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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Summer picnic Episode 7 & 8

10 min read
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👶Baby finds daddy a soulmate👶

🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋

💋Episode 07💋



Mr Alex’s Pov:

I watched the kids wail and cry.

Oh baby Kira….

Where the heck are you?

They have refused to eat, drink or even bath.

All the my did was bury their faces on their pillows and weep themselves to bed.

This picnic is meant to be a fun!

It was meant to be a bonding time for my kids and I.

But it turned to a horrible nightmare.

I was still lost in thought when my cell phone rang aloud.

🔔 Grnnn… Grnnn…. 📱

It was the police inspector.

I picked up the cell phone.

📱Hello inspector…. I said

📱Uhmm… Mr Cruz I have a vital information for you…. He said

📱What is it?… I asked anxiously.

📱It’s about your daughter Kira… She’s been found!… He said as my eyes widened.

📱Oh my goodness! Really? Am coming over right now…. I said as I quickly hung up.

My heart was filled with excitement.

I rushed into the kid’s room.

“Guess what kids?” I said almost screaming

“What daddy?” Nicholas asked sulking

“It’s baby Kira… She has been found” I said happily as they jumped up from the bed.

I could see smiles on their faces.

“Yippee……” they rejoiced.

They got dressed immediately as they insisted on going to the station with me.


I drove into the police station and parked my car.

We rushed into the station.


police stared at us and smiled.

The kids were so excited.

We’ve really missed baby Kira so much.

“Baby!” Sandy called as we saw baby Kira.

A beautiful young girl was carrying her.

I didn’t see her face because she was backing us.

Baby chuckled in excitement as she kicked her legs and hands.

Sandy rushed to the lady and hugged her.

I shook hands with the inspector happily.

“Thank you for a well done job Mr inspector” I said

“Well all thanks to Miss Marga Dantes for finding baby and bringing her to the station” the inspector said

The name rang in my ears.

“Marga?” I asked anxiously as the inspector nodded.

“Yes sir!” He said

“Can I see her?” I asked anxiously as he pointed at her.

“That’s her!” He said as I turned around.

I turned around and saw her already playing with my kids.

Are they close already?

Her face looks very familiar….

I walked closer to her.

Isn’t she the girl I almost knocked down a few days back?

“Marga!” I called as she turned and stared at me in astonishment.

“I know you…” She said.

“You almost knocked me down the other day… I almost knocked you down the other day” We said unison and laughed.

Baby Kira cling to her like she have known her for ages.

And now the kids Sandy, Nicky and Nicholas were also touching her long hair.

She’s so lovable.

And of course very beautiful… 💋

Goldy’s Pov:

Mother and I shivered as father walked up and down restlessly giving us a stern look.

We are so dead right now….

I can’t believe we poured the chilli water on him


legs became jelly and goose bumps ran down our spines.

“what was that supposed to mean?” Dad yelled at us and she shivered.

“Uh… Erm… Errr… We just wanted to throw the water away” Mother managed to say.

“Shut up! You want to throw the water away right? Where is Marga?” He asked as I gulped nervously.

Mother and I glanced at each other.

Words refused to come out of our mouths.

Cold gripped us.

“She went out!” I said defensively

He grinned at us making us feel so uneasy.

“Where to Celine?” He asked with a deep voice.

“She… She… Uhmm…. I don’t know” Mother said

“You don’t know? Listen both of you, I know you are lying and let me warn you, nothing I mean nothing should happen to my daughter else….” He said

We were dying in anxiety.

“I don’t want to look for my daughter… She’d better be home before dawn else…” He warned again as he walked away.

I breathed heavily as mother scratched her hair in confusion.

“Where do we look for her?” we said in unison.

Marga’s Pov:

I got down from the car with the kids all over me.

They were already so fond of me.

Well they insisted I go home with them.

And Mr Alexander…. 🙈🙈

He’s so cute and charming.

I kept avoiding eye contact with him.

Mere talking to him made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

Wow! Their house was so nice.

We got into the mansion with the children chattering and laughing.

Mr Alex held my hand and smiled.

“Thank you!” He said as he pecked me.

My jaw dropped…

Did he just kissed my cheek?

Oh no! I hope I don’t drool over him again.


We sat on the dinning eating.

Actually I made lunch.

“Yummy… Aww Miss Marga you’re such a good cook” Sandy said happily.

“Thank you dear!” I smiled as Mr Alex winked at me and I blushed.

“You know Miss Marga I wish you could live here with us so that you can teach Sandy how to cook delicious meal and teach me how to play rock paper scissors” Nicky said as we shared a laugh.

“Oh really? you’re nothing but a play girl” Mr Alex added

“But it’s true daddy I mean so that Sandy can learn how to cook that way daddy won’t cook pepper sauce instead of tomato sauce” Nicholas laughed

The children laughed at Mr Alex and I chuckled.

“Pepper sauce?” I asked

“Yes… Dad is really a bad cook” Nicky said as Mr Alex covered his face with his palms and we laughed.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get the door” Mr Alex said as he got up and walked to the door.

He threw the door open and a pretty sophisticated lady walked in with a big bag.

Mr Alex looked at her shocked.

“What’s up baby?” She smiled mischievously.

“BELLA!” Mr Alex called in shock.


💋Episode 08💋


Sandy’s Pov:

The strange lady winked at daddy as she blew her gum noisily.


So she’s the bad lady that wants daddy to hate us.

I stared at her with so much hatred.

“Sandy who is she?” Nicky whispered

“She’s a bad lady” I said as Miss Marga hushed me.

“Keep your voice down” Miss Marga said as I rolled my eyes.

The lady walked past daddy with her luggage.

“Hi kids…” She forced a smile at us.

“I don’t like you!” Nicky said as she furrowed her brows.

Dad tried to stop Nicky but I shouted out again.

“Bella you are not allowed here…” I said as I folded my arms.

She was surprised and gobsmacked.

“Just go away from here… You’re ruining in our vacation” Nicholas sneered.

She eyed us dangerously and turned to daddy who was short of words.

“Your children needs to be taught some manners Alex!” She mocked


I hate that lady!

“No Bella! You should be taught some manners rather because your attitude sucks” I said as she groaned angrily.

“I’ll slap that big mouth of yours” She raised her hand to slap me but Marga held her.

We were all surprised.

Marga defended me.

For the first time, someone showed me motherly love.

I love Miss Marga 😘

“Don’t you try that… Please” Miss Marga defended.

“And who are you?” Bella asked anxiously

“Bella what the fvck are you doing here?” Dad asked angrily.

“Really Alex? Isn’t it obvious? Am here for the picnic” She said as I gulped hard.

I wish I could give her a dirty slap.

Dad dragged her by the wrist out of the room.

I pushed aside the plate of food and fumed in anger.

“That crazy lady…” I groaned

“Do you know her from somewhere?” Nicholas asked

“I saw a message she sent to daddy some time ago.. She said daddy should stay away from us” I said as Nicky gnash her teeth in annoyance.

“She’s bad…” They screamed

“Uhmm… Kids don’t you think you guys are being rude to her?” Miss Marga asked

“Oh come on Miss Marga she’s a bad lady that’s why we don’t like her” I said as Nicholas nodded.

“So what now?” Nicky asked

“We’re going to make life hell for her here in this house until she packs her bag and leave” I smirked.

“Nice plans..” Nicholas said as we high five.

“Wait a second kids where’s baby?” Miss Marga asked anxiously.

We gasped as we looked around quickly.

“BABY?” I shouted as I saw baby sitting on the ground and smiling broadly

Guess what? 🙁

She had a mayonnaise cup in her hands and….

Oh my gosh! The mayonnaise was rubbed all over her face.

She was messed up and she smiled and clapped.

She licked the mayonnaise and chuckled.

We stared at each other and burst into laughter

Bella’s Pov:

Alex dragged me far away from the dinning room.

“Let me go! You’re hurting me! Let go of me” I yelled as he left my wrist forcefully.

I rolled my eyes at him.

“For goodness sake Bella why are you here?” He half yelled at me.

“I’ve been calling you Alex but you chose to ignore me so I came to see you” I said as I blew my gum right in his face.

“What the…. Bella you have to leave right now” He said as I scoffed.

“Leave? You are not serious here Alex! Can you see that luggage?” I pointed at my luggage.

“And so?” He asked confused

“So I am prepared for this vacation! I am going no freaking where” I said

“Bella this is just not right!” He said not knowing what else to say.

“I don’t care if it’s right or wrong Alex! If it’s not right then let’s make it right” I said

“Bella just go back to Manila and…” He said as I sighed loudly.

“You know what Alex? I took a flight down to this place and I’ve got jet lag so i need to rest” I said as I dragged my luggage upstairs.

I am here to stay and no damn person will stop me.

As for those saucy kids…..

Tch…. am going to teach them a lesson of their lives.

But who is that pretty girl I saw?

I just hope that gold digger is not also eyeing Alex cos hmm… 😒😒

I won’t hesitate to send her to her smelling ancestors… 🚶

I walked into one of the rooms.

The one with “Guest house” label on the door.

I coughed….

So dusty!

But I don’t mind… I’ll clean it up.

I shut the door and sat heavily on the bed.

Alex’s Pov:

I walked slowly to the dinning room.

The kids starred at me with their hands folded.

I gulped nervously.

“Is she outta here already?” Nicky asked

“Yes daddy…. Have you shown her to the gate?” Nicholas added

My legs became jelly and stucked to the ground.

“Uhmm… Nicky! Nicholas stop it! Stop being rude to daddy’s guest!” Sandy said as my eyes widened in shock.

“You accept her presence?” I asked in shock.

“Of course daddy… I just realized that we shouldn’t be rude to your guest right?” Sandy said as my face brightened up.

Yeah!” my lips curved to a smile.

“Uhmm…. Sir I think it’s time I leave” Marga’s voice echoed.

“Already?” The kids cried as they hugged her.

She only smiled and pecked them.

“I’ll visit you guys later OK! But right now I have to go OK” She said

“Please Marga don’t leave” Nicky wailed.

Marga patted her hair.

For the very first time, my kids are so in love with another lady apart from their late mommy.

“I’ll drop you off” I said as Marga got up.

Baby burst into tears.


These kids are so unbelievable.

So much love for someone they barely know 😁

Sandy’s eyes was already filled with tears as she cuddled baby.

They waved goodbye to her with sadness.

We walked away.

She too felt bad!

She’s also fond of them…

Sandy’s Pov:

I feed baby with a bottle of milk.

As I carried her into the cot cos she was feeling sleepy.

I lay heavily on the bed.

“Sandy do you like Bella?” Nicky asked anxiously

“Yes Sandy! Why did you defend her?” Nicholas confronted

I smiled broadly.

“We agreed on making life unbearable for her right? so I want us to make her leave” I said as we smiled.


Nicky peeped through the key hole.

“Hey! Come on guys… She’s by the wardrobe side” Nicky whispered.

“Alright… Good! Nicky you have to get in and take this” I said as I handed a nylon to her.

“What’s that?” Nicholas asked

“It’s chili… I mean dried pepper” I said as he covered his mouth with his palms.

“Take this add it into her bathing water in the bucket inside that bathroom” I said as Nicky nodded.

We gradually opened the door to make sure it made no noise.

Nicky sneaked into the bathroom and quickly added the chilli inside her bathing water and sneaked out.

We chuckled in excitement.

And waited patiently.

Some minutes later.

“OH MY GOODNESS…. HELP! MY EYES IS ON FIRE” We heard a scream from the room…

😂 😂 😂



To be continued…


My belle oo… 😂

This children will not kill me 😁

Bella….. Chaii 😚😚

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