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Summer romance episode 34 & 35






Tega had made this morning a special one,a date with Mabel should be very wonderful,t his was his opportunity to grab his wife back,to make changes,to assure her their marriage was gonna be perfect

He had taken a single place for the date,he didn’t want any distraction,he wanted to speak to Mabel,clear Cyrus off her mind.

He sat down and waited patiently,how was he going to talk to her without getting annoyed on what he had saw,s Sandra had taught him so many things to say and do like today was his first date with a girl

He would calm down to get his Mabel back

One look at the entrance,he saw his beautiful wife to be walk inside.S he was looking very beautiful tonight.S he was on a red gown,does this mean she really still love him?Was kissing Cyrus a mistake.He had to take things easy with her now

“Hey..”she said softly.He stood up to where she was and brought out a seat for her

“Here..”he said and she sat down gently,he turned around to the other side and went to sit down

He signalled to the waiter to get them foods.Mabel stared at the table,it was her favorite food,she stared at Tega and smiled.Its been long she ate her favorite food.Now she felt like pouncing on them.

“I went to your office today…I didn’t meet you”Mabel started.Tega had thought he would be the one to start the conversation but any ways..

“Yeah..I wanted to have a date with you…so I left”


said delighted.He gave a cute smile and nodded

“But you were not there yesterday too”

“Yeah..mum called me home”

“..and you left work?”


“Hmmmn”she said and continued eating.T Tega dropped his spoon and folded his arms staring at her.She raised her head up and gave him an inquisitive look

“You look beautiful”Tega said and she blushed

“What’s are behaving so quiet and romantic!”Mabel said

“Quiet and romantic…aren’t I always romantic?”He asked with a smile

“No you are but..I mean you just look are not as playful as you are..”

“Really! should I pick your nose then”he said and dragged her nose.She laughed

“Stop Tega”she said

He moved to her and kissed her lips,although feeling bad that someone else had but he shrug the thought off

Mabel smiled at him,he was behaving so sweet and serious not the playful and I don’t care Tega she knew

“Come on hurry..I have something to tell you”he said eating too.she looked up at him ‘something?’ she was beginning to get anxious,what does he want to say..was it about the kiss, no!it can’t be or he wouldn’t behave so sweet like this

“Something to tell me?”she asked and he nodded “Like..?”she asked again

“Wait and hear okay?don’t worry it’s good news”he said with a smile and she smiled too.She trusts him…good news is good news

In a while they both cleared their plates

“Hmmmn how was it..”he asked

“Delicious!”she said and they laughed.

“I knew you would like it”he said “…so..”

She looked up at him..

“I also have something to say..but I’ll say it when you’re done”she said

“Really?”he said “ can say it now ladies first”

“No after you..”She said..she didn’t want to spoil his good news with what she wanted to say.He cleared his throat

“I want to talk about us..”he started

“Us?”she said with a whisper

“ always complain about my work attitude right?”he said,she nodded

“I’m changed now Mabel..see I left work for almost two days..Isnt that surprising…”he asked with a smile

She also nodded with a smile

“Yeah yeah..I’m surprised too”

“Well..I’m all here for you now to give you all the attention you need…you deserve..I’m here for you,here to go on a date whenever…and I assure you that our marriage will be the best in the world…you won’t regret I married you Mabel”He said,she smiled,was Tega really saying this.She felt like hugging him right now..but she stopped..he was not her soulmate…they weren’t destined to be…no amount of promises could make their marriage last

She stared at Tega who was with a cute serious smile

Why now Tega? Why


was fate doing to her

Now she couldn’t even bear to tell Tega anything

He has been so sweet and caring

He picked her hand from the table and kissed it

“Now..tell me what you want to say”he said smiling

Her heart skipped.S he couldn’t watch Tega hurt

“I…I..”she stammered.

“Don be shy”he said.She swallowed her saliva and sighed

“I..I want to talk about us…”she started.She closed her eyes for some time…to tell Tega this,she needed courage

“We..are..we are not destined to be Tega”she said.Tega looked up at her.His mind skipped too

“What..are you saying..”he almost choke as he spoke

“I just discovered…Tega..we…we..are just meant to be friends,n ot couples…we tool so many decisions without asking for so many information…we are not soulmates..we just like each other….”


“I think I’ve found my soulmate Tega…I..he..he is the one I’m destined to be.. coincidentally we have fallen in love..I….he gives me the needed attention…he..”

“I’ll change that Mabel…I’ll give you maximum attention…”

“Maybe it’s too late Tega..God didn’t destined us to be..”

“Who’s this guy?”Tega almost shouted.Mabel looked up at him.A drop of tear fell from his right eye

“I’m sorry Tega…”she couldn’t even talk well and felt like crying too

“Who is this guy?”he shouted again..”She almost jumped from her seat as tears streamed from her eyes to

“Cy.. Cyrus”she finally said and bowed her head.She felt ashamed,so ashamed but she has to..she reminded was for the future

The name she mentioned sent shock down Tega’s vein,he stared at her in tears,he would get him Mabel all cost..Cyrus can’t get her…No..he musnt

“Is this all about the kiss”he asked her softly.She realised her head up surprised


“I saw it Mabel..I saw when Cyrus kissed you….I saw it”he burst into tears,Mabel stared at him,he saw them?

“I couldn’t bear it Mabel..I was jealous… extremely”he said again.Jealous?Tega was jealous.

“Mabel look…”he held her hand “..this G’s will change between us I promise…but don’t leave me alone… please”he we t on his knees and walked to her in tears.She sat down as he cried in her laps,she burst into tears too

“It’s not that Tega..we are not destined”

“To hell with destiny”he shouted “..what about our wedding,what are you going to do about that?”

“Something will be done…. somehow”

“This is betrayal Mabel…”

“I’m sorry…I’m deeply sorry”😫πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜₯

She shifted him away from her and stood up

“I hope we will still be good friends Tega..but I’m really sorry…it’s all about my’s all about your future too”she said and he stood up too,cleaned his tears.He continued staring at her and she couldn’t even look into his eyes.If he was to use the anger in him right now.He would go crazy.But he had to go easy with her.Very easy.

“I’m changed now”was all he could say with a whisper

“You’ll find a better girl worthy of me Tega”she also said in tears

“A week Mabel..”he said.She looked up at him


“A week Mabel…to change be that perfect guy you want.. to be your Soulmate…just a week Mabel… things will change I promise..”


“Take this as the last favour you would to me…as a lover..after this if you don’t get back with me…I won’t disturb you in anyway…just one week”he said.She shivered.One week?

Like he was reading her mind

“ week…to prove I’m man enough”he said

There was silence for some while…she couldn’t reject Tega..not like this..this was a favour..for being so sweet to her

“One week!”she said and he nodded.She sniffed and nodded in affirmation

“Thanks Mabel”he said.She wanted to reply.But he gave her a kiss instead.

A deep one!






Sandra walked into Tega’s room.She met him with his laptop typing something

“Work again?”she said and jumped on his bed

“No…”he said still concentrating on his laptop.S he stood up and moved to where he sat peeping at the computer

“Then what are you doing..”she said and he looked up at her and smiled. “.Oh lest I forget..what about your date with Mabel”

“Well..”he sighed and then smiled

“What’s with all this smile…did you tell her you’ve changed..what did she say…is she off Cyrus…hint me”

“Well… she’s not off Cyrus”he said with a smile too.Sandra gave him a look

“She’s not off Cyrus and you’re laughing?she said and Tega smiled again

“Yeah…she said we are not destined and she’s in love with Cyrus”he said picking a pen and writing something on a jotter


“Yeah”Tega said

“Then why are you laughing..I’m surprised”

He sighed.He was quiet for some while then looked up at Sandra whose hand was round his chair

“I’ll get her back Sandra”

“I don’t still get you”Sandra said taking a seat beside Tega

“She wants to get married to Cyrus..I told her I’ve changed..but she insisted Cyrus is her soulmate…”


“So I told her she should give me a week…to be the real guy she really needs”

“hmmmn”Sandra sighed “it hasn’t changed the subject…why are you should be scared..Mabel can make up her mind and not to get married to you..why will you do about it then?”

“I have this confidence that Mabel wont leave me…I will impress her Sandra”

“What are you up to..?”Sandra asked


lot. and maybe that’s why am smiling..i want to bring back old memories Sandra”

“Hmm”Sandra said and smiled

“Well..I was thinking of taking her to Dan’s Farm house”

“Are you serious?”Sandra jumped to her feet

“Yeah”he gave her a charming smile

“Wow she’s gonna like it”

“Yeah and please do me a favour”


“Font tell her a thing”

“Well..”Sandra scratched her head “..actually we are not in good times..we fought…I slapped her and she slapped me…we kinda broke up”

Tega was silent for some while

“ are a good still supported her”

“Well..I can never fight her”Sandra said and smiled




Mabel dropped her phone after picking Tega’s call.He was outside summer singles!Her heart jumped at the thought of seeing Tega.But she controlled matter how happy she seems,she had promised she won’t allow Tega date impress her so she would be with her soulmate later on and live a meaningful life.

She stood to her feet and opened the door,she met Cyrus who was about to knock too.

“Hi.”she greeted.He looked at her from her hair to her toe.She looked beautiful.He knows.

“Where are you heading to?”he asked her

“I..I…a date..I’m on a date with Tega”she said stammering.He kept staring at her till she walked out.He stared at her as she left too.He had told her to think about his proposal and she was going on a date with Tega.Was that a No! Should he back off!Of course he was supposed to back off from a married woman.But something kept drawing him closer to her.He couldn’t just forget her.

Mabel came out of the gate and saw Tega standing beside his car,she walked closer to him

“Hey”she called and he turned back.He gave her a pretty smile and she was forced to blush.She knew what that smile means..she must look very beautiful

“Ready?”he asked and she nodded,he turned to the other side if the car and opened the door for her,she gently walked to the car and sat down.He smiled as she looked up at him and gently closed the door.He moved to start the car.

Mabel sighed.No matter what Tega does today.She won’t be impressed..she assured herself









Tega came to a stop and Mabel looked around.Tega got down immediately and opened her door.She got down and looked round again with a wide smile

Tega walked as she followed him too.He came to a stop and turned to look at her.She was still looking around laughing at herself

“You remember this place?”He asked with that smile she couldn’t resist

“Tega….you..didn’t forget?”

“I could never..”before he could finish talking Mabel kissed him.He waited to be sure before he replied her kiss.Wow..he feels like he was on top of the world now.She didn’t stop..she kept going.

This was Mabel’s favorite place in the the world!!

Mabel realized she has been kissing Tega the moment she started.. but she didn’t want to stop..all of a sudden she remembered what she has promised herself.Cyrus was her destiny not Tega.She stopped the kiss as fast as possible that Tega even realised.But he gave her a smile instead..he didn’t want her to feel she made a mistake

“Thank… thank you..”she said to him.He moved to her and used his two hands to cover her eyes.”What..?”she asked and he could sense from her voice that she was happy and smiling


have a surprise for you..”he said

“A surprise? she asked again

“ just keep calm”he said pushing her to where she was going

“Oow-kay”Mabel said and followed him gently



“We’re here”Tega said

“Hmmmn…can’t wait to see”she said

He released his hands from her eyes gently and a bluish blurry image..came on before it became clear

She looked around,they were in a room,which look extremely beautiful,but there was nothing really special

She turned to look at him

“He’s handsome isn’t he”Tega asked her,she gave him a look

“Who are you talking about?”she asked,today they shouldn’t be talking about Cyrus was supposed to be a date..not a court room

“Turn around”Tega said.She looked at him at first and wonder what he was up to,but she turned later

You know when a mic is faulty and it makes a loud thin sound like a scream..that was exactly what was happening now..Mabel scream would break the house now

“Oh my-my….”Mabel screamed again.S he ran to hug the masculine stature standing opposite her,who embraced and carried her like a 3month old baby.They did a little of hug and rolling for some time before he dropped her

“I can’t believe who I’m seeing”she shouted again.The guy laughed.

“Where have you been”she asked

“Well…that’s a long story Mama Sheila”The guy said and Mabel laughed at that name

“Aww..where’s Sheila”she asked

“Well I think that’s another surprise Dan and I have for you”Tega said and she beamed sweetly.Dan led the way as Mabel and Tega followed.Tega held her waist and she didn’t resist

“Here we are….”Dan said pointing to a few mother horses and children

“Oh my…wow”Mabel commented

“Sheila is the mother of all this babies”Tega said

“Are you serious”Mabel shouted and the two guys nodded

“Omg my baby Sheila has grown so big…I missed you baby”Mabel said and touched it’s face and the horse gladly accepted. “I think she still remember me”Mabel said giggling which made them all laugh

“How did you get here Dan..when did you come back..”Mabek asked

“Well firstly.all thanks to Tega..say thank you to him”

“Hmmmn.. Thanks Tega”Mabel said with a smile

“Well we have a lot to discuss..keys first go play with the bears first..”Dan said

“Geez…you brought the bears”Mabel shouted on top of her voice and they laughed

This was totally going to be the perfect date ever



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