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September 25, 2021


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Stella’s dairy episode 3 & 4

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(The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
By Damilola Faleke M 🎀❤️❤️❤️
Chapter 3 & 4


🎀Stella’s pov 🎀

It was already 9:22 and I was still in my first class, it wasn’t boring but it was really tiring.

This class was only meant for beginners like new entries such as me. And all of them are really sassy and high shouldered. The reason am sitting here alone is because no one wants to associate with me, they are all looking down on me, like I even care.

We were being taught the most important keys necessary in music. I was all busy jotting what our teacher, miss Kayla was saying when a paper hit me, I decide to ignore it, until it hit me the second time. I looked at direction it came from and saw some set of guys laughing hilariously with a weird a guy in front of them grinning at me.

I decided to pick one of the rumpled sheet to see what was in it.
It says “where do you come from, the gutters” with a laughing emoji drawn below the words.

I looked at them and they were still laughing except for that weird guy. I just decided to ignore them and the second note, who even cares about their opinion, they are just jobless bully freaks anyway.

Our teacher finished with her lessons an hour and 30 minutes later and then left immediately, everyone left in groups or with friends except for me who was left all alone. So I just took my time to go over the lesson we’ve been taught.

I was finally done and decided to go around the school in order to get familiar with the environment. About to step out, I accidentally hit a woman who was carrying a tray of food in her hands which went crashing on the floor immediately. She wasn’t that young neither was she old cause she could probably give birth to someone of my age or even a bit older. I stylishly checked her tag only to find out she was a cleaner here.

Jeez!!, What am I even thinking, I spilled her food!

“Am sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to, am really sorry” I pleaded and she stared at me looking confused, it was actually weird.

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” Ma’am, are you okay?” I asked also confused

“Yes, just that, you’re one of the first person in this school, that had ever apologized to me after such encounter, others simply put the blame on me” she said and I stared at her surprised

“It’s no big deal ma’am, it was actually my fault” I replied

” I guess you’re new in this school?” She asked and I nodded.

” You’re one of a kind dear. I love your Charisma, it’s nice meeting you, I have to go now, it wouldn’t be nice if they caught me talking to a student” she said

” Wait ma’am your food, I mean, I have to buy you another one” I said

” It’s nothing to worry about dear, your kind gestures are enough already”

” Are you sure ma’am?” I asked

” Of course dear, am Karen, I work here as a cleaner, now I think I should clean this up and get back to work” she said

” Okay, why don’t I help you, since it’s my fault from the beginning” I said

” No, I may be fired if they find any student doing such under my watch especially having a conversation with you, now run along dear” she said

” Okay, if you insist” I said walking away finally.

Jeez!! After what ma’am Karen said, I’m sure this school would be filled with spoilt brats and annoying chicks.

I was still going around when my stomach rumbled, I decided to use that opportunity to see how the cafeteria is and also get something to ease my hunger.

🍟 🍟 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

I stepped into the cafeteria, jeez!! It was more like a 5star restaurant, I’ve never been to such a place like this. I don’t know, it’s just a school cafeteria, why would they stress it to look like this. Well I don’t know, but am definitely sure am in for more wonder in this school.

I walked to the counter to see what I could get, at least to ease my hunger.

I was beyond surprised when I got to the counter, like there was nothing I could comfortably afford here, the least I could get with my money was a cup of coffee, and if I eventually get that, I would be walking home. I think I would just keep the money, cause it can transport me for the next three days.

I was still lost in my thoughts when a voice snapped me out, startling the hell outta me.

“Need any help here” the voice said…

Chapter 4

🎀 Stella’s pov continues 🎀

“Need any help here” the voice said as I looked at the direction it came from to know who it was, surprisingly, it was the girl I asked the direction of the hall from this morning. I heaved a sigh of relief

“No thanks, am okay, thanks for earlier today, I have to go now” I replied

” Oh wait! You haven’t purchased your lunch” she said

“Uhmm….. I changed my mind, it seems I wasn’t even hungry” I said and she smirked, folding her hands and staring at me.

“Really?” She asked. I could sense sarcasm in her voice.

“Yes” I replied trying to give her an assuring smile but it didn’t work.

“Common let me bail you out of this and get you lunch” she said

“No, am okay” I said trying to sound convincing but my tummy growled and she ended up laughing.

“Common, I insist, here have mine, I’ll get another” she said handing me her tray, then she got another and then pay the bills.

” Let’s go find a table” she said and we both walked to find a table to sit in. I couldn’t help but notice the stare that followed as we walked till we finally settled on a free table.

Me: thanks uhmmm….

Her: Olivia, I’m Olivia.

“Oh, nice name, I’m Stella, nice to meet you” I replied smiling

“Likewise” she replied.

“I hope it wouldn’t be annoying if I ask a weird question” I said

” of course not, just ask” she replied

” Do you know why they are staring?” I asked

“Oh that!, Just ignore them, okay” she said and I nodded. Then we finally settled and took our lunch,we were still in the middle of that when a cute guy approached us. Is like everyone here has the cute syndrome despite their characters, well, money speaks.

“Hey Olly, you never mentioned to me that you had another friend” he said sitting on the last empty chair round our table.

“Here you are, I thought you were supposed to be with Stephanie” she said to him.

” Yh, she finally excused me to get lunch for both of us” he replied

“Oh, so she’s still bent on memorising that line” she said

” Yes, so tiring, so?” He replied

” Yh sorry, this is Stella, I met her toady, she’s really nice” she said and I couldn’t help but blush in happiness, so someone finally likes me for who I am.

“Stella meet Romeo my really close friend, and Romeo, meet Stella a new friend” she said and he winked cutely

” Nice meeting you Stella” he said but I could only smile and nod because of the food I had in my mouth.

“Okay girls, I have to go now, Stephanie must be expecting me already” he said standing up, going to the counter to purchase something and then left.
I couldn’t help but wonder who Stephanie is, but I decided not to ask, so I wouldn’t appear inquisitive.

“Thanks Olivia” I said

“It’s no biggie Stella, anyone could have done that” she said smiling

” I don’t think so” I swear and she chuckled.

We were still talking and getting to know each other better more when we heard noise filling the cafeteria, I couldn’t hear what they were saying, so I decided to pay more attention to them, it was then I realized that they were screaming “Alexa,Alexa,Alexa”, who’s Alexa??

“Hey Olivia, who is Alexa and why are they cheering the name that much ?” I asked

” Oh that!, She’s just the school owner’s daughter, so full of herself that she got people cheering her name any time she walks in, after threatening them with an expulsion” she replied

” Oh, but why aren’t you cheering,I mean shouldn’t I cheer her?” I asked and she rolled her eyes

” You don’t have to, you’re with me” she replied

We were still talking when a pretty girl walked to the front of us with two girls who are also pretty behind her, she had her hands folded plus she looked kinda angry.

“I assume you’re new here, but the next time you see me, you cheer like the others or face the consequences, same goes to you Olivia” she said and I immediately knew she was the Alexa. So rude and grumpy!!

“Quit that, it can’t happen, okay?” Olivia replied her

“Look you do whatever I say, am above you all, my father owns this school, so is as good as mine” Alexa yelled.

” In collaboration with another person’s father who isn’t boisterous like you” Olivia replied

” I swear to God Olivia, don’t test me” she said

” Oops!! I forgot, my dad is the biggest investor of your school” Olivia smirked

” Bitch!!!” Alexa yelled angrily, snatching a glass of orange juice from one of the girls behind her pouring it on Olivia.

“O.M.G!!” Olivia stressed also taking her glass of juice pouting it on Alexa.

Jeez!! it was obvious, cause Alexa was wearing white and it was a strawberry drink, but at least Olivia was putting on yellow

“Oh no, my shirt, this cause millions” she said and Olivia rolled her eyes.

” You started it” Olivia replied and that was where the fight began.

I can’t believe it, no one did anything, but cheered and took videos of the fight.
Someone should at least do something



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