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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Switched Episode 22 to 24

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✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma ✍️

🌺 Pinky’s Short series🌺

💋 Episode 23💋



Gracie’s Pov:

I laid on the huge bed as the old nanny covered me with the duvet.

I stared around in astonishment.

Life is really very surprising at times.

I never in my entire life imagined or even dreamt of sleeping in such a big bed.

Talk more of entering such a big 🏠 house.

Am being served and adored by a lot of people.

I really feel for Cassandra!

How the heck is she going to cope in the slums?

Growing from grace to Grass.

I looked around again.

The air conditioner in the room blew on my soft skin.

I shook my head.

Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.

Actually they bought an expensive one for me.

It was Mona.

📲Hi Mona…I said softly

📲 what’s up girl? How are you enjoying your new home? She shrieked in excitement.

I smiled broadly.

📲This place is really very nice… but I really feel sorry for Cassie… I said

Mona scoffed…

📲Well I don’t feel sorry for her! serves her right… Mona said

📲Oh Mona! That’s unfair for the poor girl…I said

📲 She’s not worth sympathizing with… just enjoy your new life friend… Mona said as she hung up bading me good night.

I breathed heavily as I hugged the teddy bear 🧸 tightly.

Cassandra’s Pov:

The sun ray from the broken window to my eyes.

I rubbed my eyes in tiredness.

My left

cheek was still hurting from the slap that crazy man that calls himself my father gave me.

I coughed loudly due to the dusty old bed.

I stared around in disgust.

There were lots of cobwebs there.

This is definitely an old room.

I glanced at the wall clock in annoyance I groaned.

“Eww… The god damn clock is not working! Everything here is so annoying” I sneered

I picked up my phone.

I quickly gave out a loud scream.

Oh my gosh!

It’s already late….

Holy shit!

How come those bunch of idiots didn’t wake me up?

I rushed into the old bathroom and took a shower with their broken tap.

God!I can’t live with this mess!

I groaned in anger as I kicked the tap.


I rushed downstairs to at least have breakfast.

They were already at the dinning.

I sat on the old chair.

“Fvcking shit” I mumbled under my breath.

“Can’t you at least greet?” Monica said

I sighed loudly.

I opened the plate and gasped.

“Good morning baby!do you like the food?” Mrs Martha asked with a smile.

“Like what? hotdogs and buns with sour ketchup?” I screamed

I groaned in anger…

I picked up the plate and poured the content on Mrs Martha’s face.

Everyone gasped…..



💋Episode 24💋


Cassandra’s Pov:

Mrs Martha jumped in in pains.

I scoffed as I showed no atom of remorse for her.

That worthless lady….

Who does she think she is?

Why would they serve me with this junk?

Monica sprang up in so much annoyance.

She raised her hand to slap me but the stupid Mrs Martha stopped her.

They dare not raise their disgusting hands at me else I’ll have them arrested.

I rolled my


“Cassandra are you crazy or something?” The other daughter asked in annoyance.

“Shut up! Martha why would you serve the hotdogs for breakfast?” I screamed

“Cassandra this is what we can afford” Mr Fred said

“Afford? Really? Gosh! You disgust me with your words…. Hotdogs and buns with sour ketchup? You are so wretched!” I groaned in pain.

“Then go back to your goddamn mansion” Gloria the other girl said.

I scoffed

“I wish I never got to know any of you cos I would have been in my mansion riding in my expensive car” I said

“Cassandra I am your mother” Mrs Martha cried out.

“Duh! You can never be my mother, you are nothing but my slave” I blurted out.

Mr Fred dragged me by my arm and screamed.

“You’re hurting me Mr Fred!” I cried out

“I won’t have you insult me in my very own house” He said angrily

I quickly snatched my hand from him as I laughed mockily clapping my hands in a gossip manner.

“You call this a house? I’d rather be a tramp than live in this hell hole” I said.

I quickly picked up my handbag and turned to leave but I paused.

“I need money” I said stretching my palm forward.

They exchanged glances at each other.

I sneered!

“I said I need money!” I repeated

“How much?” Mrs Martha asked.

“Twelve thousand bucks!” I said sharply as they gave out a loud scream.

“What? What for?” The girls shrieked in shock.

I shook my head.

“For today’s upkeep… Besides its not even gonna be enough, I’ll just manage” I said

“Manage 12000 bucks?’ Mr Fred asked anxiously

“What the heck are you talking about? I asked for just twelve thousand bucks and you stand here to tell me that it’s too much?” I groaned

Mrs Martha brought out some money and handed to me.

I quickly snatched the money from her and counted.

I gave out a shrieking scream.

“What’s this? Eight thousand bucks? What will I use this for? Is it for peanut?” I asked rudely

“You know your attitude can be really annoying and inconsiderate Cassandra…. Just thank your stars that your mother even gave you some money” Mr Fred said

I breathed heavily.

How did I end up with this broke ass?

“Yuck! I can’t wait to get out of here cos I know I don’t belong here” I said as I walked away.

🚶 🚶 🚶

I kept murmuring to myself in annoyance.

This is the worst thing ever!

I can’t imagine myself Cassandra Salvador… Uhmm Montes!

I flagged down a cab and hopped in.

“St Peter’s high school” I said

“Wow! You attend such a big school” The nosy driver smiled sheepishly.

Gross…. I can never have a conversation with this low life dummy.

“Just shut your gob and drive along” I ordered him rudely.

We were few meters away from the school when I told him to stop.

“Uhmm… Miss we are yet to get to St Peter’s high school” The driver said

“I know! Just drop me off here” I said as I handed some money to him and got down.

I can’t bear the shame of those students see me get down from a cab.

I miss my Range Rover 🚗 so much!

I trekked down to school.

Gracie’s Pov:

The driver drove me into the very big school garage and parked my car.

I hopped down from the car and he gave me the lunch box Mrs Charlotte… I mean mommy packed for me.

“Thank you so much sir!” I said with a smile as the driver nodded.

I walked into the school compound.

“Girlfriend! Gracie!!” Mona rushed to me and hugged me tightly.

“I missed you Mona!” I said as we shared a laugh.

We walked along into the school when we saw Cassandra trekking towards us.

Unlike her, her uniform wasn’t ironed.

She gnash her teeth as she saw me.

She walked closer to me and nudged me roughly.

I landed my buttocks on the hard floor.

“Cassandra?” Mona defended me as she helped me up.

Cassandra smiled mischievously.

“Enjoy my stuffs while you can cos they will never last” Cassandra said as she walked away.

I bowed my head disturbed.

“Don’t mind her girlfriend” Mona said as I nodded and smiled.


I walked into the classroom and to my greatest surprise, almost all the students rushed to me.

I was stunned.

🗣️ Oh my gosh… Is that Gracie?🗣️

🗣️Oh Gracie… I love your hair 🗣️

🗣️ Gracie I love your perfume 🗣️

🗣️Gracie your shoe is so nice and I bet it’s expensive 🗣️

🗣️ Gracie your bag looks so flashy🗣️

🗣️Gracie is that your new car outside🗣️

🗣️ Gracie can I be your friend? 🗣️

I was more than gobsmacked.

Is this really happening?

When I was still poor, these girls never wanted to have anything to do with me.

I only forced a smile at them.

Life is really weird

Jake smiled broadly as he waved at me.

I gave out a charming smile.

And he winked at me.

😝Naughty guy😝

Cassandra’s Pov:

I packed my books into the locker and walked towards the library.

I have been really trying to isolate from the students.

I can’t bear the shame!

“Miss Salvador?” I heard the principal call.

I quickly turned around.

“Yes ma’am!” I answered sharply and someone else answered too.

it was Gracie!

“Uhmm… I wasn’t talking to you Cassandra, I was talking to Gracie but it’s good you are here” The principal said handing Gracie’s new identity card written “GRACIE SALVADOR”.

Tears gradually welled down my chubby cheeks as Gracie and I looked at each other…..



To be continued……

Chaii… 😥😥

Are you feeling sorry for Cassandra now? 🙄

E painful shaa… 🚶

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