Summer r0m@nç£episode 29 & 30

💖💖SUMMER r0m@nç£💗💗





“Welcome home son”The middle aged woman greeted keeping him at the door

“You’re home so late..”A man said checking his watch “’s just 11:06 you should have stayed back at work or hang out with Mabel at summer singles”

He dragged his travellers bag in and pushed his mum aside heading to his room

“What’s wrong my son”the woman dragged him back.

“Mum…”he tried to talk

“Grrrrrr…Tega”she covered her nose as odour of alcohol bur-st out of his mouth

“You’re drun!k??”she asked not expecting a reply

Tega maintained a straight face

“What’s wrong…”she dragged him to sit him down.He stared at his mum.Was he supposed to tell her everything.Tell her Mabel was cheating on him.Tell her that he wasn’t doing his duty enough.Tell her he had taken 6 bottles of alcohol and almost had an accident.Tell her he had quit job for a while to get his head up straight.Tell her he doesn’t want to talk to Mabel for the rest of his life.Tell her he had switched off his phone not to talk to anyone.What exactly does he want to tell her.He didn’t know himself

“Say something”his mother said

“Get me my phone woman”His father said

“Don’t inform Mabel about anything”he said

“Why…”his father asked “..did you guys fight?”

Tega didn’t reply and stood up and went to his room

“Tega!”his mum called after him but he didn’t reply

He moved to his room,locked the door and threw himself on his be-d

He was drun!k

He didn’t know what he was thinking

Mabel might get him mad

He had come home so he wouldn’t create a scene at the bar he got drun!k.Sandra wanted to drive him.But he hesitated.

He had nearly got an accident but all the same.He survived if with few injuries

First time he was getting jealous and he was going crazy


Mabel stared at thin air


Mabel had to st©p the k!ss.This was wrong,was Cyrus using her because she was emotional

“I’m..I’m sorry”Cyrus said

She couldn’t look at his eyes she stood up immediately and ran off.She bu-mped into Jane.She shivered

“What’s wrong Mabel”Jane asked

“Nothing.. nothing”she blabbered

“Okay then…I was just coming to call you for dinner”she said

Mabel sighed.Thank God Jane didn’t see them

“Okay thanks…”Mabel said sweating

“Shall we?”Jane asked with a smile

“Sure”she said and left with her

Mabel got inside and didn’t meet Sandra

“Where’s Sandra?”she asked

“She went out with Tega”Jane said

“With Tega?”

“Yeah…Tega c@m£ looking for you”

“Hun?”she said sweating more and more

“Yeah…Sandra went to Tega’s office and they both c@m£ together,we didn’t see you so I told them you will be with Cyrus..maybe at the field…”

“…then did they come?”Mabel asked scared.Jane looked up at her and smiled

“Did you see them?”Jane asked her


“Then they didn’t come..”Jane said putting a spoon of food in her mouth

“But…”Jane said

Mabel looked up “..but??”

“But..I don’t know why Tega was looking sad when he he saw something extraordinary.. something unbelievable…”Jane continued and watched Mabel heart beat fast and fast

sweating,eyes almost red….

“You’re sweating Mabel…what’s wrong..”

“Nothing…”she said gr-abbing an handkerchief and cleaning her sweat

Jane smiled

“Come on eat your food…”she said and Mabel kept eating

“You were with Cyrus right?”she asked

Pepper ran throu-gh Mabel’s throat and she coughed

“Cyrus…Cyrus..he will be at the field”

“You didn’t come together?”Jane asked again

“Yeah he….”

“Go on eat your food he can take care of himself”

“Yeah..”Mabel managed to say

They heard a knock

They both looked up,Jane Stood up to look

“What are you doing here?”she asked

“Won’t you let me in…”

“..Cyrus would be here in no time…he won’t like to meet you here”

“You are not gonna sleep in my place after all…just hang out with me”

“..and where are your cheap babes..”

“they are boring J..”

“hmmn…then I’m what..”

“Interesting…I like to tease you anyway”he said with a charming smile

“I’m good at teasing too you know”

“I bet you can’t beat me in that…wanna try?”Drake asked

“Hmmmn… Cyrus…”

“Go on Jane.”Mabel said…she really nee-ded to be alone now.She would talk to Cyrus later

“I’ll help you talk to Cy..”Mabel said again and Jane smiled

“Thanks Mabel”Drake said from the door

“No p man”she said too

She could talk freely to Drake now that Cyrus had explained to her that She was safe from him and he would not disturb and threaten her about the pictures again.

She had thanked Cyrus,he had prayed for her and even k!$$£d her.Was it a mistake?

Jane left with Drake and Mabel almost started crying,she had betrayed Tega.This was wrong,she was not clean..for marriage..why was her life like this..

She stood up in tears and walked around Summer singles..Maybe she should just go back home and st©p all this nons-en-se r0m@nç£she’s having with Cyrus,She moved to the field and stood looking at each person pas-sing


She stared into thin air and thought about what had happened previously

She felt a had t©uçh her shoulder,her heart skipped

“Cyrus…I..let’s talk tomorrow.. I’m not myself…I..”she continued talking till the hand dragged her with f0rç£

She turned immediately to look at her best friend with red eyes

In a flash,Sandra gave her two sl@ps at each cheeks.

Oh myyy!!! what is happening.


💖💖SUMMER r0m@nç£💗💗



In a flash,Sandra gave Mabel two sl@ps at each cheeks

Mabel held her two cheeks shocked,W jat the hell was wrong with Sandra

“I told you earlier didn’t I”Sandra shouted at her.Mabel stared in shock,she was confused

“You got so close to Cyrus that you had to k!sshim?”Sandra shouted again

Oh!Now Mabel un-derstand where she was driving at.Sandra saw them?But Jane said Sandra was with Tega!Did Tega also see her?What was actually going on?


“Shut up Mabel”Sandra shouted again “..I thought you were wise..but I was let infatuation grip you and let love free you…you are a pr©st!tût£who knows no value of love…”

Mabel sl@pped Sandra

“How dare you Sandra…how dare you call me a prostitute..just because I share all my secrets with you doesn’t mean you should take advantage of me…I know what I’m doing so don’t you dare give me creepy advice…”

“Tega loves you Mabel..he did everything for you…you have been best friends and all you do is betray him?..”

“He’s not Man enough Sandra…”


“A real man cares , cherish ,loves , gives attention to his woman..a real man puts his woman first…and Cyrus is a real man”Mabel shouted

“You insignificant fool….”Sandra shouted

“Why?Sandra!Why are you supporting Tega…you like him…then go ahead and fv¢k him..”

Sandra gave Mabel a sl@p

“I’m disappointed in you…your wedding is coming up soon and all you do is k!ssanother man?Let’s break up..Mabel…cause I can’t be friends with an heartless human being like you”

“I break up with you too Sandra..go ahead…have Tega..I’ll have Cyrus to myself…I nee-d someone that cares for me..”

“Really?..and how about your wedding”

“To hell with it..and all of you”Mabel shouted and walked out of Sandra’s pres£nt and she kept staring at the field.



Cyrus heard a knock on the door

He didn’t answer at the first place,but later hesitated

“Hey”he greeted Jane

“Best brother In. the world.”Jane hailed.Cyrus stared at her. “What do you want”he asked her.

“I can see yourl-ips is getting pinker bro”she said and laughed

“He jumped on his be-d

“Say whatever you want to say Jane”

“Well Mabel nee-ds answers on why you k!$$£d her”Jane said sitting on a chair

“Did she s£nd you to me”he asked sitting up on his be-d

“No..she Doesn’t even know that I saw you guys…but she will definitely nee-d answers for what you did…or are you using her”Jane said

Cyrus looked up at her

“Shut up Jane”he said and she laughed

“I k!$$£d her because I like her okay..”

“Like or love..?”Jane asked.Cyrus turned to her. “Yes…I mean..Like is different from love Cyrus..I like you as a brother..bit can I k! do you like or love Mabel”

Cyrus sighed “I love her”

“What did you tell me about loving a to-be married person”Jane asked and he kept quiet “Well whatever Cyrus…it’s your business…she might also like you too..just tell her you love her..or she would think you are using her…dats my advice for you bro”she said

“Where’s she..”

“Maybe with Sandra..they might be fighting or something


“She kinda saw you guys”


“And one more person…”

“Who…”Cyrus said thinking

“TEGA!!!!!”Both Jane and Cyrus shouted

“Oh my Gosh…this is bad.. Ashley dreams has come to pas-s…”Cyrus blabbered

“Ashley didn’t do anything…you k!$$£d her yourself”Jane said

“Oh my…Mabel will be mad at me!!”

“Chill…she doesn’t know Tega saw you guys so just pl@yalong”


“Yeah.. except if Sandra tells her and I’m sure she won’t”


“But I really think you should talk to Mabel…Mum nee-ds a wife you know!”Jane said and walked out

Cyrus stared