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June 18, 2021


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Summer campus Episode 16 & 17

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(cranked up love)



**Frankie’s pov continues**

Alex gave a confused look as Zic smirked mischievously, Mrs Ciara returned with my meal and Zic smiled at her.. He removed his hand from my shoulder and I suddenly realised how light I was, I started eating and so did he, we ate in peace.. Some of us.. And I ręad Zic’s face which he seemed so happy..

Immediately Lunch was over he held my wrist and dragged me away from the table

“you did great” he said smiling

“what I didn’t even do anything you did all the work” I tell him back and he shrugs

“whatever, keep this up and soon enough she’ll be crawling back to me” he said “glad you’re happy I have to go my friends surprised face almost made me laugh, well I have to go” I said and was about to walk away but he held my hands.. “wait.. Freya’s looking over here and we can’t ruin this moment hug me” he ordered

“what? I hate this and I have to go” I tell him but he just sighed

“don’t look at her direction and just do what I say we both agreed on this right?” he asked and I nod

“fine” he tells me

“oh, smile and then hug me and walk away turning back and glancing

at me” he says.. whoa this guy is unbelievable..

I put on a smile and hugged him, he pats my back and let’s go of me. I pulled away and started to walk away taking a glance at him, I suddenly stopped when I got jasmine and Brianna..

Brianna stepped in front of me and moved her little fringe up her head.. “okay as you can see I’m obviously freaking out, you Zic how the hell, when the hell did that happen” she said

“yesterday” I lied

“what? wait, you guys are dating right” Jasmine asked and I nod and Brianna’s eyebrows arched

“what is anything wrong” I asked

“I.. I.. But Zic.. Look at you.. Look at Zic you guys are like fire and Flower” she replied

“wait do you see me as that kind of innocent girl” I asked and she nods and say “that’s what you are”

“that’s what you may see me as but I’m not” I yanked, she took a good look at me and sighed bringing out a small smile

“well still, let it be Zic brick or dick you’re dating I’m happy for you” she said and Jasmine and I burst into laughter

“you’re indirectly calling my boyfriend a dick? ” I fold

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my arms and she laughed and shrugged

“anyway I have to rest” I tell them

“okay then” Brianna said and smiled

As I hurried upstairs I heard my name and when I turned it was craig.. Ugh..

I just gave him a small wave and hurried to my room as I got in there

Freya was sitting on her bed and so was Liliana.. join us to read more stories from our telegram page through ish on+233544142683 .

“you” Freya stood up and walked up to me

“yes me! is anything wrong” I asked

“you witch who the hell are you to be with Zic like that” she said and I almost laughed to how stupid she is this is my chance to show her, how fearless I am, I’m not that innocent girl.. Well I did laugh and her expression changed

“Freya, you are so dumb, you broke up with him right? Then why push it.. ” I said and walked passed her And to my bed but she followed me

“don’t you dare go all smart with me” she threatened

“oh, I’m not being smart I’m just being honest with you, you broke up with Zic and went for Alex and now I’m dating Zic and you’re here yelling like a slaughtered goat, so Just step back little Ms backstabber” I say and she flinched and blinked rapidly..

“and you don’t have the freaking fucking right to separate us or get jealous because you officially broke up with Zic.. I was there, wasn’t I?” I tell her and she gave me a slap.. Liliana who had a surprised look since suddenly gasped I could have let it go but hell no..

I pushed her and she fell to the ground and got close to her I smacked her head to the title floor ,I’ve never fought before but trust me it felt good, Asin great, it’s just another way of not letting your anger die in you but making it on someone else and Freya is the perfect bitch for that..

Liliana quickly got up and separated us.. I breathe in and out and then walked up to my bed but stopped

“don’t think I’m some innocent girl, he’s your ex boyfriend now and we love each other” I cringe at my word, Freya walked out angrily and everywhere was silent Liliana wanted to say something but she didn’t.. Not only did I prove to Freya how fearless I was, but to Liliana too.. I nailed it..

**fast forward**

During nighttime, I was the only one in the room reading a novel I just borrowed from Jennifer.. Brianna quickly walked in and said “are you gonna seat here all night in that boring novel or come-on out and join us all around the camp fire, and also the main reason I came here to call you is an excuse to get out of there Mrs Ciaras scary story is too scary unlike mr Edmond’s” she laughed

“Well why didn’t you tell me first I love stories” I said and closed my book and head out with her, I quickly hugged myself because the cold breeze was pinching on my skin good thing I wore jeans, by damn it that I wore a tank top, my lips became dry as I hurried down the stairs with Brian, this night is damn cold..

Finally we got around the big camp fire with the students quiet and all Listening to the sweet sound of Mrs Ciara’s scary story I looked around and there was no log to sit on everywhere was occupied.. Brianna was already seated beside jasmine both whispering to their self, I spotted Zic and he gave me a sly smile and gesture his hand forward for me to come, I rolled my eyes and looked around Freya was with Alex snuggled up in his body, damn her..

She was looking at Zic and I, what a golden moment and so was Alex, oh and Craig poor Craig.. But what do I care..

I walked up to him and he held my wrist, and pulled me down making me sit on his thigh and facing right from where Freya was staring at us..

He took my two hands and placed it around his shoulder, the look on Freya’s face made Zic more happier, he’s such a douchebag “kiss me” he whispered in my ear

“what no way?” I whispered back

“you’re definitely not serious this is a golden opportunity Freya is going to go nuts just do it an—-

I quickly kissed him not allowing him to finish his words, he kissed me back, after pulling away I turned back and took a quick glance at Craig only to find his mouth and eyes wide open

Freya quickly kissed Alex and Zic laughed lightly “yeah she’s burning” he said

“great job Frankiestein” he whispered

“call me Frankiestein one more time and I’m going to shove my fingers into your eyes” I yanked

“oh really, Frankiestein” he teased and laughed .. I glared at him and Freya was glaring at us too, Zic was friendly tonight And I kind of sorta liked it..

After listening to Mrs Lisa boring joke I started to doze and fell asleep on Zic’s shoulder..

Few hours later I could hear the sound of heavy boots walking up a stairs and my body was moving I felt like I was going to fall, my eyes flutter open and the first person I saw was Zic I tried to stand up from where I was but quickly realised I was being carried, “you’re awake” he said sarcastically

“yeah” I sighed and he dropped me down as we got to the door, I opened the door knob and he walked in with me, all the girls were inside, Liliana Jasmine Brianna Jennifer and Freya ..

Ugh time for another show, because Freya’s In Zic wouldn’t miss this..

Zic moved closer to me and held my waist, I’m. So glad Liliana’s watching this right now, she should actually take back her words..

“so goodnight? ” he asked

“yeah” I replied and he hugged me and was about to walk away and I stopped him

I walked up to him and gave him a light kiss on the lips,he looked confused

“goodnight” I say one more time he quickly put a fake smile and say “goodnight” I closed the door and breathe in, why the hell did I do that..

Freya Gave me a glare as Jasmine called me “lover girl”

I am nailing this pretend relationship


(cranked up love)





**Frankie’s pov continues**

The next morning we all woke up and after having my bath, I zipped my box and opened it on my bed, with my towel around my body and also wearing my bikini under it, as I searched for clothes to wear my hair was in ponytail, and my contacts were still in its box, as I grabbed a clean pair of jeans, I paused and remembered Zic’s word *dress hot* I cringe at the feeling.. Me and “hot” doesn’t go together .. I grabbed my other bag where I kept the dresses my mom bought for me, I unzipped it and bet It my mom is way off me.. They’re hot and look so expensive, I don’t blame her though she just wants me to look my best, I didn’t thought I’d be needing any of my mom’s dress she bought for me

I grabbed a yellow shiny one which was at the top and, zipped the bag, I quickly wore it and when I stepped in front of our wall mirror, I almost didn’t recognize my self, who’s this hot sexy girl in front of me?

I asked my self

“wow you look good in yellow” Jennifer complimented and I gave a small smile from the mirror

“girl.. You are looking hot” Brianna who just walked in said, that was the word I’m looking for

“thanks” I said and smile

This dress brings out the ME I haven’t seen before the curves I didn’t know I have, it tightened my body, hugging every part of my body and stopped right above my thigh, kind of short for a tall girl like me though, my small boobs actually boomed out making me look more of woman and trust me, you don’t get that feeling everyday,

“move, you don’t want to stand there all day” Freya pushed me good thing I didn’t fall

“jealous much” Brianna said referring to her

She eyes Brianna and turned back to the mirror, jasmine paused seeing me while entering inside

“goodness! You look like a goddess” she explained and I smiled and shrugged “Zic’s going to flip seeing you” Brianna added and we all laughed including Jennifer, Freya slammed the door angrily as she walked out making us laugh again

I removed my rubber band from my hair and it poured down to my shoulders then my back

“hey.. I could give you a new hairstyle to go with it” Jennifer said,

Wow, she is really being nice.. I like her already

“oh okay” I replied, and smiled, she told me to sit on her bed as she grabbed something from her bag, “be careful I have a small injury on my head” I giggled …


Few minutes later my hair became curly, glossier and bouncier I thanked Jennifer and she just smiled saying it was nothing, but it is something.. I put on my contacts and

placed my clothes back in my bag and zipped it, just then Liliana walked in, she took a good look at me before walking to her bed..

“it almost breakfast lets head downstairs and wait I don’t want to sit at the back” Brianna said

“there is no back and there’s no front” Jasmine said and Brianna rolled her eyes

“let’s just go downstairs already” Brianna yanked

“I just don’t get why you’re in a hurry” I said, buckling my sandals..

“wait.. Hold on there Brianna is this about Jim” Jasmine asked

“what, Jim? No way” Brianna scoffed

“who’s Jim” I asked walking up to them

“no one” Brianna said

“he’s someone he’s from megal academy who Brianna is crushing on, I’ve not see him before, I have actually but not his face though and Brianna just go crazy for him” Jasmine explained and I lashed

We all started to head out when Brianna stopped

“Lilly you coming? ” she asked

“Uhm no thanks” Liliana said and shyly turned away Brianna shrugged and we all head downstairs but breakfast table wasn’t set yet

“see we came too early” Jasmine yanked at Briana while she rolled her eyes. Suddenly a boy started walking up to us

“oh my god there’s jim” Brianna said biting her lips.. “calm down lover girl” I tease and turned to look at the Jim.. He’s okay and goddammit his face is so familiar to me I had to go through the folders in my head to remember where I saw him.. He stared at me too like he knew me.. “do you guys know each other by any chance” Jasmine whispered in my ear but I shrugged and looked away, he had an headphone around his neck..

“does this guy know Brianna by any chance” I asked jasmine and she nods “they’ve talked but only a few times” she replied and I smiled at Briana who was lost.. He got up to us and smiled at Briana “hey Anna, hey there Jackie” he said

“it’s Jasmine” Jasmine yanked and he rolled his eyes.. “hey Jimmy” Brianna said slowly and I tried to hold my laughter but failed

“I’m so sorry” I say immediately my laugh went in contact with air

Brianna gave me a look and this time I held back my laughs

“do I know you by any chance” he asked referring to me

By any chance? That word is getting too much

“Uhm.. No I don’t think so” I replied but he tilt his head and said

“I could swear I’ve seen you before but I don’t know where” he said and the way he suddenly smirked when Brianna coughed made the folders in my head suddenly opened,.. He’s that guy he’s the rude guy I met on camp the first day of camp he and his friend were saying how fucked up our school is and he called me blind bandit.. Oh ..

“now I know” I breathed out

“you know me?” he asked

“I don’t but I do know I’ve met you somewhere” I yanked at him and he suddenly flinched

“you don’t remember me” I asked and he shook his head negatively without smiling and Brianna and Jasmine just watched us

“okay lemme give you a hint, you remember the first of camp and how a girl with glasses turned to look at you guys” I paused

“wait.. Hold on you mean blind bandit girl” he laughed

He remembered

Fucking lovely

“well I’m the girl,” I said calmly

“sorry, did I hear you well or did you just say you’re the gir—-

“yeah I’m. Her the blind bandit” I cut him off gesturing my hands at my body.

He moved back like someone attacked him and eyed me from head to toe.

“oh my god, what happened to you” he said and I rolled my eyes and walked away.. “nice meeting you again” I hear him yell behind me

Boys are douchebags I leaned on a shady tree because it was cool under there, and shady I should actually call it my leaning tree since I’m always resting on it..

I sighed uncontrollably and frowned I’m. Hungry but breakfast isn’t ready yet Craig who was passing in front of me suddenly stopped seeing me

“Frankie!!” he called and I gave a small smile

“wow I almost didn’t recognize you, you look great” he smiled and i nod and said “thanks”

“so… I see you and Zic are now together now” he said

“yep” I nodded

“how?.. when?.. why..??” he says and he kind of looks panicked

“well you know, when two people fall in love they date, it’s fate” I say and his eyebrows arched

“so you’re telling me, that you love Zic” he said

“yes” I lied and nod, loving Zic is the last thing I’m going to do on earth because that guy is the worst..

“whoa” he said but I just shrugged

“I like you” he blurts out..

“no.. No I love you” he added

Oh, great, fucking great..

“look Craig I..

“don’t worry I don’t want you to say anything about it I just want to let my feelings out and you’re with Zic so I can’t do anything because you love him” he said with bitterness cutting me off

I’m supposed to feel sorry for this boy but I’m surprised I’m not and happy that I’m not sorry for him, because If I’m sorry for him then I’ll feel guilty and I can’t live with guilt in my Alex-shatterd heart already and I might sympathetically tell him that Zic and I are dating hell no I’m not sorry for him

“I’m sorry” I whispered

I’m. Not

“it’s okay” he smiled and walked away.


“holy crap, baby what happened to you” I hear Zic’s voice call and i rolled my eyes, his voice was loud that Craig had to turn but still pretty calm..

He came closer to me and i know Freya was close by.

“wow what happened did a fashion fairy came to visit you last night” he teased and laughed

“shut up” I warned, I sighed Freya and he did too and said

“I’m gonna place my hands on your ass and you’re gonna scoot loser to me” he instructs


“uhm no no no.. No.. No.. No way” I say and he rolled his eyes

“you call that an ass, it’s too small for my hands to don’t get all too special” he answered close to my face

“they may be small but you ain’t touching it” I yanked at him

“you’re my girlfriend Frankie how can I not touch you” he said

“point of correction we’re Fak—

“shut up Frankie” he whispers and I sighed

“Freya would be watching us so come-on you look damn hot today so prove it to her that you can be a better girlfriend” he started to blab not knowing Freya was coming behind him, I quickly shut him up by kissing him, so he won’t end up spilling an unwanted word and he reciprocated.. . Freya approached us tapped Zic’s shoulder, we break the kiss and he turned

“can I help you” he remarked rudely placing his hand around my shoulder ..

“c…can I talk to you” she said

What the hell do and wants to talk about..


T. B. C

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