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Susan episode 5 & 6

💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??)💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 💜💜
Chapter 5
🎗️ Bianca’s pov 🎗️
“Mum, mum, mum, am tired of this” I said rushing into the house, with mum smoking a cigarette as usual, I wasn’t surprised at all.
“Tired of what Bianca?” She asked still focusing on the cigarette…
” Being rejected by Daniel mum, he doesn’t even love me” I said
“But you do right? ” She asked
” Of course I do” I replied
” Then be useful for once and make him like you” she said still smoking, I angrily yanked the cigarette off her mouth stepping on it.
“Why the hell do you do that Bianca?” She yelled
” Because am tired of your behavior mum, you’re pissing me off, do you think it’s as easy as the way you say it? Love isn’t something you can force on someone” she said angrily.
” Common Baby, make use of your brain.. you got the charm and everything. At least for once in your lifetime, be useful” she said angering me up…
” Mum, what’s wrong with you?? Why can’t you just act like a responsible mother for once, to me” I said
” Because you’re are an irresponsible child Bianca, come to think of it, have you ever made me proud? You’ve never had good grades both in highschool and college. You didn’t even graduate from college” she said…
” And so mother, not like I care” I said and she chuckled angrily.
“I care Bianca, you’re my daughter, the only one I care about and have in this world. That woman Mrs Darius, saw you helpless and liked you and also decided how perfect you are for her son. Aren’t you tired of living in poverty” she said and I nodded
” I am mum” I replied…
” Then make momma proud Bianca, make him like you” mother said touching my face giving me a smile. I nodded smiling back at her.
“I’ll mother, I’ll make you proud” I replied
” That’s my girl” she said walking in.
Jeez, jeez, jeez!!! Am screwed.
Well I know am in love with Daniel, but all my tactics on him isn’t working,I’m tired of trying aimlessly,I he’st too hard hearted…
But I just have to do this, for me and mum also.
Probably she would be proud of me this time.
🎍 Susan’s pov 🎍
“Hey” a voice called and I looked up at the person with teary eyes. I shook at the person I saw, it’s Daniel according to Britney, what is he doing here, to yell at me or give me another episode of insults??
I wiped my tears with my hands before standing up to face him. Hmm, I wish I have the gift he has, to see stuff.
“May I help you?” I asked trying to sound polite.
“Uhmm..I guess you’re are the lady I saw some hours ago” he said and I nodded
” Why are you here? This is a deserted area, you might get hurt or something” he said. If only he knew the mess am in. Why does he even care.
“I won’t get harmed, please leave me alone, why do you even care about me?” I asked anxiously and he chuckled
” I don’t care lady, am just trying to be nice and you’re acting all rude” he said
” Rude you say?? The last time I checked, you were the one throwing horrible insults at me, just because I walked into your company” I said
” Just?? If you’re expecting an apology, you won’t get any from me” he said
” I wasn’t asking for one”I replied and he chuckled
” So tell me, what are you doing here? Don’t you have a home?” He asked and unconsciously, the tears started flowing down my eyes
“I wish I had” I replied
“Wait, are you crying?” He asked looking closely at him
” No, am not” I replied wiping the tears off my face.
“Come with me” he said
“What??” I said
“I said come with me” he said and I stared at him, he’s just too rude for my liking, I hate this kind of people even if he’s the first I can remember meeting.
“Fine” I said following him, we got to his vehicle which he leaned on, I only followed suit
“So what do you want to tell me?” I asked.
“Am Daniel and you’re?” He said
” Susan” I replied and he smiled
“Nice name” he said
“Thanks” I replied
“So could you tell me about you” he said and I became sad and confused. I don’t even remember anything about myself, what am I gonna tell him, that am a wanderer? That am not in my mortal body??
“You can trust me” he said after I refused to reply him
“I don’t know who I am, I don’t remember anything, I don’t even know how I got here” I replied
” Really??” he asked and I nodded…
“But how do you know your name?” He asked
“I don’t even know” I replied…
“Well, I understand your pain, but can’t you remember even a thing, wt least about your family and their whereabouts” he said and I kinda got pissed up.
” Well I told you I don’t remember anything, anything including that” I said angrily
” Hey chill” he said
” Do do you have anywhere to stay, to at least change your clothes and leave a more comfortable life, maybe you may remember something by that” he said
” I don’t know anyone, am more than hopeless, am more of a lunatic, a confused one at that, what kind of life is this?” I said sadly and his looks softened a bit
“Well I can’t believe am saying this, but I don’t know if you’ll mind, but you could come live with me for sometime, maybe you’ll remember as time goes by” he said
” no thank you, I’ll probably be an inconvenience” I said.
” No Susan, well it would be really bad of me, to meet someone In your condition and not offer any help to the person” he said….
Jeez!! This is a really tough decision for me to make
“Go Susan” I heard Britney whispered beside me. What?? I thought she was gone for good. What is she doing? Won’t Daniel see her?
“He can’t see me” she said like she was reading my mind..
” Trust me” he added…
🎋 Daniel’s pov 🎋
I can’t believe what I just did now. I just told a stranger to come live with me in my own house, I don’t even know anything about her, what if she’s a thief, murderer or something more.
I stared at her sitting at the right corner as I drove, she looks so beautiful, innocent and helpless, my mind couldn’t just ignore her, i felt moved to help her…….
“Would why don’t we start this off by getting you some clothes” I said and she nodded
” Thanks, but please I won’t be stepping down” she said
“But why?” I asked…
” Am dressed stupidly” she said and I laughed
“Yh you’re right, but how would I know your size?” I asked and she sighed..
” Oh just check your cloth label” I suggested and she did and told me her size.
What the hell is wrong with me???, First I told her to come stay in my house, then I told her to stay in my car, what about the press?? and now am going into the mall to get a lady some clothes, I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, am going crazy, what the heck am I doing.???
✨ Susan’s pov ✨
Daniel had dropped down and walked into the mall, I was left in his car, it would be so stupid if he walks with me to the mall talking to me with no one seeing me except him.
I was still in his car when Britney appeared to me.
“Hey, am glad you’re back, I thought you were gone for good” I said
“No, It was just the memory that came back” she replied
Hmm?? I wonder what memory she’s all about, I also can’t ask her, so I won’t upset like before…
“Daniel is going to get clothes for me, would I be only to wear them?” I asked
” Uhmm…. I think so” she replied smiling there was some moments of silence between us before she talked…
“Uhmm… Susan, I know why you wondered here” she said and my anxiety arouse


💚Mrs Adams’s pov 💚
📞Yes📞 I said picking the call from our home landline phone..
📞 Please am I speaking to miss Susan Adams? 📞 The person asked
📞 No, Am Mrs Adams, her mother 📞I replied
📞 Please can you hand over the phone to her? 📞He requested..
📞Am sorry, she can’t📞 I replied sadly
📞 Sorry to ask, may I know why please? 📞He said
📞She had an accident and now she’s in coma, you can tell me if you don’t mind📞 I said trying my possible best not to break down on the floor crying
📞Ohh, sorry about that ma’am, i think I should tell you📞 he said
📞 Okay 📞 I replied
📞Am calling on behalf on A.D Enterprise, where your daughter works📞 he said and I nodded like he was seeing me.
📞Well, am sorry to tell you that Miss Susan has been dismissed from her duties📞he said releasing the bombshell
📞Why, if I may ask📞I replied in sadness
📞Well, our boss was angry about her absence at work without giving any excuse or calling in absent, so he decided to back her, since she knew the rule📞 he said
📞But he could have at least found out what was going on, it was uncalled, we never knew it was gonna happen 📞 I said defensively
📞Well, Mr Stephen is a hot tempered man. We suggested that, but he just went ahead with the sack procedures saying miss Susan is a setback to the company 📞he said
📞Ohh📞I said
📞Yes ma’am, I have to go now, I wish your daughter a safe recovery 📞 he said hanging up.
That boss of Susan is just so heartless, how am I going to pay the bills for the treatment on Susan. The money I get from my bakery business can hardly sustain us talk more of paying for the hospital bills, I was hoping that the money Susan was going to be paid for this month is what I would use to cover up the bills, bit I guess I was all wrong, things are just getting harder on me. I guess I have to put more effort on baking.
I was back at the hospital again in Susan’s room, the only reason I went home was to freshen which was the doctor’s persuasion. If not I wouldn’t leave her side until she wakes up. The only reason I have to do that now Is only because of the bills…
I stared at my daughter, she still layed on the bed like she has been from the beginning with life supporting machines all around her.
I held her hand, it was as cold as ice.
“Susan, you have to wake up, things are getting really hard on me, challenges are rising again, I need you so we can overcome this together. Remember you told me. ‘we are in this together’ I can never forget those words of yours, and I know you mean, I know you wouldn’t leave me, I believe in you okay??, Please wake up soon darling” I pleaded with her. How I just wished she could hear all I’m saying and just come back to me like nothing ever happened.
I wiped my tears picking the incoming call from my phone……
🍍 Susan’s pov 🍍
“I know why you wandered here” Britney said making me anxious, I wanted to reply when I felt a throbbing pain in my head.
“Ouch…” I yelled wincing in pain trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
“Are you okay Susan?” Britney asked with a concerned look.
“I don’t know, my head aches so much” I said In pain holding my head
Britney tried touching me, but I flinched, I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.
“What’s wrong Suzy? Try calming down okay” she said staring at me.
” I can hear that voice again” I said in pain.
“What voice?” She asked staring at me
“That voice, crying and begging me to come back, I don’t know why it hurts this much” I replied
” Oh I understand, just try to calm down okay, it would be gone soon, it seems your body is responding pretty well to treatment for you to feel pain this much. It means you have less time here to complete your mission” she said
” What mission? ” I asked still in pains
She was about talking when we sighted Daniel approaching…
“Bye” she said disappearing immediately
“Wait…” I tried saying, but she was far gone already. …
Jeez, what kind of pain is this
I was still trying to recover myself when Daniel opened the door handing the bags he had with him to me…
He was about driving away when he saw my present mood.
“Are you okay” he asked calmly, didn’t Know he could be this calm.
” Yh I am” I lied.
“Do you have to lie?” He replied
“What do you mean?” I asked pretending not to understand.
” Something is definitely wrong with you” he replied not looking at me focussing on the road.
” It’s just a simple headache” I replied finally giving into the truth
” You could have just said so Instead of beating around the bush. Why don’t I take you to the hospital, you know since you don’t really know where you are from, and you’ve been walking around, intruding, and so on, the doctor has to do some check up on you to know if you’re physically fit and also mentally, since you can remember anything” he said and my heart is skipped a beat
” No” I replied quite loud and he chuckled.
“Why? Are you scared of hospitals?” He asked
“No..I mean am kinda allergic to hospital, not that I’m scared” I replied
” I thought you said you don’t remember anything, so how the hell do you know you’re allergic to hospital?” He said raising his tone.
” Well..I..
“Better not be lying to me Susan, if not, I wouldn’t hesitate handing you to the police” he said angrily and I swallowed, why is he even angry..
“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” He asked rudely and I nodded positively…
I wonder why he is so angry at what I said
🍈Mrs Williams’s pov🍈
“Hi Mrs Darius” I greeted as soon as I walked into the cafe shop I invited Mrs Darius to come to…
“Hi” she replied looking happy to see me
“Well, am sorry for inconveniencing you, I just wanted us to talk about something Important” i said
” No problem” she replied still smiling
” Well I just wanted to talk about my daughter and your son” I said and her mood lightened.
” Yes, I was also planning to talk to you about them”she replied
” Do you really think Bianca is perfect for Daniel?” I asked
“Of course, Bianca is a very beautiful, nice and decent girl. What more do I need. She’s the perfect woman for Daniel” she replied happily…. Yh, that’s what I want to hear.
” Since the two are delaying themselves, why don’t we help them build up their relationship” I said
” That’s a good idea, but how?” She asked
” Uhmm…. I will thinking, maybe we could, you know set up an engagement party for them unexpectedly” I said and she stared at me weirdly and waited for some moment before answering me with a radiant smile on her face giving me a relief.
“Wow, that’s a great idea, i can’t believe I never thought of that” she said happily and I smiled at my intelligence, am so good at this.
“So when can we go on with the plans” I asked smiling at my little victory.
“As Soon as Daniel’s Dad agrees to this. Which I know he would gladly accept” she said happily…
She Really likes Bianca, she doesn’t know who Bianca is and how useless of a daughter she is too me, if not, she definitely won’t speak so highly of her.
Well who cares, as far as Bianca and Daniel get married….
🍒 Susan’s pov 🍒
We got to his house, it was so huge and beautiful, well I can say he has taste, I can’t believe only a person would live in such a big house, isn’t it too much?
I stared at him as he parked the vehicle, he was still wearing that angry look,I wonder if it’s because I refused to go to the hospital.
He steeped down without saying anything to me, I took the bags of clothes he bought for me and followed behind him.
He walked in without closing the door, so I had to do it, at least I can still eat and feel objects.
“Uhmm, Mr Daniel please wait” i called trying not to upset him by calling him by his name.
“Just call me Daniel” he replied
“Okay,I ….
” No questions for now, just follow me” he said and I did as he instructed.
I followed him up the stairs till we got to the door of a room which he stopped in front of…
“This would be your room as you stay here” he said preparing to walk away
” Thank you” I said but he gave no reply rather he just walked away
hmm, I wonder why he behaves like that…
I opened the door and wasn’t surprised to see Britney sitting on the bed…
The room was beautiful and classic…
“Is he always like that” I asked lowering my voice so he wouldn’t hear me and think am talking to myself…..
“No, not really, situation changed him” she said
“What situation??” I asked confused
” That’s a story for another day, back to what i wanted to tell you back in the vehicle” she said
” Yes” I replied anxiously
” You’re here for two reasons but I’ll tell you one for now, you’ll find out the other yourself as the day goes by” she said
” Okay, just tell me already” I replied
” You’re here to help me expose my killer” she said and I gasped
” You were killed?” I asked surprised, who would want to kill a girl as sweet as this?
“Yes, by my own sister” she replied sadly
“Your sister?” I asked still surprised
“Yes my step sister” she replied with her eyes turning red
‘jeez how come??’


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