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Susan episode 1 & 2

💛💛 SUSAN ⏳✨
(Who Am I??) 💎💎
By Damilola Faleke M 🌺🌸
Chapter 1..
“Oh God!!” Mrs Adams, Susan’s mum exclaimed silently to herself..
She has been pacing around the hospital reception for more than 11 hours. She was panicking over the news that her daughter Susan was involved in a ghastly accident, on her way to a get together party with her friends.
She was scared of loosing her daughter, after she lost her first daughter after child birth and her husband to lung cancer two years ago. She was a lonely woman who only had Susan, her daughter as her comfort. Loosing Susan would only kill her.
She felt really down casted cause for a day now, she hasn’t heard or seen her daughter due to the accident. She kept on blaming and rebuking herself for even letting Susan go to the party when her instinct already told her, that there was danger ahead. Though she tried telling Susan not to go to the party, but you know, Susan is a party folk that wouldn’t want to miss a get together party with all her old friends.
Still lamenting on what had happened, Mrs Adams sighted the doctor coming out from the operating room, she quickly sized that opportunity rushing to the doctor to know of her daughter’s situation.
“Doctor, what’s going on, how’s my daughter” she asked holding the doctor’s coat. The nurses came rushing to her trying to stop her, but they were stopped by the doctor.
“Ma’am please, you have to calm down” the doctor said, but that only made her angrier.
” Calm down? Are you telling me to calm down?? My daughter has been in there for the past 12 hours now and you’re telling me to calm down, ha ha, doc, you’re really funny” she said sweating all over her body
” I know how you feel about this ma’am, but at least just try to calm down and listen to me” the doctor pleaded. She finally succumb and sat down on a chair close to her
” I have both good and bad news for you” the doctor said and she quickly stood up from where she was sitting to hear what the doctor had to say…
“Would you like to hear it here, or we should just go to my office?” The doctor asked.
” No, I think we should stay here” she replied
” Well ma’am, the operation was successful and due to our check up on her, we discovered there was no internal injury, though she hit her head badly, but we can’t say if she’s still with her memory or not, but her brain seems perfect, it’s just the scratch on her right arm which will heal soon, and an injury on her forehead which will also heal” the doctor said smiling while she gave out a sigh of relief
“So what’s the bad news? What you said seem to be good news to me, what could possibly go wrong?” She asked anxiously and the doctor smile immediately faded away..
“Am sorry ma’am, but there is still bad news” the doctor replied
” Then what’s going, talk to me doctor, say something” she yelled…
” Please calm down” the doctor said but she was still in panicking.
” Well, due to the accident, miss Susan experienced a great shock. And due to that, she fell into coma” the doctor said internally killing Mrs Adams, who felt a sharp pain in her heart.
“Coma? I think there must be a mistake somewhere, are you sure the patient is Susan Adams??, The lady brought in here hours ago” she asked with a shaky voice.
” Yes ma’am, Susan Adams, 24 years old, female, blood group, o positive (o+)” the doctor read out from his palmtop. And sadly, that was exactly her daughter’s record…
Suddenly a cloud of sadness took over her, she still didn’t want to believe her own daughter was in coma, to her, it was as good as a death sentence.
“Doc, please go in there and do something, I want my daughter awake now, fit and healthy talking to me” she said crying already…
” Ma’am, there’s nothing we can do about that, it’s natural. It depends on the person in particular, some people in her situation wake up at different times, it depends on the system. If lucky, she might wake up today. Ma’am, we’ve seen alot of cases like this, miss Susan isn’t the first. Some wake up the same day, some the next, some a week, some weeks, some months and even years, and sadly some never wake up, you just have to pray to God, only God can help in this kind of situation” the doctor said worsening the situation.
” God?, Did you just say God?, Common where is God? If there’s God, my daughter wouldn’t be here today, would I have lost everything I had? Doctor hold the crap and tell me better things, can’t you do something?” She yelled crying
” Am sorry ma’am, you just have to be call, we can’t do anything, it’s part of nature’s calling, you just have to be calm. Also most importantly, don’t loose faith in God, he work in many ways, I know how you feel, and I promise all would be well” the doctor said but she only wailed the more.
” You are a doctor, not a priest or whatever, so I don’t need your sermon now. Mind you, you have no iota of idea of how I feel at all. My husband died in coma, how am I sure my daughter is gonna survive this” she said with tears, people in the reception stared at her with looks of pity
“Madam, please you just have to be calm like I’ve said and put your hope in God, but for now I don’t think we can do anything about this” the doctor said preparing to walk away but she was quick to hold him back.
“Doctor please am sure you can do something, no matter how little, aren’t you the best here? There must be something you can do. Just look at me, no reasonable mother would want to be in my shoes, none doctor please” she pleaded calmly
” Once again, am sorry ma’am, but there’s nothing we can do about it, please I have to go now, I have an appointment with another patient” the doctor said finally walking away.
Mrs Adams lost total hope, she had nothing more to do than just to cry, even though the tears failed her, it was really a sad event for her and the people around her


💕 Susan’s pov💕
“Hello, hello, please talk to me, where I am” I asked the guy who was standing beside me, but he just ignored me like he was not seeing me. I saw another lady passing, I quickly ran to her maybe she would at least answer me, she looks more friendly..
“Good day ma’am, am stranded, and I don’t really know who am I, so am wondering if you could….. ” I was still talking when she immediately walked pass me like she didn’t even see me….
I tried and tried talking to someone, but it was like I was invisible, I could feel myself, so how possible would I be invisible to people???
The worst part I’d that I don’t even know anything about myself, or how am here, I don’t even know my name….
I just kept on trying my luck hoping that at least someone would notice my presence…..
💜 Daniel’s pov💜
“Let go Bianca, I have no time for your stupidity” I said struggling with Bianca who was hovering over me.
” Everytime Daniel, you never have my time, I don’t even think I exist on your list, common am your fianceé for Christ sake. Why are you making me feel like am nothing to you” she said bringing her hands to touch me but I yanked her hands off.
“Listen Bianca, note clearly am not your fiance, neither are you anything to me, I have nothing to do with you, you’re too funny, you aren’t even my girlfriend, I’ve never even asked you out for once, so stop hyping yourself. We are nothing, nothing okay??, So wake up, cause I can never bring myself to like you, I can’t even stand you. My Mum brought you here, not me, so you can go to her and you know maybe hover around her, not me. Just look around, I have a lot of documents to sort out, so now would you please get your sluty ass of my bed and leave my room” I said in anger
” What?? Are you talking to me?” she asked kneeling on the Bed facing me
“Anyone here again?” I asked in sarcasm.
“Daniel I swear am gonna tell your mum, am tired of this stupid behavior of yours” she said standing up and walking out of the room angrily slamming the door behind her. I quickly ran to the door and locked it, in case she changes her mind and barge in again…
Phew, what a life
Well this is me, am Daniel Darius , a full graduate of Havard college. I was 25 few months ago and am also a successful business tycoon in UK. My Dad handed his company over to me when I was 22, and due to the skills I aquired, I was able to improve my Dad company to the best in UK which I’ve been running for full 4 years now. What more can I ask for?!
The only problem I have now is my parents, they just can’t quit pressuring me to get married, talking about Grand children. To the extent of mum bringing her friends sluty daughter Bianca betrothing her to me. But the fact is that I can never marry Bianca, she’s weigh below my standard. She’s a pain in the head. At least she left, I got more time to focus on my duties.
Two weeks later ❣️❣️❣️
💚Mrs Adams’s pov💚
Oh God!!, Why has thought forsaken me this way??
Why have you chosen to forget me this way??
Haven’t I suffered enough?
Look at me. Am a Christian, I pray, but it just seems God has turned his back at me …..
It’s just like all my good doings are all in vain, I lost my first baby, my husband and now Susan is in coma, on life support
“Susan, I know you can hear me, please don’t do this to momma, this isn’t what you promised me, please Susan come back to me. Remember you promised to always be by my side. Mummy needs you, I need you Susan, am nothing without you,I need you to come back to me, I wanna hear your voice, I…I” I couldn’t even say anything again, I just bursted into tears…
“Baby please come back to me, you’re my life, my joy, my comfort, please don’t do this to me” I said amidst tears and in the process, the door cracked open with the doctor walking in with a nurse holding a tray behind her…
“Ma’am, please you have excuse is for some moment, we need to check up on her” the doctor said walking to the drip to replace it.
” It’s okay by me” I said leaving.
🧡 Daniel’s pov 🧡
It’s been quite a nice week for me, things has been going pretty well for me excluding the Bianca’s part, she’s my only problem now.
Apart from that, I really need to go out with my friends for fun to to relieve stress a little, that’s just what I need this moment
I was walking down the stairs to go to work when I saw Bianca in a sky blue body hug gown, with a slit up to her tight, with blue heels and blue clutch bag to match, I wonder why she’s dressed like this so early in the morning and what the hell she is doing in my house. I’ve warned her not to ever come to my own house. The only time I won’t complain seeing her is when she’s in my parent’s house. But this fool in front of me, would never listen…
“Bianca, what the hell are you doing here?” I yelled loudly at her
” Hey chill, not like I came to rob you or something” she replied annoying me the more.
” I’ve warned you several times never to step your dirty feet in here again, why do you choose to be stupid” I said and she smiled crazily walking to me
” Look Daniel, one thing you don’t know I’d that I can be crazy for you”she said running her fingers down my chest. I yanked her hands of angrily.
” Bianca, am leaving, I won’t be spending much time at work. But I promise, if i mistakenly find you here when I return, don’t blame me for what I would do” I said trying to walk away but she stopped me with her words.
“You can’t do anything to your love” she said chuckling stupidly
” Ohh!!, Then watch and see” I said walking out angrily
” Hey wait, you have to drop me at work” she shouted trailing behind me.
” You have your own car, go with it” I replied entering into my car closing the door which locked automatically, so she can’t get in anyway
“Daniel let me in” she said hitting the window with her too hands, her bag even fell in the process.
“Daniel” she screamed but I paid deaf ears
” Daniel…….. ” She kept yelling
I quickly reversed my car zooming out quickly, thank God the gatekeeper was quick to open the gate …
Mtcheeew… Bitch!!
I wonder what mum sees in her, to even like her that much.


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