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Susan episode 11 & 12

💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??) 💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 🌼🌼🌼🌼
Chapter 11
💚 Susan’s pov 💚
“For what Susan?” Mum asked looking confused….
“Well I just need to sort some things out over there” I replied am sure mum would think am out of my senses
” Canada?? It’s such a far distance from this place, you’d have to get a plane ticket and so much more, you don’t even know anyone there”said said
” I Know mum, but I have to go there, it’s really important” mum said
” Important?? Susan do you think I’ll let you go anywhere, you just recoverd from your accident recently and now you want to travel to Canada” mum said
” Mum, I know you wouldn’t let me, but the thing is that you have too, mum it’s very important, if I don’t go now it might be too late” I said
” Look Susan, if you’re worried about the bills and your job, I can take care of that, we can start deliveries , I have a lot of friends interested in my pastries and all others, you don’t have to go to Canada” mum said.
” Mum please, I just have to go, I promise I would be back, it wouldn’t even take a month” I pleaded
” You’re not going anywhere Susan”mum replied raising her voice
” But Mum”
” Yes Susan I mean it” she replied and I went close to her
” Mum, I know you’re worried, but this time, I want to assure you that there’s nothing to be worried about, I promise I would be okay” she said
” Susan, I don’t want anything to happen to you again, if you know how I felt during that month without you, you wouldn’t even leave my side for a second, you can just do anything you want to do here, okay” she said
” Okay mum” I replied going in sadly
” Susan” mum called stopping me
” well if you say you’ll be alright , you can go” she said
” Really mum? ” I asked smiling and she nodded smiling
“But do you have any money for your plane ticket and also to take care of yourself over there?” She asked
” Yes mum, I think I have enough in my savings” I replied
” Alright dear, take this” she said handing me a couple of cash
“Don’t worry mum, you need it okay” I replied
“Accept it Susan, or I won’t let you go again” mum insisted
” Fine mum” I replied accepting the money from her.
“Make sure to call me when you get there okay”
“Yes mum”
Next Day❤️❤️
Canada 💫💫💫💫
I stepped down from the plane confused, like seriously, I don’t know where to go, or where to start from,am just on an aimless mission, and worst of all, I haven’t heard from Britney since yesterday now.
I quickly took my phone to call mum just to tell her I’ve arrived safely so she wouldn’t stress herself thinking about me.
Now, where am I gonna go to, this is such a large and expensive place, I don’t really think the money I have with me would be enough for survival.
“Hey Susan, thank you” I finally heard Britney say….
” Jeez, I thought you were gone” I whispered do people wouldn’t think am talking to myself
“No Susan, I’ve been right beside you” she said
“Well am glad you are, cause right now I have a really big problem” I said
“Hun?” She replied
” Yh, now am in Canada, I don’t even know if I’m in the right city or not. Even if I’m in the right place, where am I gonna stay?” I asked confused
” Chill Susan, you’re in the exact city, the capital of Canada, so why don’t you go stay with Daniel?” She suggested
” Who the hell is that?” I asked
” Oh sorry, you haven’t remember” she said and I sighed……
” Well, it seems I have enough money to cover up for a cheap hotel just for five days, maybe I would get a part-time job that pays daily so I could at least survive for the few days I have to spend here” I replied
” Am sorry Susan, I didn’t mean to inconvenience you” she said
“it’s no problem, I made a promise, right?”
“Yh…now Bianca is going down” she said and I gave out a chuckle and everyone gazed at me
Oops!! I finally embarrassed myself
” Excuse me miss, are you okay?” A guy close to me asked
” Yh I am, thanks” I replied quickly walking away to avoid further questions.
We were able to get a cheap hotel room in the middle of the town, it wasn’t really cheap tho…
Now I’m just taking a stroll to at least feel among and relief my anxiety, am really embarking on a risky stuff….
I was still strolling when a black car stop beside me, I don’t know anyone here so I just continued in my pace but the car still followed me so I decided to stop….
“Susan” I heard the guy in the vehicle call as he brought down his window….
Wow, such a beauty, he’s cute, but how did he know my name?
“Are you now dumb Susan?” He asked
“Excuse me, who are you?” I asked confused
” Don’t tell me you wanna deny me after all I did for you” he said only confusing me the more
” Am sorry, you got the wrong person I don’t know you, I wonder how you even know my name” I replied and he stepped down from his vehicle walking to me angrily
” I knew it, you’re so ungrateful, I shouldn’t have helped you in the first place, cause you only appreciated me by running away and now denying me when I finally find you” he said..
” With all due respect Mr, you really need to mind your words okay” I said walking away angrily but he dragged me back with force.
“So now it’s gotten to that right?” He said
“Are you crazy, am trying my best to be nice to you despite your rude approach, I don’t even know who you are ” I replied
” You’re out of your mind” he said
I tried replying when I spotted a lady on a blue dress storming angrily to us, wait, I think I know that face.
“What the fuck Daniel.. so this is the bitch” She said angrily dragging me away from the guy…..
Wait!! Isn’t this Bianca?? And also that should be Bianca’s fiance before she died ..


🎗️ Bianca’s pov🎗️
I was driving to the mall when I saw Daniel talking to a lady, he even had the audacity to touch her…
I was really infuriated by that, it seems whoever that girl is, she doesn’t know me or anything, if not she would be 10 meters away from him even if he was the one who called her..
I angrily stumped to him dragging the lady away from him, she should be lucky I didn’t slap her…
“So this is the bitch right?” I asked Daniel again who just kept on staring at me like I was a lunatic or something…
“Are you dumb or something, I need an answer” I said but he still kept on staring at me.
” Excuse me, I have to go” the girl said and I angrily drag her back but she yanked my hands away forcefully from her surprising me, wait!! Does she know who I am??…….
“Look miss, I’ve taken your rough behavior enough, and if you dare touch me again, I’ll show you how to respect yourself” she said walking away briskly leaving me surprised, who the hell is she to talk to me that way???
“Daniel did you see that, you couldn’t even defend me” I said and he bursted into laughter…
” You got what you wanted Bianca, how I just wished she slapped you, then I’ll even be happier” he said
” What the hell is wrong with you Daniel, why are you treating me this way? ” I asked in tears…
” That’s because am not interested in you Bianca, I don’t want anything to do with you, I’ve told you before, stay away from me… The next Time you ever try this again, I’d lock you up for assaulting my business partner, even though they’re not, you know the trouble you’ll be in, am warning you Bianca” he said turning to leave
” Wait Daniel” i called
” What? ” He asked looking inpatient
“Daniel, why do you hate me? ” I asked sadly
“I don’t hate you Bianca, I just don’t like your presence” he said walking quickly to get into his car and soon enough he zoomed away…..
You can say whatever you want to say Daniel, but am positive, whether you want it or not, we’re gonna be together, and we’re gonna be the happiest couple in Canada and even in the world…………………
💙 Susan’s pov 💙
“Am glad you told off her proud ass” Britney said and I chuckled….
I was now in my room in the hotel using my phone, so I was free to talk to Britney without anyone thinking am crazy.
“Immediately I set my eyes on her, gosh! I was irritated, she deserves jail, I can’t wait to see her suffer for her crimes” I said
” I wish” Britney said….
” What was That rude guy ranting about? ” I asked anxiously….
” Ohh, I forgot to tell you, he wasn’t ranting Susan, he really knows you” she said
” But I don’t know him, so how? ” I asked
” Alright listen to me” she said and told me the story of how I and Daniel met, and how he accommodated me in his house, and suddenly I remembered everything that happened, I was once a wanderer, I’ve read stories about that stuff, I can’t believe I was a victim.
“I remember Britney, am sure he is really furious now, he has always been grumpy and rude all because of what Bianca did, she has cost a lot of harm” I said
” And that’s why we have to do something in before she does further damages and go away with it, or probably win Daniel’s heart, she’s definitely not the right person for him, I can’t let that even happen to Daniel” she replied
” Yh, so what’s our first plan, how are we gonna get in their? There are lot of security and CCTV camera, it’s definitely gonna be impossible for me to get in there just like that” I said
” That’s true Susan, you can go there, and maybe apply as a maid there” she said and I chuckled
” Jeez Britney, you’re so dumb, your dad is the prime Minister, there would be thousands of maids at his services, what do you expect me to go do there, wash the building? ” I asked
” Ohh, that’s true, wait I have an idea” she said
“And?” I replied
“You could go as a secret agent, they would definitely let you in without asking any question” she said
” Wow, great idea, where do you even expect me to get a badge” I said in sarcasm
” Chill Susan, you just have to dress all black, don’t also forget your dark glasses, and also, secret agent don’t use a badge, it’s a secret agent for Christ sake” she said chuckling
” Ohh,, who cares, but it’s still risky” I said…
” Don’t worry Susan, I got your back”she replied
” How wish I can see you, bit I just don’t have the gift” I said
” Look left Susan” she said and I looked left, I flinched in fear when I saw Britney sitting beside me….
“How …….. How… How did this happen?” I shuttered
” Shuuu… Remember only you can see me, someone helped me and it’s just for a while okay? ” She said and I nodded
” Am just so happy to see you” I said trying to hug her but it was impossible, she chuckled, but I could tell it was a sad one, I must help her, I must help Britney
Ireland 💛💛💛💛
❣️Mrs Adams’s pov ❣️
“Yes!!, A minute please” I said going to open door for the person knocking……
“Wow, Pamela, it’s been a long time” I said happily hugging her, ushering her in….
“So how have you been doing Clara?” She asked
” Well I’ve been good, what about you? ” I asked happily
” Well I can’t say so” she said looking sad….
” What’s happening Pam? You look worried” I said
” Clara, I don’t think you’d be able to forgive me, if I tell you this” she said
“I don’t understand” I replied and she sighed
” Promise you wouldn’t be furious with me when you hear this” she said
” Promise” I replied
” Clara, your first child didn’t die” she said surprising me…
“What are you talking about, she died remember, you were the one who even comforted me” I replied
” I wish Clara, but the truth is that, the day you gave birth to your first daughter, another woman, a wife of one of our best investor in the hospital also gave birth, but we lost her child who was also a girl. So Dr Emmanuel was so worried, cause he knew he was going to loose a lot, so he decided to exchange your baby with her’s, I promise I wanted to tell you, bit I was threatened, with my job and family, I couldn’t do anything Clara” she said surprising me…..
” What??!, You mean my first daughter didn’t die??? Why are you just telling me this, is she alive? Where does she live? ” I asked
” I don’t know, I don’t know their wear about since then, that was the last time I saw that woman” she said I was already tearing…. I can’t believe this
” I trusted you Pam, why?” I asked sadly
” I wanted to let you know, but I was threatened” she replied
” So why are you just telling me this? ” I asked
” It’s because, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I just have few days to live, I can’t die with that guilt” she said crying, I was beyond confused, so my first daughter is still alive somewhere and I don’t know


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