Stalked by mafia episode 13 & 14

Stalked By A Mafia

Chapter 13


Scar looked at his watch, it was 15 minutes to 18 hours. He would make it to the sp©t Chile told him in 10 minutes t©ps. his phone vibr@ted, he looked at it Jo s£nt him a text,

“all is set”

“Good” Scar said to himself.

He rembered the first time he met Chile. Jo had as-sured him the boss would like him.

” come on Aaron give it a short or else you die with hunger in this town. am sure you will make money and help your poor mother out of her poverty.” Jo insisted.

Scar had taken days to think over it, his mother even asked him what was bothering him.

“Nothing mom” he had told her, “am just thinking about how everything am trying isn’t working. look at us, we ba-rely have a meal in a day. what’s the point of having 6 points if you can’t even further your studies..? ” he complained.

“Only God knows my son” his mother would say.

“you don’t have to rush in this life or you will end up in bad things and when you do that you may end up loosing your life.”

“Well mom” Scar talked to himself looking at the side mirrow as he sped his car.

“I guess it’s too late now, am de-ep in this life I never wished for and there’s no way out. I have to save my son and somehow make sure he doesn’t end up like me being so lost.” He mumbled.

He reduced speed as he approached the building ahead, checked his watch again. It was exactly 5 minutes to 18 hours. He parked the car outside the building taking quic-k glances aroud, he could tell someone was watching him. He knew that would be the case especially that Chile had told him to go alone. pressing a bu-tton on his phone, he cleared his throat as he walked inside the building.

Jo who was meters away looked at his cell, he opened the text from Scar.

‘green ‘ it re-ad.


“well guys we have a go ahead. Let’s go take out the snipers.”

They moved forwad silently, all together they were 6 men including Jo. They moved closer to the garage and Jo who had binoculars sp©tted 4 men pointing guns at the old building. he gave signs for them to spilt and take out the watchers all at once.

Jo moved towards the guy in front of him as the other guys targeted three other snippers.

He walked slowly his back bend, the guy holding his guy didn’t notice someone behind him and before he could do anything, Jo slit his throat with a knife, he fall to the ground without ma-king a sound.

Jo held his binoculars high and saw the other guys take out the other snippers and took their places.

He relaxed as he l@yback down next to the dead guy taking his post. He then beeped Scar once indicating all was set.

Scar felt his phone vibr@te and he smilled.

“Good” he thought to himself as he approached Chile.

“Right on time” Chile held out his hands as Scar walked towards him.

“I trained you Well Aaron or would you rather I call you Scar..?” He chuckled tea-singly.

“Spare me the jokes Chile am in no mood for your laments” Scar responded seriously.

“Good then” Chile laughed.

“I like getting to the point, by the way don’t try anything stupid. I have this whole thing well plotted ” he said as he indicated two guys to search Scar. one of the guys took out his gun from the back and put it on the table.

“You know what Chile. I can’t help but feel pity for you are so dumb. I mean come on. kidnapping kids? I knew you better” Scar mocked…

” I didn’t know you wanted me that badly.” he tea-sed him some more.

Chile’s expression changed,

” don’t you dare me Scar. I have my boys watching this entire building. so st©p acting so smart with me” he shouted pointing a gun at him.

“well then tell me where the boy is alre-ady” Scar responded firmly.

“Hmmmmmm not yet my boy” Chile grinned.

“I nee-d you to give me 50% of the kapiri job and I give you back the boy.” He smiled.

“What? !” Scar shouted,

“50%? have you lost your mind? ” he scoffed

” No! Chile” responded.

“50% and you will continue paying me 10% of every job you pu-ll out after wards. I got you in this game remember? I nee-d you to appreciate me for that”


Scar shook his head.

” you must be kidding me” He let out a laugh..

“what is it now Chile ? Are you so old you can’t pu-ll out your own deals or what ? Am not giving you a dime you fool !” he scolded,

“you can rot in hell for all i care.”

“Well, then” Chile said.

“forget the boy then. go prepare for his funeral with that beautiful girl you found for yourself.” He pointed out dismissively.

Scar looked at him for a moment his anger emmerging. He wasn’t going to let Zac die but wouldn’t give him what he was asking for either

“Okay let me see the boy and we will discus the deal”

“First the deal Scar” Chile pointed out…

“No way, I want to see the boy.” He insisted

“Well seeing him wont be possible but you can talk to him.” he dialed some number and gave the phone to Scar.

“Helo” Zac answered the Phone… “mom is that you?” he said sounding scared.

“no it’s me your mom’s friend? ,Aaron, I bought you some games remember? ” he tried to cheer him up.

“Yeah, but these men are holding me here. where is mom? I want to go home plea-se tell them to take me home, I hate it here.”

Chile snatched back the phone before Scar could say anything more and before he knew it. Scar hit him on his head and the four guys around them all pointed guns at Scar. He quic-kly gr@bb£d Chile and held him ti-ght by his n£¢k putting a fli-cker knife which he had in his shoes across his n£¢k.

“put them down or I will slit his throat” he ordered coldly.

Chile g@sped as Scars grip ti-ght£ñed around his n£¢k. The guys still pointed their guns at Scar.

“you won’t get away from this Scar.” Chile spoke his voice cutting,

“there are snippers outside and you won’t run any where before they shoot you down.” Chile shouted

Scar chuckled.

“you are so predictable Chile, those idiots are visiting their ancestors as we speak. So take me to the boy before I kill you too” he added

“Damn you! What have you done? ” Chile g@sped again.

As Jo and the other guys c@m£ to the door. Chiles guys started shooting them. quic-kly, Scar let go of Chile to get out of the bullet way and ran to hide behind some old machine.

Seeing how difficult the situation was, Chile fled behind the building and ran As fast as he could to his car parked outside.

After all Chiles guys fell down, Scar stood from his hiding.

“good work boys. it all went as planned so far that idiot will lead us right back to the boy.” He shouted .

Scar got his gun and pushed it back in his belt.

“Jo let’s go, the rest take care of the bodies and join us later, the battle has just begun….” he added walking out.


Chapter 14
Chile drove away to the main town. He had placed Zac in makululu shanty compound a place he knew Scar would never guess or dare to look for the boy.
He dialled one of his boys as he held on to the steering
” i want you to watch the boy closely the deal didn’t go as planned, the idiot outsmart me. am now going for the big fish. Lets see if he wont bend for that bit-ch of his, let me just get Fred.” He added.
“okay boss” the guy on the other end of line responded. unbeknownst to Chile, Scar and Jo were listening in on his conversation. Jo had placed a tracker and recorder on his car before the firing started.
“That fool is going for Sila! ” Scar yelled.
“we have to get to her before he does, step on it now…!”
Jo accelerated as they went to Sila`s place, swaying around other cars on the road with great sped.
They were st©pped by the police at the road block.
“I have no time for these cops Jo. lets go!” he shouted at Jo.
Screeching, as the car started, Jo sped off leaving the police with their jaws open.
“get the number plate for that car” one of them said,
“we must get that man.” He shouted to the friend. Scar and Jo were moving at a great speed then.
They drove in Sila`s yard raising dust as they halted, Scar who come out of the car as soon as the car st©pped, went direct to Sila`s be-droom.
she was laying on her be-d wearing her night go-wn.
“what are you doing here?” she sat up with a start.
“where is my son..?”
“we have to go now! Sila” he ordered
” i will explain later.”
“what?” she asked.
“am not going anywhere till you tell me what’s going on here where is Isaac?” She asked panicking.
“plea-se Sila i don’t have enough time. we have to leave now Chile is coming for you. You have to trust me okay..? ” he rushed her and she could see he was serious .
Sila called Maria who was still watching TV and they went to Scar`s car trotting. she was still wearing her night go-wn as they drove away.
“How far is he from here?” Scar asked Jo..
“They will appear any second they just joined in this street on the other side.” Jo indicated.
“Step on it then!” Scar commanded.
Chiles vehicle entered Sila`s yard immediately they had left.
“Get her! ” he ordered his men.
the two guys went into the house searching, they found it empty. They ran back to the car..
” It’s empty Boss she’s gone” they informed their boss.
“Dammit! that idiot got to her first lets go!” he shouted agitated.
Scar looked at Sila as they listened to the speakers.
“see i told you. luckily we got there on time.” He looked at Sila.
Sila stayed quite as they drove to Scar`s house. she prayed in her Heart.” God keep my son safe plea-se and let this night mare end”
she didn’t realise the house they drove in was the same one she was held the previous day until they were taken inside.
“Make sure you listen in and check where he is going and call the other guys. Plan B is in action.” Scar told Jo before leaving the car.
He told the worker to take maria to the room he had kept Sila the other day. He then led Sila to his own room.
Sila sat down on the couch besides the be-d.
“Am scared Aaron, is my son okay?’ she cried.
“where is my son? is he even alive?” She asked
Scar knelt before her.
“don’t cry” he whispered.
“i will do all i can to bring him back even if it costs my life and yes he’s alive i talked to him earlier. Chile is still keeping him alive for now”
He t©uçhed Sila`s cheek and wiped the tears.
“stay calm and trust me okay ?” he asked standing up and before walking away..
“Aaron! .” Sila called him before he opened the door.
“Yes?” he st©pped..
“Thank you” she said.
“Thank you for saving my life and for trying to find my son.”
Scar smiled.
” sure” he nodded as he left the room.
Sila walked around the room and tried to open the l@pt©p on the table. It requested a pas-sword so she closed it back. she stood by the window as she watched outside.
Scar`s room was direct to the gate. she saw Scar talk on his phone and later on indicated something to the guard before entering the car as it drove out.
“where is he now? ” Scar asked Jo as they moved
“he’s headed to the shanty.” he informed him looking at the tracker.
“Okay lets get to him. And the boys ?” he asked.
“they are coming” Jo nodded..
Scar looked back and saw two vehicles behind them.
“good.” he said as he watched the tracker.
“step on it we cant loose him in the shanty. ”
They drove de-ep in the compound. It was pas-sed 22 hours but the compound was noisy with loud music from the tarvens and shouting and singing by drun!kguys walking around. others stood in groups smoking dagga.
They noticed Chile`s car st©pping. After seeing the car few meters away from them he ordered Jo to st©p.
Scar indicated to the other guys…
“we move on feet from here” he told them.
As they reached where Chile had parked his car. He whispered something to one of the boys.
They walked in silence to the small house ahead of them. He and other guys went to the front.
Scar walked silently to the small window and peeped in. Chile was talking to 6 guys as they all sat.
He looked around the room and saw Zac crumbled in the corner on a small mattress. He was shivering Scar could see the boy was afraid.
Scar stepped back and told his guys ,
“There are six men armed. the boy is inside.” He indicated some men to surround the house and he went to the front with 3 others.
Chile`s men were startled as the door ban-ged. One of Scar`s men had thrown a stone on the door.
They all rushed out firing their guns as Scar`s crew fired back.
he quic-kly ran inside holding out his gun and c@m£ face to face with Chile who was holding a gun pointed at Zac`s head.
“drop it or i will shoot him!” Chile scolded as Scar pointed a gun at him.
“let him go you coward! ” Scar shouted.
” you are not getting out of this you idiot just give me the boy and we call it a night.”
Chile let out a laugh.
“i should have killed you when i had a chance you stupid boy ” he shouted back
“Well too late for that Chile” Scar responded firmly holding the gun.
“I said drop the gun boy before i b!ow his head off!” Chile screamed as he fired a shoot in the roof.
Scar quic-kly threw the gun down and raised his hands. He knew Chile was cornered at he would not kill the boy as he was his cover to walk out safely.
Someone from outside fired a shoot at the door and Chile turned to look in the direction. quic-kly, Scar lashed at him and bu-mped the gun away. The two men rolled down as they fought hand to hand.
Zac who was pushed to the wall sat down and shook even more in fear.
Scar hit Chile ha-rd on his groins and as he bent down holding himself in pain, Scar gr@bb£d the boy and ran out. He had to save the boy and take him away from harm’s way, he could not get himself to let the boy watch him kill a person.
The fight was tense outside as other boys from Chile`s group had emerged outnumbering Scar`s men.
He dodged as his guys covered him with more gun shoots. He joined his his crew members still holding Zac.
” lets go now! ” he ordered as they ran back to their cars.
They all ran got in an instant speeding away.
“follow them! ” Chile shouted getting in his car too. As the car engine started and the driver pressed the accelerator, the tires screeched and then the car b©dy landed back down, pushing them all backwards in their seats.
Chile and his men c@m£ out to check what happened. The back tires were pu-ll-ed out behind, there was a chain tied to the car and the tree near by.
“dammit! that son of the devil!.” Chile screamed in rage.
“get me another car ! you morons!” he shouted spitting some blood from his mouth.
Scar and his men had gone kilometers away. He was still holding the shaky Zac.
” its gonna be okay boy you are safe now” he held him close.
” Is everyone okay ?” he asked the guys with him.
“we are all fine here we don’t know about the other boys.” They responded.
“well st©p i check on them” he told the driver.
“Chile wont catch up any time soon” He put down Zac and went out. As the other car st©pped besides them.
“everyone ok ?” he shouted.
“Ken was hit on the shoulder” they told him.
“Put him in my car I will go with him and Jo, he must be checked at home, the rest go lodge at the warehouse. I nee-d all of you safe tonight. Good work boys!” he shouted as he went back in the car.
“I will check on you tomorrow morning” he added as they started their car and drove past him.

To be continued…