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Stella’s dairy episode 17 & 18

(The Girl I Am 💖)🎶
Written By ✍️✍️
Damilola Faleke M📚📚📚
Chapter 17
Tuesday, 18th June, 2019.
The Audition
💛 Stella’s pov 💜
Today is the D-Day, the day where I’ll be performing in front of almost the whole world. I don’t know how I feel about this. But I’m sure I do feel enthusiastic for the upcoming show, I just hope we grace this…..
The Hall
“After saying our anthem, and introducing our special guests and judges, I’m glad to announce to you all, that today is the day, we’ve all been waiting for” the host said and everyone cheered in excitement.
“Alright, I love your spirit already. Also, this particular audition is gonna be taking a new dimension. It’s gonna be different. Normally, it’s usually a person against another, but this time, it’s gonna be a team against another. It’s sure gonna be exciting” the host said and everyone cheered again. ..
” I love that. I’ll love to announce the teams and their opponent teams. First, we’ll have team Jeremy against team Smith” the host said and everyone cheered screaming Jeremy’s and Jace’s name.
“Then we’d have, team Romeo against team Elena” he said and everyone cheered again
” Lastly, we’d have team Alexa against team Olivia” the host said and Olivia smiled at me giving me an assurance, while Alexa stared at us smiling mischievously. Almost all cheered Alexa’s name while only a few cheered our name. Hmm, I’m not surprised, who knows how many of them Alexa has threatened before the show started.
Alexa still had that mischievous smile on her face, I wonder what’s wrong with her, such a weirdo.
Well each team has two or more people in them but equal against the other, so today, we are going to be against Alexa and Eriana.
“After that, alot we still come, we’d have our normal special, where five individual would be performing, and the three winners among them would be awarded a scholarship, after that, alot is still gonna come. First on our program, we are inviting judge Natalie Taylor, our very famous musician to give us a very shot advice” he said leaving the stage for her as everyone cheered excitedly including I and Olivia.
OMG!! Natalie Taylor is here, she sings perfection. Not to mention how beautiful and jovial she is. Gosh!! Are we gonna make it, judges like Natalie, Kina, Simpson are being invited, how sure am I, that we are gonna meet their level?
Like Olivia was reading my thoughts, she turned to me smiling and said “we are going to get through this Stella, trust us” and suddenly I felt a wave of relive flowed through me.
The advice section went well, and i must admit that it’s really encouraging to people that care.
Jeremy and Jace performed, and it rang perfection, I kept on wondering how someone would be that gifted to sing like an angel, I even wondered what he’s doing in this school, since he already knows how to sing that much.
Team Smith, Jeremy’s team opponent sang their’s , and it was obvious already of who’s gonna be the winner, Jeremy of course, that guy who sang against the JP group (Jeremy, Jace and Patrick) is really brave to think he can beat the best tennage singer in Netherlands.
Romeo and Stephanie also performed against Elena and Sandra, but theirs was just instrument and it was amazing, they really make a perfect team.
Now, it’s the wy of Alexa to perform, she and Eriana were already on stage, they were looking proud and happy. Hmm.. they must really have something big with them to look that confident.
“Are you ready!!” Alexa screamed and everyone cheered reluctantly.
“Let’s do this” she said and the instrument started.
Wouldn’t say it wasn’t nice, but at the midst of her song, I noticed some irregularities, not that they weren’t singing well, but in their lyrics.
Suddenly, I heard Olivia bursted into laughter beside me, almost everyone glanced at me including me, and she covered her mouth in embarrassment.
“Hey Stella, come closer” Olivia whispered and I came closer to her.
” Can’t you notice, she stole our script, she’s singing our lyrics” she said and it was then it dawned on me that the irregularities I was noticing in their song was the stolen lyrics they used.
“OMG, such a big thief” I said angrily.
“Shhh!!, let’s play along and look angry, so they’ll look angry, they’ll be surprised to see how we grace the stage, with that better lyrics of yours. They’ll no they made a wrong decision which made us work harder” she said.
” Yh, got it!!” I said happily as we gave ourselves our friendship high five. I can wait.
Alexa is such a big thief, she’s gonna know the danger of relying on someone’s effort.
They were done with their music and everyone cheered in excitement, I wouldn’t lie, they sang quite well, butt that doesn’t change the fact of them stealing our work.
It was now our turn to perform on stage, as I and Olivia walked to the stage, we both had that worried face on as we plan, Alexa still had that evil smirk on her face.
The instrument started, as I took a deep breath before starting.
🎶 Just put a smile..e on your face, and make the world a better place, cause there’s beauty that surrounds you🎶
🎶lend a hand, help out someone a day, be the kind, that will always say..I’ll be standing right beside you🎶
🎶This is the kind of world I dream of, the kind of world I dream of, the kind of world I dream of every night🎶
🎶This is the kind of world I hope for, the kind of world I hope for, the kind of world where everything is alright 🎶
🎶Da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da, da da da🎶
🎶This is the kind of world I hope for, the kind of world I want more, the kind of world I want more..the kind of world where everything go right..right.. right..rig…ht🎶
We sang and surprisingly the whole crowd went mad in excitement, cheering us happily. I couldn’t help but smile in victory… I sighted Alexa, and she had a killer glare on her face,Olivia and I hugged excitedly before walking off stage…
It was now left to the judges.
Of course team Jeremy won against tam Smith who seemed cool against it.
Team Romeo also won against team Elena, that doesn’t surprise me, considering the way Stephanie was always serious about practicing…
Now it’s our turn. I must confess, I had my heart in my mouth. Judge Natalie was the one to announce ours.
“I must say that the two team had a killer vibe” she said and everyone cheered.
” But there must be a winner in everything, right” she said and everyone cheered again while Alexa sent us a killer glare from where she was sitting.
“I see big talent in you all, and I must say, with people like you, the world is gonna be the better place, just like the song of team Olivia” she said and I and Olivia smiled happily, OMG! She recognized our song, wow, I really can’t believe this, I looked towards Alexa, and she was almost exploding in anger.
“I’m glad to announce to you the winner as team Olivia” she said and everyone cheered happily, I and Olivia stood up hugging each other in excitement, Alexa angrily stumped out, even though the shoe wasn’t over, while I and Olivia rushed to collect our award.
“I must really say ,this is all her doing” Olivia said pointing at me while saying her speech
“Those powerful lyrics are from her, but it was all a team work, and it came perfect through hardworking, thank you all for your support” Olivia rounded up the speech.
” I wanna assure you two, that you’re gonna break record” judge Simpson said
” I totally agree with that, I love you both” judge kina said
“Yes, and I want to see you both after the show, you may go now” judge Natalie my favorite said, as I and Olivia both walked back to our seats after giving ourselves a high five and a hug.
Gosh!! I can’t believe this, my first audition went well!!
Chapter 18
🎶 Stella’s pov continues 🎶
The audition is finally over and I must admit it really went well.. infact better than I expected. My favorite part was the look of shock on Alexa’s face when she figured out we had a better lyrics, different from the one she stole. I’m sure her plan was to make us look like thieves in front if everyone, but I’m so happy her plans didn’t scale through.
“Come to think of this Stella, I owe Jace an apology” Olivia said, we were standing together waiting for judge Natalie to finish with the authorities since she asked to see us after the show.
“Yh, one big one Olivia” I replied
“Right, I think I’ll find a way to do that someday” she replied.
” No Olivia, the best time for you to do that is today, if possible Immediately after we’re done with judge Natalie” I said
” But I really don’t want to talk to him” she replied folding her hands together.
“Put aside your differences and apologize to him, it isn’t that difficult, is it? ” I said
” Fine, you win, I’ll do that when we’re done” she replied Rolling her eyes.
” That’s the spirit girl” I said
“Whatever” she replied
We were still standing when Olivia walked in angrily with Eriana behind her, they were walking to our direction, and it’s so obvious that they were after trouble.
“What are you two doing here, you don’t have any appointment here with anyone, or do you? ” Olivia asked mockingly.
” Never ask me what I’m doing as far as my dad owns this school” she said angrily and Olivia rolled her eyes.
“so what do you want from us? ” Olivia asked
“I see how you bribe those judge, and I’m surely gonna get to the bottom of it” Alexa said angrily and Olivia bursted into laughter increasing the anger of Alexa.
“I shouldn’t be hearing that from a person who stole someone’s lyrics” Olivia said
” I didn’t take any lyrics” Alexa denied and I couldn’t help but chuckle as she sent me a killer glare.
“No need to deny it, it’s all yours, you actually made us work more hard and earn the price. I don’t really owe you and explanation but I have to tell you this, since you’ve proven to be so dumb. We didn’t bribe any single person in here, as a matter of fact, no one knee the judges in charge till the beginning of the audition, you should know that, your dad own this school. Next time, that’s if I wanna even be paired with you anymore, you’ll learn to work for yourself and stop being a bitch looking for others downfall, the best thing you must do, is to focus on yourself, sure” Olivia winked at her, gosh!! Those words got me, I’m sure it’ll hurt Alexa real bad.
“This isn’t over Olivia, you must pay big time for disgracing me in front of the whole crowd, worst of all, in my own dad’s school. And you Stella is not left out” she said
” Sorry to burst your bubble Alexa, you disgraced yourself today, be happy I didn’t scream it out to everyone that you stole our lyrics” Olivia said
” I…
Alexa was about talking when Eriana interrupted.
“Here she comes Alexa, behave” she said and Alexa adjusted her dress, I look towards that direction and it was judge Natalie coming to our direction
“Hey girls” she call with her sweet voice and smile as she got to us.
“Hey” we all replied uniformly.
“Sorry for keeping you two waiting, had to attend to some contract” she said
” It’s no problem” I replied smiling
” Well, I just wanted to say that you two are gifted, I love your energy and personality. As you sang earlier, I couldn’t help but admire you both, keep it up and also work harder okay,” she said and we nodded
” Miss, what about me, I sing too” Alexa said smiling cunningly
” Oh, you’re also doing good. But you need to work on your skills and avoid being over confident, you still have a long way to go to meet up to the standard of this ladies, I advise you work with them more often” she said and Alexa boiled in anger.
” My dad owns this school, no matter your standard, you have to respect me and give me positive complement in what I do” Alexa said angrily, I and Olivia had our mouth agape in surprise. But judge Natalie only smiled despite her disrespect.
“And you two, Stella and Olivia right?” She asked
“Yeap” we both replied
” I’ll like you both to meet me at the town hall on Saturday, I have something that will benefit you two there, here’s my card” she said stretching two card to I and Olivia.
” Thank you miss Natalie, we really appreciate” I said.
“Yes, we’re so happy about this miss Natalie” Olivia said
” Oh no, just call me Natalie, it’s gonna be a previledge to work with beautiful princesses like you, adios… ” she said walking away with her body guard behind her
Alexa eyed us severely before stumping out angrily.
I and Olivia jumped happily, ignoring Alexa’s drama. I get to meet with an international artiste and now she’s inviting us over, yippee!!
I was waiting for Olivia, who had to go see Alexa’s dad, after Alexa angrily went to forge a report against us, Olivia offered to go on our behalf.
I was still waiting close to the office environment when I saw Jeremy coming out from a nearby office which should be his mom’s.
He actually passed my direction so I decided to stop him.
“Hey Jeremy” I called and he stopped and looked at me..
” I just wanted to thank you for the other day” I said
” Yh, sorry Alexa embarrassed you, didn’t know she was following” he said
” That’s cool by me I really love your performance today, it’s inspirational” I said
” Yours was better” he said
” Really?” I asked happily
“Yh, I have to go” he said walking away.
Wow, Jeremy admired my work, was I really that good?..
OMG!! I’m so happy
“Haven’t I warned you ?” I heard an angry voice say behind me.
“Huh” I said
“To stay away from Jeremy fool, I can see you’re all red blushing over my man” Alexa said
” Well, we were just having a harmless conversation, that’s all, I meant no harm” I replied
” I said avoid him at all cost, but it seems you keep finding a way to talk to him, I don’t know why he even waits to listen to you, you must be using a spell or something” she said
” Let her be Alexa, Jeremy is not yours, anyone can talk to him”Olivia said as she got to is, it seems she was done and has been listening to our conversation for a while now.
“You, I thought my dad wasn’t done with you yet” Alexa said
“Why, your dad is on my side, he actually asked me to report you if any of such happens again, you should just thank your stars, that I didn’t yell him about the script”
” I hate you, and you fool, stay away from him” she said angrily walking to her dad’s office
“Just ignore her, common my driver is waiting. But you still have to tell me about it” she said winking
” What!?” I asked chuckling
” Jeremy” she said and I bursted into laughter
“It’s nothing serious duh” I said and we joked about other stuffs..


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