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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Switched Episode 27 & 28

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✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

🌺Pinky’s Short series🌺

💋Episode 27💋



Mr Sam’s Pov:

I stormed into the room angrily.

Charlotte was changing into her nightie when I got in.

“Hey baby” She said softly

I breathed heavily.

“Charlotte why did you slap our daughter?” I asked in annoyance.

She scoffed.

“Baby listen… She’s my daughter too so for me to raise my hands on her means she did something really wrong” She said.

I scratched my head in anger.

“Really? So you now believe in scolding or disciplining children huh? But you talked me against it” I said angrily

She gulped nervously.

“Baby she… She made jest of Cassandra in school” She replied

“Nonsense! Absolute rubbish…. And so what Charlotte? And you didn’t bother to hear from your own daughter first” I said

“But Sam Cassandra couldn’t just lie against….” Charlotte tried saying

“Oh please! Cut it off already…. When did Cassandra become a saint?” I asked

“I just wanted to discipline our child Sam” She said

“Don’t you dare that Charlotte! Let her be and one more thing… Let this be the last time I will have to discuss about Cassandra in this house again” I said

“Honey Cassandra was once our daughter” Charlotte said

“I love your statement Charlotte…. Like you said, Cassandra WAS…. that’s in the past now” I said

“But Sam she feels so rejected” Charlotte cried out.

“And so what Charlotte? You know how Cassandra is don’t you?”

I asked furiously

“Listen Sam I know you might think am stupid or foolish but believe me this is not easy for me…. For nineteen years of her life and my life, I loved her, she was my daughter! We did everything together and all in a snap everything changed” She cried out.

“I know Charlotte but you should try to bond with your real daughter… For that same nineteen years of your life, she lived a loveless life! She lived a life of hardship without parental love” I said

“Babe this is difficult for me…. I feel like a part of me was taken away too…. Cassandra was my all in all” She said in tears as I hugged her

“You should learn to show love to my daughter” I said as I hugged her tightly.

I don’t really blame her….

She still sees Cassie as her daughter!

Do you blame her? 🙄

Jake’s Pov:

It was on a Saturday….

I was upstairs in my room playing computer games.

I yawned hungrily.

“Gosh… When are they ever going to finish preparing lunch?” I muttered to myself.

Then aunty Claudie knocked and walked in.

“Hi aunt Claudie! What’s up? Is lunch ready?” I asked with my eyes still focused on the computer.

“Uhmm… Someone is here to see you” She said

“Who?” I asked

“Just come and see the person” She said and rushed out of the room.

“Arrgghhhh…..” I groaned as I walked out of the room.

I can’t wait to finish up that game.

I walked downstairs.

“Hi baby….” That was Cassandra’s voice.

I stared at her in surprise.

“Cassandra? What….

What are you doing here?” I asked in surprise.

She smiled broadly at me.

“What do you mean by what am I doing here? We never broke up Jake, we’re still together” She said.

I shook my head as she walked closer to hug me.

“Cassandra please… I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said walking away from him.

She snorted.

“Jake why are you suddenly being so mean?” She blurted out.

“Cassandra I will be honest with you… I am no longer interested in this relationship, am freaking tired of it” I said as I sat on the couch backing her.

She burst into tears.

“What? What are you saying Jake?” She asked with a teary voice.

“Cassandra I know I’ve not been the best or perfect but please I want you to understand me, the truth is I don’t love you anymore Cassie” I said as I breathed heavily.

“What? Why Jake? Is it because of that girl? Is it because of that thief? It’s because of her right? Because of Gracie?” She wailed

“Cassandra you need to understand that Gracie never stole anything from you… And yes! It’s Gracie I love and want” I said

Cassandra screamed in pain as she kicked the table roughly.

“That girl has taken everything single thing I have from me including you Jake! I’ll never forgive her” She cried out.

I quickly stood up and held her.

“Cassandra Gracie did no such thing OK? Needless bearing grudges” I said.

She snatched her hands from me and sniffed.

“Don’t you dare defend her… I promise you Jake she will pay for everything… I mean everything” She said with hatred written all over her.

Before I could say a word, she already ran out of the house.

I sat heavily on the cushion.

Am sorry Casandra but I can’t risk my happiness just for you to be happy.

I really don’t think I can cope with someone like you.

it’s really Gracie whom I love and care about.

I breathed heavily.

Cassandra’s Pov:

I hopped into my car angrily and in hot tears.

I drove out of the mansion in so much annoyance.

What have I ever done to that crazy Gracie?

Why is she stealing everything from me?

Ever since that girl came into my life, my life has been hell 🔥

She has brought me nothing but pain, sorrow and misery.

First it was my position in class!

Secondly it was my family…. my popularity!

Now it’s Jake…..

I can’t bear this anymore.

I have to put that girl in her place

I’ll make sure she regrets ever getting to know me!

And she will forever regret crossing my path.

Gracie Salvador…. You will pay for all the pains you’ve caused me!

I groaned in pain as I hit the car steering wheel angrily.

This is going to be the beginning of her hardship, pain and suffering.



I walked into the school premises with my backpack on my back.

I heard some whispering and laughter.

I turned around and saw my enemy Amelia laughing with her crazy group of girls.

I gulped hard as I gnash my teeth.

“Someone looks so pathetic!” Amelia teased

I paid a deaf ear to her.

“Amelia have you heard that Jake broke up with her” Her friends laughed.

My heart was already burning up in annoyance.

But I had to control my anger.

“Yes! How touchy… Her life is really a bad one, she’s now a slum girl and her friends now wants to befriend her enemy Gracie” Amelia laughed

“That’s ridiculous!” They mocked as they walked past me.

I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

Just then, a message popped into my cell phone.

It was from the school’s group chat.

👥Have you heard Jake broke up with Cassandra Salvador?👥

👥Did you say Salvador? She’s not really a Salvador👥

👥I heard she’s a Montes 👥

👥The proud peacock is now a slum girl👥

👥I heard Jake is in love with Gracie Salvador👥


👥They will make a good couple👥

I quickly turned off my phone in tears.

I ran off in anger.

But then, my eyes caught with something.

I saw Lucy, Kiara and Joann sharing their snack with Gracie and her friend Mona.

I quickly ran off in tears.

Gracie’s Pov:

I was busy with my books together with Mona when Jake walked into the library.

“The bookworms!” He teased us

We shared a laugh.

“Here I got you guys some ice cream to cool off.

He handed a nylon to us.

“Thank you so much Jake!” I said in excitement.

Mona quickly unwrapped the nylon and started scooping the ice cream into her mouth.

“Mona the foodie” I said as we laughed.

“Have you seen the notice at the notice board?” Jake asked as we shook our heads in disagreement.

“Go on… Let’s go see it” He said as we hurried off.

Cassandra’s Pov:

I stared at the noticeboard with so much excitement.

So the school prom is fast approaching huh?

This weekend is the school prom… 😁

I will use this prom to my favour…

This is the right time to put Gracie in her place.

I smirked wickedly!


I can’t wait to unleash my plans…


💋Episode 29💋




Gracie’s Pov:

“Bestie!!!!!….” Mona screamed in excitement as she rushed to me.

My face beamed with smiles.

“Oh Mona! I was about calling you” I said as Mona laughed.

“You look absolutely gorgeous friend” Mona eyed me.

“Thank you Mona!” I smiled.

Some students waved at me in excitement.

I smiled at them warmly as I waved too.

“Wow! You’re now a celebrity girlfriend” Mona whispered as we shared a laugh

“Of course my date is looking so charming tonight” Jake added as I blushed.

“Oh please guys… Stop pulling my leg” I said as we walked in.


All eyes were on me.

“Hi Gracie! You have such a lovely gown” Many of the students kept complimenting.

I got tired of saying thank you.

The party started.

Everyone was adorning me.

“Cheers….” We clinked our glasses together 🍻

I sipped the wine happily.

For the first time in my life, I felt regarded.

Jake kept stealing glances at me.

Silly guy 😂

Cassandra’s Pov:

I fumed in anger as I watched that stupid girl smile as the students compliment her.

I gulped the remnant of my wine in anger giving her a deadly glare from the dark corner.

I will make sure you will be so gone by the time am done with you.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard someone clear her throat.

I turned around.

No-one else but my second devil 😈

I breathed heavily as she sat on the stool beside me.

The music playing was so loud but I could hear her though.

“What do you want Amelia?” I said sternly

“Oh poor you! Are you staring at the one that defeated you?” She mocked

“I will appreciate it more Amelia if you get lost” I said backing her.

“You know Cassandra I really feel sorry for you…cos you’re totally helpless” She smirked

“Shut up Amelia!” I yelled at her.

“Whatever! You can never gain that which you lost cos you are nothing but a thief…. You were the real one who stole from Gracie” She said as she got up from the stool.

I gnash my teeth in so much annoyance.

She only click her tongue loudly.

“I hate you Amelia!” I groaned

“Oh darling I hate you more” She smirked and walked away.

I folded my palms in anger.

This is all Gracie’s fault.

That gown she’s wearing is supposed to be mine…..

The shoes should be mine….

I should be the one sitting and holding hands with Jake….

Well all this will end tonight.

I refilled my glass with wine and sipped slowly.

I brought out a cell phone from my handbag and smiled.

This will do the magic 😁

I smirked wickedly.

Am sure you’re eager to know my plans right?

Take a chill pill guys…. 😂

Mona’s Pov:

I searched carefully in my handbag.

I groaned in anger.

Where is it?

“Damn!” I yelled as I kept searching.

Gracie walked towards me holding her gown.

Actually she was dancing on stage with Jake.

“Mona what is it?” She asked anxiously

“Actually am looking for my….” I tried saying but Jake walked in.

“Gracie come on! Let’s go get some ice cream from the other counter…. I feel hot” Jake said

“Me too… I really need to cool off” Gracie said

“Let’s go then!” Jake said

“Come on Mona! Come with us” Gracie said

“Oh no guys go on…. I’ll be there in a jiffy” I said as she nodded and walked away with Jake.

Goodness! Where could I have left my phone?

I was holding it earlier but now it’s gone!

I sneered.

I have to keep searching.

Gracie’s Pov:

Jake and I stood in front of the ice cream section waiting impatiently.

There was a queue.

But he managed to go straight to the counter and I waited.

“Three plates of vanilla ice cream miss” Jake ordered.

I scratched my head.

Just then, my cell phone beeped….

It was a text message!

And it’s from Mona.

But why is she texting me?

I quickly opened the message.

📩 Gracie please meet me at the pool side… I have something important to tell you 📩 I read aloud.

Pool side?

But that’s away from the party venue?

I breathed heavily.

Who knows what she really wants to tell me?

Is she in trouble or something?

I shrugged it off.

“Jake give me a second… I’ll be back” I said as he nodded.

I walked out of the party venue.

💧 💧

The place was so cool and it looked lonely.

Very lonely and isolated!

Though there were light but no-one was there.

I looked around in fear.

“Mona? Mona?” I called as I got to the pool side.

But I got no response.

“Where could she be?” I asked no-one in particular.

“Mona? Mo…..” I tried to call but suddenly someone held me by my throat from behind.

I choked and coughed.

The person pushed me…..

“Ahhhhhhhhhh……!!” I screamed as I fell 💧

Mona’s Pov:

“Ohh… Here it is” I said as I picked my phone from the table.

But how did it get here?

Whatever! thank goodness I found it.

Immediately, Jake rushed to me.

“Hey! Jake what is it?” I asked anxiously.

“Have you seen Gracie?” He asked anxiously.

I shook my head in surprise

“She was with you right?” I said

“Yes but she left when I was ordering for ice cream?” He said

“What? Try calling her phone” I suggested

“You think I haven’t done that? For the past thirty minutes I’ve been doing that but it’s switched off” He said

“That’s strange! Gracie doesn’t switch her phone off” I said.

We started searching for her everywhere.

But no success!

Some of the students joined in the search.

“Why don’t you search by the pool Mona let me go over to the guest house side” Jake said and I nodded.

I walked towards the poolside.

“Gracie? Gracie??” I called loudly.

Just then, I stepped on something.

I picked it up without hesitation.

My eyes widened in shock. This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.

“Isn’t this Gracie’s earring?” I asked myself.

I was sure it is…

I kept calling her.

Just then, my eyes caught with something.

My eyes popped out in shock.

That’s Gracie floating on the pool….

“Oh my gosh! Gracie!!” I shouted loudly as my jaw dropped…..




To be continued….


OMG! 😳

What happened to Gracie?

Is she dead?

Am scared guys 😭😭

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