Tales of two funny ritualist episode 1

Tales of two funny ritualist
meet Idris, a young boy who is living with his friend, Donflex also known as flex.
Just like every other young boys, they tried all their best to make it in life. They engaged in all types and sort of unthinkable job just to make earns meet but all was to no avail..
Their stupidess and stubbornness made them cross path with killer, a notorious gangster in the city of Niger state.
Filled with rage on what Idris and Flex did to his girlfriend, he decided to take his revenge on them but little did he know that he was in for the disgrace of his life.
Watch how Idris and flex skillfully made it throu-gh all their challenges in life but something, something went wrong. That was when they decided to engage into ritual killing.
What happened next? Find out in the this exciting comedy story named TALES OF TWO FUNNY RITUALIST.
Episode 1
I stood up lazily from my be-d and yawned. Chaiii, na new day be this oo. New day of the week. Monday don come with him wahala oo. God forbid, Monday don come with him riches. Na so our pastor say make we dey prophecy.
Me: *tapping Donflex* oboy, oboy wake up.
Flex: *stretching lazily on the be-d* na we-tin. Abeg leave me to rest.
Me: you dey craze! Na farm work you do throu-gh out the night wey be say you want rest? Idiot.
Flex: Idris! Idris! Idris!!
Me: why you dey Idris me. Abeg stand up oo.. You know say we go go work today?
Flex: i know na but make i rest small.
Me: no prob i dey come.
I went to a little cu-pboard were pepper and other little things we used in cooking including pots were kept.
I know you will be thinking why we kept our kitchen equipment in a cu-pboard but it was because of we live in a real face me i face you house. I mean real face me i tear you h0t sl@p house with different characters including different language. Toilet we dey share, infact the kind house wey we dey live in you no go pray for your enemies to live inside.
Enemy too small self, your nemesis!
Ubong: *shouting* hey!!! Halima!
Halima: yes!
She replied.
Me: hahaha, i know he will complain about Halima not putting enough perewi-nko in his soup.
I thought to myself.
Ubong: where my delicious and God blessed isam dey?
Me: toor, dem don start be that oo. But we-tin dey worry ubong self? If you want eat perewi-nko well well, you no go marry Edet or any other calabar girl? No wow o!
I said to myself as i was busy mixing pepper and cold water to pour on Donflex.
Me: na so dem go dey disturb person for yard. Which kind wahala be that. You marry hausa girl dey expect isam.
I said as the couples were lashing each others with bad mouths, insults and the rest.
I walked inside and true to God, infact i swear to God, Donflex get luck. I for pour am my mixture of pepper and cold water.
Flex: we-tin dey inside that plate na.
He said sitting on our patch patch be-d.
Me: na water wey i won use brush my teeth.
Flex: hmm, this ubong and him wife self.
Me: forget about them jare. Leave slee-ping dog to lie.
I said as i stylishly went outside and threw the water and pepper mixture.
Time check 7:05am
we hurriedly brush our teeth, took our bath after waiting for out turn respectively.
Me: oboy, we don dey late for work o.
Flex: na true oo. No time to soak garri drink. Make we prepare go..
We dressed in our Italian suit (no be original one oo but the suit cost us thousand of nairas. We dey use the suit for church and to toast girls)
we polished our black costly shoes, put on wrist watch and combe-d our hair before leaving for work.
We go to Kaduna road, a major express way in Niger state where we sat down beside the road, tied our eyes and brou-ght out a cardboard paper with this inscriptions written on it..
what happened next?