Summer picnic Episode 1 & 2

👶Baby finds daddy a soulmate👶
🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
Baby sitting kids is not an easy one right? 😁
His name is Mr Alexander Cruz….
A very young ….
Rich 💵
The CEO of the popular company… The Cruz’s enterprises.
He’s a father of four very beautiful kids.
Though it’s really tough….
I mean taking care of the four kids.
Especially the youngest baby Kira 👶
Baby Kira is just 7 months old.
And she finds daddy a soulmate 😂
Isn’t that funny? 🙂🙂
But how will a baby of just 7 months old get her daddy a soulmate? 🤔
You’ll see 😅
Sandy Cruz…. whose just 15 years old.
Nicholas Cruz….whose 16 years old
Nicky Cruz…. 5 years old
And Baby Kira…. 7 months old.
And now daddy is taking the kids for a summer picnic.
Guess where? ☺
In the province Cebu……
And here comes Miss Marga Dantes.
The poor gardener’s daughter.
Who lives far away in the Cebu province.
Who’s the soulmate?
What happens when Marga finds missing baby Kira?
How will the summer picnic be?
Are we re-ady to find out the adventures of the summer picnic?
Find out!
This story will b!ow your mind 😇😇
gr-ab your pop corn and ice cream let’s hit the jackpot…. 💪
Happy Christmas in advance 💃
Stay tuned!
💋Episode 01 💋
Sandy’s Pov:
I throw the window open as smiles escaped myl-ips.
“Wow….” I said as the cool breeze b!ow raising the dust.
I love summer…. 💃.
It is the best I must say.
I watched Mrs Charlotte pack my clothes in a backpack.
“Don’t forget to pack my makeups Mrs Charlotte” I said as I threw my wardrobe open.
“OK… And where are you pair of new sneakers?” Mrs Charlotte asked.
“I’ll get it” I said searching in the wardrobe.
You don’t know how excited I am right now.
Am so excited…
Finally daddy is going to fulfil his promises.
And that’s a “SUMMER PICNIC”.
I’ve heard a lot about Cebu City and I can’t wait to see it.
We are going to spend some quality time together in our guesthouse there.
Uhmm… Have I introduced myself?
Oh plea-se pardon my manners….
I was too overwhelmed with excitement that I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Sandy Cruz.
And am really beautiful guys.
I know am not supposed to be the one telling you but I just like flaunting what I know is true.
And sad news… Mom died 7 months ago in a plane crash.
Just when my youngest sister Baby Kira was few weeks old.
We’ve been grieving all throu-gh.
So to cheer us up, dad decided to take us on a summer picnic.
And now the baby is 7 months old.
I can’t wait to explore the town.
That reminds me I haven’t told you my age right?
Am 15 years old but I look 18 though.
Cos am quite curvy and gorgeous.
And I have a b©yfri£nd…
🤫🤫… I don’t want daddy to know about this.
And Mrs Charlotte… She’s my nanny.
Let’s not call it nanny cos am a big girl alre-ady.
And right now am packing my stuffs we’ll be leaving tomorrow.
Wawooo… 💃
I can’t wait!
I walked into the kitchen and as usual, Nicholas was there.
“Urghh… You’re so slow chef Andy am really famished” Nicholas grumbled
“Am sorry sir! It will be done in a few more minutes time” Chef Andy said.
I bur-st into laughter as I walked in.
Nicholas only sighed immediately he saw me.
Of course I was going to pick on him.
I opened the refrigerator and took out a can of yoghurt.
“You’re such a cry baby Nico” I tea-sed him.
“Better stay away from me Sandy! St©p poke nosing” He said as he backed me.
I rolled my eyes and snorted.
“Yeah right… You know if you are really hungry and wants the food to be re-ady then you can help Chef Andy cut the carrots st©p being a lazy as-s” I said again
“Eish… Sandy go away!” he yelled at me.
I bur-st into laughter again ma-king him feel angry.
That’s Nico and I for you!
We are best friends and siblings too but yuck! He’s a big eater and I find the slightest opportunity to pick on him.
“Fine! Suit yourself while I go pack my stuffs for tomorrow” I said
“Like you are the one packing it when your nanny is there” He said as I frowned
He knows how much I hate being told that I have a nanny.
I gr-unted at him.
“I am a big girl and I don’t have a nanny” I said defensively.
“Yeah right” He laughed.
“So annoying…” I said as I turned to leave.
“Hey! I packed my strolling shoes” He said as I smiled.
“I can’t wait” I said as he win-ked at me.
“I’ll go check on Nicky and then baby” I said as he nodded.
Nicky’s Pov:
“Open up Nicky! You have to eat” Nanny Mia f0rç£d me.
“Oh plea-se nanny I don’t want to…” I cried
“You have to Nicky…you don’t want daddy to get angry do you?” She asked.
“Arrghh… Nanny I want to have enough appetite to eat tomorrow when leaving for the picnic” I said childishly.
Just then, the door swing open and Sandy walked in.
I quic-kly sprang up.
Thank goodness…
“Sandy is it morning alre-ady?” I asked anxiously as Sandy bur-st into laughter.
“Morning?” Sandy laughed
Nanny also smiled.
Can’t they answer questions without laughing.
I frowned my face and folded my arms.
“What’s funny?” I asked angrily
“It’s funny because it’s just 7pm” Sandy said
Too bad…
I jumped on the be-d.
I can’t wait to get out of here.
Baby Kira was alre-ady fast asleep in her cot.
She doesn’t even know what a picnic is.
🔔 🔔
The alarm clock rang noisily 🕒
And we all jumped up from the be-d.
“IS IT MORNING?” we asked in unison.
We rushed into the bathroom….
Episode 02💋
Mr Alex’s Pov:
I was still fast asleep when my door swung open.
“Daddy wake up it’s morning” They echoed in unison as I rolled from one side of the be-d to another.
They were all shaking me vigorously.
I can’t believe this kids….
They were dragging my legs and hands.
“Daddy wakie wakie! It’s 6am alre-ady” Nicky’s tiny voice cried.
They are really a pin in the as-s for me.
I opened my weak eyes and yawned.
“What are you guys…” I said but they cut me off
“Good morning daddy…” They said in unison.
I smiled at them.
Very funny kids…
“It’s too early guys” I said as they frowned and turned away my face.
“Of course not daddy… Let’s just go” Sandy said
“This is unacceptable OK! What about baby? She’s still fast asleep do you want her to be woken up this early?” I asked.
“She can sleep when we move plea-se dad I can’t sleep anymore” Nicholas said
I heaved a sigh.
This kids are really pretty good in giving me trouble.
But believe me they are lovely.
After the death of my dear wife Clarissa, they’ve become the source of my strength.
I walked out of the room with them all over me.
We sat on the dinning re-ady to eat.
I watched them eat as fast as they could.
“Easy guys so that you won’t choke” I said concerned.
“Daddy I really want us to eat quic-kly so that we can leave” Nicholas said as I smiled.
Nanny Pop carried my beautiful baby Kira downstairs.
“Da… Da… Daaa….” Baby Kira chuckled.
She looked absolutely gorgeous in her cot.
I turned to Nicky and found out that she wasn’t eating.
“Nicky! Baby are you OK?” I asked anxiously as she smiled.
“Yes dad! Am losing my patience…so I told my nanny Mia to pack my food in the lunch box… I’ll eat in the car” She said sharply.
I snorted as I shook my head.
This children will never kill me.
Nicky is something else…
Nanny Pop prepared the baby’s milk in her feeding bottle.
Baby Kira took the feeding bottle and su-cked throu-gh it.
She’s a smart little baby.
She’s just 7 months but she crawls.
She chuckled as she looked at me.
We were all done and the children ran to the garage.
They were super excited.
Nicholas’s Pov:
The maids pushed our luggage into the car.
I can’t believe we are really going on this trip.
Finally daddy took a leave from work to go on this adventure.
I looked back at our mansion and smiled.
Thoughts of late mommy filled my mind and I blinked my eyes continuously to avoid crying.
Sandy carried baby Kira as we hopped into the car.
I sit in front of the car with daddy.
Wanna know why? 😁
Because daddy and I are big guys…
“Mrs Charlotte did you pack my makeups?” Sandy asked sharply
I rolled my eyes.
“Yes! Everything is intact” Mrs Charlotte said
“Arrghh… Ladies stuff” Dad tea-sed her and she smiled.
“Gosh! Sandy you’re such a drama queen” Nicky scoffed
“Shut up you n@ûghty girl!” Sandy said
Dad started the car engine and the excitement increa-sed.
“Hey! Wait sir!” That was nanny Pop.
She’s wasting our time.
She quic-kly handed a bag to Sandy and Nicky behind the car.
“That’s baby’s milk and diapers” She said as I picked up my phone.
Are you wondering why baby’s nanny is called nanny Pop? 😂
Well that name was given to her by Nicky…
Her real name is Paulina.
Uhmm… Nicky was a lot younger then and can’t talk properly.
Nanny Paulina was so used to having lolli-pop in her mouth all the time 🍭
And Nicky started calling her Pop meaning lolli-pop.
It’s funny right?
Yeah! I know it is.
Dad drove out of the compound.
Wow! We hit the road.
Sandy’s Pov:
Nicky fell asleep in the car while Nicholas plugged his headset into his ears.
Baby Kira was alre-ady fast asleep.
I looked throu-gh the window and smiled happily.
I hope this trip becomes fun.
So that I can have stories to tell my friends in school.
I was still lost in thought when suddenly something vibr@ted close to me.
I looked around and saw daddy’s phone.
Nicky took it earlier to pl@ygames but she sle-pt off.
it was a message from Bella.
Who’s Bella?
I picked it up.
📨Alex plea-se I want you to come over to my place cancel the goddamned picnic with those pesky kids📨 I re-ad and my eyebrows arched in annoyance.
I was so furious.
“Dad…” I called in annoyance.
“Yes baby” Dad replied still focused on driving.
“Who is BELLA?” I asked anxiously.
Dad choked as he br@ked the car and the tyre screeched.
He gulped nervously….
To be continued…
Who wants to ruin in the picnic? 🤔
Who is Bella? 😏😏
Now let’s see the adventures…