spotlight episode 49 & 50

Spotlight ✨
(Deals of the Top)
By Authoress Tee ✍️

★Chapter 49 & 50★

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★★★At The Mall★★★
Jaelyn’s POV

Everything happened so fast and I saw myself back at home. Though the class fun trip brought so much fun trip, but remembering the horror it brought, that always gave me shivers.

How I got the phobia of darkness was a long time ago, back then I was 6. It was on a day i had to go to school, daddy always loved dropping us off at school before he went to work, sometimes came to pick us or sent his assistant.
On that very day Edwin was down with fever so he couldn’t make it to school, and I had to go alone. When it got to our closing time, while I was waiting for dad or his assistant, another car pulled up just like one of dad’s. What was off is that it was a different person.

After explaining to I and and the teacher that he was dad’s new driver, also that dad was in a very important meeting, then I confirmed to the teacher that was one of dad’s car, she let me go.

Just as I got into the car and we drove a few miles away, I was made to pass out, only to find myself in the spookiest and darkest room ever. It was so dark and quiet that no sound was heard. Soon i it felt like the darkness was crawling to me, I wailed so much till I lost the strength to. The only time sound was heard was when I was being given some water or little food, which I sometimes rejected cause I was so scared.

Didn’t know I had spent a week there till I was found and released. Though I was taken to the hospital but my phobia couldn’t be helped, had to sleep with my lights on. Later dad discovered that was a plot from his rival, and that was why he quit some of his activities in politics. We quit staying and studying in our country and reside in U.S.A for safety. When we became of age, big brother was made to care for me while mum and dad came back to the country.
Ever since then we only visited and still went back to our various countries. Quite a story huh?.

Shopping by yourself it’s quite fun only if fans let you, am just glad higher malls exist, total peace of mind.

“Here you go Miss, the salesgirl said as she arranged everything I paid for.

“Thanks, I smiled staring at her strangely as I took my bags.


“The choices mart girl, she cut me off with a half smile.

“Yeah, thought you looked familiar, I said. Never knew you worked here, cause this mall is my best for shopping.

“Am a newbie, she replied.

“That explains it, well then bye…, I waved with a smile as I turned to leave.

“Will you please sign my autograph?, Am a huge fan, she rushed her words making me turn.

“Sure, I smiled signing it then we exchanged good-byes and I left.

★Writer’s POV★

“Dude got something for flowers?, like check out the walls and your garden literally got all kind of flowers in it, Adam said to Tristan as they stared at his paintings.

“His mum loved those, Kylen responded.

“Figures, Adam nodded and glanced at Tris who seemed lost.

“Those thoughts again?, Kylen asked tapping him lightly.

“Sorry, Tristan smiled. Kylen always understands him that’s why he has been his best buddy.

“Let’s catch some fun to clear the moods, Adam said and they nodded.

“A club would do, Kylen grinned.

“Sounds great, let’s hit the road, Tris replied and they started leaving.

★Moments Later★

“Whoa ooo…, People cheered loudly in the club. Tristan, Kylen and Adam got themselves a VVIP section.

“Ain’t gonna be a bad idea if we call V right?, Adam asked Tristan.

“You do know what’s gonna happen, Tristan chuckled in reply. We are gonna be getting a single Kylen with broken arms and legs.

“You’re fucking right man, Adam laughed imagining the scene.

“He always brings up clubs when he knows he can barely handle alcohol, Tris shook his head staring at the drunken Kylen’s action. His drunk part sing way off the board and his dancing moves are extremely hilarious.

“Only if his fans could see him now, Adam spoke with a laughter.

“Yeah baby, am gonna meet you on the moon,
“so we could party all night in the sun…,

Kylen kept singing and smiling sheepishly, then he collapsed on the couch.

“Glad we dismissed those entertainers earlier, now we gotta deal with sending him home, Tris sighed.

“Yeah, but he was quite the entertainer too, Adam added and they bursted out in laughter again.

★The Blakes Mansion★
Mrs Blakes

“How dare you break that glass statue, I yelled slapping a maid twice.

“Please am so sorry ma’am, she stuttered whipping loudly.

“You’re sorry?, Like that is gonna fix this, I yelled again breathing furiously kicking her and that sent her to the floor.

“My fucking million dollars was that freaking statue I got for my daughter you worthless thing.

“Sorry ma’am, please spare me, she pleaded in tears.

“Now I want you to get the rags you call clothes and get the fuck out of my house, or wait that won’t do,

“Robin…., I called loudly.

“Yes ma’am, the guard answered rushing to me.

“I want you to take this thing to the torture room, you know how I love my strokes, I smirked as I spoke.

“No please, am sorry ma’am please forgive me, the maid kept screaming as the guard dragged her away.

Am sure that would make her a careful slave next time.

★★★JVK’s Residence★★★
Vivian’s POV

“Do you have to crush on every cute guy you see?, J asked and I nodded like a baby.

“I can’t help it, I grinned.

“Well you better do or you might end up a “Flirting spinster, she scoffed.

“Don’t worry they don’t last, once I see another more handsome one I take my leave, I replied smiling going through my recent crush photos.

“How’s that any good?, Lena rolled her eyes asking.

“Dylan Wang shoots without shirt on?, Kill me, where the heck did all those abs come from?, I muttered staring dreamily at his photos while both J and Lena shook their head.

“That’s it, am calling a therapist, J said.

“You mean a mental hospital, Lena responded and I glared at them as they chuckle.

“Girls check this out, BTS is coming to Las Vegas for their fans meet…., couldn’t finish as J quickly snatched my phone.

“Seriously?, My boys are coming to America?, She gushed happily.

“Am gonna meet my Jungkook, Lena blushed.

“Now who’s going crazy here?,I smirked.

“They’re not just having a fans meet also a concert, this is huge, J kept smiling hugging my phone to her chest.

“Hey that’s my phone not them, I rolled my eyes taking my phone back.

“Don’t know who to crush on now V or Jin, I muttered thinking. There’s Jimin and Jungkook, Urrghhh…..,

“Been a month since I saw or spoke to them, can’t wait to see my V, Jungkook and Jimin again, J spoke dreamily.

“Shouldn’t we get our tickets ready?, Lena asked.

“Now that’s my job, off I go we are picking the VVIP as usual, J grinned stood up to run off.

“Order some pizza while you’re at it, I said.

“Araseo, she winked running off.

“Silly Korean fan, I chuckled.

“Still not talking to Kylen, Lena asked and I nodded.

“He’s worried you know, she responded.

“He shouldn’t have gotten me angry then, I scoffed remembering him.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do with you two knuckle heads, she smiled shaking her head.

“Someone wanna take your space though,

“What?, And who the hell is she?,

“Don’t know, some singer, she raised her her hands sealing her lips.

“And that scumbag doesn’t wanna tell me, so he could ditch me and have the so called bitch. That’s not gonna happen or we might have to say hello to the afterlife.

“I didn’t say anything, Lena chuckled and walked out.

“Hope he still sticks to the earth after am done.

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