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Stella’s dairy episode 48

(The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
Final A 🌺🌸🍓🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🌸
Written By 🖋️🖋️🖋️
Damilola Faleke M 📚📚📚
Chapter 48
🌟 Stella’s pov 💛
What would you do if your father who abandoned you for years calls you immediately your name and picture was announced on life TV. A man who made it clear to you that he wants nothing to do with your life. What are you gonna do??!
Yes! It hasn’t been long when I spoke to Olivia when an incoming call came through, my dad called me after that dumb later he dropped months ranging to a year ago, I didn’t have the number but thanks to true caller I was able to ignore it. What does he wants from me, I received this good news and suddenly I feel really devastated because of this dumb call put through by dad.
No one was at home to share the good news with, I Know Jason had heard but will surely be busy, his new job hugs lot of responsibilities.
Well mum quickly went to get groceries. I can’t wait to tell mum, she’s gonna be so happy.
I’m Jeremy’s nominee. Gosh it still sounds unbelievable to my ear, I guess this was the surprise he talked about yesterday.
The call came again from the man who calls himself my father, I didn’t hesitate to ignore for the 8th time.
Suddenly a message came in. I smiled thinking it was Jeremy, but my smile soon disappeared after I glanced at the content.
💬 Stella I’m back in Netherlands, please daughter don’t think it was because you were announced on the TV I’m calling you, I’ve been through a lot without you guys. I’ve tried reaching Jason but it’s quite impossible, he really despises me, please I need your new address. I went to the old house and was told Jason got a job which came with a house. Please I need to talk to you….
I’m sure you know who it is already, love father 💬
Jeez! I can’t believe I read this sh!t to the end, what bring my egocentric father back to Netherlands who suddenly wants to see us. He’s never gonna see a shadow….
Gosh, wish I had a piano, will just play out all my frustrations.
I need to see Jeremy!!
🌺 Alexa’s Pov 🌺
No!! No!!!!
Someone tell me what’s happening. No!!!!!
Not on my watch.
Jeremy got nominated for Grammy that’s a great one. But he took Stella as his sing along nominee?????
I angrily smashed my phone on the wall, I couldn’t bear the anger anymore, it was all looking crazy….
He truly feel for that bi*ch, he’s under a spell…
I don’t think his mum knows about this. She wouldn’t be proud to hear the stupid decision her son made over a low life individual.
Gladly I saw her arriving school earlier, she should be in her office now…..
I picked up pace rushing to her office to clear this disaster and misunderstanding that’s being unleashed.
I knocked continuously but got no answer, so the anger in me which had no patience pushed the door open only to be met by a crying Jeremy’s mum….
“Who the hell is that, I didn’t tell you to enter” she said staring at me angrily.
“miss, it’s me Alexa” I said surprised
“So?” She said challenging.
“I thought I’m allowed to come in, you told me that” I said trying my best not to be rude.
” Nothing makes you different from other students Alexa. So what the hell do you want in my office? ” She asked angrily.
” Well did you watch where Jeremy was nominated for Grammy on the TV and picked Stella as his nominee? ” I said furiously.. but surprisingly she only bursted into laughter.
“Mrs Joan, are you okay?” I asked due to her sudden outburst.
“So that’s what you care about huh? He didn’t pick you, oh I’m so sorry Alexa as you can see there’s nothing I can do about it” she said hitting her desk …
” That’s not what I’m even on about, I have feelings for Jeremy only for him to throw them away because of that low life girl” I said
” Well sorry high life girl, that low life girl had just been announced on life TV as his nominee, and you are just here. Your voice doesn’t even range to hers talk more of the passion” she said surprising me.
” I don’t understand, are you now on Stella’s side? I thought you despised her than anything” I said
” That’s none of my business, all I care about now is my son. I haven’t spoken or seen him for 2 weeks” she said bursting into another round of tears.
” Why? He’s still in Netherlands” I said non chalantly
“Well he’s not talking to me. And all what he said to me, the morning before he left were all true. And checking all I’ve done, I don’t think he’s ever gonna forgive me again” she said still sobbing.
” Well that’s your problem, no one asked you to be bad to your son” I said angrily finding my way out.
” What! Did you just say that to me?” She asked which made me turn to look at her.
” I did, do your worst” I said angrily walking out not even closing the door.
Well I’m all alone, and I’ll get Jeremy, and make sure that Stella doesn’t go for that Grammy…
I walked to my car zooming out of the school. Stella here I come. I’m going to track her, gladly I got her number, but I’ll first send her a text so she could know who she’s dealing with.
💬 Coming for you bi*ch!! 💬 I clicked on send concentrating on the road…..
🍀Mrs Joan’s(Jeremy’s mum) pov🍀
That Alexa successfully spoiled my mood completely..
Here was I thinking of how to make it up to my son,and she comes to only increase my problems.
What am I gonna do, Jeremy doesn’t even want to hear a word from me, should that be how he hates me much??
Yh, I know I’ve done a lot of nasty stuff to make him pissed with me, but I’m his mother right? He shouldn’t do this to me.
Still reminiscing on things happening I heard a knock on the door. I didn’t want what happened few minutes back to repeat itself, so I just ushered whoever it was.
And it was my client receptionist.
“Good morning ma’am” she greeted, I only nodded in reply.
” Ma’am, a man out there is here to see you” she said
” Do you have any idea of what he might want?” I asked not showing interest..
“No, he only said he has a big deal for you. And he’s quite popular around especially from Mexico, he base there” she said .
” Do you by chance knows his name?” I asked
” No, he insisted he doesn’t want to share it, that’s why I walked up to you instead of putting a call through, and he’s a man of high class, I don’t want to do or say something that may implicate the school name. ” She explained.
” Okay let him in, but be alert with the securities in case he is bad news” I said.
” Okay ma’am, will do just that” she replied and walked out
Well Mexico sounds familiar, it brings memories I don’t want to remember. Sad ones to be precised..
Few minutes later, the man walked in and I was shocked to the marrow, that I had to stand up, move closer to him to know if I wasn’t hallucinating. But it all seemed clear.
“Greg?” I called and he nodded….
What the hell!!
TBC ❤️❤️


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