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Stella’s dairy episode 32 33

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(The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
Written By 🖋️🖋️🖋️
Damilola Faleke M 📚📚📚
Chapter 32



❤️ Stella’s pov continues ❤️

The painful part is how they still smile at me, like they never just ended a negative chat about me.
I’m totally over. I hate myself now, I wished I have listen to Olivia, I wished I have never met Smith. Jeremy was right about him and Smith told me it was only jealousy. I shouldn’t have been so stupid to even think Alexa isn’t bad from blood and was just being neglected. It’s a shame on me I admit.

“Stella? What’s going on with you, you’ve been staring for 3 minutes without a word” Smith said with a look of care on his face, he’s really good at pretending.

“I should have known from the beginning, but I was just so stupid” I said with tears flowing from my eyes as the stared at me weirdly.

“What are you talking about Stella, you’re crying” Smith said trying to come closer to me, but I shift backwards avoiding his touch.

“I can believe you guys were never who you appeared to be to me. I hate you guys but I hate myself the most for believing you too could be of any good” I said angrily

“Stella what’s wrong with you, you’re already getting me pissed with those words of yours” Alexa said.

” You don’t have to pretend anymore cause I heard all your conversation” I said and Smith face fell immediately but Alexa acted like it was nothing.

“Common, it’s not our fault that you were so dumb to believe I could actually mingle with a dumbass like you who keeps on taking my glory” she said rolling her eyes.

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” Right, I was dumb, but Smith I never thought you were this way” I said walking away angrily. She doesn’t even feel like anything has happened, I hate her from within. Even Smith. I thought he was a good friend to me, he never meant all he was saying, he was just fooling me around cause I was a fool. Jeez!! I feel so useless.

I was still walking when Jeremy blocked me. What? He never comes around this place.

“I guess you finally realized” he said staring at me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said walking away but he held my hands dragging me with him.

“Come with me” he said without even waiting for a reply. I knew he was heading to his practice room.

🍋 Jeremy’s pov 🍋

“What do you want from me?” She asked trying to wipe the tears off her face.

” Stella,you’re crying” I said

” It’s not a problem, I don’t think you should even care about me anymore” she replied

” But I do, you did too remember?” I said

” I’ve been a total mess, I’ve been rude to you and all those that care about me for two people who were just deceiving me” she said.

” You mean Smith and Alexa?” I asked and she nodded positively.
I knew this was gonna happen, but I promise not to care if it eventually does, but here I am trying to console her.

“Stella, have I ever told you how much I appreciate your friendship and care towards me? I’ve never been this happy and open towards anyone, but you brought out that part of me, and Fred the hole in my heart a little, I appreciate that alot, I won’t because of just a little thing as this abandon you towards the cruelty of Smith. He doesn’t deserve you a bit” I said and she nodded. Jeez!! I sulk at this never consoled someone before, not surprised if it wouldn’t work on her.

“Thanks Jeremy, I’m sorry for talking to you that way the other time, I was totally out of my senses” she said

” I understand okay? You don’t have to apologise, wait let me get you something” I said walking to my fridge to get her water, that’s what is good for her now.


“Thanks Jeremy for everything, I feel really guilty for what I did and how you treated me in return” she said

” You taught me, remember?” I said holding her hands and she smiled at me nervously do I removed my hand just to make her feel comfortable.

“I think I have to go now” she said

“Uhmm..where are you going?” I asked

Home, I’ll take a sick excuse home” she said

“You know you have to go meet my mum right?” I said to her, that’s definitely gonna be a bad idea, cause I ditched Amaya to attend to Stella when I saw her that way, and I’m sure Amaya is fully aware which my mum also is.

“I know, I’ll try” she replied

“Stella, I understand how bad you’re feeling, but I won’t advise you to do that, don’t worry I’ll be by your side if anything happens” I said moving closer helping her wipe her tears with my hands and she stared nervously at me, so I just handed her my hanky. I wonder why she acts that way just on getting closer to her.

“Thanks Jeremy, you’re really a good friend” she said and I smiled in return, jeez, when last did I smile.

” But I’m still scared” she said

“Why?” I asked

“I don’t know how to face one last person, she’s the main person I have to apologise to, she has already fore warned about a situation like this but I insulted her, and she has been the one there for me from the beginning, the one who made me realize myself even when I thought I had a horrible voice, I can’t bear the fact of realizing how bad I’ve lost a friend, but even though we are never gonna get back together, at least I still want to pay her my apologies” she said and I did felt her pain inside. That’s actually weird to me cause I don’t think I even feel any emotions.

“Look at me Stella, breath in, and out” I said and she did as I instructed.

” Everything is gonna be okay, even better than you think, trust me and have faith” I said and she smiled nodding. I think we’re one step ahead, she finally smiled.

🍓 Stella’s pov 🍓

I’ve searched almost everywhere for Olivia but couldn’t find her, when one last place popped into my mind, our usual place, her private studio.

I walked towards the door with a trembling mind. Then I did what Jeremy advised me to do, breathing in and out. Then I finally gained the confidence to knock on the door. I knocked twice before she finally opened up, and I couldn’t help but notice the surprise look on her face afterwards.

“Stella?” She said still surprised and I nodded

” Did you know where you are? At Olivia’s place, the control freak?” She said, oh I called her that

” I know, Olivia, I need to talk to you. Even though you won’t want me coming in we can talk here” I said

” Anything the matter Stella? You look pale and sad” she said studying me closely.

” I just need to talk to you Olivia” I said looking downward.

“Come in Stella” she said opening the door wider for me to get in.

” Don’t you mind?” I asked surprised

“I’m not such person Stella, just come in let’s talk” she said and I walked in.


” So now tell me, what actually happened, I’m really lost here, why aren’t you with Alexa or Smith?” She asked and a drop of tears flowed down my eyes which I was quick to wipe off.

“Stella what did they do to you” she said her tone changing.

” It doesn’t matter, I just came to apologise for what I said and did, I feel really bad and stupid, I hate myself for what I did to you, you were the only friend I ever had from the beginning but I was so stupid, I neglected you,I should have believed you when you told me Smith was off no good but I was blinded by his deceitful words. I know we being friends again is a total impossibility, but I just want you to forgive me, to gave a free mind. Olivia I’m really sorry” I said and suddenly she quickly rushed to high me.

” I’m so glad you’re back Stella” she said still hugging me and I smiled happily, she actually forgave me.

“Thanks Olivia I think I have to go now” I said to her

” Where? Isn’t this our private stay place” she said and I smiled happily

” Really??” I asked and she nodded happily

“I can’t just say we won’t be friends again just because of that stupid Smith, that was his plans from the beginning but he actually failed, cause our friendship overcomes all” she said and I smiled happily.

” Thanks Olivia. I can’t believe this” I said happily.

“You have to Stella, I’m so glad you’re back, I really missed you” she said

” I did the most,I guess what they said is right, that ‘ you wouldn’t realize the value of what you have unless you loose it’ I really didn’t realize” I said and she smiled

” Come to think of it Ste, I just came from miss Natalie’s place, I was planning on cancelling the concert, but she advised me not to. She actually gave me three days for is to settle our disputes and gladly, it didn’t even take hours” she happily

” Such a coincidence, I totally forget we were having a concert. Jeez!” I said.

“You don’t have to worry girlie, we have time to practice Stella and Olivia break limits, they are the strongest team ever, and that’s why some bad eggs are trying to get between us” she said smiling.

” You’re definitely right, they almost succeeded but they never will in their lives again” I said

” Definitely” Olivia.

” Common let’s go get some snacks, I’m famished. And let’s go show them we are back together, and later you’ll tell me the last part of what happened” she said

” Totally agree with you girl” I replied and we did a high five.

Never would I ever, leave Olivia again, experience is always the best teacher, but I also learnt something, I’ll never let my emotions lead me anymo

(The girl I Am 💖)🎶
Written By 🖋️🖋️🖋️
Damilola Faleke M 📚📚📚
Chapter 33
🍋 Smith’s pov 🍋

“I can’t believe you don’t feel guilty about this Alexa, she literally cried” I argued with Alexa who was still insisting our argument with Stella was no big deal.

“Look Smith, I really don’t know what’s wrong with you, you brought this idea, it worked, except for the part she found out what happened, I really don’t know why you’re complaining, now that it’s actually working” she replied

” Look Alexa, you may not have any atom of guilt and conscience in you, but I mist assure, I’m weigh different from you in that aspect” I replied

” Don’t tell me you’re beginning to have pity feelings for that girl” Alexa said.

” You can call it whatever you want, but just for you to know, I’m backing out of this, you’ve caused enough damage, emotionally and physically, you even built a bridge between two friends, yet I don’t think you even regret it a bit. I know it was all my plans, but let’s be sincere Alexa you’re the main executor” I said.

” I don’t where this is coming from Smith, but I know something is wrong somewhere, and it is obvious that you’re totally out of your mind” she replied looking pissed.

” You can say it the way you see it. But like I said, whatever you say, is none of my business, your reaction or response. I also want to use this medium to tell you how nice it was working evil with you, I wish you good luck in your battle with Amaya and in your plans with getting Jeremy to yourself. But I also want to inform you that if eventually your plans comes to a success, there’s no way you’re gonna be happy with yourself knowing deep down that it’s just a one sided love, you’re never gonna be happy Alexa, I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I’m sure it’s for your own good girl, it’s left for you to make your own decisions” I said to her, I’ve never made any long speech like such to someone, but something in me urged me to do so.

“Now I see you’ve been totally bewitched by that witch,cause you’re far from the Smith I first knew, it’s left for you to take your own path, stop advising me on what to do, it sulks” she said pushing me away, walking into her car, zooming away.

She’s right, I also don’t know where all those words were coming from, but the Smith I’ve been, don’t even give a damn of what I’ve caused, now I’m feeling guilty for Stella, but yh, a normal human would definitely feel guilty, and it seems that’s what I’m becoming now.

I really want to see Stella, but it’s been a whole day since I’ve seen or heard from her. She said she hate us, I mean hate me. Those words really hurt deeply and I feel really guilty of all what she said. I must find and apologize to her today. Even if it might be a big disaster talking to her, she may not want to even see me again but I just have to try, cause the little time I spent with her, I Discovered she never deserved anyone’s hate, Alexa is just being who she’s not, I hope she discovers quickly before she end up hurting herself for Jeremy who doesn’t even care.

I walked into the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee just to free my mind. On my way out, I met Stella and Olivia, it seems they were also coming to the cafeteria. And it also seems they’re back together, I’m so happy for them but the guilt still keep on eating me up deeply. As Stella’s eyes met mine, I could still see the pain in her eyes and the guilt in me spread.

I cleared my throat gaining the courage to talk to her.

“Hi Stella, Olivia” I greeted them but only got a response from Stella which I knew was reluctant.

“Do you mind if I talk to you?” I asked and they both looked at each other.

” Me or her?” Olivia asked with anger, jeez! This girl has temper.

“Uhmm.. Stella may I talk to you?” I retraced my sentence.

“Better” Olivia replied rolling her eyes.

” So can I?” I asked staring at Stella this time.

“I don’t know what you even have to say, I don’t think I can spear you a second anymore, or what do you think?” She said looking at Olivia. She’s right though, I don’t even deserve a millisecond.

“Well you’re right, but I think you should give him few minutes, he looks quite sober, if he tries anything funny just text me, will be waiting for you inside” Olivia replied walking in. And I sighed in relief, I thought she was never gonna let me.

🍭 Stella’s pov 🍭

“Could we at least leave the way?” I asked him.

“Oh yes you’re right” he replied and we both moved away.

” So what do you want from me Jace, I shouldn’t even be talking to you, but trust me it’s Olivia’s fault” I said

” Yes thanks for that, I’m really mad at myself now, you deserve to be ‘madder’ if there’s any word as such.” He said

” Look Smith, just get straight to the point cause I see no reason for your chit chat stuff, probably you guys have made a second plan. But sorry Smith, I’m not falling for it anymore” I replied

” Yh, you’re right Stella, but I want to assure you that I come with a free mind” he said and I laughed internally.

” You think I’m gonna believe you. Jeez! Smith, you’re really a good actor, you should have registered to a drama or movie college, not music” I replied

” I’m sorry Stella, I understand how you feel about me now, but I really want you to try putting that aside, for our own good, I promise, it’s gonna be alright” Smith said, well he looked sorry but there’s no way I’m gonna believe such pranks again.

“Once bitten, Twice-told Smith, I mean what you did was really bad, never in my life have I been deceived so much by a person, I thought you cared about me Smith but I was totally wrong” I said

” But I do Stella” he argued and I chuckled

” You don’t, okay. You don’t a bit. Like for once, I thought I’ve found a new friend who really cares for me, but it was just an illusion. Look Smith, standing here listening to your apology sulks, do you think it’s really easy to trust a liar? Well I’m done speaking with you, just for you to know it Smith, it was nice meeting you” I said trying my possible best not to cry walking away, people were even taking video, I guess my voice was louder than I thought. Well, I may sound rude, but I don’t wanna be the stupid one falling for his tricks anymore.

I walked back into the cafeteria going to sit with oliyat the table she was, she was using her phone but noticed my arrival.

“Hey Stelly, that wasn’t bad, but he seemed sorry” she said.

“That’s what you think Livia, but he’s really a good actor than you could ever imagine, wait were you watching us?” I asked confused.

” Yes, right here” she said showing me her phone


” Of course swiii, our school never lags in things like this, they’re always good at spreading news, true or fake, rumors and a lot more than you could imagine” she said

” That’s true” I said chuckling but it wasn’t from within.

” Hey Stelly, it’s gonna be okay, you have to stop feeling bad” Olivia said

” Thanks Olivia, for your support and everything, I never expected this after my annoying behavior” I said

” You don’t have to say that.” She said and I smiled

” That’s good, remember our practice for the concert begins tomorrow, miss Natalie told us to come to her studio, she has already informed the authorities and they are fine with it” she said

” Well that’s great, can’t wait” I said excitedly

” Me too” Olivia replied happily

“Now let’s go get lunch” she said and we both walked to the counter.

🌻 Closing hour🌻
🍉 Karen’s pov 🌺

Today I took permission to leave the school quite earlier than usual, I aimed it at Stella’s closing time, I’ve decided to follow her home today, I mean sneak behind her. Cause I feel there’s something I need to find out.

I walked behind her as she said goodbye to Olivia boarding a cab. Hmm..I think they are back together, that’s actually cool.

I quickly boarded a cab, telling the driver to follow her own cab.

It wasn’t that easy but the driver was quite good at following without being noticed even though I had to pay extra amount for it.

It was almost 45 minutes before the driver finally stopped in a small apartment, I told the driver to stop a little bit far away from her own cab. I paid him and he zoomed away. I watched Stella as she walked further more towards the building until she stopped in front of the door, probably searching for the keys. I felt a little bit disappointed since the main reason I came was to see her elder brother to see if I may recognize him, considering how her story relates to mine. But right now, it seems no one is at home.

She opened the door finally walking in, I sneaked watching through the window. I felt really anxious, I hope I know what I’m doing.

After a while and she was already in her room, I decided to walk in just to look around for a while.

I cracked the door open slowly, gladly she didn’t lock it, I sneaked in, but there still wasn’t any sign of her walking into the sitting room, so I decided to look around hoping deeply she doesn’t walk in or anyone comes in.

The first place that attracted my eyes were their pictures, I walked to the place to look through it.

The first picture I saw was Stella’s when she was little and presently. Then I saw her elder brother. Oh my God! This is my Jason, the guy I met at the park the other day.

To confirm my doubt, I look down to see a picture of where he was little standing alone, to prove everything, I saw a picture of my heartless husband hanged right beside them, but mine wasn’t there.

No, no! I can’t believe Stella is my daughter, I picked up one of her framed pictures along with Jason’s own staring at it still bewildered. It’s so hard for me to believe. I felt tears flowing from my eyes uncontrollably.

“Ma’am Karen?” A voice said snapping me out of my trance, the pictures even fell off mine hand breaking.



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