Switched final Episode

✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🌺Pinky’s Short series🌺
💋Episode 30💋
Mr Sam’s Pov:
I fli-pped the pages of the do¢v-ment with my eye glas-ses fixed on my eyes.
Just then, the land telephone rang aloud.
I picked it up….
Surprisingly, It was my wife Charlotte.
Why is she calling?
I told her I was going to work overnight right?
I quic-kly picked up the phone.
She was in tears and that got me nervous the more.
☎️Hello Sam…. Sam…. She broke down in tears
☎️Honey what is it? Are you OK? Why are you crying?… I asked worriedly.
She screamed still crying.
☎️Sam our daughter…. Sam my child… She wept uncontrollably
☎️Our… Our daughter? Gracie? Where is she? What happened to her?… I yelped as I quic-kly stood up.
☎️Sam am at the hospital… Our baby was rushed to the hospital, she was found half dead in a pool…. She cried
My jaw dropped in shock.
☎️What? My daughter did what? Which hospital Charlotte?.. I asked anxiously
☎️Immaculate heart hospital… She managed to say.
☎️I’ll be right there honey just calm down.. I said as I hung up.
I quic-kly packed the files as I put on my suit and rushed out of the office.
Oh God!
What could have happened to my daughter?
How did she end up in a pool?
Thought filled my mind as I drove on.
I hope she gets alright.
🏥 🏥
I parked my car at the hospital garage as I drove into the hospital compound.
I rushed into the hospital hurriedly.
I saw Charlotte crying and Cas-sandra hvgging her ti-ghtly.
At first, my face countenance changed but I was worried about my daughter.
“Sam?” Charlotte cried
“What did the doctor say about our daughter’s condition?” I asked anxiously
“The doctor said she’s in critical condition and she’s in a coma” Charlotte cried
“Damn!” I stamped my feet on the ground angrily.
“Daddy! plea-se calm down” Casandra said mildly
I’ve never seen her talk so calmly.
I only nodded my head as I kept walking up and down restlessly.
I hope nothing bad happens to my child.
Mona’s Pov:
Tears streamed down my cheeks as I scratched my head.
“Who could have done that to our friend Jake?” I cried out
“I have no idea and am also very surprised… I mean Gracie won’t have gone to the pool side without a reason” Jake said
Jake bur-st into tears too.
“She almost died… I mean the doctor said she is half dead right?” I wailed
“This is very strange! Who could have pushed her into the pool?” Jake wondered
“That’s still a puzzle for us…. I really feel sorry for aunt Charlotte, she looks miserable” I said
“And Cas-sandra who told her that Gracie is here?” Jake asked
I shook my head.
“I wouldn’t know” I whispered
We continued crying and praying to God
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I smiled within me as mommy hvgged me ti-ghtly.
It feels so good being in her arms again
Of course that useless girl won’t survive this for sure cos a drugged handkerchief was placed on her nose and she pas-sed out before falling into the pool.
I can’t wait to attend her funeral.
That way, mommy will have no other child but me.
I shed crocodile tears but am so happy.
Dad walked to the doctor’s office worriedly.
Poor Mr Sam Salvador…. 😂
You will have no freaking choice than to take me in as her daughter once that Jezebel is finally gone.
“Mommy plea-se st©p crying alre-ady! Gracie will be fine” I said calmly in the sweetest voice.
“How Cas-sie? My only child is in there struggling for her life” She cried
I frowned my face in annoyance but I just have to act nice.
“Am your daughter too mommy and am here for you” I said as she k!$$£d my forehead.
“Thank God you are here” She said
My face beamed with smiles.
This is going to be my starting point!
Just then, we heard some skrie-king shouts.
Oh dammit!…… I muttered un-der my breath.
It was my good for nothing mother and two sisters Monica and Regina.
Mom and I stood up as I held mom ti-ght.
They can never take me to that hole they called a house.
“Hey! Cas-sandra move it let’s go home” Regina ordered as she dragged me by my wrist.
I quic-kly snatched my hand from her and bur-st into false tears
“plea-se let her go! You’re hurting her” Mom defended me.
“Oh plea-se Charlotte! She’s my daughter and I have every right to take her” Martha said
“You got us very worried Cas-sandra! Is it that you don’t have a phone to let us know your well-being” Monica shouted at me.
“You should have thought of that before forcing me to hawk dried fish” I said in tears.
“Hawk what?” Mom said in shock.
“plea-se I just want to be by moms side” I said hvgging her.
“I beg you Martha plea-se don’t take her away” Mom pleaded
I smiled broadly within me
Am finally gaining mom’s love the more.
The stupid people that calls themselves my family later agreed to let me stay here after much plead from mommy.
That’s a good sign though.
Gracie was still at the hospital.
And still unconscious as well…..
I know in me that she’s not gonna survive this not after what happened to her.
And guys… for the past one week, I’ve been living like a princess.
Mom pleaded with dad to let me stay in the mansion.
mom and I do everything together….
We go shopping together,,,,,,,
We eat together,,,,,,
We go to the hospital together,,,,,
This is fun!
And Mr Sam Salvador… He has been so busy investigating.
I know they won’t ever get a clue to what happened to their dead daughter.
Yeah… To me she’s long gone.
👠 👠
I wore my expensive white jean bu-m short and a pink designer singlet.
Matching perfectly with my pink fl!pflops and my ponytail hairstyle
I look astonishingly beautiful.
Mom and I held hands and walked out of the mansion to the garage.
“Mommy! Where the fu-ck are we going?” I asked anxiously
“Well your dad called me on phone and told us to come” Mom said
I exhaled de-eply.
I guess he’s coming around finally
I miss this… A family get together 😘
“OK mom! I said as mom pressed the car key bu-tton and we hopped in.
I can’t wait to receive the news of that crazy girl’s death.
Mommy speeded out of the compound as I ate my cookies happily and we kept chatting
She drove into the police station.
I stared around in confusion.
💭 What the fu-ck are we doing here in the police station? 💭 I thought as we walked into the station.
We entered the other room.
Daddy was there with two police officers and there was a large television hung on the wall.
Surprisingly, Mona and Jake were there too.
“Uhmm.. We were able to get the CCTV footage for the day your daughter was found half lifeless” The officer cleared his throat.
My heart skipped as I gulped nervously.
“Err… mommy I feel really pressed and I nee-d to use the restroom” I said in anxiety.
“Oh calm down sweetheart! We’ll be gone soon” She said as I f0rç£d a smile.
“plea-se pl@ythe footage” Mr Sam said
I couldn’t breath.
Oh Father Lord!
Am tra-pped…
“Cas-sie? Baby are you OK? Mom asked noticing how uneasy I look.
I f0rç£d a smile at her and nodded.
The other officer pla-yed the footage.
The video started
I bowed my head.
I was alre-ady figiating in fear.
Everyone watched keenly.
And oh my gosh… It showed everything.
How I stole Mona’s phone.
How I texted Gracie…
How I covered her nose with a drugged handkerchief…
How I pushed her into the pool.
“Cas-sANDRA?” Everyone screamed as h0t tears rolled down my cheeks.
I couldn’t face them.
“Cas-sandra you did this? Mona and Jake shouted
Even the police officers were gobsma-cked.
Mr Sam stared at me in disbelief.
“Mommy plea-se I can explain!” I fell on my knees.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me you murderer” Mom screamed at me as she kicked me.
I fell on the ground in tears.
“I trusted you, God! So you wanted my child dead all along? You wanted to kill my only child? And you kept acting so nice and innocent? Cas-sandra I hate so much right now” Mom yelled at me.
Everyone spat out.
Shame filled my face.
“You know what? You deserve to be punished” Mr Sam said as I bur-st into tears and held his shoe but he pushed me r0ûghly.
“No honey! She shouldn’t just be punished” Mom said as my face brightened.
“What? Mona and Jake screamed
“She should rot in jail…. You are a betrayer Cas-sandra, you can never be my daughter ever again! I curse you! I curse the day you were carried into my mansion as my baby” Mom said.
“plea-se forgive me! plea-se mom! plea-se daddy” I cried but no-one paid attention to me.
“Officers take her away!” Mom said as they dragged me f0rç£fully.
Mrs Charlotte bur-st into tears as she hvgged her husband.
Mr Sam’s cell phone rang aloud and he answered the call.
“She woke up! He announced as they jumped for joy.
Gracie’s Pov:
I la-id on the hospital be-d weakly as I heard a skrie-king scream.
The ward’s door throw open and Mona, Jake with mom and dad walked in happily.
They hvgged me excitedly.
“Baby plea-se forgive me am so sorry for being a bad mommy” Mom said as I smiled.
She k!$$£d me happily.
I couldn’t believe my ears so it was actually Cas-sandra.
The news spre-ad all over the town and in school too.this story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
St Peter’s high school expelled Cas-sandra though she was still in the police custody.
Mother, Father and Monica and Regina also apologized to me.
And I know you want to hear this!
🙈🙈 Jake and I bec@m£ officially a couple 💍💓💓
I walked into the police station with my mommy.
We sat the visitor’s corner and Cas-sandra walked out of the prison with her prison uniform.
Tears welled down her face as she ran to hvg mom.
But mom pushed her away.
“Stay away from me Cas-sandra! Am only here because my daughter insisted on paying you a visit” Mom said sternly as she bowed her head.
She quic-kly went on her knees.
“Gracie plea-se forgive me for everything! I was so greedy and selfish” She pleaded on her knees.
I smiled at him and helped her up.
“It’s OK and don’t worry am withdrawing all the cases I filed against you ” I said
“Gracie? “Mom shouted at me
“Let it go mom! Everything happens for a reason” I said
Cas-sandra quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly in tears.
Months later…
She was bailed after four years of being in jail.
And guess what?
She changed to a new leaf…
Of course she started hawking dried fish 😂
And she was admitted into a public school that’s all they could afford after St Peter’s high school expelled her.
We bec@m£ best friends and she ate from the crumbs of my table.
Life is weird right? 🙄
The SWITCHED was reversed.
The almighty Cas-sandra Salvador was tamed!
Though mommy never loved her again!
All the same we lived happily ever after 💃
•~~~THE END~~~

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