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Tamed episode 11


Todd notices that his Boss is in a sour mood.
“Is everything okay sir?”
B@ss looks around “Did you see her leave?”
“Yes Sir, she didn’t wait for me to call her a
cab, is anything wrong sir?”’
“No, take me home”
B@ss sits quietly in the car, his head a maze of
thoughts .
Okay, honestly he can’t stand the woman. The
first time he klzzed her was to shut her up..
now, now he didn’t know why he klzzed her and
it’s making him really unsettled. He was used to
being in control..
He shakes the thought out of his head
“We are here Sir, and Sir, Miss Veronica asked
that I tell her when you are home so she can
come over, should I go get her?”
“No Todd, never again” he says alighting
Todd watches him, he frowns. Something was
definitely wrong with Mr Jake B@ss and he has
a feeling that it had everything to do with Miss
Samantha Brookes.
She had ran out of the place as though she was
running away from something.
He looks at the rescinding back of Jake B@ss,
then he drives away
As Jake B@ss takes a cold shower he thinks to
himself .
He had never turned down a woman when he
could have anyone whenever it pleased him,
different ones at that, spoke to them how he
wanted, gave them money for their time
together and if he is pleased, he s£nds them a
gift or a flower but that was it. Another face
gone, another one another day. And it always
baffled him that despite telling them he didn’t
want something serious, these women didn’t
care, and that was the reason he felt really
disappointed with them and treats them as he
does.. Hell he had never actually liked any
woman well enough to commit to them.
He had told a girl one time when she professed
love to him after their weekend together, “Love?
Love is for the weak. Love made my father the
fool he was for my mother despite her short
comings. I rather carve my heart in stone than
let a woman near it, and no woman can bring
me to my knees. I do what I want not them
doing to me what they want. No woman alive
can make me loose sleep or have my head
where it is not supposed to be. I am sorry
“It is Roseline”
“Sorry Roseline, but what we have is a fleeting
p@ssing moment” he had told the lady, and when
Todd dropped her off, she had cried her eyes
out in the car.
He hadn’t bothered. He felt sorry for her but
still, it was what it was.
Sometimes he had wondered why his father
never guarded his heart, he realized that his
father had been so in love with his mother that
when she was all about ruining him, he still
loved her unconditionally and B@ss never
wanted that. He always wanted to be in control
and letting a woman have a key to his heart was
like loosing himself totally.
And for years he had built himself around that
wall.. Being in control but ever since Samantha
came into the picture, everything has spiraled
out of control and he didn’t like it one bit.
Seeing her tonight and even klzzing her, it was
strangely unsettling. Women threw themselves
at him, begged him, wanted and desired him on
a daily, and he was with them only when he
cared to, but now, he was… grabbing a woman
and klzzing her, when it was obvious that he
never thought of her in that way and all they do
is fight and quarrel when they were together
and this same woman obviously hated his guts
and would never want him.
It didn’t make s£nse.
Did he like her?
Hell no!
Was it lvst, or the desire to find out what makes
her thick.
It was a new thrill for him to have someone
immune to his charms not that he was trying to
win her over. Hell, Samantha was never in his
radar …in fact, all she was was a constant piss
on his parade..
But the mere fact that all his thoughts seem to
be going to her of late made him angry..
“But Why the hell didn’t she slap him this time?’’
he gr0@ns
Leaving the shower he goes to bed, and tossed
all night.
Well, good thing tomorrow was the Charity
Event Ball, after tomorrow he wouldn’t have to
see her again and maybe he would get back to
being in control…
“Are you okay Samantha?’’ Jamie who was
seated beside her in the car asks
“Sure, why?”
“Well you have been quiet all drive”
“I.. I erm”
“You what, is something wrong ?”
“Yes, everything is wrong … last night while I
was herE, Mr B@ss was still here and he-“
“Miss Samantha, you are needed inside” Sophie
had come to knock on the car window.
“I would be right there Sophie” she smiles at
“And what happened ?” Jamie holds her hands
“I will tell you later”
She alights from the car
B@ss makes his way greeting and meeting
guests, welcoming people and getting
acquainted with the welfare organizations that
had made themselves available, taking pictures
with them.
But all the while he kept looking around.
Where the hell was that damn woman that kept
him up all night thinking about… about things
that didn’t make s£nse to him
“Is she here yet?’’ he had asked Sophie like a
hundred times
He wonders if the little incident of last night
had scared her off.
She was supposed to be here, standing here
beside him and welcoming people with him, he
had to give some excuse to the people who
asked about the pretty nice lady who had been
with them throughout the beginning of this
charity project over four weeks ago, telling
them she would be available soon.
But was that the only reason he wanted her
He looks away snapping another picture, then he
ushers the guests in and made sure everyone
had a drink in their hand as the music began to
Then he turns and sees her walking towards him
and he felt that thing again, his heart skipping,
and this time his throat dries up, he blinks,
subconsciously he m@ssages his heart
abs£ntmindedly, he frowns
“Mr B@ss, what a pleasure to finally meet you”
someone says turning his attention away
“May I pres£nt Mr B@ss to give the vote of
thanks” Miss Andres says.
It’s been a long three hours, they had been
dancing, drinking and eating. There had been
awards pres£ntations and gifts items gifted,
they had been commissions in abs£ntia, lots of
pictures and a swam of grateful hearts shaking
hands with the sponsors.
Mr Jake mounts the stage and begins to talk,
there was cheers and round of applause’s . . he
thanked everyone for coming, he thanked the
sponsors for their contributions and also for
coming together for the greater good. He spoke
about how they would continue to help the
needy more, and do more personally and that
they would not be detached from henceforth.
His eyes and Samantha’s meets. She looks
He speaks well, smiling a little when he made a
joke and everyone laughs, then he spoke some
more thanking everyone who made this project a
success, and as he closes
He looks at her, he should openly thank her
Maybe Mr Shelton had a reason to thank her but
he didn’t. Yes the charity event was great. Okay
it was more than great, even the project was a
success and even if he didn’t want to admit it,
he wished he had spent more time with the
organizations/welfare team and repres£ntatives
who came during the inception of the projects
and not just to splash money and wealth on
their faces.
As he met and spoke to them tonight, he
realized one thing; pres£nce sometimes means
more than concealed envelops and Samantha
had bridged that gap, showing them that she
cared and that she amongst with others are
concerned about their future and their needs.
It was commendable, something that should be
publicly appreciated. No wonder Mr Shelton
sees her as an @sset. Everyone had praises for
her tonight.
He couldn’t deny that..she did a commendable
job, worthy of emulation and appreciated. Maybe
he would just tell her thank you. just that…call
her name and tell her thank you.
He looks at her again, and before he realized
what he was really saying
“Well, I guess the vote of thanks would not be
entirely complete if I don’t thank the …beautiful
and talented lady who worked endlessly to make
sure that this charity project and event was
successful, even going knee deep, sparing her
time even when she should be resting, maybe”
They laughed
“Ladies and gentleman.., allow me pres£nt to
you a woman who is practical, thorough, as
beautiful as her outward appearance is, it’s a
reflection of what lays in her heart and this
selfless service of hers has brought more
smiles to people’s faces and we are thankful
for that. So may I pres£nt to you, face of
Shelton’s Events Management, one of her kind
and the anchor of today’s events… the beautiful
Samantha Brookes” he stretches his hands
towards her.
“Aren’t you going to go up there Samantha?”
Jamie whispers to her when like a few seconds
had p@ssed
“Miss Samantha, don’t tell me you are shy now?”
B@ss says
“Go Samantha,everyone is waiting?”Jamie
nudges her
Samantha gives her a stiff smile and begins to
walk as the clapping and cheers begin, she takes
his hands reluctantly and stands by his side.
“A few words Miss Samantha?” he turns to her
“Sure! So it’s been a —“
Veronica walks up to him “Hello B@ss” she says
when she leans in to klzz him, he klzzes her
cheeks instead
“Hello Veronica” he tells her “I didn’t know you
were here”
“Oh you know me, I just watched you do your
thing from the corner and wanted to come
congratulate you. This was lovely “
“Yes it was” he turns to the remaining guests
leaving “Thank you so much for coming’’
From the corner of his eyes he sees Samantha
speaking to some few people too
He would want to have a talk with her
“So, your place or mine” She touches his arm,
dusting an invincible speck away from his suit
“Stop it Veronica” he tells her
She laughs and stops only for a minute..
He tells her to stop but she laughs and
continuous, leaning again to klzz him
“I want to let anyone know that we are together
baby so…” she klzzes him again as a few
women who had been coming to say goodbye
turns up their noses, but they smile at him,
“Thank you for coming” he tells them klzzing
their knuckles
Thankfully they were the last of the guests,
Samantha was leaving too.
“Excuse me Veronica ..” he sidesteps her and
begins to move towards Samantha, Veronica,
upset now, chases after him and catches up
with him
“B@ss, how dare you..I am here waiting on you,
knowing all your bullshit and still being here
and yet you keep treating me like trash but I am
still here and the least you can do is show me
some respect instead of letting your eyes
constantly roam over one woman and then you
leave me hanging to chase after you?” she
grabs him
He looks down at her hand, then he grabs her
shoulders “You are welcome to stay the hell
away from me Ver, I told you before and I will
tell you again. You mean nothing to me. Now
calm yourself, I would have my accountant book
you a ticket to go to some nice resort and bask
in the warmth of bliss, but you need to get off
my turf Ver” he walks away from her
She runs to him “You are a bastard .. I love
you, why don’t you love me” she grabs him
“You don’t love me Ver, you love my money, my
status and wealth, the man is just a bonus, be
honest with yourself for once” he screams at
“You all are just the same, so why aren’t we
allowed to treat you as you are” he looks to
Todd who had come out of the car.
“Take her home” he takes her to the car and
opens the door for her “And please don’t
contact me again. We are done, being done right
from the first day Ver, find someone else..’’
She slaps him “You are a bastard Jake B@ss, a
rich pompous Bastard who has no feelings and
regard for a woman” she says entering the car
and Todd drives away
He straightens up to find Samantha standing
there… staring at him.
Then she turns, disgusted and walks away
He catches up with her as she flags down a taxi
“I have to talk to you Samantha”
“There is nothing for us to talk about Mr B@ss,
our business together ended a few minutes ago
and I am heading home’’ she ignores him.
How could he treat a woman like that with no
remorse. He was like Veronica said, heartless!
“I just want to talk to you”
“Really, I don’t see you giving Veronica the time
of the day. How dare you talk to her like that
when all she has done was love you, apparently“
“You have to right to question my behavior with
any woman, that’s my business”
“And it’s my decision to not have you talk to
me’’ she gives the cab man directions
“Samantha Brookes?“
“Mr Jake B@ss, you are an arrogant man who is
incapable of true feelings and to not feel a hint
remorse for the way you treated that woman,
then you are not entitled to even an ounce of
respect from another person. Have a good day
Mr B@ss, and I hope to never have to see you
He stops her from leaving “And you think you
can decided what I would want to do”
“oh Yes’’
“You think I am incapable of feeling ?”
“Oh you have no heart Mr B@ss, not even close,
you are distasteful, proud and its Ugly”
“I have a heart and I do feel… much more than
you would ever know” This hurts him for the
first time
“You didn’t feel anything for that woman, not
even her tears, did you?”
“No” he was honest
“Then you are heartless. Let me go Mr B@ss”
she hits his hand, and enters the cab
He stands there watching her leave as Todd
approached him, for the first time in his life, he
felt broken
“Todd, Give me the keys”
“Sir I could drive you”
“Give me the keys!!!’’’
She was in bed when the knock came.
She sighs
Must be Jamie, but it was late.
Today has been a good day, only to get soured
by that distasteful scene of B@ss and Veronica…
any man who treated a woman like that
deserved to be treated as poorly too.
Poor Veronica..
Knock knock!!
She opens the door, surprised
“You? What the hell are you doing here?”
“To tell you that indeed I am not heartless”
“Look I don’t care”
“I went to her”
“I don’t need you to come to my house at this
time to tell me about your s£×capades with a
woman. What is wrong with you?”
“You see, the way you talk to me, no one ever
does, the way you reproach me, no one ever
dares, it makes me so mad and I want to … I
want to Argh make you stop. I hate the way you
rile me up, I hate the way you make me think
about you even when you make me angry. You
say I have no heart but I do, and that heart had
been in control for years until you came and
messed it all up. I don’t like you Samantha, I do
not like you at all. But because of you I went to
apologize to her, not because I wanted her back
but to apologize for hurting her, disrespecting
her… And I told her politely that I didn’t feel
anything for her and if we would be friends. I
never apologize to people let alone ladies, now I
see myself having to think twice addressing
staffs, even thanking them and when I react, I
feel guilt and other emotions piling up all
because of you… and I hate it and I hate you”
“Then why are you here, to tell me all that?
Because all you have ever been was annoying to
me, and I think the feeling is mutual because if
a man wants respect he must first respect
others but you Mr B@ss is a forgotten case. Why
are you here if you hate me so much?”
“Because despite that I hate you, I can’t stop
thinking about you and it drives me crazy… so
crazy” he says by the door
“Get out of my house Mr B@ss” she breaths
“No, no not this time” he enters, staring at her,
he closes the door, nudging her in gently
“what are you doing?” Aghast!
“I want to klzz you Samantha Brookes, and this
time I want to seek for your permission” he is
close to her now
“B@ss” she says
He holds her close to him “Can I klzz you
Samantha, maybe it would stop my head from
spinning nonstop and then it would abate this
anger I have within me and just maybe I would
stop wanting it or top thinking about you… can I
klzz you?’’
She is speechless, she blinks.



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