Tales of two funny ritualist episode 12

Tales of two funny ritualist
Episode 12
Continues from the last episode.
We got to our ap@rtment and by the time we arrive, everything has alre-ady settled down. The environment was quiet and I could tell that the coolvallers has gone out, to hustle for their daily bre-ad.
I tacticaly looked at the door of Talent scout’s room and heaved a sigh of relief as I saw a padlock on his door.
I was surprised when the cute dencygirl c@m£ out of her room. I walked towards her while flex entered inside our room.
Me: how far..
Dencygirl: ah, we-tin be that your name again?
Me: Idris!!
Dencygirl: yes Idris, how far na, see bench sit down.
I sat down while she sat close to me.
Dencygirl: so na you want fight our rugged talent scout?
She asked looking at me with that crystal clear eyes of her. Since the so called Talent scout was not at home then, there is nothing to be worried about.
Me: hmm, that boy get luck I swear. we-tin be the name of the guy wey hold me again?
Dencygirl: you mean Konami?
Me: yes, If to say Konami leave me, Talent scout for dey specialist hospital by now I swear.
Dencygirl: *believing me* Enn enh. Tell me something.
Me: ahh, U no know me that’s why. Just ask flex about me. As you so see me so, I don bring down many guys. I no fit count again, ranging from Killer, arrow, scorpion and so many others.
Dencygirl: enh ennhhhhh.. So you really bring down all those guys?
Me: why not?
Dencygirl: *giving me a flir-ting look* that means you are strong o.
Me: ahh. I don work for many secret agency.
Dencygirl: wow.
Me: you no know before?
Dencygirl: I swear I no know o.
Me: ah, as I dey here so, I dey on transfer from Niger state.
Dencygirl: how?
Me: the agency wey nail Anini, shey you know Anini?
Dencygirl: yes naw, the baba and number one of thieves.
Me: very good. The agency wey nail Anini call me for work. He get one bad theif now wey we dey work on.
Dencygirl: wow, that is very awesome.
She said and by now, she was holding my hand. She gave my hand a squee-ze and I smiled. I looked at her and I must confess, these babe make s-en-se die. I still dey wonder we-tin make her dey live here o, but all the same, she is so pretty.
She was also looking at me when I smiled. Her eyes c@m£ down to my dimple, my one sided dimple and she gave out a big smile, her own dimples were de-ep and cute and I can feel that she’s winning the dimple contest.
Just then, my phone rang disturbing our nice moment together. I picked it up and it was flex that was calling me. Since she couldn’t see the caller Id, I threw a quic-k lie to her.
Me: its from the agency.
I said as I picked the call.
Me: hello agent Ken.
Donflex: Idiot, you don dey lie again abi? Well na you sabi. I just call to quic-kly inform you say Talent scout dey road dey come. I sight the guy from the back window right now.
Me: Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!
I screamed as I flew up. This one wey compound empty na death be that for me o.
Dencygirl: where are you running to?
Me: no worry my dear, I just sharply nee-d to Iron the breakfast wey I go wear.
Dencygirl: iron what?
It was then I knew my mistake. I st©pped running to be able to throw a quic-k lie before escaping the fast approaching Talent scout.
Me: sorry. The agency call me say the theif we dey keep tabs on just attack one big supermarket. I won go Iron the cloth wey I go use wear before approaching the crime scene.
Dencygirl: *with a disappointed look* when will you be back?
Me: don’t know. But If i come back, I go alert you.
Dencygirl: alright go well. Abeg dey careful o. I no want make anything happen to you.
She pleaded and I could easily tell that somehow, this angel have a soft sp©t for me but the most important thing now is to dash to safety.
Like a lightning bolt, I dashed into our ap@rtment with speed equivalent to that of light. After locking the doors, I peeped throu-gh the front window and I saw Talent scout walking inside.
He greeted dencygirl and walked to his ap@rtment. Dencygirl didn’t notice anything as she locked her ap@rtment and went out too.
I breathed down, flex just save my life. I nee-d to thank him I said as I turned back to thank him but the idiotic friend of mind was busy laughing. The only words that c@m£ out of his mouth were.
Flex: idiot, na so you fear reach? See as you run marathon race like usian bolt… Lol!