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Stella’s dairy episode 27 & 28

( The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
Written By ✍️✍️✍️
Damilola Faleke M 📚📚📚
Chapter 27
🍓 Stella’s pov 🍓
“And where were you yesterday miss Stella” a voice said startling me from behind, I looked back to discover it was Olivia.
” Hey finally, I was looking for you through out yesterday and couldn’t find you, I had to go home alone” I replied her
” That wasn’t my question miss, so tell me, where did you run off to?” She asked
Staring at me with a kinda look I couldn’t figure out.
“It’s nothing serious, why don’t look?” I asked and she smiled winking at me
” Who were you with stellle? ” She asked
Hmm, she must really know something to be giving me those annoying looks.
“Oh, it was Jeremy ” I replied
“I knew it” she replied smiling. She knew it?
“What do you mean by that?” I asked and she chuckled
” You know, there’s really nothing you can do in secret in this school most especially if it has to do with Jeremy” she replied
” Oh, so you mean someone was following us all through?” I asked.
” No! Not that, I didn’t even see any picture of that, I only saw one of you getting into Jeremy’s car, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking about your whereabouts” she replied
” I’m not even surprised” I said
” So tell me how did you do that?” She asked
” Do what?” I replied
” Get Jeremy to talk to you, to the extent of him taking you in his car” he said
” Oh, it’s nothing, I just came to class, surprisingly I met Jeremy sitting, and then he started a conversation, though it was quite awkward, untill Alexa came in ranting and he decided to carry me along with him, I feel he did that to ditch and hurt her” I replied
” That can’t be true Stella, you really don’t know who Jeremy actually is” she replied
” Of course I do, enough of him already” I replied
” What’s up with you, did anything happen between you two?” She asked
” No, I just don’t understand the kind of person he is, this moment he’s flowing, and suddenly when we arrived school, he was almost snapping at me, same as this morning, it isn’t really compulsory” I said
” Woah! Why do I feel you’re angry about it” she asked
” Wait, angry? Me? I’m not angry” I replied arranging the notes I was compiling before she came in.
” Hmm, I Believe you” she said in sarcasm and I rolled my eyes at her.
“Whatever” I replied
“So tell me what did you guys s do? And where did you go to?” She asked and I told her in details.
” So where did you magically run off to?” I asked
“Oh! Since I couldn’t find you, and figured out you went out with him, I decided to go for an urgent call” she replied
I didn’t bother to ask her what the call was about cause she was gonna start with her long stories that has no ending
“Okay.. so, a guy asked me to come for lunch with him, and he said I can come with you, which I’m. Definitely doing” I replied
” And who is he?” She asked
” He’s a newbie here, he was the one in charge of the team against Jeremy’s in the recent audition. He actually said our school is really good, cause he has never beat anyone from this school in an Audition, so he decided to change school”I explained
” Hmm” was the only sound that came out of Olivia’s mouth?
“His name is Smith, so are you coming?” I asked
“As much as I hate the idea of having lunch with him, I’ll make it a yes,cause I really don’t trust that guy around you” she replied
” Common, Smith is nice and good, you should meet him” I said
“Yh fine, whatever” she replied
” Yippee!” I replied force hugging her.
Jeez!! It isn’t so easy to be trusted by Olivia, she really works with her subconscious mind.
Lunch hour 💜
We were already settled on one table waiting for Smith, he asked us to seat why he go get the lunch from the counter. , Olivia still had a smug look on, she really didn’t want me to hang out with Jace.
“Sorry for keeping you girls waiting, had to wait in line” Smith apologized
” No problem” I replied why Olivia rolled her eyes
“Olivia seems not to like me, I really wonder why” Smith said and I chuckled
” Didn’t say so. So what’s your plan?” Olivia asked him
” Plans? What are you talking about?” He asked.
” I mean, your plans in this school” she replied
” I have no plan than to increase my skills, if possible be like Jeremy and bring out the best in me” he replied
Jeez, Olivia still don’t trust him.
” Guys, I think it’s enough for now, our lunch is getting cold” I replied
“Yh, that’s true, I see no reason why Olivia hate me but I just hope you learn to tolerate me later on, even if you don’t like me” Smith said and I chuckled why we all dug into our lunch.
🌺 Smith’s pov🌺
Woah!! With Olivia standing by Stella, it’s not gonna be white easy as I thought. She’s really good at reading people, though I don’t think she would be doing that to me, I’ll soon find out how to get to her. Stella seems nice and friendly so I don’t think it’s gonna be that hard.
Now I see why Alexa asked me to face Stella not Olivia, she really knows her level. But I’m Smith,very good at convincing people, very soon, Olivia would take me just like a brother, no doubt.
💜 Olivia’s pov💜
Smith seems to be good, but I still don’t trust him, I don’t know why,my mind doesn’t just flow with him. I think I can allow him to be Stella’s friend just to watch him closely and know what he’s after. Cause it’s quite weird. A whole Smith suddenly comes to rock and roll, and the first person he approaches is Stella, there must be something behind it, I guess I’ll play along, that will be the best clue.
❤️💜 Jeremy’s pov ❣️❣️
It was already time for my boring class with Amaya, I should be patient but seriously she’s wasting the hell outta my time.
“Sorry I’m late Jeremy wanted to eat something first, got this for you” she said stretching a cup of milkshake to me
” You shouldn’t bother” I replied
” Jeremy, I know we didn’t start on a good term, I was kinda straight forward and desperate, why don’t we start again on a Friendship term” she said but I gave no reply
” Please Jeremy, it’s the least you could do since you made a decision, I really respect it, just grant me my wish” she said
” Okay” I replied
” Now please accept this from me” she said stretching it to me again, but this time I accepted it.
“Why don’t you drink before we start class I have mine with me here” she said showing me hers.
” Yh” I replied taking it in. I only accepted it because of her decision, it’s such a relief.
I was already halfway sipping the drink when I suddenly start feeling dizzy, I don’t understand, I don’t feel like this white often. I tried suppressing it, but it was too much. It was then it dawned on me that there was something in my drink.
(The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
Written By ✍️✍️✍️
Damilola Faleke M 📚 📚📚
Chapter 28
🌺 Amaya’s pov 💚
“Jeremy” I called after some minutes but got no reply
Yass my plan is moving….
“Jeremy” I called again just to be sure he was really under the influence of the drug. Don’t judge me, I didn’t poison him, it’s just a sedative. Have you seen Jeremy? If you were in my shoes, I’m sure you’d have done worse. Whatever.
I stood up, moving closer to him tapping him, but it seemed he was fast asleep.
I moved his hair away from his face, admiring his beauty. God really made him on the 8th day, I just wish he could be mine forever. If my plan works, then he will.
I moved closer to him, this time entirely. His skin was quite pale than usual, seems he’s not used to drugs in his system.
“Jeremy, I wish you could be mine. I just wished you complied with me, we could have been happy together and I couldn’t have gone this far, I love you Jeremy, I love you so so much. This feeling I have for you can never be ridded and I promise you’ll be mine, we’ll be together grow old together, whether you want it or not. But you must though” I said out loud, I know he wouldn’t be hearing me.
I inched my head closer to him still admiring his natural look. I touched his lips happily, been meaning to do that for so long. I inched my head closer to him kissing his lips, I felt butterfly in my tummy, even though he was asleep.
I moved my hands to his shirt unbuttoning it bit by bit, happy I had Jeremy all to myself. I was at the last button when the door suddenly barged open. Jeez! I can’t believe I forgot to lock that.
Alexa came in and gasped at the position she met us, I quickly stood up from where I was.
“Jeremy I can’t believe this is why you’ve been ignoring me, because of this wretched looking thing? ” She said but got no reply from him. It seems she doesn’t know he’s asleep.
” Hey watch your tongue or the cell would be your room tonight” I yelled at her
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me you slut” she replied
” How dare you call me a slut, it seems you don’t know who you’re dealing with, huh? ” I said
” Who? Nobody but the piercy witch daughter of the president daughter” she said and i raised my hands to slap her with all the power in me. She tried slapping me back but I held her hand mid air. She was about to start a fight when her eyes landed on Jeremy.
“Wait, what did you do to him, did you drug him?” She asked
“I didn’t, he just fell asleep” I replied rolling my eyes.
” Oh no Jeremy, can you hear me” she said rushing to him shaking him.
” I can’t believe you did this to him just to sleep with him, I thought I was wayward, but I wouldn’t do this to a guy just to sleep with him, you must be really cheap” she said, I was really angry but only decided to hold it in.
“look bitch, better mind the words you use for me. I’m weigh better than you, do you think I don’t know the guys you’ve slept with including Jace just to get to Jeremy. Or do you think I don’t know your plans against Stella and Olivia just to get him? Look swii, I’m weigh better than you, so don’t you dare, compare your stupid self with me again, okay? ” I said she was about to say something when Jeremy’s mother suddenly walked in. OMG!
“Guys what’s going on, my office isn’t that far from here and I can hear voices” she said
” Alexa, what you doing here? ” She asked then suddenly, her eyes fell on Jeremy.
“Jeremy? What happened here, why is he asleep?” She asked
” I…. ”
” What’s happening here? Jeremy hardly even fall asleep even at home, what’s happening to my son” she said rushing to him.
” Who did this to him? He even have his shirt open, what’s going on here? ” She asked looking quite angry.
” Jeremy, Jeremy” she called shaking him vigorously but got no response from him than a sigh which escape his lips. I wouldn’t blame him though, the sedative I used was quite strong, and can even do worse than this.
“Look, his skin is getting pale, can someone tell me what’s going on here, or someone should call an ambulance” she said
” Ma’am, there would be no actual need of that, he’s just sleeping” I replied
” Sleeping, how did you know that, and why isn’t he waking up, upon the noise around him? ” His mum asked
” It was all Amaya’s plan to….. ” Alexa tried saying but I cut her in.
” Hey you, better watch your tongue, ma’am this lady here has been totally abusing me, I’ve been taking it in, but now, I don’t think I can bear it anymore, I’ll just go straight to my dad” I said
” No, I’m sorry about that Amaya we would look into it. For now Alexa, leave and avoid complicating it more” she said and i smiled internally
” Complicating? , ma I never did that” Alexa explained
” I said leave Alexa” she said with a Stern look.
“Okay” Alexa replied walking away
Yes!! Now she sees who is more powerful in this school, maybe her, or me?
“So Alexa, can you at least explain what’s happening to my son, why is he asleep?” She asked
” Well, I came and met him sleeping, it seems he sedated himself to avoid teaching me for today” I explained innocently.
” Jeremy? Sedate? I don’t think that can happen, he hate drugs alot cause it affects him, I’m sure that’s what’s affecting his skin now. I don’t think he can take a sleeping pill this strong just to avoid you” she said and I glugged hoping she didn’t see me doing that.
” Well, probably that’s how much your son hates me” I said with a sad look on.
” I’m really sorry about that Amaya, I promise, I’ll talk some sense into his head when he’s awake, for now I think you should join the general classes so you won’t miss so much till he’s okay, cause I don’t think he’ll recover from this soon” she said
Jeez! I never knew he was this allergic to drugs
“No problem, take your time” I replied faking a smile
“Thanks Amaya. For now, help me take him to my office, there’s a room there for him” I replied
” Gladly” I replied and we both helped him up. I don’t know if Jeremy would tell her what really happened when he’s awake, but I’m sure I’m the one she’s gonna believe here
5 hours later
🍋 Jeremy’s pov 🍋
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel so dizzy than I’ve ever been. And why I’m I even in a bed in my mum’s office.
The last thing I remember was taking a milkshake from Amaya, taking it in and falling asleep almost immediately.
Jeez! Amaya drugged me, what the hell, that girl is so annoying. I thought she actually meant what she was saying to me earlier, not knowing she has a bigger plan in mind. Jeez! I’m so backing out from her. I don’t want to have anything to do with her again.
I stood up forcefully but almost tripped. Jeez! Such an annoying bitch, I’m allergic to drugs, why would she do such. I sighed in frustration going out to meet mum.
“Oh, finally, he’s awake” mum said as soon as I stepped in.
” Mum, this nonsense has to stop” I replied
“Oh of course, you sedating yourself to avoid teaching Amaya, right?” she said
” What! Mum, you know I don’t take drugs, even when I’m sick. Why would I suddenly start just to avoid an insignificant person” I replied
” Jeremy don’t you dare use such words on her” she said
” But mum, this is really unfair, Amaya handed me a milkshake which I accepted with a free mind not knowing it was drugged” I replied calmly, I couldn’t raise my voice that much from the influence of the drug.
“Stop seeking for excuses, you know I won’t even believe that” she said reading some useless paper
” Mum I …..
“Enough Jeremy, stop running from your responsibilities or else you’ll face the consequences” she said
” You have enough of opportunities, but you keep throwing them away, look at Amaya, she’s head over hills for you, stop acting stupid” she said and I felt sad than usual.
” Mum, I can’t believe this, you’ve finally made me your second priority if possible, maybe the last. This fame has gotten into you mum. That you’ve totally forgotten about the son you have, it’s sad mum. I wish I had a dad, probably I wouldn’t have turned out like this, this person I never wanted to be” I said walking out immediately not even waiting for her response. I’m seriously tired of it all.
As if that’s was not enough, I met Stella laughing and chitchatting with a weird guy, didn’t see his face. Don’t even care, it’s none of my business, I and Stella are even nothing, I shouldn’t be bothered about her or what she does. Glad she never saw me though. I don’t even know what came over me, that made me take her along that day.
Don’t even care. For now, I’m leaving this environment
🍓 Stella’s pov 💛
Wow, you should meet Smith, I swear you’d never run outta laughter, he’s just too adorable. Though against Olivia will I’m still associating. Common I should also be allowed to make decisions for myself.
“So what do you think?” He asked
“About what?” I replied
“Jeez, so you weren’t even listening” he said bursting into laughter and I rolled my eyes.
” Stella let’s be serious for now, I have something important to tell you” be said
” Hmm, what can be done to important that made you serious?” I replied
” Common Stella let’s go somewhere more comfortable” he said
” Alright, take the lead” I replied and we both laughed for no reason in particular.


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