was not conducive for her she
would forget the money and leave, she had had
it too rough in her life time to know that nothing
else matters other than her happiness and her
peace of mind.
She had learnt it the h@rd way, constantly
pleasing people, bosses, colleagues, friends,
lovers etc which only caused more harm than
good and she had told herself “Never Again”
If she had to leave that job, she would. If she
had to leave that relationship and sever that
friendship, she would, If she had to start all
over again from the scratch, she would.
After she moved away three months ago,
working in a bar as a waitress, doing cleric jobs
in the library she had learnt a lot, suffered
some days and had to pick herself up on others
Then she had ran into Mr Shelton, she had
organized a children’s birthday party for the
owner of the restaurant she was working in, and
despite the little money he wanted to spend for
his kid’s birthday, she had made it into
something magical, and before long, friends
and family had walked up to her to ask her to
plan their events, birthdays, Showers, and then
her big break, was a wedding ceremony.
She had always thought she would end up in a
business tycoon office, solving big problem and
putting her brain to work. She soon found out
that she loved what she was doing and Mr
Shelton had been a friend to the family,
who had walked up to her after the party and
given her a offer, an offer she was happy to
His company which was partly an event
company hasn’t been doing so good..
And within three weeks, she had stepped up
from being a contract staff to being a lead
team member and within a month, she had
gotten an office, a raised check, and she had
moved back to town into a comfortable
apartment and the company began to roll In
bucks. She was an @sset to the company now
and she did make sure that whatever privilege
she had here, she earned it, with her h@rd work,
and when it came to the business side of the
company, she was also a consultant to them
and other business owners, so she still
functioned with her brain here and hands.
Now because of his bruised ego, B@ss goes to
her boss? Well she was mad and even if her
boss lets her go (which she wouldn’t blame
him), it would still be nice to tell Mr B@ss to his
face what she thinks of him and one would be
that he was a complete jerk amongst other
He likes to give orders and then he cries wolf
when someone else gives him orders. Or was
he pained that it was a woman giving him
orders, a woman who would ordinarily fall to
his feet is rising above him? She shakes her
“Well Mr B@ss, I do not bend to rules, rules
given by men like you so if you want my
respect you would have to earn it, and doing
this..all this, throwing your money around and
slapping faces and screaming do you know who
I am is pitifully and laughable.” . Yes I know
who you are… you are the man who can’t bend
me… rather I would teach you how to respect
others who you think are beneath you’
Samantha knocks and walks into the office ,
Jake B@ss with legs crossed doesn’t look at her,
Mr Shelton is seated, he is worried
“Good morning Mr Shelton, “
“Hello Samantha, please seat” she does, she
doesn’t spare B@ss a glance
“Mr Jake B@ss has put me in a rather difficult
situation , and I would want you to reconsider
his offer, and everyone would be happy”
“And what would that be sir?”
“He has said he would redraw being a sponsor
to our Gala events and others, and he would
pull out from our future activities if I don’t
relief you of your duties or make you be team
lead for his charity event coming up”
Samantha smiles “And what is your decision
He sighs “You are one of my best here
Samantha and losing you would be a b!0w to
the company, so I would love to plead to you to
reconsider” he says
Well, as always this was it… men trying to rule
the lives of another because of wealth and
“My mother used to tell me while growing up to
never let anyone, make me feel less than I am,
not to be devalued or treated as anything other
than what I am and if I feel my peace of mind
is being threatened and my state of affairs too,
I should do what is in my best interest, and if
walking away is in my interests I should do that,
because no amount of money can buy
“So what are you saying Samantha?”
Jake B@ss is staring at her with a smile on his
face, this was the part where she would break
down in tears and then apologize to him, then
he would remain angry, and say he doesn’t care
about her crocodile tears and then still ask for
her to be relieved and then she would beg and
plead some more and because he has the power
to change destinies, he would tell Mr Shelton to
give her back her job and then she would be at
his mercy to do whatever he asks her to do…
work long hours, on weekends and have no
social live. That would teach her how not to be
disrespectful to him.
He was Jake B@ss, money talks, bullshit work.
He smiles to himself
“It means that… I am truly grateful for the
opportunity you have given me and I do hope
that you find capable hands to take over from
where I stopped. Thank you sir, it had been a
privilege to work with you,…I would tender my
resignation within the hour, now if you would
excuse me” she says getting up
Both Mr Shelton and Jake B@ss’s jaws drops to
the floor
“But but..Samantha “ Mr Shelton says baffled…
he expected her to beg too, apologize to Mr
Jake B@ss, and all would be well. He didn’t want
to lose her, no, she brought life back to his
company, if she leave, it’s as good as going
back to where he started… which was ground
“Damn !! you are a stubborn little mule
Samantha Brookes” Jake says , he shakes his
head rubbing his l!ps
“I would rather not dignify your comment with a
response MR Jake B@ss, Mr Shelton if you
would excuse me”
“Erm..please wait Samantha” he says, he closes
his eyes and then opens it. He had two choices,
let Samantha go and let his company go back to
ruins or call Mr B@ss’s bluff, and loose one of
his big sponsors..
With Samantha, he can always get more
sponsors, might not be as rich as B@ss but it
would take time, they would find.
So he made his decision “I am sorry Mr B@ss,
Miss Samantha, I will not collect your letter, you
are a part of this company and you would
remain so. Mr B@ss I thank you for your
continued patronage but if you deem fit to
withdraw from our partnership, we won’t stop
you. sometimes @ssets are better than wealth”
he says, he might be making the biggest
mistake in life but sometimes, one has to take
the risks.
Wow !!
He should get up, storm out of here and do just
that. He should… so he opens his mouth to tell
him to make all the arrangements with his
“Very Well Mr Shelton… I do understand. My
apologies. I do not like your decision but I
believe one should not put one’s anger in front
of delicate matters. I do very well want to
continue our business relationship and I still
want your best team head to handle my charity
event, and if… erm..Miss Samantha is the best
she should handle it, well of course it is up to
her” he says
He doesn’t believe he was doing this… he, Jake
B@ss. Someone must have put juju juice in his
tea this morning
Mr Shelton beams with smile, “Oh thank you Mr
B@ss. Miss Samantha ?”
She stares at him…
Not bad Mr B@ss, at least you have realized one
thing; not everyone would bend to your rules..
Mr Jake B@ss schooling commences, JB 101
“if I am to be charge, I would like that I handle
things my way, which means that Mr B@ss would
have to try as much as possible not to infringe
on my working rights and that he gives me the
space I need to do an excellent job..” Samantha
“You would do whatever I ask you to, and when

She smiles “No Mr B@ss, I do whatever I want to
and when, and if I have to do my Job… that is
my call. And if we are finished here sir, I would
“And the meeting we can have it now?”
Oh no Mr B@ss
“11 am’’ she says walking away
Mr Shelton hides a smile, way to go Samntha ,
way to go
Jake B@ss is frowning, Mr Shelton looks at him
apologetically “I am sorry for her behavior Mr
B@ss, maybe she is on her period, Pms-ing?”
“Oh I doubt that, she just likes seeing me turn
red. Well I have an hour or two before 11 am. I
would take my leave “
“Very well Mr B@ss”
“Come in shelly”
“Your 11 am is here Samantha” Shelly says
“Thank you” Samantha nods, but Shelly didn’t
“Erm I don’t know what you did or how you did
it but, I just had a new found respect for you
Samantha Brookes..” she says with wonder in
her voice, Samantha smiles
“You have to show them that you are made of
steel too right?”
Shelly returns the smile and leaves, in another
minute she knocks and ushers in Jake B@ss
“I believe you will have my time now Miss
Samantha Brookes?”
“Do have a seat Mr B@ss, how may I help you?
tell me what sort of charity event you desire and
I would try and bring your desires to
fruition”she says with a very professional and
straight face
He stares at her, seating next to her, for the
first time he really looks at her and he realized
She made his heart skip
And he didn’t like that at all.


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