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Susan episode 24 & 25

💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??)💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 🌼🌸🌸🌸🌼
Chapter 24
1 day later
💮 Susan’s pov 💮
“Susan we need to talk” Britney said appearing in front of me, she looked pale than before and her skin tone seems faded already.
“Are you okay” I asked and he nodded positively
“You don’t look okay” I replied
“I know Susan, that’s why am here to talk to you, it’s really important” she said sadly
” You look sad, you should be happy, your murder perpetuator had been caught, to be brought to bench over Morrow, I know you never wanted to be like this at this young age, but at least Britney, you should be happy” I said weakly.
” I know I should be happy, right from the time I met you and discovered you could see me, I felt you were a special person, I knew you were the one who could help me out with this, and fortunately you did. Am more than happy about that and I would forever be grateful Susan, how I just wish I met you when I was alive, then I bet, we would be best of friends.” She said and I smiled at her
” No need to say all that Britney, it was my duty and indebtedness. I must say how much am fulfilled about it,you don’t have to be sad okay, the thing is that, I just wish you never died” I said and I could see the tears gathered in her eyes
” I know Susan but I can’t. Right now, am more than sad cause I feel really selfish” she replied
” Why would you even feel selfish” I asked
” I have to Susan, it’s because of me your own sister is in jail and also your mum was shot all because of me. Don’t you think that’s enough reason for me to cause the world?” She said
” If it’s about that Britney, it’s not your fault, Bianca got what she deserved, she was never repentant, well all medical report had already proved we’re related, but I can’t find myself loving her, I feel this strong enmity between us, and I hope it doesn’t fade away. As for mum, I don’t think you should be really worried about her,besides she is okay already, it was a weak bullet that didn’t touch her bones, so Britney, cheer up” I said to her and she finally smiled.
” You don’t know how much those words mean to me, I thought you were going to hate me forever and probably regret helping me” she said
” That can never happen Britney, no matter your offence against me, I’ve told you before, I feel more than fulfilled accomplishing this mission” I said
” Thanks Susan, I love you so so much, and I’ll always be somewhere protecting you from evil at Ireland or wherever you go to. For now, take care of yourself and also take care of Daniel ” she said in a mixed emotion, and this time, her skin was getting more faded, I quickly stood up from the rock I was sitting on, actually I was in the hospital premises because of my mum.
“What’s wrong Britney, you don’t look okay” I said and tears flowed from her eyes.
” Am sorry Susan, my time is up, this would be the last time you’ll see or hear from, but still remember, I’m somewhere with God, watching over you” she said and I felt really sad and down casted.
” No Britney, why can’t you just stay with me, you could be my invisible friend, please Britney Don’t go away from me” I said in tears.
” Please don’t cry Susan you’re making feel bad about this. I also wish to stay so we could be friends and do alot of stuff even if am invisible to every other person except you, but Susan, imy mortal body has already been buried 6 feet under the ground 11 months ago. It’s more than impossible, all my system and skin cell are Dead already, I wish I could stay, but my life had already been cut short. Bye Suzy, always remember, I love you so much, you are the sister I’ve always wanted, and am glad I crossed paths with you” she said fading away the more, I couldn’t control the tears flowing from my eyes again.
“I love you too Britney” I said with tears.
” I hope we meet in the next life suzy” she said, I wanted to rush to hug her but suddenly she vanished into thin air, forever, I can never see her again, this is the end.
I was still trying to control my tears all to no avail when I heard a voice from behind me.
“I’ve been looking all over for you Susan, and. Am glad I finally found you, you won’t be running away this time” the person said, I was white scared at his words, but that voice sounds a little familiar.
I quickly try to wipe the tears on my face, and then turned to see who it was, and it was Daniel. ..
Jeez!!, How did he find me, I never wanted to talk to him till I leave for Ireland.
“What are you doing here Daniel, how many times have I told you I don’t want to talk to you” I said in a weak voice and he strained his eyes at me.
” Twice, wait were you crying?” He asked
“No” I replied
“I know you’re lying but it seems you don’t wanna talk about it, so I won’t bother you about that, besides I thought you were with someone cause I heard you speaking in a voice I couldn’t understand” he said.
” That’s just your imagination Daniel, I need to go” I said trying to walk away from him but he held me back.
“Wait Susan, can we talk?” He asked
“Yh whatever, just make it snappy, my mum has been alone for a while she might be expecting me already” I said
” You don’t have to bother about that, I’ve checked on her, and I told her you were with me, she seems fine about it. And also, the doctor told me she can be discharged tonight if you don’t mind, she has recovered already” he said smiling
Wow!! I can’t believe he is smiling genuinely, this is the first time I’m seeing him doing that. But who cares anyway.
“Wait how dare you go see my mum without my permission” I said trying to feign annoyance
” Well you never told me I couldn’t see her, besides, your mum is really a nice person and I couldn’t resist visiting her. Tell me Susan, why did you and Ricardo reject the price money?” He asked staring at me weirdly. I should be offended but I wasn’t.
“Well, that’s because we did it whole heartedly and not for the price money or whatever. Don’t tell me that’s what you want to talk about” I replied
” No Susan, I actually came here to talk about something more important” he said putting on his serious face.
” Am listening” I replied
“First Susan, I would like to apologise for being rude to you, am sorry, so so sorry, forgive me Susan, it wasn’t my intention” he said, I was surprised but decided to act like I wasn’t.
” It’s okay Daniel, no need to apologise” I said
” No, I need to, we were never in good terms, even though we lived in the same house for a month, I think we should start all over again” he said and I bursted into laughter.
” Don’t tell me you’re doing this only because I uncovered the mystery behind Britney’s death” I said
” No Susan, why would I do such a thing, I feel insulted by that” he said raising his voice.
” Okay am sorry, but chill, we’re in the hospital premises” I said
” The reason I’m saying this is because, am realizing that what you said long time ago is true, I turned into a monster that I’m not. When I heard about Britney’s death bring uncovered and the person behind it, I realized something” he said
” What’s that Daniel?” I asked anxiously
“I realized that, acting in that way wont bring Britney back in anyway, am only being the one at loss here, yh, I lost her, and she was someone so important to me, but there’s no way I can bring her back she’s long gone already, I hope at least you can understand” he said
” I understand Daniel, and I’m glad you took that step, am sure she’s happy about it wherever she is now, am so happy for you Daniel” I said
” Thanks Susan, so are we good now? ” He asked
” Of course we are” Ireland
” A hug? ” He requested stretching his hands in for an embrace and I took it……….
Wow… People do change suddenly and am glad for him cause he took the right turn.
2 days later 🌼🌼🌼
Mum has already been discharged from the hospital, and we rented a little house for two weeks, before we go back to Ireland. I was walking to the kitchen when mum called my attention.
“Mum, you called for me” I said sitting beside her on the couch, she was wearing that sad look, I’ve noticed she hasn’t been really happy, and I think I can relate it to something.
“Susan, tomorrow is your sister’s court case, and still you haven’t accepted her as your sister” mum said
” Mum, I agree she’s my sister, but I don’t want to be anything to that girl”I said
” I understand hunny, but you know, you can’t change such fact, she’s sorry for everything and wants to see you, please Susan, accept her for my sake” she said going down on her knees but I was able to stop her.
“No mum, you don’t have to do that, for your sake I’ll go see her today” I said
” Wow!! Thanks sweetie, please can we go now?” I asked
” Of course we can, besides you can come with me” I said
” Thanks Susan, you don’t know how much you two reunion is going to mean to me” she said and u nodded smiling rushing in to go change my cloths.
1 hour later💛💛💛
At the station 💎💎
“Good day sir, we are here to see Bianca Williams” I said to one of the cops
” Ok miss, come with me” he said and mum and I trailed behind him
“You can stay here, I’ll go get miss Bianca” he said and we took the seat close to us…..
In four minutes times they were out with Bianca looking down at her feet, till she got to us , taking the seat opposite us.
There was silence between us for a while before I cleared my throat and she finally looked up at us.
“Thanks for coming Susan” she said sadly but I just kept mute.
“Mum, am sorry” she said in tears and mum moved to sit beside her holding her closely
“It’s okay hunny, I’ve told you before, you don’t need to apologise for anything, I agree it’s not your fault, it’s just that woman fault and I promise she wouldn’t enjoy peace wherever she is from doing this to you, you don’t have to to cry Bianca, am here for you, this is not the end of life”Mum said to her.
” Mum you have no idea of the stigmatization am going to face if I eventually come out from this hell hole” she said sadly
” That’s why I said am here for you, infact Susan is also here for you, we’re family right?” Mum said and the both stared at me, I moved to sit at the other side of Bianca holding her hands…
“Yes, we’re families” I replied smiling.
“Thanks Susan, I hope you forgive me from your heart” she said
” Of course Bianca, we are sisters right, and sisters stick together forever” i said and she smiled genuinely.
” Thanks, I love you sis” she said
“I love you too big sis” I said and she chuckled and we both hugged each other, mum also joined in the hug, we were in that position until we heard a man clear his voice, it was the warder.
“Sorry for interrupting, but your time is up” he said
“Thank you” I said to him and he held Bianca by her hands
” Bye mum, sis” she said
“Don’t worry Bianca, we’re in this together” I said and she smiled before she was taken away by the warder.
I looked down at mum and there was tears in her eyes….
“Common mum, am here okay” I said and she nodded positively
” Am happy about that hunny, thanks for making it up with your sister” she said
” anything to make you happy mum, beside I was going to that sooner. Why don’t I treat you for dinner to cheer you up” I said and she finally smiled
” I love that idea” she replied happily
Chapter 25
Narration ❣️❣️💚
At the prime Minister’s Mansion (Mr Williams) ☀️☀️☀️
Ricardo and Mr Williams, Britney’s dad, are both in the mini office having a conversation.
Ricardo: Sir, the court case is in the next two hours and you need to be there
Mr Williams: I know son, I have to tell you this cause am tired of keeping this to myself, and it’s like you’re the only one I can actually trust since Britney’s departure.
Ricardo: go ahead sir, you can tell me anything, am all ears
Mr Williams: you see, it pains my heart deeply to have lost my jewel, Britney, at such a tender age.
Ricardo: I understand
Mr Williams: I don’t think you do, but what pains me the most is that it was done by Bianca, Britney’s step sister, they literally grew up together, did a lot of stuff together, then why suddenly would she have thought of doing that to Britney? I gave her everything she wanted, I treated her just the way I treated both my kids, but she has to pay me back this roughly when she knew am still trying to recover from my wife’s death….
Mr Williams said in pain, Ricardo only sighed not knowing what to say.
Ricardo: well sir, I’ve learned a lot of things from this story
Mr Williams: and what would that be?
Ricardo: I learned that, not everyone you care for is actually genuine to you. Some loves you, some hates you for no reason, some wants to see your downfall, some can even kill just to get what you have. And I think that’s the case of Bianca here, she just wanted to be like Britney, when was never satisfied.
Mr Williams: but that’s greed, she should at least learn to appreciate what she had, maybe then, I’ll still be happy with my daughter beside me.
Ricardo:well I blame her and I also don’t blame her
Mr Williams: why do you say so?
Ricardo: I don’t blame her because she was wrongly brought up due to the fact that she wasn’t with her real family and I blame her because she should at least be able to know what’s right from wrong.
Mr Williams: you’re right son, I do feel pity for her, but at least she has to suffer for what she did, for taking my own daughter’s life, for making me a weak man. The least I can do is to reduce her jail term, maybe by the time she’s out, ehe would learn her punishment.
Ricardo:hmm!! Sir you have a gold heart to even do that, I wish to be like you.
Mr Williams: actually that’s not it. A popular saying says ‘only a man without sin should be the one to cast the stone’ we are all unclean, but still she still deserves to pay for what she did, no one deserves to take another person’s life, that’s how just life is.
Ricardo: I’ve learned a lot sir, and I hope I can be able to judge based on that, now I think we should go to the court and probably talk to the judge based on your decision.
Mr Williams: okay, we should leave now.
💝 Daniel’s pov💝
“Hmm, what are you thinking about now brother, Bianca?” Toria asked snapping me out of my thought.
” Hey, I don’t want to hear that name anymore in this house, except you want to go back to live with mum and dad who won’t let you be” I threatened
” No way, okay, I promise I won’t mention Bianca’s name in this house anymore in this house, cause you dislike Bianca and don’t want to have anything to do with Bianca again” she said pissing me the more, but I just decided to sweep it off by rolling my eyes at her
“I think it’s high time you talk to mum, she’s deeply worried about you” she said
” Look Toria, don’t tell me anything that has to do with mum for now” I replied
” Stop it Daniel, why are you behaving so adamant” she said.
“That’s because, the woman mum almost made me marry at all cost was actually the murderer we’ve all been looking for, can you see, mum needs to learn that we are old enough to make our decision ourselves and giving her this treatment is would make her realize how wrong she is forcing her policies on us. Am also doing this for you Toria, cause very soon, mum’s gonna shift all her focus to you” I said
” Ohh, I understand, but please, don’t make this too long, so mum wouldn’t fall sick or anything” Shee said
” Of course, I know what I’m doing Toria” I replied
“Aren’t you going to for the court case?” She asked
“Of course am going, but just for Susan’s sake” I said
” Really?” She said winking at me
” Yes Toria, don’t even go there, there is nothing between us” I quickly said to cover up.
” I never asked brother” she said chuckling
” Gosh, you’re crazy” I said
” Of course am always the crazy one, so now tell me the truth” she said
” There’s no truth to tell Toria, I only like her as a friend” I replied
“I know that look , common tell me, for your information, I totally support Susan for you” she said angering me
” Get out Toria, I need to go somewhere important” I said standing up to go get my car keys to leave for the court. Also I just wanted to escape Toria’s question, cause I really don’t know how to answer them for now…..
At the court 👨🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️🌺🌺🌺🌺
🏵️ Susan’s pov 🏵️
We were all seated waiting for the judge to arrive, I was stylishly looking out for Daniel, he promised to be here, I wonder why he isn’t here on time, I hope he still comes, cause he’s the only one that can keep me strong to console mum on Bianca’s Fate. Right now, I mist admit how guilty I feel for ratting out Bianca, I can’t believe she was the sister I always wished never died all night, and now she’s going to jail, indirectly because of me. Yet still, I do feel happy that I was able to grant Britney her wish, I just hope she’s happy wherever she is. Am also glad Bianca doesn’t blame me for her being in jail. At least I’m not against justice in this.
I was still sitting beside mum waiting patiently for the judge when my phone buzzed, it was a message from Daniel
💬 Hey Susan, am here already,just don’t wanna draw attention by walking to the front, neither do I want to seat on the VIP seats cause am here for you, see you immediately thr case is over. Xo:
Well now am better, I thought he was going to ditch me.
After waiting for the time to arrive, the judge finally arrived just on time…………………
“As we all know, that our honorable prime minister of our prestigious country lost his daughter to the cold arms of death by poisoning” the judge said taking a deep breath, it was then I knew that there was no hope, what was I even thinking, Bianca committed murder.
“5 months ago, we all agreed that it was a case of sucide. But right now, am sure everyone of us here know it wasn’t. Miss Bianca Williams standing at the bench there has been charged guilty for poisoning her own step sister, guilty or not?” The judge asked staring at Bianca.
” Guilty” she replied
“According to our constitution, anyone who commits homicide is entitled to 25 years imprisonment, but due to the intervention of the prime Minister who urged us on this case, your sentence would be reduced by 15 years, so miss Bianca Williams Ariana, you’re here by sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, arise,” the judge said walking out out
I stared at her with pain, it’s a shame, but she had to face this at least it’s little.
“Mum, don’t cry okay, it’s not that much as you think, in a wink of an eye she would be out okay, if you want to be close to her, then we could move over here” I said to cheer up mum.
” Why can’t they take me instead Susan” she said in tears
“No mum, they can’t, please stop crying mum, you’re hurting me too, I’ll stary crying if you don’t stop” I said
” It’s okay Susan am not crying anymore” she said
” Okay mum, let’s go for today, early tomorrow we’ll be here okay” I said and she nodded


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