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Switched Episode 17 to 19

✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🌺Pinky’s Short series🌺
💋Episode 17
Charlotte’s Pov:
We stared at each other in confusion.
Then the husbands stared at the wives…..
“Doctor are you sure of what you’re saying?” I asked anxiously
“Did you mistake their result as ours?” Mr Fred said
“It’s 100% accurate sir” The doctor said.
We stared at each other again.
“So what does this mean doctor?” Sam asked
“Medically Mr Sam, the result simply says that [email protected] Salvador is not your real daughter and that Gracie Monte’s is your real daughter” The doctor said.
I scoffed in disbelief.
“What are you insinuating doctor? [email protected] is my real daughter” I cried out.
“I don’t get a thing right now” Mr Fred asked
“The truth is that the girls are SWITCHED” The doctor said as our jaws dropped.
Mrs Martha kept mute the whole time and I wondered why.
I walked into the ward with tears streaming down my face.
[email protected] was alre-ady awake.
Thoughts kept running throu-gh my mind.
If [email protected] is not my daughter and Gracie is… Then how?
I quic-kly wiped off my tears and walked towards [email protected]
“Mommy!” [email protected] said forcing a smile at me.
I sniffed as I cleared my throat.
“Uhmm… Baby how are you feeling now?” I asked trying [email protected] to control myself.
“Mommy are you OK?” She asked me
I nodded my head and patted her hair.
“Am fine sweetie just get well soon OK?” I said
“of course mom” She said still looking at me surprisingly.
“And don’t forget that whatever happens, you will remain my daughter” I said as she shook her head.
Gracie’s Pov:
Mother walked into my ward with father.
They were rather too quiet and calm.
They stared at me and stared at each other in astonishment.
As usual, they cared less about me so they didn’t talk to me.
They only walked away still looking disturbe-d.
I [email protected]£ confused….
Just then, I heard a skrie-king scream from outside.
It was my best friend Mona and Jake.
They stormed into my ward.
Smiles escaped myl-ips as I saw them.
“Gracie……!!!” They screamed and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“I really missed you so much” I said in excitement.
“Am back to school now Gracie” Jake said as I smiled.
“You know what Gracie? There are lots of gists for you” Mona said
“Really?” I asked in happiness.
“Oh dearest Gracie! I miss you so much” Jake said
“Uhmm… Jake have you gone to see [email protected]? She’s here too” I said
Jake bowed his head.
“I haven’t and I’ve got no plans of doing that” He said
I only kept mute.
That was when I remembered my bead ban-gle.
Kiara’s Pov:
I handed a [email protected] of milk to my friend [email protected]
She’s getting a lot better and we were very happy.
“Uhmm… Girl have your b©yfri£ndvisited?” Lucy asked
[email protected] quic-kly frowned her face.
“He hasn’t but I got a get well soon card from his mom aunt Veronica” [email protected] said
“Hmm… But I saw him at the hospital garage this morning” I said
“I knew it! He must have gone to visit Gracie” Joann said
“That girl doesn’t know when to st©p huh?” [email protected] gro-an ed in anger.
“Oh calm down friend! You shouldn’t get yourself worked up for that stupid slum girl…. I think am famished… I’ll go get some food from the cafeteria” I said
“Just get some yoghurt and cookies for me too” Lucy said as I left the room.
I was heading to the cafeteria when I heard some whispering.
I walked closer to the door and eavesdropped.
Mr Sam’s Pov:
We sat down in absolute tranquility.
One could hear the sound of a pin…..
I cleared my throat and spoke up.
“Well since we still don’t have the full explanation on how our daughters were switched and they were born in the same hospital on the same day as well, I just brou-ght the mid wife” I said.
Mrs Martha [email protected] in shock to everyone’s surprise as the midwife walked in.
“Now plea-se clear our mind… How did my daughter Gracie get into the hands of the Monte’s” Charlotte said
The mid wife stared at Mrs Martha [email protected]
“Speak now” Mr Fred ordered.
“She knows everything” the midwife said pointing at Mrs Martha.
“Mrs Martha?” Charlotte screamed
Mrs Martha quic-kly went on her knees as she bur-st into tears…..
💋Episode 18💋
Mrs Martha’s Pov:
All eyes were on me as I shivered in fear and tears ran down my cheeks.
“Martha what are you doing?” Fred asked confused.
“She’s in the best position to tell you guys what happened” The mid wife said again.
“What’s going on here?” Charlotte asked no-one in [email protected]
I bur-st into tears.
“This is all my fault… I should have said this earlier but I was scared” I cried out
“Said what?” They chorused.
“This is my story….” I said
I was heading to my ice cream shop that morning heavily pregnant.
I was alre-ady due for delivery but I was ok
Suddenly, water rolled down my legs and I gave out a loud scream.
I was in labour right in the middle of the road.
People rushed to my rescue…
Luckily for me, a kind rich lady brou-ght me to the expensive hospital.
Where I gave birth to my daughter.
I was alre-ady done delivering when the mid wife walked in worriedly talking with her friend.
“Nurse Claire am really very scared right now” The midwife told the other nurse.
“Why? What happened?” The nurse asked
“It’s the Salvador’s baby… You know how Lady Charlotte have been so desperate for a baby for the past eight years of their marriage right?” The mid wife said
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock as I heard them say “Salvador’s”.
Because they were known to be the riche-st family in the whole town.
I feel so honored giving birth to my child in same hospital as her.
I continued listening to what the nurses were saying.
“So what happened?” Nurse Claire asked more anxiously
“And now that God have finally bless her with a daughter, whom she just gave birth to ba-rely two hours ago…. The baby is not OK” The mid wife said.
“What? OMG! Mrs Salvador won’t survive this if anything should happen to her daughter” Nurse Claire said
“Oh God! She has been showering me with gifts and am even expecting more than enough gifts now this…. The baby has very high fever” The midwife said
“Why not take the sick baby away and replace her own baby with a healthier child” Nurse Claire suggested.
I quic-kly covered my mouth with my palms in shock.
But I still kept quiet.
“What?? That’s risky” The mid wife said
“But you’ve got no choice” Nurse Claire said
The mid wife breathed out heavily.
“But how do I find a healthy baby girl to replace her with…. I can even pay the parents handsomely, I just want more gifts from the wealthy family and besides I don’t want to see Mrs Charlotte in tears again” The mid wife worried.
“I can help you” I said sharply as they flin-ched and turned around
They thought I was asleep all along.
“Help with what?” They chorused.
“I heard everything” I said calmly as they [email protected]
I quic-kly carried my beautiful baby girl and handed her over to the mid wife.
I never wanted to do this but I need the money to take care of my asthmatic older daughter.
The nurse took my baby and handed the sick baby (Gracie) to me.
I never loved the child though.
She wasn’t my blood but a strange blood.
I thought she would die soon but she didn’t.
She responded to treatment.
She got treated and survived.
But by then, the Salvador’s alre-ady flew abroad with my own baby.
“This was what happened” I said in tears.
Charlotte bur-st into tears….
“I knew it! I felt a ti-ght connection with Gracie immediately I set my eyes on her” Charlotte cried as Sam held her.
Fred looked at me with disdain.
“I cannot believe this…. So for the past nineteen years, I’ve been living with a stranger’s daughter” Sam yelled
He was so furious that he almost [email protected] me.
I was on my knees pleading but no-one listened.
“You are so dispeakable Martha… You knew this all along and yet you pretended” Fred shouted.
Before I could say one more word, the door swing open and the officers walked in.
“Officers arrest them… That dubious woman and the midwife…. They denied my daughter not just her real parents but also a good life” Sam said sternly.
“plea-se forgive me! I know I was selfish plea-se” I begged to no avail.
Even Fred was against me.
The police placed a handcuff on my hands.
I was still pleading on my knees.
[email protected]’s Pov:
I was still chatting with Lucy and Joann when the door throw open.
Kiara rushed in [email protected] heavily.
She was sweating profusely as well.
We [email protected]£ surprised and scared.
“Kiara! What happened? You didn’t get the yoghurt?’ Lucy asked anxiously
“Did you see a ghost or something?” Joann asked.
Kiara tried talking but she couldn’t.
She was [email protected]
“Talk to us Kiara! What happened?” I asked anxiously
[email protected]! The worst has just befallen on you” She managed to say
I rolled my eyes.
“What worst?” We chorused
“Casandra you are not the real “Salvador” Kiara said as we exchanged glances at each other.
I bur-st into laughter.
“Have you gone banana’s or something?” I shrugged
“Am serious [email protected]… Gracie is the real daughter of your mommy while Mrs Martha is your mother” Kiara said.
I [email protected]
“Does that mean that [email protected] is from the slums?” Lucy and Joann asked disgusted.
“No! No!! Impossible” I screamed
“Come and see things for yourself” Kiara said
I quic-kly dragged the syringe out of my hand.
I sprang up and leaped out of the room.
My friends followed.
“Yes! [email protected] is my real daughter and Gracie is your daughter Charlotte but that doesn’t mean we are….” Mrs Martha said as I quic-kly opened the door.
They shivered in shock.
“Am not a Salvador?’ My voice echoed as everyone turned around.
They [email protected] in shock as tears flooded down my face……
💋Episode 19
[email protected]’s Pov:
I bur-st into tears as they stared at me in astonishment.
“So you’re not my real parents?” I pointed at my mom.
“No [email protected]! N9 baby…. Calm down” Mommy said as she rushed to me and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Mom tell me this is not true….. Tell me it’s all a lie! Tell me that am the real Salvador” I cried out
“Oh baby you’re my daughter…. You’re my real daughter” Mom said as I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“The truth must be said… [email protected] you heard it right, you are my daughter” Mr Fred said
I quic-kly pushed him r0ûghly.
“Stay away from me! You bunch of failure…. I can never be your daughter… I can never come from the slums” I screamed.
[email protected]! My child plea-se forgive me” Mrs Martha cried as the police dragged her out of the room with the mid wife.
My friends shook their heads.
“Lucy do you believe them? Don’t tell me you do, I can never be Montes” I wailed as mom hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“plea-se calm down Casandra! This is bad for your health” Mom pleaded in tears.
“No mom! It’s more bad for my health to go to the slums” I wailed as they held me back.
Gracie’s Pov:
Mona handed the bu-ttered bre-ad to me and I bit de-ep into it hungrily.
“Yummy Mona! This is really delicious” I said happily.
“We just want you to get well so that we can go back to school” Jake said
We shared a laugh happily.
Just then, the ward’s door throw open and my father together with Mr and Mrs Salvador walked in.
I f0rç£d a smile at them.
But I was really surprised.
“Good day ma’am” I greeted
Mona and Jake greeted them too.
Mrs Charlotte’s Salvador who was just clingy to her husband was so quiet.
They exchanged glances at each other getting me confused the more.
“Sir? Ma’am? Are you OK?” I asked anxiously
“My daughter….” Mrs Charlotte called me in tears and hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I stared at my friends in surprise.
I was short of words.
“Ma’am! Did you just call me your daughter?” I asked confused
“Why are you guys keeping her in the dark? Tell her the truth alre-ady” Father said.
“What truth? Where is mother and what’s going on?” I asked
“Yes Gracie! You are my daughter, our daughter….” Mr Sam said
I shook my head in disbelief.
“That’s not true! Right Mona? Am not a Salvador right Jake?” I asked
“Am confused too Gracie!” Mona whispered
“Father what’s going on? How am I their daughter? What about [email protected]?” I asked as Mrs Charlotte cried the more.
She quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“You both were SWITCHED” Father said as my jaw dropped.
[email protected] comes from the slums?” Gracie screamed out.
[email protected]’s Pov:
I sulked bitterly as I covered my head with the pillow.
Actually this is the third day I locked myself inside the room.
Those words kept ringing in my ears…. “[email protected] IS NOT THE REAL SALVADOR”.
I yelled angrily as I threw the flower vase.
And it broke into pieces.
I can never be a Montes…..
I can never come from the slums…..
I am [email protected] Salvador and no-one will take away my name.
I hate you so much Gracie….
You have stolen everything from me!
Gracie you will pay for this….
I looked around my room and tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
So all of this is not mine!
No! No!! I can never let Gracie take away all my right.
I can’t be a Montes.
I am not from the slums….
I gave out a thri-lling shout and the nanny rushed into my room.
“Miss [email protected]! Are you OK?” She asked anxiously
“Get out of my room right now” I yelled at her as she flin-ched and rushed off.
I bur-st into tears again.
I walked downstairs to the dinning.
Mommy and daddy was alre-ady eating at the dinning.
I sat quietly as I stared at their faces.
“Mom! What did the court say?” I asked
“Baby you are my daughter no matter what” mom said
“Dad plea-se don’t let me go back to the slums” I cried
[email protected] you are going back to your real parents very soon” Dad said
My jaw dropped…
“NO! I CAN NEVER GO TO THE SLUMS” I yelled as I rushed upstairs……
To be continued…..
See [email protected] ooh 😝
Abeg go back to the slums where you belong 😂
Who’s with me? 😁😁

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