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Susan episode 13 & 14

💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??)💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 🌺🌸🌸
Chapter 13
Ireland 💛❤️
💜Mrs Adams’s pov continues 💜
“Do her parents know she’s not their real child? ” I asked
” Yes, it was only the man, he even paid is for it, since they’ve been struggling for a child for many years, but am not sure if he told his wife” she said still sobbing
How will I live with the guilt that I have a child somewhere in this world, not knowing if she’s dead or alive, suffering or happy, this is just so confusing…..
“Am sorry Clara, but I was threatened with my whole family, they even offered me money, but I declined it, to show you how guilty I felt, I swear, if I could stop them, I would have done that” she said in tears
” It’s okay Pam, it’s not your fault, there is no hope to ever find her”I said
” No, there’s hope, she’s a brunette like Susan but brown eyes and she has a dark birth mark on her right arm. I guess you’re right there’s no hope indeed, there w millions of blondes with brown eyes out there and also thousands of them with a birthmark on their arms. Am sorry Clara, I wished I was able to stop them” she said sadly
” It’s okay Pamela, all we should be worried about now is your health, you’re in great danger” I said and she nodded
” I know, but my happiness is that am free with everyone, my children, husband, parents, friends especially you, that’s if you’ve forgiven me” she said
” There’s nothing here to forgive about, you were just doing what anyone would do including me, I don’t hold anything against you, and I hope the doctors report against you would work out in a good way for you, thanks for telling me this Pamela” I said gesturing for a hug……
I was beyond sad, and now am feeling negative about Susan in Canada, I hope she’s okay wherever she is
Canada 🧡🧡💞
💖 Susan’s pov 💖
It’s another day staying here in Canada, it’s such a great place, but I have to get to work….
I just hope am not recognized as an imposter or something else implicating.
I was dressed all black, black top, pants, jacket, boots, glasses and a face cap… I was really looking like a secret agent, no one should suspect anything fishy…
“Are you ready Susan?” Britney asked looking nervous
” Am ready”I replied smiling
” Thanks Susan” she said and I nodded
I boarded a cab to the prime Minister’s house…. It wasn’t an easy task, cause from the first gate down to the last leading to the house, gosh!! This security system is crazy, this is like a suicide mission….
I finally dropped down from the cab which parked at the parking lot cause I boarded it for the whole day with the little money I had.
I was searched with certain devices before they finally let me in…
I was taken to the main sitting room, it was indeed a prime Minister’s house……..
“Good day ma’am, am Samuel, I am assigned by the boss to attend to people like you, you’re welcome, please what’s your mission here” a guy in suit said, I swallowed before replying him
” Am Susan, as you can see am a secret agent assigned to the case of miss Britney’s death” I said and he took down the note..
” Am sorry Miss, but Mr Williams has offered any case related to Miss Britney’s death” he said confusing me
” But why? ” I asked
” He loved Miss Britney so much, and her death brought him a great heartbreak, he was so determined to find her murderer and take him or her behind bars, bit since no one could do that, but only kept bringing memories, he stopped her case” he explained
” Look Mister Samuel, am good at my job, and I assure you, I would expose the murderer in one week time” I said
” Well miss, you seem confident and I have no say in this, except you wait to talk to the boss” he said
” Of course I will” I said
” Okay he’ll be back by 3pm today, can you wait?” He asked
“Of course, it’s my duty” I replied reluctantly
“What should we offer you?” He asked
“Am fine for now” I replied
“Okay Miss” he replied walking away……..
Jeez!! It’s just 10:52 pm, and am gonna wait here till 3:00
💕 Daniel’s pov 💕
Never in my life would I help any fucking bitch, no matter the condition they’re in. Girls are crazy and ungrateful especially Susan. I broke my rules because of her, only for her to deny me like she haven’t seen me in her entire life.
I fed her, clothed her and helped her stupid life, only for her to deny me in return, I knew she was crazy from the beginning, and the most annoying part is that my sister is always on her side…..
“What are you thinking about brother?” Victoria asked snapping me out of my thoughts….
” Nothing” I replied, I was still angered by yesterday’s incident.
“Common Dan, you promised there would be no secret between you and your baby sister” she said smiling
” Fine, I saw Susan yesterday” I said
” What??? You’ve found her? How is she? Is she okay? ” She asked
” I guess she is, but she totally denied knowing me” I replied
” What?? Why? ” She asked
” I don’t know, probably because she’s crazy, ungrateful and a snub” I said….
There was silence between the both of us before she finally replied….
“Was she rude to you?” She asked
“No, I was actually the rude one, I wasn’t meaning to do so, but when she denied me, I was totally furious” I replied and she sighed
” Maybe there’s a reason for her to do that, she can’t just deny you like that. Probably now that you know she’s safe and she’s here in Canada, you should probably find her and talk with her like a gentleman would” Toria said, I was about to reply when my phone begin to ring…
I checked the caller and it was mum..
📲Hey mum
📲 Daniel, what the hell happened between you and Bianca today?
📲Mum, it’s nothing, I just told her my mind
📲Daniel, how many time have I told you, to Learn to tolerate her, she’s the perfect girl for you
📲You’re really wrong mum, I don’t want to see that girl near me, I don’t want to have anything to do with her, can’t you just understand me for this once?
📲I don’t care, she’s the best girl for you, now come over and apologise to her now…
📲Am sorry mother, but am not coming
📲 Daniel
📲Bye mum
I said hanging up the call…
“Uhmm so what were we saying?” Victoria asked
“Am not in the mood to talk Toria, later” I said standing up, walking to my room upstairs with a cup of wine in my hand………
🍋 Susan’s pov 🍋
“Miss, the boss said you can come to his office upstairs, please follow me” a maid said
” Okay thank you” I said following her to Britney’s Dad office
“You can go in Miss” she said and I nodded….
I knocked the door for like three times before I was told to come in …
“Good day sir” I greeted as I got in
“Good day” he replied looking serious… Jeez!! His face isn’t encouraging a bit, am freaking out already…
🖤 Unknown pov🖤
Instead of going back to my duties, I stayed to eavesdrop at what that secret agent lady had to stay, I have to pay attention at people like her……
I eavesdropped for like 15 minutes and it was then I discovered she was here on the account of Britney’s death..
She’s here to expose the murderer, or no, I need to call Bianca…….
Chapter 14
♠️ Bianca’s pov♠️
“Excuse me ma’am, I have to take this call” I said
“It’s fine” she replied and I quickly rushed out to take the call
“Hey Cathrine, what’s up?” I asked
“I think there’s something you have to know now” she said
” Okay, tell me ” I replied
” A young lady, looking like a secret agent is here and right now, she’s talking to your step dad on Britney’s death”she said alarming me
” What?? Did my dad listened to her” I asked
“Surprisingly he did, he really wants justice for Britney” she replied
“Well that lady is just wasting her time cause I’ve cleared all link that could trace it to me, she definitely can’t do anything, no damn evidence” I replied
” Well I have a bad feeling about that, cause she seems confident, and there should be something alarming cause she suddenly arrives 11 months after Britney’s death, there’s something about her, you need to be careful Bianca” she said
” That’s why you are there Cathrine, so how does the lady looks like?” I asked
“Well she’s really young, like miss Britney’s age, but she’s brunette like you, blue eyes, quite slim but not that much and she’s pretty” she said and I rolled my eyes angrily, who cares if she’s pretty…
” You know what Cathrine, just try to take her picture for me secretly and then send it to me and try to know what they’re talking about and her every movement as long as she’s in that house” I said
” You can count on me Bianca, I have to go now before anyone becomes suspicious” she said
” Alright, bye” I replied hanging up the call
” Well,well,well, what are you up to now?” I heard a voice which freaked the hell out of me cause it was unexpected…..
I looked at the person and it was that nosey sister of Daniel, Victoria.
“It’s none of your business Victoria, stay out of my way” I replied trying to walk in but she blocked me with her hands folded.
“You know, sometimes i wonder what my mum sees in you to even stand you, you’re so rude and annoying” she said
” Well that’s your problem bitch” I said pushing her away from the entrance walking in
“You’re acting fishy, and I would surely find out what you’re up to” she shouted from outside….
Gosh that girl is more than annoying.
🔮 Susan’s pov 🔮
“Well am Susan Adams” I introduced
“Just go straight to the point” he said strictly without looking at me, wow!!
Am not actually surprised, it’s not that easy loosing a wife and then your young daughter
“Well, am a secret agent, and am here today for miss Britney’s case” I said and he finally left what he was doing….
“Aren’t you here in Canada when I mentioned that Britney’s case is closed, since you guys couldn’t find the person behind her death for a whole nine month given to all investigation platform including yours. I wonder what you’re coming to do here 11months after” he said angrily and I swallowed
” Well, I guess you’re right sir, but I’m from a different place entirely, and I assure you of a positive result in a week” I said
” You’re so confident, aren’t you? ” He asked, I really couldn’t answer that question…
“Look, I’ve spelt it out, if the best investigating team in the whole continent came together and couldn’t find any clue on the case, tell me, who the hell are you young lady, to think that way? ” He asked
” Sir I promise, you just have to count on me” I Intruiged.
” Sorry Miss, you have to leave my office” he said returning to the file on his table
“But sir, I have to….
” Leave now” he interrupted
“Alright sir, good day” I said walking out.
Gosh!! That went bad….
I was walking away from the room when there was a bright flash of light and accidentally, I bumped into someone and the tray of glass he was carrying went down scattering around the whole place…..
“Jeez!! Am sorry” I pleaded when I saw the mess I’ve caused…
“Susan??” The guy called and I looked up at him surprised at the person I saw..
“Wow!! Ricardo, it’s really you” I said rushing into a hug with him
“Wow Susan, am so happy to see you, you’ve grown really beautiful” he said and I chuckled
“Tell me, what are you doing here?” I asked
” Well, am the chief butler of the prime Minister’s house” he replied
” Wow, that’s big, you just disappeared without any notice” I said and he sighed
” It was my family influence Susan, didn’t want to leave Ireland in the first place” he said
” Wow, we have a lot to talk about” I said
” Yh that’s true, why don’t we go somewhere more private” he said
” What about this mess?? “I asked
” I would tell a maid to take care of it, don’t worry about it Susan, common let’s go” he said leading the way and I followed him…
Ricardo was my closest friend in highschool, though he parted when we were in our last grade…
We were now outside the mansion close to the swimming pool, we were seated around a mini round table…
Ricardo told me the story of his life, and I felt really sorry for him, but am still glad he fulfilled his dream of becoming a big time butler, and now he has a wife and a kid living a comfortable life ….
“So tell me Susan how you suddenly became a secret agent, I thought you were working towards business” he said
” Of course I was, but things change right? ” I said feeling bad for lying to him
” Sure dear, am still glad you came here, if not I wouldn’t have seen my long lost bestie whom I had a crush on in highschool” he said and I laughed hardly…
” You’re crazy Ricardo” I said and he chuckled
“So tell me Susan, you’re working on Britney’s case, right? ” He asked
” Uhmmm yh, but your boss didn’t want me to” I said
” Well am not surprised, he loved Britney so so much, her death caused him a lot especially his health, it was surprising that she died of poisoning and the police or all other agencies couldn’t figure out the person behind her death, he then got so furious and closed down the case blaming himself for not putting a security camera in her room, cause it seems she was poisoned right in this house” he replied
” Well, that’s what am saying Ricardo, I can help solve this case with my finger tip” I said
“that’s funny Susan, the best investigation team in the whole 7 continent has been assigned this case but they all kept saying the same thing of she poisoning herself, but Mr Williams refused to believe that he knows what his daughter is capable of” he replied
” Why are you saying this Ricardo, don’t you trust me?? ” I asked
” Well I do, but it’s just so confusing” he replied
” Well you’re right, but can I ask you for a favor? “I asked
” Of course Suzy” he replied
” You’re the chief butler right? ” I said and he nodded
“Great, then you should have access to all the room” I said and he also nodded
” Okay can I just access Britney’s room for just a few minutes or an hour” I asked
” Wait Susan, say no more, I think someone is spying on us” he said
” Hey you there, come out now” he yelled and a shivering maid rushed out, it was the same girl who lead me to Mr Williams’s office
“What were you doing there?” He asked
“It’s nothing sir, I was just trying to see if there is anything to clean up here, since I’m in charge of this place today” she said still shivering
” You just cleaned up this place a while ago” he said
” Yes but….
“Just leave, the next time I get you spying on me or any visitor, you’ll be in big trouble” he said and she nodded leaving quickly
” You don’t have to be rude” I said feeling pity for the girl, especially when she was shivering..
” You don’t know that girl Susan, she deserves it, she’s so nosey” he said and I rolled my eyes
” So where can we talk about it, it’s sounds so important” he said
“Yh you’re right, but I don’t really know” I replied
” Alright, let me have your number Susan” he said and I gave it to him…
” Okay dear, I’ll call you later okay” he said
“Okay, I gotta go now” I replied
“That’s fine, why don’t I just lead you outside” he said and I chuckled with both of us walking out…..
♠️ Bianca’s pov♠️
I was in the living room of Daniel’s parents house when I received a what’s app message, it was a photo from Catherine, I guess it’s the lady photo…..
I looked around to make sure that stupid nosey Victoria wasn’t any where around before I checked the message….
I opened it and saw a lady, she’s actually pretty, I won’t lie.. wait!! I know this girl, the same girl I saw with Daniel that told me off, jeez!! What’s going on…..
I was still thinking, when a call from Catherine came in, I anxiously picked it up immediately.


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