Soul mate Episode 17 & 18

💄 Episode 17 & 18💄
Chris was alone in his office doing nothing, He rested his back on the chair, He was in a de-ep thought…
“You want to love me” Adunola asked “Yeah, can’t I love you, Believe me I really want to do everything with you, I want to hold you, I want to hvg you, I want to cudd-leyou, I want to feel you, I want to un-derstand you, I just want to do everything with you, Am so tired of beating round the bush and that’s why am telling you this tonight, Just give me the chance to prove myself to you, Give me the chance to show you how much I love you, Honestly I don’t know what to do if I don’t end up with you,
I just want you around me, Adun why are you just staring, Are you not going to say anything” He asked her, She smiled and said “Honestly I wasn’t expecting this tonight, I mean I am surprised, You know what, This kind of situation nee-ds a lot of patient. Remember you told me that you studied your feelings for few months, Why don’t you try and give me some space also, I nee-d some time,
I don’t want to rush in, Believe me it’s my first time” She said “Adun it’s my first time also, You are the first lady I will say this too, it’s also my first time, But it’s ok if you nee-d some time, I will wait, but plea-se don’t let me wait too long” He said while she smiled at him, They both stared at each other for awhile, Suddenly he drew her more closer and gave her a hvg “I just want this for few seconds, plea-se” He said…..
He gr@bb£d his phone to checked out her picture on his phone, He cli-cked on the picture and stared at it,
He smiled and said “Pretty” One of his manager walked in,He gretted him while Chris said “Mr Lanre, plea-se bring me all the necessary files, Tell others to bring in their own also, I nee-d to sign all of them because am not coming to the office tomorrow,So plea-se bring them to me” He said “Yes Boss” The man replied and went out immediately…
Alex sat at a very quiet place in the school, He was busy re-ading alone, Suddenly He saw Dara from afar speaking with a guy, He made a sm-irk while he continued re-ading his book. Later in the day,
Alex went out of his clas-s to received a phone call in the school garden, but he was surprised to found Dara alone, She was only having the fresh air and at the same time chatting on her phone, The moment she saw Alex walking in, She quic-kly packed her stuffs to leave the garden, But she was st©pped by Alex,He gr@bb£d her hand suddenly, She looked at him and said “Leave my hand alone, I said leave my hand alone”
She tried to re-move her hand but Alex was not re-ady to re-lease her. After dragging her hand with him, she got so tired and looked at him, Suddenly she bur-sted into tears, Alex was surprised and at the same time smilling at her, Suddenly he gr@bb£d her closer to himself and gave her a k!ss, She got shocked, Alex broke the k!ss,He stared into her eyes and said “Try fighting” He gr@bb£d her face closer to himself and gave her a de-ep k!ss, She had no choice but to responded to the k!ssalso…
Adunola was in her room, She sat on her be-d doing nothing. She placed a pillow on her legs, She was in a de-ep thought. She was thinking about Chris. After awhile she stood up from her be-d to sat on the chair that was at the front of her dressing table.
She stared into the mirror, stro-king her hair, looking so confused, then she said “Honestly I don’t know what to say, I don’t know my reply to him, Like am a bit scared about the whole stuff and I don’t know why, I just don’t know,Ha!” ….
At the school restaurant, Dara and Alex sat together eating, Alex folded his arms, staring at Dara who was busy eating her food “Why are you not eating” She asked “I wi…. I will do that later,
yo….yo….you know I told you that I don’t want to eat but you fo…f0rç£d me” He replied “Hmmm, Really” She asked “So tell me, why am I seeing you wi….wi…. With those guys” He asked, she dropped her spoon and said “That was because I want you to feel so jealous,
honestly it got to a point that I couldn’t take it again, Honestly you make me go crazy” She replied while Alex just stared at her smiling “Why are you smiling” She asked “Cause You are pretty” He replied while she blu-shed and said “I guess you just realized that” They both smiled at each0ther….
Chris was in his room typing his phone, Dave walked in and said “Sir, The governor’s daughter is here, The Boss asked you to come out plea-se” Chris stood up from his be-d and said “Tell him to give me ten minutes, I will join them very soon” He replied while Dave went out immediately….
Chris arrived to the compound,He walked in straight to the garden.There were few more guards in the compound.
They are the ones who esc-rted the Governor’s daughter. Chris met his dad and the governor’s daughter discussing, At first he stared at her without realizing that his dad was watching him, He couldn’t deny the fact that she wasn’t only beautiful but she was also elegant, He moved closer to her while they both gave each0ther an handshake. After few discussions, Chris’s father left them to talk, After his father Left,
He said “So what are you into, I mean your occu-pation” He asked “Am a Fashion designer” She replied him “Oh sounds great” He said, There was a total silence for awhile,They took few glances at each0ther, then she said “Actually to be truthful I know the reason why your Dad told my Dad to allow me to come over here” Chris sat down very well to listen to her “So you also know that”
He asked “Yeah I do, Your Dad wants I and you to get marry to each0ther, But Seriously I have a b©yfri£ndalre-ady” She said,Chris almost laugh out but he had to keep it to himself, Then he said “Good, same here, I have someone am in love with, Let’s just be friends then” He said “Yeah sure, it’s nice to meet you” she said “My plea-sure” He replied…
The Next day, Chris c@m£ out of his room, He was re-ady to go to office. He was putting on a black suit,He met his father in the living room, He gretted him while his father said “The Governor told me that his daughter dos£n’t have interest in you,
Chris what did you tell her yesterday” His father asked “Dad, she told me that she has a b©yfri£nd, and i told her that I have someone also, Dad seriously I should have get mad at you for hooking me up with someone I ba-rely know, I just have to take my mind off it because I don’t want to create any problem”
He said “But she is the best” His father said “She may be the best in her own way, but not to me,I know the one who is best for me, In short Dad, am in love with someone else, Not just a love but a de-ep one, and she is the best one for me, it is her or no one else, And am planning to marry that girl, so plea-se let’s st©p talking about this issue” He said and walked out of the living room….
Chris sat alone in his office, He was holding a small red box in his hand, he opened it and there was a diamond ring in it, It was looking so shinning in the box, He placed the box on the table staring at the ring, He said “I can’t wait to put this on her” He smiled and closed the box, He put it in his drawer while he resumed back to his work….
Adunola was with her friends at work, they all sat down discussing, Adunola looked so worried while Bewaji said “Dear it’s your choice, and you Know what’s best for you, There is nothing bad in it if you give him a chance, And am sure he is going to treat you right, Just give him a chance” Bewaji said “Well I will support Bewaji,
she is right because this guy is doing everything to be the best one for you, Believe me it is very obvious that Chris wants you to see him as the right guy, Giving him a chance is not a crime, How I wish am the one” Bukola said while Bewaji smiled “Thank you” Adunola said with a smile while her friends moved closer to her and hvgged her….
Late at night, Adunola was in Chris’s car,He was taking her home, There was a total silence in the car, Chris looked at her but she was trying not to make an eye contact with him, Suddenly he said “Is there a problem, Adun talk to me what’s going on, You look so weird right now”
She stared at the window, Looking what’s going on outside the car, and also avoiding to look at him, suddenly he gr@bb£d her chin, trying to make her look at him,But she suddenly closed her eyes in other not to look at him, Chris couldn’t help but to bur-sted into laughter “You are so funny, What’s wrong with you, Common open your eyes, Adun open your eyes or I k!ssyou”
Suddenly she opened her eyes so wi-de that Chris had to parked the car to a corner and bur-sted into more laughter “Are you sure you are ok” He asked while laughing “Seriously what’s up with you tonight” He asked “There is nothing wrong with me, This is my mood for tonight” She quic-kly said “Ok fine I won’t stress you, if that’s what you want” He said while he start the car and drove away…..
Chris dropped Adunola at home, They both c@m£ down from the car.They stood at the front of the car while she said “Thanks for the ride” Chris stared at her without saying anything “Why are you not saying anything” She asked “I don’t know,
I mean I don’t know what’s up with your attitude tonight but am sure it’s because of what I told you, Listen Adun am not rushing you, anytime you are re-ady to give me your reply let me know, But I want you to know that you are all I want,You mean so much to me that I just can’t afford to loose you, So plea-se take your time, Goodnight Dear ” He said and moved closer to her,
He gave her a pe-ck on the cheek, He smiled and entered his car. Adunola stood where she was till his car went out of her sight, Suddenly she sl@pped her cheek so lightly and said “Adun Adun Adun Adun, Honestly i can’t do this, I wanted to give him my reply tonight but I just don’t know how to, Wait a minute how am I going to say it, I don’t know, Honestly I don’t know, Whatever” She said and walked in straight….
Dave was called to Mr Robert’s room, He met Mr Robert resting his back on the be-d. Dave’s hand was behind him as he walked in, he said “Sir you s£nt for me” Mr Robert looked at him and said “I want you to get me all informations about the lady my son is seeing”
Dave was shocked “Yo.. You mean Miss Adunola” He asked ” Oh, I can see you know her very well, Get me all informations about that girl,That’s all” Dave looked so puzzled before walking out of the room while Mr Robert said “Adunola” ….
Adunola took the day off, She la-id down on the chair in the living room doing nothing. Alex walked in with Dara while Adunola stood up to sat on the chair, The moment Dara saw Adunola,
She quic-kly ran to her and knelt down at her front “Sis am so sorry, am so sorry about that day, I don’t know it’s you, honestly I thought it was another girl that day, plea-se pardon me and accept me as your brother’s girlfriend” Adunola’s eyes almost popped out, she looked at Alex but Alex quic-kly looked away “Yo… You are what” She asked “Am his girlfriend” She replied with a puppy face.
Adunola made a sm-irk, She stood up and moved closer to Alex “Is that true, She is your girlfriend,Huh?” She asked while Alex looked at her like a puppy “Yeah” He replied, Adunola laughed and said “Why will I accept your girlfriend when you are not re-ady to accept Chris” She asked, Dara stood up and moved closer to them “Ch… Chris, sorry sis you mean Chris Robert,
Is he your b©yfri£nd” Dara asked while Adunola looked at her, trying to think on what reply to give her, suddenly Dara screamed and said “That’s my biggest crush, I mean that man is so manly, attrac-tive, Adorable, Perfect, oh my God! I heard he speaks in American Accent, I swear if I should meet that man, am going to faint” Dara said while Alex stared at her,
re-ady to eat her up, she saw him giving her a dead look, she quic-kly said “I was just joking” Alex made a sm-irk and walked in straight to his room, The two ladies quic-kly sat down to talk about Chris “Actually Alex doesn’t like Chris” Adunola said “But why, Chris is a nice guy, let’s forget about that sis, is he really your b©yfri£nd” Dara asked “Uhm, Actually I don’t know how to say this, I haven’t reply him yet” Adunola said ”
Oh my God, Sis this is a golden opportunity, Do you have any idea of the number girls that are out there crushing on this guy, plea-se sis just tell him yes before it gets too late, This kind of opportunity is once in a lifetime, Oh my God I can’t believe that I and Chris are going to get marry to the same family” Dara said happily while Adunola just stared at her in Surprise….
Mr Robert was in the garden re-ading a newspaper,
Dave walked in with a white envelope in his hand, He gave it to him while Mr Robert told him to leave. Mr Robert dropped the newspaper on the table, He opened the envelope and brou-ght out some files and pictures in it…..
Chris sat on his car, waiting for Adunola to come out, Not too long she c@m£ out, smiling as she walked closer to him, she stood at his front while Chris dragged her closer to himself, He said “How could you reply on phone,
Why don’t you want to say it to my face, are you scared or what” He asked “Of course am not, I just feel like replying you from the phone” She replied him “Well it doesn’t matter, as long as you are my girlfriend now, You can’t know how much I waited for this, I know this is going to be your reply,I know you are going to give me a positive reply, Infact right from the beginning I know you are mine”
He smiled “Thanks for giving me the chance to prove my love to you, And I promise you that I won’t let you regret it ” He said with a big smile on his face,She stared at him without saying anything “What’s wrong” He asked “Talk to me what’s wro…… Suddenly Adunola moved closer to him, she gr@bb£d his face closer to herself and gave him a k!sswhich lasted for few seconds, The moment she broke the k!ss,
He dragged her w@!st closer to himself and said “I want more of that,Yourl-ips are sweet” He gave her a de-ep k!ss, She wra-pped her hands around his n£¢k while Chris held her w@!st so closer to himself, He de-epened the k!ssmore and more while she also responded to the k!ss……
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