Soul mate final episode

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At Mr Robert’s house, Alex sat at the dinning having his breakfast alone, Chris walked out in a black suit, He saw Alex at the dinning and said “Adun is coming back today” Alex looked at him without saying anything, Chris made a sm-irk, He moved closer to him and said “Young man, I am five years older than you, am thirty years, show me some respect in this house” Suddenly, Alex gr@bb£d the fork he was using, he held it so ha-rd and stared at him,
Chris quic-kly moved back and said “Oh! What was that for, i was only joking, Just Chill” Chris said with a fake Smile “Chris when are you going to leave Alex alone in this house” Mr Robert said as he walked in “Dad don’t believe his innocent face, He can do anything” Chris replied “Well I don’t believe that, Because Alex has been a good and quite boy in this house, Right Alex” Mr Robert asked “O…. Of course sir” Alex replied with a puppy face “You see, Very quiet and polite” Mr Robert said “Dad he is pretending,
He gr@bb£d his fork right now acting like he was going to kill me” Chris said “I don’t believe that Chris” Mr Robert said with a smile,Chris looked so confused,He was about to go crazy while Alex couldn’t st©p smiling “Alex are you going to work or you are going to pick up your sister at the airport” Mr Robert asked “Of course no one is picking up my fiancee than me, I will do that by myself,so BACK OFF” Chris said “A…Actually sir
I have a lo….lot of work at the shop, And my boys won’t do it if am not with them, W… We have some customers that are coming today for their work and besides I have some works t….to su…..submit tomorrow sir, So I don’t think i can pick her up but I will see her at home t…. tonight sir” Alex replied “Ok no problem, I guess Chris will be the only one to pick her up then, I have an event to attend, Infact am alre-ady late,
I will see you guys later” Mr Robert said,Both Chris and Alex bid him goodbye. Dave and two guards walked in to esc-rt him out. After he left, Chris looked at Alex and said “Continue pretending” Suddenly Alex gr@bb£d his fork again while Chris quic-kly walked out of the house, Alex made a sm-irk while he continued eating his food….
At the airport, Chris was waiting for Adunola’s plane to arrive, Both Drew and Deon were also with him, Some ladies who saw Chris couldn’t st©p admiring him, They waved their hands at him while he also did the same,He stared at the floor trying not to blus-h too much, Suddenly Drew moved closer to Chris and said “Here she comes” Chris raised up his head slowly, he saw Adunola coming out in a red jumpsuit, Looking so fitted and smarted on her,she was also putting on a black high heel boots,Her natural hair was shinning from treatment, She didn’t make her hair in a ponytail but she loosed her hair while the breeze blew her hair slowly,
she was holding a black bag and two luggages, Deon and Drew quic-kly moved closer to her and collected the bags from her, Chris on the other side was so lost in staring, Adunola smiled at him as she walked closer to him, she gave him a hvg and a short k!sson hisl-ips, he looked so surprised at her bright attitude “Why are you staring, What the fv¢k was that” She asked Jokingly, Chris bur-sted into laughter “That was a $h!t though” Chris said “Yeah dude,Do you miss me,I fv¢king missed you” Adunola replied him, He moved closer to her and gave her a hvg,
They both bur-sted into laughter while Adunola said “Am sorry for saying that, I was only Joking, I missed you so much honey” She Said “Same here love” He replied while they both hvgged each0ther once again. He held her hand while they both walked to their car and drove away from the airport…..
Alex’s shop, He was busy supervising his boys, Alex is having six workers un-der him. Alex happened to be one of the most famous artist and painter in town, sometimes he received a lot of international jobs, He can paint and at the same time he can also draw. Dara’s car drove in Alex’s compound, she c@m£ out with a lunch box in her hand, She walked in to the shop and met Alex talking to his boys,
they hvgged each0ther while they both went in to Alex’s office. In Alex’s office was a big portrait picture of Adunola, On the other side was a portrait picture of Dara, At another side was also a portrait picture of Mr Robert. Both Alex and Dara sat down while Dara helped him with his lunch….
At night in Alex’s room, Adunola sat with him on his be-d, They were both discussing “So how is your work going” She asked “It’s really great sis,
It’s good to see you again actually” He replied “I missed you so much, hvg me” She said while they hvgged each0ther happily, suddenly Chris barged in and said “Time to sleep let’s go” Alex stared at him with a dead look “What” Chris asked while Adunola Smiled and said “You guys are still on this, I can’t believe it, Just the same way you did when you both c@m£ to visit me in the US, what exactly is wrong with both of you” She asked “Don’t mind them, they are only trying to be n@ûghty” Mr Robert said as he walked in, Adunola stood up and hvgged him,
He smiled and said “Yes, my daughter is here, Am so glad to see you again” He said “Same here sir, I missed everyone” She replied “We all missed you too” Mr Robert said “Dad that’s ok, she is really tired from the traveling, she nee-ds to rest plea-se” Chris said while everyone made a sm-irk “Well I don’t care” He said and moved closer to her, He lifted her up and carried her out in a bridal style, Both Mr Robert and Alex couldn’t help but to smile at his reaction….
Adunola’s friends c@m£ to visit her, including Dara, They all sat in the garden discussing, The ladies were so glad and happy to see Adunola again, So also she was happy to see them “I miss you guys so much, Wow! I can’t believe it’s been five years alre-ady, I really missed you ladies” Adunola said “We also missed you too, But look at you Dear, You are looking so fresh and clean,
of course you are sp©tless and everyone knows that, but look at you right now, You are Looking so different” Bukola said “Honestly she is Looking so soft like a baby” Dara said “Anyways, we welcome you back home, We really missed you so much” Bewaji said “Same here, Let me hvg you guys” Adunola said, she stood up and hvgged them one after the other, The ladies sat down while they continued discussing happily….
In Chris’s room, Both Adunola and Chris sat on the be-d, They were both discussing, The room was quite dark, Everywhere looked so cool with the Air-condition working “Your friends c@m£ over today right” He asked “Yeah they c@m£, honestly I was so glad to see them again, they all look so happy too” She replied happily “Hmmm,
That’s nice and cool, Let me hvg you plea-se” He said and hvgged her “Let’s go to the beach tomorrow Dear” She said “Anything for you baby” He replied her, She smiled and said “I love you” He looked at her and said “I love you more than your imagination” He replied and gave her a k!ss….
At the Beach, Adunola sat at the front of Chris,They both sat down staring at the water. Chris gave her a back hvg “Common let’s pl@yChris” She said “Seriously Babe I don’t feel like” He replied “Common Chris” She said “Ok you know what, Why don’t you go first, I will join you later,I promise” He said “If you say so” She stood up and ran happily to the water,
Chris couldn’t help but to smile at her, She waved her two hands to him to come closer to the water,He stood up and walked closer to her, Suddenly she splashed the water on him while Chris also did the same,He moved closer to her and gave her a short k!ss,After awhile they both took a walk beside the water, Holding hands happily…
A soulmate is someone that just gets you. It’s a connection of minds, a mutual respect, an unconditional love and a total un-derstanding.The truth is, you can’t really know what a soulmate connection is unless you’ve felt it. If you do meet your soulmate, it’s best to do whatever possible to end up together for good
Many people always says that Adunola is lucky to have me, Well I don’t think that’s the truth, I think am the one lucky to have her. I mean many responsible guys can have Adunola, Unlike me who dos£n’t know anything about love, Who is going to get marry to someone like me,
My characters and everything were just the worst thing then. I don’t know why God s£nt her to me, Because I feel like I don’t deserve her, But the truth is that, we are meant to be together. If not for Adunola, If not for those words she said to me that day,If not for that, Honestly I will still be living my life so recklessly.
Honestly I thought I was living a normal life then, But I was actually wrong, I met her, And she taught me how to love, She led me to the right path, She showed me love, Believe me I will never trade that woman for anything. It is very funny that I can’t stand the smell of a cigarette again, Trust me I can’t stand it anymore, And one more thing I proposed to her when she was in her second year in the US,
Yes I went there to proposed to her, Are you guys thinking if am still keeping the ring up till now, Of course no way, I proposed to her and she said Yes, We planned to get marry after her graduation, Of course we will surely do that. Guys am so happy, Yes am so happy, Am so happy to be p@rt of her life, She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, She is my life, She is my world, She is my everything,My woman, My love, My SOULMATE❤️…..
The end

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