Stalked by mafia episode 12


Chapter 12


Sila sat in front of a TV not really watching. she had no option but to trust Scar. she shook her head in thoughts, telling him Zac was his son was the last thing she ever thought of doing. she really didn’t intend to put her son’s life in danger.

something however, told her to trust Scar.

“I have no other enemies in my life. what ever happened to my son must be Aron’s fault. what kind of person is he? that he makes whoever comes across him have a miserable life.” She breathed out.


Her friend Martha knocked on the door and she called her in.

“Any news dear?” she asked as she hvgged her in greeting.

“nothing Martha am really getting worried now. its almost evening and the guy I told you on phone hasn’t called me back yet.” She explained.

“But Sila don’t you think it’s dangerous to trust that guy? You ba-rely know him. You saw him like… twice ? If I remember what you told me this morning.” She shook her head..

” you won’t un-derstand” Sila sighed…

“he’s not just any guy he’s the father to Isaac. Am sorry, Martha I cannot tell you everything… it’s better you stay in the dark over this but believe me whatever happened to my son is somehow connected to him and am afraid of ruining everything if I report to the police.”


“Well, Sila” Martha responded…

“I hate that you don’t trust me much as your friend. It’s just awkward that you have never talked about Zac’s father all this time we have known each other. now you tell he just appeared out of no where and apparently has issues and your son is involved. come on girlfriend, this is not ma-king s-en-se at all. I really think you should report to the police this is more serious than you are taking it. Your son’s life is in danger”


“What can i tell you Martha my life is a mess right now. I don’t know what I should really think.. ”

“the best thing is to report to the police Sila.” Martha emphasized… “just think of it. what if that guy doesn’t show up..?

What are you going to do then? who knows maybe you could have saved your son’s life, don’t wait until it’s too late plea-se my friend.”


Sila looked at her, she really had a point. Indeed she knew de-ep down her heart Scar was not a person she could rely on. He was a thief and who knew maybe he was the one with Zac.

“you are right Martha. Let’s go to the police now I nee-d to report my son has been missing for hours.” She agreed.

she went to her be-droom and got a small Jersey throwing it on t©p of her b©dy t©p.

” plea-se let’s go..”



The guy Scar had placed to watch Sila saw as the two ladies entered the Runex . He quic-kly got his phone and called Scar.

” Boss another lady c@m£ to see her and they are just getting in the car . I think they are going out…”


“Okay.. just follow them and keep me upd@t£d am on my way.” Scar responded..


“What are you doing woman?” Scar spat. He was just going throu-gh the plan with Jo and the other guys.


Earlier Chile had called him…. “where is the boy?” Scar had answered when Chile announced who he was.


Chile chuckled… “mmmn he’s safe but I nee-d you to pay attention.”

“what do you want Chile.? You are a coward. ” he told him angrily

” by the way” Scar went on…

“that fool you planted here is long gone, try a sharper guy next time.”


“Oh that’s too bad. But I don’t nee-d him anymore. I have what I wanted ” Chile mocked…

Scar clenched his fist in anger.

” tell me what you want alre-ady you fool.” he snapped…

“All in due time.” Chile laughed on the phone.

“meet me at the old garage. Am sure you know the place, that’s where I hired you from. 18 hours sharp or you take a dead kid to your lover.” Chile chuckled ma-king Scar angry.

Scar hit the table as he hang up.

“Huuuuuuh! he screamed with rage.


“get me the boys” he had ordered Jo.” I won’t let that idiot pl@yme any longer”


“yeah sure.” Jo nodded as he took his phone to call the boys.

As 8 guys sat in the room. scar briefed them on the issue at hand leaving out the fact of Zac being his son.

” the lady you saw last time at the warehouse is important to me and Chile has her son. I want us to get the boy unharmed.,”

Everyone nodded as Scar went throu-gh the plan.

“clear? ” he asked when he was done giving the details.

“Yes” they all answered at once.

He was just about to prepare going to the sp©t Chile told him when the guy watching Sila called him.


” I have to sort something first” he had told the guys.

” everyone stick to the plan. I will meet you up later.”


As he drove to go sort Sila. The guy called him again..

” Boss this is getting serious, they just headed to the police post.”


“what? Which one?” Scar asked accelerating the car engine.

“Central police” the guy told him.


“Am on it” he said as he hang up.

“damn Sila. you just have to make things difficult now.” He frowned



Sila and Martha entered the police post.

“how may we help you?” an officer asked them.

“we want to report a missing child ” Martha responded.


“Okay sit there, give me a minute ” he said as he went to the other room. when he c@m£ back Sila was about to start giving her statement and at the moment Scar walked in.


” hey I have been looking for you.” He smiled looking at Sila.

Sila turned to look at him.

“Aaron what are you doing here? ”


He f0rç£d a smile

“I have something to tell you, come with me. will you? ” he indicated for her to walk out.

Sila looked at Martha whose face disapproved.

“let me just. ..” she almost spoke.

” just a minute” he insisted,

“hear me out.” he looked at the officer who held his pen re-ady to take the statement.

“hey officer give us a moment.” He looked at the cop.


“Take your time Aaron” the officer smiled . Sila looked at both of them..

“you know the officer? ” she asked Scar.

“plea-se” Scar pleaded instead, “let’s do this outside.”

“Martha wait for me in the car” Sila told her friend as she followed Scar outside.

Martha shook her head and said nothing.she got her bag and headed to the parking lot.


Outside Scar took Sila to his car.

“what is it ? ” She asked upset.

“you told me you will bring back my son but it’s almost evening. I have to report to the police before it’s too late.”

“Oh Sila” Scar sighed shaking his head.

“you don’t un-derstand this. let me tell you, those cops are good for nothing trust me i know how they work. So you think any of these corrupt cops care about your son? No , They don’t give a damn. All they are interested in is getting their pockets full. Even if they work on it, it will take them weeks or probably months to find Zac and he would be probably dead then. is that what you want? ” He asked her.


Sila shook her head..

“Am just confused ” she said tears in her eyes.

“I can’t loose my son Aaron am scared.” She told him honestly.


“I un-derstand” Scar said.

” just let me help you plea-se. he’s my son and I will do everything I can to get him back. But I nee-d you to believe in me Sila. The police will ask a lot of questions and if am linked to any of this we both will loose in the end. I know who might have taken him.”


“Who? ” She asked surprised..

“He’s a thief and murderer too. he’s a dangerous guy. But I know how to take him down. He wants me but unfortunately he knows I have a weakness for you so he’s using Zac as a bait.” He shrugged.


“oh my God! Aaron, you tell me this now? How am I going to calm down knowing some lunatic murderer has my son? And what weakness are you talking about…? ” she panicked.

Scar t©uçhed the steering wheel and breathed heavily,before looking at her .

” I love you Sila.. ”

Sila looked at him..

” what? you love me? St©p being paranoid claim you love me after ma-king my life miserable, plea-se spare me that nons-en-se and get back my son. I don’t care what you do just give me back my son.” She raised her voice.


“You put us in this danger so plea-se sort this issue fast and if anything happens to my son. I swear you will pay for everything you have done to me” she said slamming the door as she left his car.


Sila looked at him as he drove away, he was right, the police would take forever to find Zac.

“I hate doing this Martha but I think its best I let him do it.” She sighed telling her friend

“whatever you decide ” Martha told her.

“just take me home now” she sighed shaking her head.