Switched Episode 3 & 4

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💋Episode 03💋
Gracie’s Pov:
I moved my f!ngersslowly as I opened my weak eyes.
I looked around…
I was lying down in a very soft bouncing be-d.
And a strange room too
“Where am I?” I asked no-one because no-one was there with me.
My head ached as I yawned hungrily.
“How the hell did I end up in here?” I asked myself as I sprang up.
I walked around the room with astonishment.
I pinched myself and smiled.
“Is this a dream or something?” I chuckled
I know I should be bothered to go back home but I just can’t.
I wish I could remain in this beautiful house forever.
I t©uçhed the flower vase beside the be-d.
It was so nice and smelt like perfume.
Just then the door throw open and I flin-ched as I quic-kly let go of the flower vase.
“How are you feeling now?” The guy’s voice sma-cked me back to consciousness.
I gulped nervously and nodded my head.
I kept mute as he kept the tray of food he was carrying on the stool.
I still kept quiet.
Thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind.
Was I kidnapped?
Who the heck is this cute guys?
Is the food for me?
Why am I here?
I couldn’t say a word but I had a lot of questions in my mind.
“Uhmm… Miss don’t you talk?” He asked as I shook my head in disagreement.
He stared at me and shook his head.
“Look! Am not gonna hurt you alright?” He said softly
“Where am I? Who are you?” I managed to say as he breathed heavily in relieve.
I guess he thought I was dumb.
“My name is Jake Humphrey and you coll@psed earlier at school” He said
I quic-kly recalled everything and smiled.
“Am really sorry for stressing you out” I said
“It’s OK! Am sorry for the way Cas-sandra treated you” He said
“So that’s her name? Very well… Am OK now! I’ll like to take my leave” I said as he held my wrist.
We stared at each other for some time before I snatched my wrist from him.
“And the food? I know you fainted due to hunger” He said with a smile
Shame filled my face as I bowed my head in disappointment.
He only tapped me gently.
“It’s nothing dear! You can eat this” He said as I sat on the be-d.
I spooned the fried pasta into my mouth slowly.
He’s so kind!
After eating he even dropped me off with his car at our house.
We chatted with each other lively.
“Thank you so much Jake! You made my day” I pouted my mouth childishly.
He giggled excitedly.
“You’re welcome Gracie! You made my day too” He said as we shook hands.
“See you in school” I said as he nodded still smiling.
I walked in a calculable steps into the house still waving at him.
I walked into the house.
“Gracie! Silly girl where are you coming from?” Mother asked in akimbo
Goosebu-mps ran down my spine.
Am so finished today!
I opened my mouth to say something but words refused to come out of my mouth.
My sisters grinned wickedly at me.
I wonder why they all abhor me so much.
They never treat me like family
“Am talking to you stupid! Where the hell are you coming from?” Mother yelped as I tr!pp£dand gulped ha-rd .
My heart was beating so fast.
Someone close could even hear the sound.
“Uhm.. I… I… I went to…. To the school mother” I said showing her the files.
She eyed me angrily.
“And what’s my business with your God damn school?” Mother sighed loudly
“If I were you, I’ll st©p putting stupid ideas in my head all in the name of going to school” Regina said
I only kept mute.
“This is all Kristine’s fault! she supported your stupid ideas…. Get your smelling self out of here” Mother yelled at me.
“You’re so useless” They mumbled as I went upstairs in tears.
Why do they hate me this much?
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I dialed his number for the one hundredth time yet no reply.
“Arrghhh…” I gro-an ed as I threw the phone on the ground and it broke into pieces.
Mom rushed into the room visibly scared.
“My goodness! Cas-sandra what’s going on?” She asked anxiously
I screamed crazily as I stamped my feet angrily.
“That useless Jake!” I said angrily
“Jake? Useless? I thought he is your friend” Mom asked
“Whatever! He’s so stupid!!” I yelled angrily
“Cas-sandra you know you are in trouble with your dad right? He bought that cell phone for almost 300 US 💵 dollars?” Mom shouted at me.
I only bowed my head.
“Mom it’s all Jake’s fault… He refused to pick up” I said
“Oh really? And so you have to break the cell phone simply because someone refuse to pick your calls” Mom eyed me
“He’s so annoying mommy!” I said as I started crying.
mom hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I parked my car at the school garage.
I was heading into the school when I saw Jake’s car coming.
I was so furious with him.
His car halted and he got out of the car.
I took a step to meet him but st©pped when his car door opened.
To my greatest surprise, a girl hopped out of the car.
Not just any girl but my enemy.
My eyes almost popped out of it’s socket….
💋Episode 04💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
Anger burnt throu-gh me as I saw them smiling at each other.
I hate Amelia yes….
But I so much detest this stupid new girl.
I walked towards them in annoyance.
“Hey! What the fu-ck are you doing with my Jake?” I yelled at her as I pushed her r0ûghly.
She almost fell on her bu-tt but Jake caught her.
And that angered me the more.
A scene was alre-ady created.
Stupid nosy students… They can’t just stay away!
She bowed her head in guilty.
“What the heck is wrong with you Cas-sandra?” Jake raised his voice at me for the very first time in public.
I gulped ha-rd as I looked around.
The students were alre-ady taking pictures and videos in their cell phone.
I felt so humiliated.
Jake was holding the useless girl by her n£¢k.
I felt so ashamed.
Jake choose that bastard over me…. 😡
“No Jake! I should be asking you what is wrong with you? What are you doing with this bit-ch here?” I said as tears rolled down the girl’s cheek.
She’s just pathetic!
“You know what Cas-sandra? I think you nee-d to fix your character before calling people names” Jake said as I g@sped and looked around.
The students bur-st into laughter.
I’ve never been so embarras-sed and humiliated in my entire life.
I wished the ground should swallow me up.
I fumed in anger.
“I’ll make you pay for everything” I said as I pointed at the pathetic girl and then turned to Jake.
“You’re more than the fool I thought you are…. You are a coward!” I yelled angrily as I ran off blinking ha-rd to prevent tears.
This is the worst day of my life.
It’s all the new girl’s fault.
I will make sure she leaves this school in shame.
Dogs like her shouldn’t be here.
They should be in a cage where they belong.
I quic-kly wiped off my tears as I saw my friends coming.
I backed them.
“Cas-sie what are you….” Lucy tried saying but I cut her off.
“If you are here to criticize me Lucy then am warning you I might sl@p your cheek” I said angrily
“Oh come on girlfriend! We are not going to criticize you” They chorused as I turned around and hvgged them ti-ghtly.
“But Cas-sandra you shouldn’t have pushed the girl” Joann said
“What was I supposed to do? The foolish thing was flir-ting with my Jake” I popped my eyes
“Yeah! She’s ba-rely 24 hours old in school and she’s alre-ady flir-ting” Kiara said as she blew her gum noisily.
“Good! Am glad Kiara un-derstands perfectly” I said
“Now what? Do you think pushing her was the right thing? You are only pushing your Jake as you call him to her” Lucy said
I paused and gulped.
“How do you mean Lucy?” I asked anxiously
“You’re ma-king Jake side with her and he might end up liking her” Joann said as I landed a dirty sl@p on her face.
“Shut up Joann! How dare you? You don’t talk nons-en-se in my pres£nce” I said as I quic-kly stood up.
They g@sped.
Joann held her cheek and stared at me in astonishment.
“Enough Cas-sandra! St©p running away from the truth! Have you seen the news flying around the school’s group chat about you” Lucy said
“That was harsh though Cas-sie!” Kiara added
“School’s group chat?” I asked rather defiantly
“You heard her!” Joann yelled at me.
I quic-kly picked up my cell phone.
But someone interrupted me.
And I heard someone cl@pping and walking towards me.
I turned my face.
I knew it… The witch Amelia.
I stared at her with total disdain.
She sm-irked mischievously at us and we frowned with our hands on our w@!st.
She walked towards us with her two good for nothing friends.
“Awwnn… I really feel for you Cas-sandra” She mocked me.
“Oh Amelia you’re being harsh… You should have said I really feel for you “dear” Casandra! The “dear” is important” Mira her friend laughed
“I thought you said Jake was all yours? My goodness… He choose the poor slum girl over you in public” Tracy chuckled
“And who told you he choose her over me? We just had a little lover’s quarrel” I sm-irked
“Lover’s quarrel indeed! He even said you should fix your character” Mira laughed hysterically
I feel like sl@pping her ugly face.
“Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who heard that…. So even darling Jake knows your character is rotten” Amelia said as she eyed me dangerously.
“You know Amelia… Losers will always be losers and you are a loser” Joann said
Amelia flin-ched.
“You are just a desperate dog… Looking for consolation after losing a bone to the better one” Kiara sm-irked
“If I were you Tracy I would go back to my shell” Lucy said as they frowned.
“You’re so stupid!” They chorused as they walked away.
I sat heavily on the stool.
I quic-kly scroll down my cell phone.
👥My gosh… So Cas-sandra and Jake are no longer together…
👥He even called her a peac0ck
👥Serves the proud girl right…
👥The new girl is really beautiful…
👥Did you see how cute Jake caught the new girl?
👥What’s the new beautiful girl’s name anyways?
👥Uhmm… I heard its Gracie
👥I still feel sorry for Casandra…. 😂
I quic-kly turned off the phone and screamed aloud in pains.
I threw the cell phone away and it broke into pieces.
“Cas-sandra plea-se calm down” They said
“I’ll make her pay! I’ll make Gracie pay for this! I hate her so much” I gro-an ed in pain.
Gracie’s Pov:
I sat on the stool quietly with my lunch.
The cafeteria was such a big place and I found a corner to sit and eat.
Students kept stealing glances at me like I was a celebrity.
I felt really uneasy.
“Hi dear…” A friendly voice sma-cked me out of my thoughts.
it was a very beautiful girl.
“Hello dear” I said calmly
She was carrying a tray of food.
“Can I share a table with you?” She asked politely
Actually she looked rich!
I never knew rich girls could be friendly.
“Sure you can” I said
She kept the tray and sat beside me.
We ate in silence before she broke the silence.
“Uhmm… You’ve become a celebrity in school alre-ady” She said as I chuckled
“Celebrity? Why is that?” I asked confused
“Because you are the only one who made that girl… The proud one Cas-sandra Salvador humiliated” She said
“Cas-sandra Salvador? so that’s her name?” I asked
“Yes and hush… She’s got a lot of fans and they can tell on you” she said as I nodded slowly.
“Oh really?” I said as she smiled
“By the way, am Mona Williams and you?” She asked
“Gracie Montes” I said as we shook hands.
“Can we be friends?” She asked with a smile
“Of course we are” I said as we laughed excitedly.
We kept chatting…
She’s so friendly and kind.
Suddenly, the students started tripping out of the cafeteria in groups.
Mona quic-kly stand to leave but I held her hand.
“We have to leave Gracie! Cas-sandra is coming to eat in the cafeteria” She said as I shook my head in confusion.
“Rea…” Before I could finish talking, Cas-sandra walked in with her group of girls.
Mona was about to run out but she halted her.
Mona and I were the only ones left in the cafeteria.
My eyes went round the empty cafeteria.
“HOW DARE YOU GUYS?” Cas-sandra’s bold voice yelled furiously…..
This Cas-sandra is a witch ooo 😲
But the embarras-sment sweet me eeh 😋
#To be continued…
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