sweet thorn episode 33

Sweet Thorn🩸
(Undesired) 🔞
By Authoress Tee✍️

★Chapter 33★
(Come save me, Master!)

★An Underground Building★

“Is this the face we are dealing with?” The man who happens to be the boss asked as he smoked and drank his liquor.

“Yes sir,” one of his men replied.

“Too bad for such a pretty face” he snickered, staring at the photo on his table.

“He sent the cash too, boss” the guy said and gestured to the direction where three boxes loaded with cash were brought in.

“Just my kind of client” the man chuckled menacingly.

“We are carrying out the operation tomorrow, get your men ready” he said in his dark sinister tone and the guy nodded before leaving.

The man returned his gaze to the picture and picked it up.

“Brace yourself little one, cause the ride is about to be a bumpy one” he smirked and puffed out large smokes from his mouth.

★Draco’s Mansion★

Draco is inside his bath while Lyra is scrubbing his back with a sponge slowly. She insisted on doing it.

“How come you’re still harsh to that innocent girl?” Lyra asked, still doing what she was doing.

“Never treated a pet nice” Draco replied in his husky tone.

“She must be a special one to have lived this long. You haven’t even given her a bite yet.” she said and he sensed the curiosity in her voice.

“Hmmm” he hummed in reply.

“She knows you’re not human right?” She muttered another question and he nodded.

“How is your health?” He asked, changing the intense topic.

“You finally remembered,” Lyra smiled sadly.

“I’ll be going back for the rituals to find the cure” she responded and he nodded slowly.

Lyra stopped scrubbing his back and Draco wondered why, but before he could turn towards her, she appeared inside the water and joined him with her revealing nightie.

Her body was too revealing and Draco didn’t seem pleased about it. He frowned instantly but she hugged him.

“Please don’t push me away” she muttered with pain that he didn’t even know when his hands lost it’s control, and started patting her hair.

“It’s so scary to suffer alone in silence with no one to turn to” she mumbled, sobbing on his neck.

“I thought you had Eileen with you” he said as he continued patting her hair and she broke the hug.

“But I want you, I want my husband to be by my side”

Her eyes glittered with so many desperate desires.

“I want you!” she whispered.

Draco opened his mouth slightly to talk but she quickly crashed her lips on his.

He didn’t feel surprised, instead he pulled her closer to his naked body and reprociated the kiss. Maybe caring for her a little won’t be a bad idea.

Pearl swallowed hard and walked away from the door slowly as she saw the scene.

She had actually come to call him for breakfast, which she told the maids she wanted to do by herself.

She didn’t see him in the bathroom and decided to check in the bathroom when she heard voices. The tiny space between the closed door made her able to see the hugging and kissing scene.

Her heart feels greatly scattered by what just transpired, but she doesn’t know why. She feels badly pained that she wasn’t the one that did all those things to him.

Draco had also sensed her presence and sighed.

★Blood Clan★
A Torture Room

Vince has numerous prisoners and he’s torturing one now. Unlike Draco who kills for a reason, he kills for pleasure. He derives joy in the smell of blood and taste of it.

“Nooo! Please!! Please!!! A man screamed loudly as Vince used a hot knife to draw lines on his body.

“The louder the screams, the more painful the torture gets” Vince said with a devilish smile.

He started writing his name on the man’s chest with the knife. The poor man tried enduring the pain, but it was useless to try.

“Stop! Please stop!! Ahhh!!!”

He sweated profusely as he screamed. His naked body was already filled with countless scars and wounds.

“What a fine work of art” Vince muttered and laughed wickedly.

He dropped the knife down and gave his men an intense look. They understood the look and carried the crying man and dipped him into a pool filled with only strong liquor.

“Arrgghh!!!” He screamed louder than ever because that was when the pain hotter than hell’s own was unleashed.

“Feed him and rest to my baby Crocs once you’re done” Vince gave his last order and walked out of the room with Daira by his side.

“Am in dire need of a screwing fuck and a pussy like yours should do the trick” he said with a cunning smile and pinned her to the wall.

Daira swallowed hard, remembering their last time together, she could barely walk out of his room.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared already” he smirked, rubbing her chin.

~The Next Day~

The smile on Pearl’s face was priceless as she recalled everything that just happened between her and Adonis. She also recalled how he loved the names she decided to call him, “Cute A and Adon”.

Her shoulder mistakenly brushed with someone’s and she quickly turned to apologize.

“Am sorry” she apologized and wanted to keep walking, but the person held her back which stopped her.

“You’re the one” the girl covered in a dark cloak said.

“The one?” Pearl stared at her confusingly.

For some reason, she felt this dark aura emitting from her.

“You have to save him” she muttered and let go of her.

She walked away before Pearl could say another word to her.

“Who wears such dark attires these days?”

“What a strange girl!” She mumbled and decided to keep walking.

She’s hugging the things Amber asked her to get while humming happily as she walked. She’s almost close to the company.

Out of nowhere a black car pulled up in front of her and a huge guy stepped out and grabbed her forcefully.

“Let go of me” she shouted, struggling to release herself from his tight grip.

“Drop me down! Help!! Help!!! She screamed as he carried her, but her screams were useless cause he dropped her inside the car before she could alert anyone.

They also made her black out before they drove off at a high speed.

★Global Group★

Draco sensed a danger signal from the mark on Pearl’s neck. He doesn’t know why he hardly gets her connection each time she goes out these days.

“Am here sir” Amber smiled as she walked in.

He actually called her.

“Where is Pearl?” He asked with his hands crossed at his back as he stared outside his glass.

“She… I” she stuttered, feeling scared of the aura emitting from him.

“I hate it when my replies comes in stutters” he frowned and turned his gaze to her.

Amber’s legs began shaking because of the cold aura.

“She went to get the things I asked her to” she replied with her head bent.

She didn’t know when Draco walked to her but all she felt was a deafening slap across her face.

She fell to the floor from the force.

“How dare you order her around?” He barked with his eyes burning in fury.

Amber couldn’t say a word again, instead she teared up.

“You better hope not even a hair on her skin is pulled out or I’ll rip you apart with my bare hands” he said coldly and walked out of his office.

Amber gritted her with so much pain and hatred running through her. She stared at her phone in her hands and a devilish smirk appeared on her face.

★A Hidden Place★

“Time to wake up sleeping beauty” a man chuckled and poured the chained Pearl a pail of cold water.

She woke up immediately and started shivering because of the wetness of her body.

“Hi cutie” the boss smiled, bending to her level.

Her sight felt blurry and heavy but it was slowly fading to see them a little.

“Oh my! Are you shivering?” He gasped, feigning pity.

“The truth is that I love wet puppies the most”.

Pearl looked up to see the devilish grin on his face as he caressed her visible thighs. She tried shifting because of the irritation she felt and he chuckled.

“Sir, the main boss is here” one of his men told him and he rose up.

“I’ll leave you to your misery then my wet puppy” he winked and they left.

Pearl swallowed hard with fear from his last words.

Her heartbeats could be heard as she trembled with great fear. She kept wondering who this boss might be.

“How long has it been dear Pearl?” A dark sinister tone said, walking out of the thick darkness with a devilish smile.

Her eyes and mouth went open from the shock of seeing the person who stood before her.

She just had one prayer in her pounding heart.

“Please come save me, Master!”.