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Stella’s dairy episode 11 & 12

(The Girl I Am 💖) 🎶
By Damilola Faleke M 🎀❤️ ❤️❤️
Chapter 11
🌻 Jeremy’s pov continues 🌻
“Jeremy please wait, don’t leave me here alone” she said.
” Who let you into my room? ” I asked
” Your mum did” she replied
” You have no right, to step into my room, now please leave” she said
” No Jeremy please, we have alot to talk about” she said
” We? ” I asked
” I mean, I have alot to tell you” she said
“I’m sorry, I don’t talk to much, you should probably leave now, I’m really tired” she said
” No Jeremy, you have to listen to me, it’s been itching me alot to tell you this, all I need is just your listening ears” she said and it was at that Moment I knew where she was driving at, I’m definitely not ready for that now
“Sorry Alexa, I think you should just leave, we have nothing to talk about” I replied
” Please Jeremy, just listen to me, I swear I won’t take your time” she said
” Fine, please don’t” I replied
“Jeremy, the truth is that, I’m madly in love with you, and it hurts me the more to realize that you don’t feel anything for me, you just keep on rejecting me, to have a conversation with you, takes me hell” she said
” Love you say” I replied
” Yes” she replied
” I’m sorry to disappoint you Alexa, I’m totally not a fan of that, infact, I don’t believe in love” I said
” Don’t say that Jeremy, accept me, I promise, I’ll make you believe, trust me” she said
” Sorry Alexa, but that would be a waste of time on your side, you’re beautiful, there are guys out there who are madly in love with you, you got the wrong guy here” I said
” No Jeremy, my heart beats only for you” she said
” Coming from the same girl who doesn’t waste a second sucking lips with Jace at any opportunity she gets, look Alexa, I’m not just in the mood for your love chat” I said to her.
” Jeremy, please don’t think of Me that way” she said, tears already forming in her eyes.
” You don’t have to cry, you should just leave” I said..
“I… Ii
“Safe me the explanation, I’m tired and really have a lot of things to do, I think you should just leave peacefully” I said cutting her in.
” Please Jeremy, just listen to me” she said
“Please leave” I replied
” I’m sorry, bit I won’t leave, knowing that you still can’t accept me for what I am” she said
” Woe, that’s cool. It means I’ll leave the house for you, you can also move in waiting for me” I said angrily walking out
” Jeremy, please, wait, please” she pleaded, but I was already at the front door when mum stopped me.
“Jeremy? It’s late already, where do you have to go by this time” mum asked
” Anywhere mum, as far as I’m not in this house, it’s perfect” I said
” But honey, why? ” She asked
” The very Moment you let that girl into my room” I said
“But there’s nothing wrong in that, she’s no criminal, she’s just innocent like every other person who wants to get closer to you” she said
” She’s asking for what I can give her, I’m sorry mum, but I’ll see you tomorrow” I said finally leaving
Mum called, but I paid no attention, i only focused on where I was going to, where I could have my free peace..
I just don’t want to see that Alexa of s girl, especially for the fact that she had spoken to me, about the leather I want to talk about.
Wednesday, 12th June, 2019.
💛 Stella’s pov💛
“Hey Stella, you won’t believe what I have to tell you” Olivia said rushing to me happily.
” what could that be, you really look excited” I replied
“Of course” she replied
” I can’t wait to hear” I said
“You know your eviction test is tomorrow, and you told me how nervous you are, and wished to escape that test” she said
” Yes?… ” I replied
” Well, I guess your wish came to pass” she said
“Really, but how?” I asked
“Have a look at this” she said happily handing me a neat white envelope with the school seal and stamp on it, which shows it’s been approved by the authorities.
I anxiously opened it to see what was written in it, and happily scream out in joy hugging Olivia.
“Wow! I can’t believe, it has my name on it” I said
“Well you better do, it’s real swiii” she said
“I didn’t even register, or write any exam, so how come was I given a scholarship for my whole course in this school, it’s really weird” I said
” Well, you may not know, probably they’ve been watching you, and decided to favour you with this” she said smiling
” Common Olivia, that’s a cheap lie. Thanks a lot” I said
” Why ,? You don’t have to thank me, I’ve done nothing” she said
” I know you’re behind this scholarship, I mean I’m so so happy, what the hell did I do to deserve this from anyone” I said
” You totally deserve it Stella you’ve earned it” she said and I move to hugged her.
” What can I do to repay you” I asked
“You don’t have to bother, the only thing that’s gonna make me happy is if yo make me that homemade strawberry cupcake you made for me th other time” she said
” It’s that all? ” I asked
” Definitely” she said.
” Thanks alot i just don’t know how to thank you”no said happily, wait until I show Jason this…
I was walking by the school garage, I know I don’t have a car and don’t have anything to do there since I’m not yer in the higher classes, but one day or the other, I find myself there and it’s mostly because of Olivia. I really do t know where she went to and I’m tired of looking all over already.
Still moving around, i sighted Jeremy, he wasn’t doing anything in particular but he was just leaning on his vehicle.
I decided to walk up to him today again, this time, I do have the confidence.
I got to him and he still kept staring to space.
“Hi there” I called but he didn’t answer
“Remember, the last time you were talking to me, your phone rang, you excused yourself and never came back” I said but still got no reply from him.
I wanted to cough but stopped when I saw Alexa approaching us.
She first paused and stared at me from head to toe before facing him.
“Jeremy, our talk isn’t over since you left your house a week ago, you haven’t even stepped your feet into the house again, stop acting like a coward running from what you’re told” she said
” I’m not a coward Alexa, you can call me whatever names you want, but I still stand my ground” he replied, she was about saying something when she stared at me angrily.
“Excuse me, can’t you see we’re having a private talk here” she said
” Oh.. I
“Actually we were also discussion something private when you interrupted” he said cutting me in.
” Buy, this is more important” she said
“Sorry Alexa, I advise you leave” he said.
“Jeremy are you out of your mind? You shouldn’t even be talking to someone like her” she said
” You’re wrong, I shouldn’t even be talking to someone like you” he said
” Let’s go somewhere else” he said holding my hands walking away with me.
I was really surprised, but I know it had something to do with both of them
Chapter 12
🍓 Stella’s pov continues 🍓
“Sorry for doing this” he said releasing
“No, it’s okay, it should be for a good reason” I replied
” Thanks for your compliment, you don’t need to be like me, you have to learn to bring the best out of yourself, I have to go” he said walking away.
Wow!! So he heard me that other day, I thought he wasn’t even paying any attention to me. I wonder what that was all about.
I was still brooding over what happened few minutes ago when Alexa barged into me, with the twins, Elisa and Eriana behind her.
I decided to take another path cause they were obstructing my way forward.
But she moved into Me again.
“Please, let me be, what do you want from me?” I asked, fed up already.
” Watch your words whore, Olivia isn’t here you know? ” She said
” So? ” I asked
” What were you discussion so important with Jeremy, that he had to ignore me because of you? ” She asked
” I’m sorry, but I don’t think you should really be concerned about that” I replied walking away but she came to block me again making me sigh in frustration.
“Anything about Jeremy is part of me, so now tell me what rubbish you guys were talking about” she said raising her voice.
” It didn’t seem so when he totally snubbed you” I said rolling my eyes and that angered her the more cause she rushed to me in fury. I was also surprised at my rate of boldness, I guess being with Olivia has so much benefits.
“You don’t seem to know what you’re doing or neither, the person you’re talking too” she said
” Of course I do, you’re Alexa, Alexa Ramon in particular” I replied and she finally dragged my hair in anger. Jeez!! I hate when someone do that.
I angrily slap off her hands in pain, why she stared at me with hate.
“How dare you, it seems you think I’m in your league” she said
” I may not be in your league, but you shouldn’t have done that, be sensible a little” I said and she raised her hand in anger to slap me but Olivia voice stopped her from nowhere.
“You wouldn’t want to do that Alexa, she’s right, be sensible a little” Olivia said walking closer to us
” This is none of your business, just leave us alone” Alexa said to Olivia
” Stella, let’s leave here now, we have a lot of important stuffs to do” Olivia said eying Alexa.
” She’s going no where, until she learns to stop messing around with my man” Alexa said
” Your man?” Olivia said surprised
” Yes, tell her to stop messing around with Jeremy” Alexa said and Olivia bursted into laughter.
” Alexa, seriously I’m tired of funny jokes already. Come off it okay, stop dreaming, Jeremy can never be your man, and also, stop jumping from guys to guys, it doesn’t speak well of you, you may hurt your dad’s reputation one day” Olivia said and I could see Alexa boil in anger.
“Who are you….
” Hey, enough of that already, we have to be somewhere more important” Olivia cut
In storming away same as me.
“Sometimes, Alexa may seem a little bold or bossy, but the only thing that encourages her to do so, is when people fear and shiver by her mere words, Should I tell you her weakness?” Olivia asked. We were now in the school garden
“Yes” I replied
“Her weakness, is when someone is bold enough to stand against her, talk back at her, yell back at her and so on. Don’t worry she’s not even strong, though she loves being the one picking up a fight. She may also threatene of throwing you out of this school like she has done with other students, but just remember, you’re my dad’s candidate, my dad is one of the pillar of this school, he signed that scholarship for you, so before you can be there out of this school in anyway, my dad has to be informed, my dad would also ask me, cause I suggested it to him, and surely, I wouldn’t let that happen”she said
” Wow!! Thanks alot Olivia, you don’t know how much this helped me, I never knew that was it” I said….
” Yes, it’s really gonna help, especially if it’s coming from you, since she downgraded you alot, I could say, me being the only one standing up to her, apart from Romeo who is her cousin, and Jace then Jeremy, isn’t really gonna help” she said
” You have a point there, I wasn’t even doing anything with Jeremy and she already wanted to hit me” I said and Olivia chuckled.
” That’s just because, Jeremy is her weak point, she’s head over Hill for him, to worsen it up, he hardly talks to people including her, seeing him talk to you, one of her newest enemy would also get her angry” she said.
” The worst part was that, he wasn’t even replying me until she came to us, it seems he did that to get back at her or something” I said
“well, who knows what may have transpired between them, one should just learn to stay away from trouble” she said and I nodded in agreement.
” And oh! You said you had something important to discuss with me” I said and she bursted into laughter.
” That’s was also a plan to get her angrier, but I do have something to tell you” she said
” Okay…. ” I replied
” You’ll be singing at the audition tomorrow” she said.
“What!!?” I exclaimed.
” Anyone promoted to the higher class through a scholarship, has to perform in the yearly audition” she said smiling at me.
” But you never said that” I said
“Cause I knew you’ll react like this, don’t panic Stella, you’re performing with me, you sing, I play, we can work things all out today, well practice and we’ll be all perfect, we’re gonna show them girl” she said
” Look Olivia, is there any way you could at least squeeze me out of this, like seriously, I’m not ready for this a single bit, I haven’t even performed in the front of my mates, talk more of a million crowd. Please Olivia, I really need your help.” I said
” You’re right, I’ll help you by making sure you perform in the audition” she said
” But you aren’t even helping with that. ” I said
” Of course I am. I’ll be a bad friend if I don’t let you, you Know being perfect starts from the scratch, and that’s why you’re here right, for a matter of fact, that is also the motto for this school” she said.
” Whatever, fine I’ll do it, let practice start now” I said
” Yh! That’s the spirit” she yelled in happiness.
I came back home extravagantly tired, I spent almost 5 hours practicing with Olivia, I also have to miss my shift at the library. Well, I still have enough money, that would keep I and my lazy brother.
I was still thinking when I walked into the sitting room, the sight I saw made me scream in horror.
OMG, what happened here?!


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