Soul mate Episode 13 & 14

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💄 Episode 13💄
Chris in the clubhouse,He called his friends to come over. He was drinking the fourth bottle when Max and Jamal arrived, They were both surprised when they saw him, Max moved closer to Deon and said “What’s going on, Why is he like this” Max asked “Thereeeeee issss nothing wrong with me, Honestly am not drun!k, I am onlyyyy ti-psy” Chris said. Jamal sat next to him,
He collected the bottle from him “Chris what’s going on, Did something happened at home” Jamal asked “Give me my damn bottle” Chris collected the bottle and drank from it again, He dropped it on the table and said “It’s not like am in love with her, I… I just want to know the reason why she hate me, Was i that bad, Huh? Was I that bad, You see when she was speaking,
I began to realized that she will probably not be the only one that hate me that way, am sure there are many people out there that doesn’t like me, B… But what have I done wrong, I only wanted to enjoy myself, I want to live my life the way I want,But My question is that, am I living my life in a wrong way, Because I really don’t know, Maybe because I miss my mum everytime, Maybe because I don’t have a mother to as-sist me, Maybe that’s why I choose this path, Honestly I don’t know,
I Just want someone to explain to me, Am I living my life in a wrong way” He took the bottle and drank from it again, Max and Jamal, Including Deon all remained silent, They watched him drinking with tears rolling down on his cheek, The more he cried, the more he got drun!k…
Chris’s grandmother sat in the living room waiting for her grandson, Chris’s father left the country for a business while Chris’s grandmother was left alone at home, She sat in the living room watching the TV and at the same time waiting for Chris, Not too long Chris walked in,
Managing himself to walk properly, Deon was behind him, trying to hold him incase he want to fall,Chris ignored his grandmother and walked in straight to his room. Getting to Chris’s room, Deon helped him to the be-d, he sat on it while His grandmother walked in,
Deon went out of the room while his Chris’s grandmother sat next to him, He stared at his grandmother like a puppy who want to be pet, Suddenly he rested his head on her shoulder, She embr@ced him and said “Chris, what happened, Is there a problem, Talk to me Chris” He moved away from her and rested his back on the be-d, He said “How can I turn a new leaf grandma, How can I be responsible, How can people point out the good things in me,
How grandma, I want to know” His grandmother was surprised to all his questions, She looked at him so closely, Trying to un-derstand him, Suddenly she found tears dropping on his cheek, She quic-kly moved closer to him “Christian, What’s going on, Did someone hurt you, Talk to me what’s going on” His grandmother asked “No one hurts me, I am only regretting” He replied, wiping his tears with his hand “Regret what” His grandmother asked “I regret everything, Those times I wasted, and I asked myself that what exactly is wrong with me,
Why am i this way, Why did I choose this wrong path, Why am I ma-king both you and Dad so stressful,Why can’t I bring the happiness in you,You showed me all the love I deserve,but I returned them with problems,Just why,Why am I that way” Chris asked “Honestly I really don’t un-derstand you, I don’t know what you are pas-sing throu-gh right now, But I want you to keep this words,
Always remember them,Look at me Chris, You Don’t nee-d to blame yourself, some things are meant to happen, It is written that you will choose that path, and it is written that you will realize all your mistakes,Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best,
Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be the strong person that God created you to be, You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax, Master the day,Then just keep doing that every day. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not st©p, Just take it slowly, plea-se Chris,I don’t want to see you like this” Every single word she said suddenly brighten his mood,
He moved closer to her and gave her a warm hvg, He said “Am sorry grandma, Am sorry for ma-king you so worried, am sorry for troubling both you and Dad, Am really sorry” His grandmother re-leased him from the hvg, she smiled and said ”Its ok son, and one more thing,I’m so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you in case no one has.” He smiled and hvgged his grandmother once again….
Mr Robert was in the office trying to call his mother but she was not picking up the call, Dave walked in and said “Sir, I called those who are at home, They said she is still slee-ping” Mr Robert looked at him and said “slee-ping How,
But she was the one who prepared my breakfast this morning” Mr Robert said “The guard I called told me that after we left, she went in back to sleep, infact I asked them to knock her door but they told me that she is not responding to them” Mr Robert suddenly stood up “Something is not right, Get the car re-ady, let’s go home” He said while arranging his files “Yes sir” Dave went out of the office immediately…
Mr Robert stood at the front of his mother’s room, Dave and two guards were also with him, After Knocking the door several times without number and there wasn’t any reply from her,
Mr Robert told Dave to get him the spare key, Within few minutes Dave c@m£ back with the key, Mr Robert opened the door and found his mother slee-ping on the be-d, he moved closer to the be-d and sat on it, He tapped her and said “Mum what kind of sleep is this, I called your number several times without number but you don’t pick it up” *No response* ”
Mum, Mum” He tapped her over and over again, suddenly he shouted “MUM! Mum talk to me, Mum” Dave and the two guards suddenly ran in, they saw him trying to lift his mother up, but she gave him no response,The two guards looked at Dave while Dave also looked at them, They all looked so speechless…..
Chris was at the clubhouse with his friends, But he was not drinking with them, They told him to drink but he told them that he doesn’t want to drink,
Not too long Drew c@m£ in and said “Boss, your Dad is at home, And your aunty is at home” Chris stood up and said “Wh…. What’s going on, Dad should be at office by now, Did he tell you what happened” He asked “I will advise you to let us go home plea-se” Drew replied, Chris stared at him for awhile, looking so confused “Ok let’s go” He said while they all went out of the clubhouse”
Chris arrived at home, But he was surprised to saw his Dad, Aunt and few distance relatives,He was surprised to saw them crying bitterly, His Dad and some few men’s eyes looked so sorrowful,
while the women are crying. Chris looked so confused and at the same time worried, Without saying anything to anyone, He walked in straight to his grandmother’s room, He found her on the be-d but she was covered with a white sheet, He moved closer to her slowly, He re-moved the white sheet,
He sat next to her and held her face with his two hands “some things are meant to happen, It is written that you will choose that path, and it is written that you will realize your mistakes, Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best,
Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be the strong person that God created you to be, You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax, Master the day, Then just keep doing that every day” Those are his grandmother’s last statement, He remembered as tears suddenly dropped on his face, He cried bitterly….
💄 Episode 14💄
Adunola arrived at work, The moment she walked in, Bukola suddenly gr@bb£d her closer and said “Adun, Have you heard this” She asked “Bukky what’s that” Adunola asked “It was announced on the TV this morning that Mr Robert’s Mum is dead, Chris’s grandmother is Dead” Adunola got shocked, Her eyes almost popped out, She looked at Bewaji who was watching them, while Bewaji said “Yes His grandmother died yesterday,
And it was said that she was the one who took care of him,She is Chris’s favorite,He really love her,But now she is dead,Poor Chris” Adunola got more surprised, She stared at both Bewaji and Bukola, while they also stared back at her, The three ladies stared at each other in de-ep silence…
Adunola arrived back home, she remembered her last conversation with Chris “Oh my God! Adun what’s wrong with your mouth, Why would you speak that way,Wait a minute what c@m£ over me that day,Oh no I can’t believe I spoke so silly that day,Of course I don’t,but I jus….arrrrgh” She gr@bb£d her hair so ha-rd “Something must be wrong with me, Ha! Adun why can’t you caution your mouth,
That day I spoke to him anyhow, who knows maybe he is probably reacting to that, who knows maybe I hurt him with those words, and now his grandmother is Dead,I wonder how he is feeling right now, God what exactly is wrong with me, Ok ok ok ok, This what we are going to do, Apologize, Just Apologize, But how can I do that, My prideeeee” She stood up from the chair, walking up and down “Sis are you okay” Adunola almost fall down “Oh my God you scared me Alex, Why are you acting like a ghost” She said and walked back to sit “Wh… Why are you speaking t….to yourself” Alex asked “Of course am not, I was only trying to make a rehearsal on how to speak with my customers” She said with a smile,
Alex stared at her, thinking if she is ok or not “Sis are you sure yo….yo… you are ok” He asked “Of course I am, don’t worry about me, am perfectly fine” She said with a smile again. Alex stared at her before he walked in back to his room, The moment he left, Adunola stood up again “Haaaaa, What Next, Ok apologize, Just Apologize to him, Am really sorry about what I said that day, honestly i was quite drun…. Arrrrgh! But I was not drun!kthat day”
Suddenly she remembered that she also sl@pped him that day, She looked at her two hands, staring at them “Why can’t you stay in one place, why can’t you Just stay still” She said while staring at her hands, “Oh my God Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner” She quic-kly ran to her room to change into her pyjama, she c@m£ out, Packing her hair into ponytail, She ran in to the kitchen to make their dinner….
Alex arrived at school,He walked in straight to his clas-s, He was surprised to saw Dara and her friends. The moment Dara saw him, she snubbe-d him while she continued discussing with her friends,Alex looked at her before walking to his seat,Not too long his friends arrived while they all sat with him,His friends began to discuss but he wasn’t with them, He was only staring at Dara but she wasn’t looking at his side….
Chris sat in the club alone, Just him alone, He was so de-ep in thought, Every single moment he shared with his grandmother flashed back to him repeatedly, He tried to hold back his tears but they c@m£ out freely on his face, Suddenly he remembered what Adunola told him “Forget about the fact that you are handsome, If you think your money, Your American Accent,
Your Face and everything are going to work on me, Well am sorry to tell you that you failed, You can never be my type, You can never be the man I will trip for,And one more thing,Don’t you ever drag me that way again” Chris made a sm-irk and said “I can never be the man she will trip for, Is that true” He poured himself a wine, Suddenly he remembered his grandmother again “I miss you Grandma, I Miss you” He bur-sted into more tears, His Grandmother’s words flashed back to him “Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best,
Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be the strong person that God created you to be, You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax, Master the day, Then just keep doing that every day” He dropped the cu-p and said “Yes, I am turning a new leaf, I promise you Grandma that am going to surprise her, am going to be the guy she will trip for, Starting from tomorrow am going to be the real me,
I will look so responsible that she is going to trip for me so badly, Yeah just for today, am not going to come back here again, Starting from tomorrow I want to live a normal life, Yeah that’s what I will do” He asked them to give him one more bottle while he poured himself the wine….
Adunola and Bewaji on the street, They were both done at work. Adunola got herself some medicines for pain relief,Bewaji waited for her outside. Adunola paid them while they both walked back home, Adunola arrived to her street,
The two friends hvgged each0ther and dep@rted to their various houses, Suddenly Chris’s thought filled her mind, she thought of how to plead him, She sl@pped her cheek so lightly and said “Now you are on your own” She said to herself. When she got home, she was surprised to saw a car at the front of their house, She moved closer to it slowly, Suddenly Drew c@m£ out of the car, He gretted her while she also did the same,
She was surprised to saw Chris at the back seat, but he was alre-ady slee-ping, She looked at Drew while he said “Am really sorry Miss, Actually he told me to bring him here, he warned me not to take him home tonight, I am really sorry to bother you, But can you just allow him to sleep over” Her eyes almost popped out “M…. M…. My house” She asked while Drew replied with a smile…..
The next day, Chris woke up feeling some headaches, He opened his eyes slowly,He stood up to sat on the be-d, He was surprised to found the room so different, He looked around the room and found Adunola’s picture in a frame, The frame was on a table which was next to the be-d, His eyes almost popped out,
He tried to think about what happened yesterday but nothing was coming throu-gh, Suddenly Adunola walked in with a cu-p of tea, She smiled at him while he looked at both his left and right to see if she was smiling to someone else, She placed down the cu-p of tea,Very next to him.
She sat on a chair that was next to the table, She smiled and said “Good morning, and how was your night, Am sure it’s good cause you sle-pt on my be-d while I sle-pt on the couch in the living room, Anyways if you don’t remember anything, why don’t you try and drink this tea, maybe you will remember that you were the one who told your guard to bring you here last night,I wonder why you won’t go to your house”
She said “M…. Me” He asked “No me” She replied, Suddenly Alex walked in, He was surprised to saw Chris on Adunola’s be-d, He stared at Chris while Chris suddenly remembered the way he hvgged Adunola the day he saw them, suddenly Chris looked at him without taking his eyes off him, so also Alex stared at him without blinking his eyes….
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